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Direct Admission in JSS Dental College Mysore

An all-in-one college for all the dental aspirants out there, JSS Dental College Mysore, is one of India’s most efficient dental colleges. The college has covered all the aspects a dental aspirant could ask for from a deemed dental college. They have so many elements built-in their institutional campus, which you won’t find anywhere else. This student-centric college has been recognized and respected by many renowned organizations as one of the best among all.

Appreciating the efforts and sincerity of JSS Dental College & Hospital Mysore, our team wants to help as many aspirants to get admitted to this renowned college. So, if you want direct Admission in JSS Dental College Mysore, read the article below to know more about JSS admissions, courses, fees, facilities, and rankings!

JSS Dental College Mysore Overview

JSS Dental College Mysore is a constitutional part of JSS University, established in 1986. The college is affiliated with the JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research since 2008. Previously, it was affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and the University of Mysore respectively. It has been accredited by NAAC with an “A+” grade in the 2 cycles of accreditation. 

JSS Dental College is situated in the heart of Mysore city known for its palaces and grounds. The dental campus is spread across 5 acres among the vast 38 acres of the JSS Medical Institutions Campus. The college is 150 km away from Bangalore and easily commuted via train or bus.

Why choose JSS Dental College Mysore?

  • ISO Certified.
  • Ranked 4th by Outlook ICare among private dental colleges in the country.
  • NIRF Ranking – 12.
  • International Collaborations.
  • Colgate US-funded Research Lab – Colgate products are tested in this lab before it is out for marketing and the students of JSS get the opportunity to assist them in the research lab.
  • Student Mentorship Programs guide students throughout the course and also for their future, career guidance is provided.
  • Ph.D. Graduate Faculty.
  • Value Added Courses.
  • JSS Dental students travel to AIMST University in Malaysia as part of the University’s Global Immersion Program.
  • Internship Provided with Stipend.
  • Sponsored Conferences for Talented Students.
  • Research Publications for all the students.
  • Excellent Patient Flow.
  • Sessions with Patient Exposure.
  • Safe and Secure Campus.
  • MCQs integrated with UG exams to help students for NEET PG.
  • One of the 7 Universities to be approved by UGC for E-Learning Module in Dentistry.
  • Students are allotted to staff members as their responsibilities.
  • Full Schedule provided at the beginning of the academic year.

JSS Dental College Mysore Admission

JSS Dental College Mysore is a top-rated college in Karnataka and India. Every year they receive many admission applications for BDS and MDS. Even to get Direct Admission to JSS Dental College Mysore, you will have to register for MCC and go through their counseling process; as the college is deemed, the college will only admit students through MCC Counseling.

Admission Intake

Course Name Intake Capacity
BDS 100
MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics 5
MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 4
MDS in Oral Medicine & Radiology 4
MDS in Public Health Dentistry 2
MDS in Periodontology  4
MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge 5
MDS in Paedodontics and Preventive Dentistry  4
MDS in Oral Pathology and Microbiology 2
MDS in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics 4
MSc in Forensic Odontology 20
Diploma Courses 20
Value-Added Courses 20

Admission Procedure

Step 1: MCC Registration

  • For Direct Admission in JSS Dental College Mysore, you should register in MCC Counseling by paying the requisite fees. 
  • The fees to be paid for MCC registration are INR 5,000/-, which will be non-refundable, and INR 2,00,000/-, which will be refunded to your account number/credit card from where the amount was paid. 

Step 2: MCC Counseling Rounds

  • There are three rounds of counseling in MCC, namely the first round, second round, and mop-up round. These three rounds are conducted online. 
  • There is also a 4th round conducted, known as the stray vacancy round, which is done for direct admission through management quota. This round is conducted offline.

Step 3: Option Entry

  • The students have to register and do the option entry for JSS Dental College. They must make an entry for JSS their first priority if they want Direct Admission in JSS Dental College Mysore.

Step 4: Seat Allotment

  • Once your seat is allotted, download the admission order, visit JSS Dental College, and pay the tuition fees and hostel fees (if you want hostel accommodation also), and your admission is complete.

Eligibility Criteria for BDS

  • The applicant should be 17 years old at the time of admission.
  • The applicant should have completed its 12th examination with aggregate marks of 50%.
  • The applicant should have qualified in NEET UG Examination.
  • The applicant should have qualified in MCC Counseling Sessions.

