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Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore: Admission, Courses, Fees, Placements, Rankings

Hello there, welcome to yet another blog about one of the most reputed medical colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka. Today I’ll be talking with you about Raja Rajeshwari Medical College situated in Bangalore, Karnataka.

It is one of the known deemed medical colleges in Karnataka and the only one deemed MBBS college in Bangalore.

The college is very famous as it is situated very close to the Satellite Bus Station in Bangalore. Ease of accessibility is one of the major attractions of the college. The college is also situated very near to the Bangalore Railway Station and not that far away from Bangalore Airport. The efficiency of transportation systems in Bangalore also helps in easy travel to the college.

The facilities of the college are considered state of the art. The college is equipped with a beautiful infrastructure filled with the most advanced medical equipment. The faculty of the college is very supportive of the students and has very good experience in teaching careers.

The college offers several courses at both undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. The college is under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and is approved by the MCI.

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College Overview

  • Ownership Type: Private.
  • No. of Faculties: 400.
  • Campus Area: 25 acres.
  • Founded Year: 2005.
  • Approved by: MCI.
  • No. of Students: 1600.


Courses Available

  • MBBS.
  • BSc Cardio Care Technology.
  • BSc Perfusion Technology.
  • BSc Imaging Technology.
  • BSc Optometry.
  • BSc Anesthesia Technology.
  • BSc Respiratory Care Technology.
  • BSc Renal Dialysis Technology.
  • BSc Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • BSc Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology.


Departments and Faculties

Department of Anatomy

  • Dr. Sathya Murthy B. Professor & Dean.
  •  Dr. Shruthi B.N. Professor & HOD.
  •  Dr. Mangala .S. Assoc. Professor.
  •  Dr. Deepali D. Deshatty Assoc. Professor.
  •  Dr. Jyothi Lakshmi G.L. Assoc. Professor.
  •  Mrs. Padmalatha N. Asst. Professor.
  •  Dr. Sarala Asst. Professor.
  •  Dr. Bharathi D. Asst. Professor.
  •  Dr. Supriya Asst. Professor.
  •  Dr.Krishna G. Asst. Professor.
  •  Dr.Vineesh P.V. Asst. Professor.
  •  Dr. Vinod Kumar Tutor.

Department of Pathology

  • Dr. Sharmila S.P. Professor & HOD.
  • Dr.(Col) V. Mahanthachar Professor.
  • Dr. Usha Ramachandra Professor.
  • Dr. Jyothi A. Raj Professor.
  • Dr.C.J. Prakash Professor.
  • Dr. Vamseedhar Annam Professor.
  • Dr. Shushan Shweta Jaykar Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. K. Shashikala Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Nalini M. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Sumitha M.P. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Anisha T.S. Associate Professor.
  • Dr. Latha V. Tutor.
  • Dr. Shreya D. Prabhu Tutor.
  • Dr. K.Madhuri Tutor.
  • Dr. Sahiti Sudha Maheshwari s Tutor.
  • Dr. Harshitha K.S. Tutor.
  • Dr. Vasundhara Tutor.
  • Dr. Yugank Anand Tutor.
  • Dr. Rajyalakshmi Tutor.
  • Dr. Heera S. Tutor.
  • Dr. Sakshi Barve Tutor.
  • Dr. Vidhya C Tutor.
  • Dr. Anushree R. Tutor.

Department of Pharmacology

  • Dr. Basavaraj Bhandare Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Satyanarayana V. Professor.
  • Dr. Rekha M.S. Professor.
  • Dr. Meena K. Nandimath Professor.
  • Dr. Rekha M.B. Assoc. Professor.
  • Mrs. Hemamalini. M.B. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Dwajini S. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. B. Nrayanamurthy Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. G.J.K. Prakash Raju Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Sreevatsa Tutor.

Department of Microbiology

  • Dr. Sangeetha S. Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Prakash R. Professor.
  • Dr. Lakshminarayana S.A. Professor
  • Dr. Vishwajit Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Archana Rao K. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Santhoshini Vaijinath Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Yashaswini M.K. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Kanthishree B. Haritsa Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Kirti Laxmi B. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Archana B.R. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. M.S. Kumudavathi Tutor.
  • Dr. Shilpa A Tutor.

