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List of Deemed Medical Colleges in Karnataka – Latest List

We all know how hard it was last year due to the pandemic, right? By God’s grace, a vaccine has been invented and things will come under control in some time.

The pandemic really affected the economy and also the education sector in the country. It is said by researchers that there will be 30% more demand for all the courses in 2021, including MBBS.

I used to get a lot of queries regarding admission procedures to deemed medical universities, as it is different from the state counseling procedure. So, I was penning down different information regarding the same in my earlier blogs.

But this post, I will give you complete information on the privately deemed medical colleges in Karnataka and their admission process for the MBBS course.

So…Since Bangalore is the most preferred location of the students to study in Karnataka, we will start with the name of the deemed medical colleges in Bangalore and then we will move to other parts of Karnataka.

Apart from the list of colleges and their information, I had also given the procedures for admission, MCC counseling procedures, fee structure, etc.

You can go through that section if you are really interested in joining deemed medical colleges in Karnataka.

Rajarajeshwari Medical College, Bangalore

Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore 1

RajaRajeshwari Medical College and Hospital is the first and only deemed university in Bangalore. It is situated in the Mysore Road highway in the vicinity of the Bangalore area. It was established in the year 2005 and runs a 1300 bedded super-specialty hospital.

The patient inflow in the hospital is mainly from that area and the hospital sees lots of road accidents and trauma cases. Since Bangalore Mysore highway is an accident-prone area and there is only this super specialty hospital, it caters to lots of patients.

The college has an MBBS intake of 250 seats and a PG Intake of 171 seats. The fee for the MBBS course is approximately 2300000/-(Twenty-three lakh)  per annum.

You can read an in-depth post about Rajarajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore.

Devraj Urs Medical College , Kolar

As we move a little ahead from Bangalore towards Chittur or Tirupathi, approximately 79 km from Bangalore airport, there is a place called Kolar( also famous as Kolar goldfields ). This medical college was established on the main road as we enter the town in the year 1986.

This medical college has seats for 150 MBBS students and 112 seats for PG students. The hospital of Devraj Urs University Medical college is always very busy with all kinds of patients who come from all over that area.

All the types of complex procedures are been performed there and it is one among the most reputed and demanded medical colleges for aspiring students.

The college is one among the most reputed and has a very reasonable fee of 1450000/-( Fourteen lakh fifty thousand) per annum for 4.5 years course under management quota. The total fee comes around 65.25 lakhs.

There is a difference in NRI fee, NRI Quota seat fee structure is USD 43000 (Forty-three thousand dollars ) per annum. However, a student seeking seats in NRI Quota should be able to produce a bank guarantee also for the remaining 3.5 years fee.

There are separate hostel facilities to choose from. It starts from 70000/- approx pa to 125000/- approx pa. Students can choose from the options as per their requirements.

Siddhartha Medical College , Tumkur

Siddhartha Medical College also known as Siddhartha University is located in Tumkur. It is approximately at a distance of 90 km from Bangalore international airport and 40 km from the Bangalore city area.

This medical college was established in the year of 1988 and has 150 UG and 48 PG seats. The Hospital runs a multispeciality 24 hours hospital with an 800-bed capacity.

The annual fee structure is charged as 1565000/- (Fifteen Lakh sixty-five thousand) per annum for 4.5 years of course. The NRI Fee is approximately USD 50949 per annum. There is an additional maintenance fee to be paid in the college in the first year apart from the fees.

Students who are seeking admission under any  Quota have to be prepared to be able to produce a bank guarantee for the remaining fees of 3.5 years while taking admission. Hostel facility is provided at an expense of 125000/- pa along with a caution deposit of 100000/- in the first year.

Sri Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences /Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education, Nelamangla

SSIMS & RC is a very new deemed university started in the year 2019 with an intake of 150 students in their first batch. It is located in a place called Nelamangla (also known as the satellite town of Bangalore ). In more simple words it is on the highway just before reaching Tumkur.

It has a 750 bedded multispeciality hospital. The college has a very reasonable fee structure of 11 lakh per annum for students taking seats through management quota MCC counseling.

It has additional maintenance and university fees. The NRI students have a fee structure of USD 50949 per annum. However, the students admitted have to produce the bank guarantee for the remaining fee in the format provided by the college at the time of admission.

Hostel facilities are provided for both boys and girls at a cost of Caution deposit of 200000/- and an annual fee of 120000/-.

KS Hegde Medical College / NITTE University, Mangalore

KS Hedge Medical Academy is a deemed university in Mangalore. Mangalore has an airport and it’s an overnight journey from Bangalore.

It was started in the year 1999 and intakes 150 students for MBBS and 137 seats for post-graduation. It is one of the most reputed and dignified medical universities in India. The medical college hospital has 1000 beds and it’s always full of patients.

Superspeciality courses are also being offered in this college. The hospital of this medical college is very famous and undertakes complex treatment procedures for the patients in Mangalore. The Fee structure for MBBS is relatively less and is around is Rs 1541500/- per annum.

NRI quota fee structure per annum is approx 3200000/- per annum, which comes around 14400000/- in total for the entire course. The tuition fee is charged for 4.5 years. Both AC and Non AC hostels are provided for the students on twin sharing or non-sharing.

Refundable deposit for AC hostel is 40000/- and for NonAC hostel is 20000/-. The room rent and mess charges when calculated come around 76000/- per annum to 130000/- per annum.

JSS Medical College/ JSS Medical University, Mysore

JSS Academy of higher education and research is one of the oldest medical colleges in Karnataka. It was started 36 years back in the year 1984. It offers MBBS, PG in almost all the departments and super-specialty courses such as DM as well.