Document Required for  BDS Admission

Indian Management Students NRI Students
  • 10th &12th Marks Card.
  • NEET UG Admit and Scorecard.
  • MCC Counseling Allotment Letter.
  • Character Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Migration Certificate (for Non-Karnataka Candidates).
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Identity Certificate.
  • BOND – According to the MCC/JSS AHER webpage.
  • Eight stamp-size photographs.
  • 3 self-attested photocopies of the documents.
  • Embassy-sponsored Certificate.
  • Embassy Visa/Passport.
  • Notarized Affidavit.
  • Any other papers requested by the DGHS MCC.

Eligibility Criteria for MDS

  • The applicant should have completed their BDS graduation with a one-year internship.
  • The applicant should have registered with State Dental Council.
  • The applicant should have qualified in NEET PG Examination.
  • The applicant should have qualified in MCC Counseling Sessions.

Document Required for MDS Admission

Indian Management Students NRI Students
  • 10th &12th Marks Card.
  • BDS Marks Card for all semesters.
  • BDS Provisional Degree Certificate.
  • State Dental Registration Certificate.
  • NEET PG Admit and Scorecard.
  • MCC Counseling Allotment Letter.
  • Character Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Migration Certificate (for Non-Karnataka Candidates).
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Identity Certificate.
  • BOND – According to the MCC/JSS AHER webpage.
  • Eight stamp-size photographs.
  • 3 self-attested photocopies of the documents.
  • Embassy-sponsored Certificate.
  • Embassy Visa/Passport.
  • Notarized Affidavit.
  • Any other papers requested by the DGHS MCC.

Points to Remember

  • As JSS Dental College is a deemed college, any state’s SC/ST category can benefit from the eligibility criteria during college admissions.
  • The documents should submit all the documents in the format of a PDF file.
  • The Bond can be purchased for Rs. 200/- online at the official website.

Important Dates

Events Dates
Registration Date Jan 7 – Jan 27 
Re-opening of the Application form Feb 9 – Feb 12 
Admit Card Release Date Feb 27 
Exam Date March 5 
Result Date March 31

JSS Dental College Mysore Courses Offered

JSS Dental College Mysore offers BDS and MDS in 9 specializations and MSc in Forensic Odontology. JSS has a very student-centric curriculum designed for the students in their future prospects. The college goes beyond textbooks and focus sessions with patient exposure so that the students get ready for their dental careers. 

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The BDS program consists of 4 years of training and one year of internship.  

In order to perform all activities suitable to general dental practice, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of anomalies and ailments of the teeth, mouth, jaws, and associated tissues, dental students must acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes during their training in institutions. The students should also be able to engage in the country’s rural health care delivery programs and comprehend the notion of community oral health education.

Master of Dental Surgery

MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Conservative dentistry focuses on the prevention and cure of periapical lesions, illnesses, and injuries to the hard tissues and pulp of the teeth, as well as the recovery of those teeth to their natural form, function, and appearance.

MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 

The diagnosis and surgical and adjuvant treatment of diseases, injuries, and deformities of the human jaws and related oral and facial tissues are the focus of oral & maxillofacial surgery and implantology.

MDS in Oral Medicine & Radiology

The dental specialty known as oral medicine is focused on the fundamental diagnostic methods and techniques helpful in identifying disorders of the oral tissues with both local and constitutional origins and their medical care.

The science of radiology focuses on the use of x-rays for disease diagnosis and treatment, including orofacial ailments.

MDS in Oral Pathology and Microbiology

Oral pathology examines the nature of oral illnesses as well as their causes, progression, and consequences. It links the physiologic and anatomical alterations brought on by oral illnesses to their clinical manifestation.

MDS in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Focuses on the prevention, treatment, and re-alignment of the mechanisms involved in oral abnormalities and malocclusion so that the dental processes will operate normally.

MDS in Paedodontics and Preventive Dentistry 

Focuses on the precaution and treatment of dental and oral conditions that can affect children. Take a right clinical history, examine the young patient methodically, carry out the necessary diagnostic investigations, and interpret the results. and make a sound diagnosis and choose the proper course of action.

MDS in Periodontology 

The fields of periodontology and oral implantology study the health and conditions of the tissues that support and surround the teeth, including the oral mucosa. With a focus on the Indian population, describe the etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapy of common periodontal disorders.

MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge

By replacing missing or damaged natural teeth and corresponding tissues with fixed or removable artificial alternatives, the dental field of prosthodontics, crown, bridge, and oral implantology aims to restore and maintain oral function, health, comfort, and aesthetics.