Department of Forensic Medicine

  • Dr.G. Jayaprakash Professor & HOD
  • Dr. Nisar Ahmed Professor.
  • Dr. Jagadeesh N.H. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Punitha R. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Indira L. Asangi Asst. Professor.
  • Dr.Nagendra Prasad K.P. Tutor.
  • Dr. Manjunath H. Tutor.
  • Dr. Gowtham S. Tutor.
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar Tutor.
  • Dr. Vinayaka R.P. Tutor.
  • Dr. Prashanth Kumar Tutor.

Department of Community Medicine

  • Dr. Shashikala Manjunath Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. B.G. Parasuramalu Professor.
  • Dr. Sri Vidya V. Professor.
  • Dr. A.C. Shyam Professor.
  • Dr. Usha S. Professor.
  • Dr. Swapna M. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Vidya G.S. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Santosh Achappa Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Karavadi Sri SaiVidusha Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Naveen Kumar P. Asst. Professor/Medical Officer.
  • Dr. Monica Krishnappa Tutor.
  • Mrs. C.Chandrakala Tutor/Statistician.
  • Dr. R.V. Anuradha Tutor.
  • Dr. Neshant Balaje R.S. Tutor.
  • Dr. Krithika T.T Tutor.
  • Dr. Akshatha N. Tutor.
  • Dr. Shaik Nazia Nazndeen Tutor.
  • Dr. Suhasini K.A Tutor.

Department of General Medicine

  • Dr. Krishna M.V. Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Mamatha B. Patil Professor.
  • Dr. Vijay M. Benglorkar Professor.
  • Dr. Ajith Kumar V. Professor.
  • Dr. H.K.Govindaiah Professor.
  • Dr. Shivalingaiah Professor.
  • Dr. Rekha N.H. Professor.
  • Dr. Sudhindra D Professor.
  • Dr. Pooja Shashidharan Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Kiran B.R. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Mohan K.Nagaraja Rao Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Prashanth Rai B. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Prajwal K.C. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Ramesh S. Hiremath Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Vikas B.R Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Shreyas Kumar V. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Sharanappa Patil Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Arun Kumar Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Raghavendra D. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Pavankumar Pyarasabadi Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Prasanna Hegde Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Uday Shankar R. Hiregoudar Asst. Professor.

Department of Psychiatry

  • Dr. G. Vishnu Vardhan Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Amar Bavle Professor.
  • Dr. Sumanth T.P. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Vidhyavathi Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Sharath Vishwaraj Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Neeraj Raj B. Asst. Professor.

Department of Dermatology

  • Dr. Belliappa P.R. Professor.
  • Dr. Umashankar N. Professor.
  • Dr. Hari Kishan Kumar Y. Professor.
  • Dr. Priya K.S. Professor.
  • Dr. Leena Raveendra Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Vishal Methre Asst. Professor.

Department of Respiratory Medicine

  • Dr. K.N. Mohan Rao Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Shivalinga Swamy Salimath Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Vinod Kolla Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. MD. Majeed Pasha Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Parinita S. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr.Raghavendra.M.K Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Vivek G. Asst. Professor.

Department of General Surgery

  • Dr.Venkatesh S. Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Naveen S. Professor.
  • Dr. K.S. Hanumantaiah Professor.
  • Dr. Syed Iqbalulla Sha Khadri Professor.
  • Dr. Durganna Thimmappa Professor.
  • Dr. Amit Kumar C Jain Professor.
  • Dr. Uday Muddebihal Professor.
  • Dr. Santhosh M.P. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Srinivas B. Kulkarni Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. O.G. Prakash Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Ashwini R.K. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Prateek K.C. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Kruthi S.R. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Praveen G. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Mohan Ram P. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Ranganatha D.M. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Neha S. Shellkeri Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Shreyas R. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Madhushankar K.C. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Raksha R. Asst. PRofessor.
  • Dr. Sricharan R. Asst. Professor.

