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This educational blog is a product of hard work and research done by three friends, Sidharth, Dr.Sushil, and Vishnu. Yes, we have put in a lot of effort to collect and update the information here. 😀

It’s been 14 years since we started guiding students across the globe. We have not only placed hundreds of students in the best colleges in India and abroad but also had helped them choose the best course and career for them.

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Carerr Mudhra Content Chart

  • 93% practical tips for students and parents for choosing the right career, the other 7% are personal stories and experiences.
  • Basic and in-depth information regarding the latest and trending courses available for students after 12th.
  • Detailed reviews of different colleges and institutions.
  • Complete guide and updates regarding entrance exams, counseling procedures, etc.
  • Career success tips for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and everyone else.

How we will Help You with Career Mudhra?

As I have told you, we will be guiding you through our blog posts and will try our best to post the latest updates. After reading the articles on the blog, many of the students and parents have contacted us for personal career guidance.

If you need any kind of personal guidance you can contact us and we will try our best to help you out.

You can also come down to our office in Bangalore or Kerala and meet us in person, for our premium guidance. 😛

I would suggest you take a prior appointment before coming to our office so that you don’t have to wait for long as there are hundreds of students who come to meet us.

Now the next question which sparks in your mind is, what are the charges for our service? 

It’s Completely FREE!

Yes, you heard it right! All the services we provide are absolutely FREE and intended to help students!

If you want to know our story of starting CareerMudhra, then you can read below.

Our Story was founded in 2018 by Mr.Sidharth P S, Dr.Sushil Agarwal, and Vishnu Nambiar. We have given the complete profile of each of us below.

I, Vishnu Nambiar, was doing my undergraduate in a private college in Karnataka when I met Dr.Sushil. He was 5 years senior to me at my college.

He once talked to me about his venture of career counseling. That’s when I talked to him about my childhood friend Mr.Sidharth and his freelancing in career counseling. Immediately Dr.Sushil had an idea of meeting my friend to share their experiences. We decided to have a get-together in Bangalore and know about each other.

Mr.Sidharth had already started career guidance and counseling in the year 2006 in his home town Thalassery as a freelancer. Within a short span of time, he guided hundreds of students and placed them at the top colleges in India. Later he started his own Educational Consultancy, and started guiding students more professionally and got partnered with hundreds of institutes in India.

Dr.Sushil was natively from Assam and he was also active in Career Counseling and Guidance in his area. He was having knowledge about courses in the Health sector mostly.

When the three of us were talking about career counseling in our get-together, I happened to talk about my bad experience of an agent having taken extra money for my admission and not telling me about other colleges.

That’s when we decided to start a website for helping students to know about career options, colleges, courses, and almost everything in the education sector.

Sidharth and Sushil were only able to serve students in a limited locality and wanted to expand. Both have served hundreds of students from their locality.

They did zero promotions and still led in the industry in their respective locality. The major part of the students who contacted Sidharth and Dr.Sushil was referred by their old candidates and their parents.

Almost every career gurus in India made its online presence by early 2017. But things went worse when many fake agents who were misusing the internet by promoting their service through paid ads. We noticed lots of cases reporting in India and there were times when newspapers were flooded with educational fraud news.

It was not that all the consultants were fake, there were and still are many genuine career counselors who provide their services online.

We discussed these issues which are faced by almost all the students. We were ready to take career guidance online but with a very different approach.

We wanted to provide all the candidates with genuine information and provide personal and premium service. We noticed many online education portals providing copy-pasted information and are not updated about the latest trends and news in the field.

And so we started the in such a way that all the contents are based on personal reviews and simple details that will help any student in deciding the course that will suit them and selecting the college that they like.

That is how was born! And now with the support, we receive from our readers, we are growing bigger and stronger every day.

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  1. My son currently doing internship in BDS. He wanted to pursue MDS in OMFS in 2021.can it be possible within
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