MDS in Public Health Dentistry

Public dentistry is the study and execution of using coordinated community initiatives to prevent and control dental diseases and promote dental health.

MSc in Forensic Odontology

The goal of the forensic odontology masters program is to educate students in the proper handling, examination, and presentation of dental evidence in legal proceedings in the interest of justice.

The students are exposed to diverse crime scene situations, mock trials, and laboratory work to further develop their practical judgment and talents in handling forensic casework.

Diploma Courses

  • Dental Operating Room Assistant.
  • Diploma in Dental Mechatronics.

Value-Added Courses

In JSS Dental College, the below-mentioned value-added courses are taught during their course and internship period and most of these courses are offered free of cost to the students for their own benefit:

  • Holistic Wellness Program.
  • Certificate Program in Clinical Endodontics.
  • Certificate Program in Combined Cognitive Dental Ergonomics.
  • Certificate Program in Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics.
  • Certificate Program in Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry.   
  • Certificate Program in Hospital Administration.
  • Certificate Program in Tobacco Counseling Training Module.

 JSS Dental College Mysore Fee Structure

BDS Fee structure (Per Year)

Management Quota NRI
INR 4,50,000/- USD 13,000/-

MDS Fee Structure (Per Year)

  • Indian Students
Specialization  Management Quota
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery INR 9,00,000/- 
Periodontology INR 6,00,000/-
Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry INR 8,00,000/-
Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge INR 6,00,000/-
Oral Pathology and Microbiology INR 4,00,000/-
Oral Medicine and Radiology INR 4,00,000/-
Orthodontics and  Dentofacial Orthopaedics INR 9,00,000/-
Conservative and Endodontics INR 9,00,000/-
Public Health Dentistry INR 4,00,000/-
  • NRI Students
Specialization  Management Quota
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery INR 12,00,000/- 
Orthodontics and  Dentofacial Orthopaedics INR 14,00,000/-
Conservative and Endodontics INR 14,00,000/-
  • Miscellaneous Fee Structure

Other than tuition and hostel fees, the student has to pay INR 73,000/- miscellaneous fees, which include books, lab coats, and dental materials.

Hostel Fee Structure

  • PG Medical Residence
Room Type Fees (Per Year)
Triple Sharing INR 1,29,900/-
Double Sharing  INR 1,35,500/-
  • D-Block Residence
Room Type Fees (Per Year)
Single Sharing INR 1,60,300/-
Double Sharing  INR 1,38,300/-


Note: The above fees include building funds (non-refundable) and caution (refundable), which should not be paid from the second year onwards. So from the 2nd year, the hostel fees will reduce by 25,000/-. 

JSS Dental College Mysore Placements

The main objective of the JSS Dental College Mysore’s placement cell is to mold students’ thoughts to stand out as candidates and to give them solid and conceptualized professional skills to support them in realizing their ideal career path. 

Dental Educational Unit

JSS Dental College Mysore is the sole college that has a Dental Educational Unit, which is designed to counsel students in their future prospects. The faculty of the Unit will help students according to their needs. The unit also conducts workshops and activities related to career guidance that will shape the student to excel during their professional years.

Internship Year

As you know, the BDS fifth year is an internship year for students to get hands-on training, making them eligible for MDS and recruitment in any medical hospital. In JSS, the training is provided by excellent faculty and with experienced guidance for every department. 

Patient Flow

The patient flow at JSS Dental College is tremendous for students to get abundant experience. Every day they have a patient flow of 450-550, and 60-70 are OPD patients. The college has a waiting list of patients as so many patients come daily that they get short of students.

Internship Stipend

UG (per month) INR 5,000/-
PG (per month) INR 50,000/-

Top Recruiters

More than 170 recognized recruiters are available to help with the JSS Dental College campus recruiting process. Some of the top recruiters are listed below:

  • Himalayas.
  • Biocon.
  • Cipla.
  • Novartis.
  • Apollo.
  • Fortis Hospital.

JSS Dental College Mysore Facilities

  • Infrastructure

The Infrastructure of the college is well-built and quite spacious for every student to spend their dental years comfortably. The infrastructure of JSS is divided into 2 parts, one is the UG section and the second is the PG section. The campus has a basement and 3 floors built with an attached hospital in it. The JSS infrastructure includes a library, laboratories, auditorium, seminar halls, lecture halls, smart classes, departments for every specialization, and also a dental educational unit.

  • Library

JSS Dental College library is one of the most updated libraries and the college spends approx of 95 lacs every year to keep the library up to date for its students. The library has a seating capacity of 250-300 students and it is open to students till 8 pm every day and 11 pm during their exams.