Department of Orthopedics

  • Dr. B.N. Roshan Kumar Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. I. Suresh Professor.
  • Dr. K.M. Gopinath Professor.
  • Dr. Raghavendra S. Professor.
  • Dr. Shingati Muhammed Hashim Professor.
  • Dr. Kalyanasundaram Shivaprasad Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Mahesh Kumar N.B. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Pramod Kumar M. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. H. Manjunatha Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Khalid Fiyaz Asst. Professor.
  • Dr.Avinash C.K. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Suhas D. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. S. Balasubramanian Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Vidya Sagar B. Asst. Professor.

Department of Paediatrics

  • Dr. Adarsh E. Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Prema R. ProfessorDr. Sree Krishna Y. Professor.
  • Dr. Rajanish K.V. Professor.
  • Dr. Karthik R. Professor.
  • Dr. Sahana G Professor.
  • Dr. Pawan Kumar S. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Prathiba N.D. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Sahaya Nirmala.S Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Kishore K.K. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Nagajyothi S. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Vivekananda M.S. Asst. Professor.

Department of Ophthalmology

  • Dr. Kaushal Kumar Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. M. Shivakumar Professor.
  • Dr. Nithisha T.M. Professor.
  • Dr. Prathibha S. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Ganesh Sathyamurthy Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Shwetha.N.C Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Sriya Sridhar Asst. Professor.

Department of ENT

  • Dr. T.M. Nagaraja Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. K. Sriranga Prasad Professor.
  • Dr. Praveen Kumar Professor.
  • Dr. Sowmya S Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Kavyashree R Asst. Professor.

Department of Radio-Diagnosis

  • Dr. Javaji Ravi Prasad Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Shukla Professor.
  • Dr. Pravin G.U. Professor.
  • Dr. Seetha Pramila Professor.
  • Dr. Krishnappa N. Professor.
  • Dr. Parthasarathi A. Professor.
  • Dr. Gautam. M. Professor.
  • Dr. Ashok Srikar Chowdhary Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Sindhu N. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Bysani Swaroop Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Naresh Nikhil Asst. Professor.

Dept of Anaesthesiology

  • Dr. S.Rangalakshmi Professor & HOD.
  • Dr. Karthik G.S. Professor.
  • Dr. Sudheer R. Professor.
  • Dr. Sowmya M.J. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Pawan Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Mahesh Chandra Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Nadiya Rose Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Sowmya M. Jois Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Deepak Vijay Kumar K. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Shanakar K. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Rashmi Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Chaithali H. Asst. Professor.

Dept of OBG

  • Dr. M.P.Sailakshmi Professor & HOD
  • Dr. R. Nagarathnamma Professor.
  • Dr. B.M. Rupakala Professor.
  • Dr. Sarojamma C. Professor.
  • Dr. Rashmi A.G. Professor.
  • Dr. Vishma H. Shetty Professor.
  • Dr. Pavana Ganga A. Professor.
  • Dr. Chandana M.P. Professor.
  • Dr. Manorama Eti Professor.
  • Dr. Shreya M.S. Assoc. Professor.
  • Dr. Nayana D.H. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Hari Priya Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Varalakshmi K. Asst. Professor.
  • Dr. Swagata Mukherjee Asst. Professor.
  • Dr.Ashwitha Gundmi Asst. Professor.

Department of Physiotherapy

  • Mr. P. Balasubramanian Professor.
  • Mr. M.K. Kishore Assistant Professor.
  • Ms. Nivethitha Lecturer.
  • Ms. Jibi Deepak Assistant Professor.
  • Ms. G. Pavani Asst. Professor.
  • Ms. Sanjana M. Asst. Professor.


Admission Procedure

On the basis of marks, NRI quota, and management quota, seats will be allotted.