It is a well-located campus in Mysore town itself. JSS medical hospital runs 1200 bedded super-specialty hospital.  The college has an intake capacity of 200 MBBS students and 172 Post Graduate students.

The fee structure for management quota seats through MCC counseling is approximately 16 lakh per annum, the NRI quota fee structure is approximately 54000 USD per annum.

The college hospital is very renowned and caters to the treatment of lots of patients at affordable cost. That is why the medical college is very demanded and is the seats are being opted in preference by the high NEET ranking students.

Even some of the students don’t mind paying NRI quota fees because of its reputation. Different types of hostel facilities as per the UG and PG students for girls and boys are provided at an affordable cost.

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College/KLE University, Belgaum(Belagavi)

JLN medical college is situated in the Belagavi district of Karnataka. This is one of the oldest 60-year-old medical institutions. KLE University has made such a name for itself that each medical aspirant in this country wants to be a part of this university.

The college has a 1300 bedded multi-disciplinary super-specialty hospital. The hospital has patients from all sections of society because of the quality treatment the hospital provides.

The college is well connected and can be well reached via Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa. The college has 233 seats for various courses post-graduation and 250 seats for under graduation.

The fee structure for management quota is approximately 1600000/- per annum and approximately USD 48000 per annum for NRI Category students.

The students allotted in this college under NRI Category have to pay fees in US Dollars only. The hostel is available and is approximately at the cost of 180000/- per annum.

BLDE University / BM Patil Medical College, Bijapur

BLDE University is situated in a place called Vijayapura (Place also known for Gol Gumbaz) in Karnataka. It is an overnight journey from Bangalore which is approximately 550km from Bangalore.

This college is a 35-year-old medical institution having a prominent name. The college undertakes 145 PG seats in various branches. The hospital is very renowned in that area and has 1000 beds for the patients.

The fee for MBBS is approximately 17.5 lakh per annum. Students taking admission in the NRI category can pay the college in an equivalent conversion amount of an Indian rupee. However, the money that should be transferred / DD made should be from an NRE account only along with the bank letter.

Hostel facilities are provided at an expense of approximately Rs 170000/- per annum.

Yenepoya University , Mangalore

Yenepoya medical college was established in the year 1999 and has a 1000 bedded hospital. It is a very good medical college with a very good teaching hospital.

Every year 150 students enroll themselves for the MBBS course and 102 students enroll themselves in this college for Post Graduation. The Fee structure for the MBBS course per year is approximately 1800000/- per annum, whereas in NRI Category the fee structure is around 42000 USD per annum.

Hostel facilities are provided and it’s mandatory to take hostel. Hostel fee is approximately 200000/- per annum.

Kasturba Medical College , Manipal

This is the oldest private medical college to be started in India. It was started in the year 1953. The college has an intake capacity of 250 students for MBBS and 247 students for post-graduation.

The fee structure for MBBS courses is the lowest among all the deemed medical colleges in Karnataka. So, all the seats even the NRI seats get filled up in the MCC Counselling.

The Manipal hospital is one of the best and very renowned hospitals in Karnataka and runs a 1200 bedded hospital. All types of complicated cases are being treated there.

If someone is looking to target Manipal as their college and has got lower marks then it is advisable to get converted in NRI Category and opt for those 15% seats.

Kasturba Medical College , Mangalore

This college was established in Mangalore in the year 1955. It is approximately 60 km away from the old Manipal medical college. The college has a 600 bedded hospital and 250 seats for MBBS and 171 seats for post-graduation. Students opting for Manipal because of its name keeps Mangalore campus as the second option.

Since I have briefed about all the private deemed medical colleges in Karnataka, now it’s time to explain the Eligibility.

After this part, I will explain the counseling procedure in short from the registration to the stray vacancy round till Direct admission in MBBS in Deemed Medical colleges in Karnataka. Likewise, I will be able to explain your end-to-end process of the entire procedure of MBBS counseling.

Admission Eligibility for Deemed Medical Colleges in Karnataka

The student must qualify NEET in order to be able to attend the counseling procedure and opt for MBBS seats in any category. Be it the Normal category or NRI category, NEET Eligibility is a must.

A student eligible in the reservation quota is also eligible to apply in any private deemed medical universities in Karnataka or India.

MCC Admission Counseling process

A student who wants to apply to in above-mentioned colleges or any deemed universities has to register themselves in MCC Portal by paying a registration fee of 5000/- and a refundable security deposit of 2 lakhs.

A student who doesn’t pay a security deposit doesn’t qualify to opt for any deemed medical university in Karnataka.. The registration fee is different for NRI and Indians.

A student can get converted themselves into the NRI category and get eligible for opting for those category seats by submitting the required documents mentioned in the MCC portal.

After registration, students can do option entry of the colleges they want to opt for on a given date mentioned in the calendar of events. There would be three rounds of counseling, First round, Second Round, and Mop-up round.

Till mop-up round, the counseling process moves in quite a similar way. After a mop-up round, there will be an offline stray vacancy round which would be conducted by the college authorities based on the names of the list of unallotted students provided by the MCC.

In this round of counseling the student has to be physically present in the college and has to apply directly.

The leftover NRI seats which are left vacant get converted to normal management quota on the given date after the counseling if less number of students than the seats available in the NRI category shows up.

Wrapping Up

I think I have been able to provide complete information on the list of best-deemed medical universities in Karnataka along with their Tuition fee and Hostel fee structure in detail.

Along with this, this blog will also help you to keep small but important points in mind while choosing colleges in any category. The process of direct admission in both the management and NRI category has also been explained simply.

So, overall starting from the name of colleges, basic important information and counseling procedure from the first step to the last step till direct admission has been explained in quite a detail.

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