The library is finely equipped with 12 databases including 85 international journals, 10,000 books, 1000 e-books, and e-journals. The complete library is wifi-enabled and they also provide xerox and printing facilities.

  • Hostel

JSS provides a separate hostel built for boys and girls. The hostels are divided into 4 blocks, and they have recently constructed the D-block supplied with a lift, attached bathrooms in every room, and also a reading area for students. The hostels have sufficient capacity to accommodate students and they are kept entirely hygienic with pest control happening every 2-3 months. 

They have single as well as 2 seater rooms available with laundry and mess services. The mess is there on the ground floor of the hostel and provides nutritional food according to students’ demands. The kitchen is also available for students who are interested to cook for themselves. The hostels also have cycles for easy transport and everyday attendance is taken through biometrics for student safety.

  • Lecture Halls & Smart Classes

The lecture halls are situated on the second floor of the JSS building; They are pretty huge, with enough seating capacity. The lecture halls are equipped with CCTV cameras with the principal’s access so that the principal knows what is happening during classes.

JSS has built a student-friendly smart class. The smart class helps the faculty to show some dental procedures to the students who are difficult to show physically. The smart class is built so that students can watch the screen from every corner of the class. 

The lecture halls, smart classes, and all the departments are finely equipped with huge screens so that when a procedure is explained, it is easy for doctors and students to watch the procedure on the screens with the latest technology. 

  • Sports

The sports and cultural activities of the college are very active. They have indoor and outdoor games, including cricket, volleyball, football, basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Chess, etc. Teams and matches are conducted in every department and they choose the best player from every department and the student gets the opportunity to play in the university-level matches.

  • Hospital

The 1.80 lacks square foot JSS Dental College & Hospital is divided into departments that are each 1500 square feet in size. For oral care, 362 dental units are provided in the several specialty departments.

A separate operating room has two OTs and the newest equipment. Basic medical sciences are accessible on campus in a different lock. A 7 km drive from the university, the NABH-accredited JSS Hospital is where medical and surgical training is provided. 

The phantom head in pre-clinical departments, which can accommodate more than 100 students, is well-equipped. For training purposes, clinical departments are thoroughly furnished with the newest equipment.

  • Other Facilities

    • Laboratories.
    • Auditorium.
    • Seminar Halls.
    • Departments.
    • Canteen.

Contact Details

  • Address: 8MV2+6WQ, Mysore Bangalore road, Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagara, Bannimantap, Mysore, Karnataka-570015. 

I think you won’t be disappointed if you’re considering joining this institute. So, you can contact our team for more information and guidance on Direct Admission in JSS Dental College Mysore.

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JSS Dental College Mysore is dedicated to becoming a center of excellence. In the last ten years, the Institution has made significant infrastructure and educational system improvements. The college is currently experiencing a paradigm change in terms of the high caliber of education that has earned us a reputation as one of the top educational institutions in the nation. 

Young dentists are being trained at this university to enroll in short-term certificate programs that will help them become skilled and proficient in various clinical areas. Also, the university has made a significant contribution to the field of research, publishing numerous research projects in reputable international publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does JSS take Direct Admission?

You can get direct admission in JSS Dental College Mysore through the management quota, but you will have to register for MCC counseling.

2. Is NEET required for Management Quota?

Yes, NEET qualification is required for management quota admissions also.

3. What is the intake for BDS in the Management Quota at JSS?

Under the management quota, the institute offers 85% of the counseling seats and 15% of the total number of seats open for student intake through direct admission in JSS Mysore.

4. Will my SC/ST category cut-off marks be eligible for Admission in JSS?

Yes, as JSS Dental College Mysore is a deemed college, SC/ST category all over India is considered.

5. What is the hostel fee of JSS Dental College?

The hostel fee at JSS depends on the type of room you choose, the fee cost varies from INR 1,29,900 - INR 1,60,300/-.

6. What is the JSS Dental College MDS stipend?

For MDS, JSS Dental College offers a stipend of 50,000 per month.

7. Is MCC registration mandatory for Direct Admission in JSS Dental College Mysore?

Yes, MCC registration is a must for Direct Admission in JSS Dental College Mysore.

8. What is the ranking of JSS Dental College?

JSS is ranked 12th by NIRF, and 4th by Outlook ICare.

A Small Ask

If you’ve visited JSS Dental College Mysore, I request you to share your experiences in the comment section below.

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