The admission procedure for Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore is as follows:

  1. Qualify NEET:- Candidates must qualify for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test conducted by (NTA) to be eligible for admission.
  2. Register for MCC Counselling:- After qualifying, candidates must register for MCC Counselling through its official website.
  3. Payment for Participation:- The candidates have to pay INR 2,05,000, where INR 2,00,000 is a refundable security deposit, which, after the counseling, will be automatically transferred to the same bank account from which the candidate had transferred the initial payment.
  4. Enter Options in MCC Counselling:- During MCC counseling, candidates will have to enter their preferences for medical colleges and courses.
  5. Seat Allotment through MCC Counselling:- Based on the candidate’s NEET rank, preferences, and availability of seats, MCC will allot seats to candidates.
  6. Post Allotment Procedure:- Once a candidate is allotted a seat in the medical college through MCC counseling, they must download the allotment letter from the MCC portal, report to the college within the stipulated time along with the original documents, and pay the fee to complete the admission formalities.


The minimum eligibility for the courses is a tenth and twelfth pass with subjects with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

English is a mandatory subject for eligibility in many of universities and colleges.

For postgraduate courses, the students should have completed their undergraduate degree and completed their internship in time.


Admission Procedure for Indian Students

Step-by-Step Guide for Applying to Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore


Applying to Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore involves several straightforward steps. This guide provides a clear and detailed process, from obtaining the application form to finalizing your admission. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful application.

Step 1: Obtain the Application Form

To start your application, visit the official website of Raja Rajeshwari Medical College or go to the college in person. Download the application form from the website or collect it directly from the admissions office. Make sure to gather all necessary information about the courses and requirements.

Step 2: Review Course Details and Terms

Before filling out the application form, carefully read through the course details and the terms and conditions provided by the college. Understanding these details ensures you meet the eligibility criteria and are aware of the commitments involved.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

Fill in all the required details on the application form accurately. This includes personal information, academic qualifications, and any other specified details. Ensure that all information provided is correct to avoid any issues during the verification process.

Step 4: Attach Required Documents

Prepare the necessary documents, such as attested copies of your academic certificates, identity proof, and any other documents mentioned in the application form. Attach these documents to your completed application form.

Step 5: Submit the Application

Send your application form along with the attached documents to the college address via registered post or speed post. This ensures that your application reaches the college safely and can be tracked.

Step 6: Await Notification

After submitting your application, wait for further notification from the college. You will be contacted through phone or email regarding the status of your application and any additional steps you need to take.

Step 7: Finalize Admission

Once you receive a response from the college, visit Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in person to complete the admission process. Bring any additional documents if requested and finalize your enrollment by following the college’s admission procedures.


Applying to Raja Rajeshwari Medical College involves obtaining and submitting the application form, attaching required documents, and completing the admission process in person. Follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful admission. Stay in touch with the college for any updates and further instructions.

Documents for Admission

The candidates are required to bring the following documents:

  • Conduct Certificates.
  • SSLC and PUC Certificates.
  • Migration Certificates.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Medical Fitness Certificates.
  • Eligibility Certificate from RGUHS.
  • Transfer Certificates.

Copies of all the original documents should be present with the students for verification by the college.


Raja Rajeshwari Medical College Fee Structure

  1. MBBS.
  2. BSc Cardio Care Technology.
  3. BSc Perfusion Technology.
  4. BSc Imaging Technology.
  5. BSc Optometry.
  6. BSc Anesthesia Technology.
  7. BSc Respiratory Care Technology.
  8. BSc Renal Dialysis Technology.
  9. BSc Medical Laboratory Technology.
  10. BSc Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology.

The fee structure mentioned for each course is based on the type of facilities the students opt for. The examination fees will be different for each course and should be paid to the university based on the year and the course. The hostel fee may vary depending upon the facilities you choose in the hostel. The hostel fee may increase for the rooms with more facilities.

Even though the library and such other services are free, the college may charge extra amounts for transportation, books, material fee, etc for the additional services they provide. The charges for practical records etc are some of which the students have to buy from the college store additionally.

The college might take money from the students to conduct cultural events and graduation day just like other colleges. The college canteen is also not free and the students will have to pay and eat.

Scholarship Details

Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore helps to improve the education of the poor, needy and deserving students by providing them with various scholarship plans. The scholarship is also provided to the students who show their excellence in education through marks.

If the student is disabled he/she can avail themselves of disability scholarship with the help of a medical certificate. The students can also receive the community scholarship if they have the necessary documents of proof.

The students can also receive various scholarships provided by the government for the welfare of students.


Hostel Fees

Boys Hostel

  • No. of Rooms -400.
  • Maximum Capacity – 800.
  • Facilities – Mess, Free WiFi, GYM, Library, TV room, Laundry, Playing ground.
  • Hostel Fees – Rs.5000 /month.

Girls Hostel

  • No. of Rooms – 400.
  • Maximum Capacity – 850.
  • Facilities – Free WiFi, Mess, Laundry, Playing ground, Library, TV room.
  • Hostel Fees – Rs.5000 /month.

Ranking and Reputation

Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore is one of the most reputed colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is ranked among the top 10 colleges in Karnataka state. The faculty in the college are also very well reputed professors.

The college has received accreditations from NAAC, ISO, HLACT, NABH, and IAO. This alone proves the quality and standard of the college.

The college is also reputed for receiving various awards for its excellence in medical education. The IMO has granted various awards for the postgraduate courses of the college.

The students of the Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore are reputed for their excellence in extracurricular activities. The college has won many prizes in the various intercollege competitions and fests.



The students of Raja Rajeshwari Medical College in Bangalore get placements both in foreign as well as our country. Major hospitals in Karnataka provides job opportunities to the students who have studied here because of the reputation of the college

The graduates can also go for a government job after appearing for the PSC examination. Government vacancies for the paramedical courses often go unnoticed.

The foreign countries are in great demand for paramedical as well as medical professionals. The gulf countries are especially in demand for health care professionals and provide a good salary for them.

The graduates can also join the college as lecturers or staff in the same college. The graduates can also join other major multi-specialty hospitals in Bangalore itself. The major hospitals in Bangalore which placement for the students are: Appolo Hospital, Shankara Eye Hospital, Narayana Hridayalaya Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Columbia Aisa Hospital, etc.


Facilities in Raja Rajeshwari Medical College

Advanced Laboratories

Raja Rajeshwari Medical College has a Central Research Laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment that conducts research in collaboration with famous national institutions. Experienced staff provides proper assistance and guidance to the students in the conduct of research.


Students are encouraged to use facilities like e-mail, internet, CD-ROM browsing & photocopying. Separate reading space has been provided to both the students and faculty along with comfortable seating arrangements. The Central Library stocks more than 22,000 books of various subjects in medical and allied health sciences.


Boys and girls have separate hostel facilities. The rooms are well furnished with attached bathrooms and a hygienic Mess facility is available at all times. A common room with recreational facilities, laundry facilities, and mess facilities are features of each of the hostels, besides a visitors’ room. Clean and airy, the rooms offer beds, wardrobes and study tables and chairs.

Class Room

The smart classroom is equipped with basic facilities like a laptop connected to the projector. A well-equipped auditorium with seating for over 500 people serves as the venue for the regular conferences, workshops, and seminars that are part of the education. The seminar hall is spacious and well ventilated. It also offers facilities such as LCD projectors, screens and white-boards for delivering lectures.


The college motivates the students to participate in extra-curricular activities through frequent cultural, arts and literary events. The extra-curricular activities help in the all-round development of the students.

Contact Details

Address: RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital, No 202, Kambipura, Mysore Road, Bangalore-560 074.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where is Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore located?

Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is located in Kambipura in Bangalore

2.How to get admission to Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore?

To get admission to Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore, you have to appear for NEET UG and NEET PG examinations.

3.Is Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore approved by MCC?

Yes, Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is approved by MCC.

4.Is Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore a private college?

Yes, Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is a private college.

5.Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is affiliated to which University?

Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is affliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore.

6.What is the annual intake at Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore?

The annual intake at Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is 250 students.

7.How much is the fees for MBBS at Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore?

The fees for MBBS at Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is INR 23.50 LPA.

8.What is the duration of MBBS at Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore?

The Duration of MBBS at Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore is 5 years and 6 months, which includes one year of internship.

9.How many specialisations are offered in MD Course at Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore?

Rajarajeshwari Medical College Bangalore offers 15 specialisations in the MD Course.

10.How much time does it take to complete MD/MS?

It take 3 years to complete MD/MS

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