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Hey all , welcome once again to the discussions on the top medical colleges across Bangalore, Karnataka.

Today I’ll be talking to you about the information regarding the Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. I’m gonna be telling the details I know and about the details of the college given to me by my friends who are studying there.

SIMSRC is one of the famous medical colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is very near to the railway station and is situated on vast campus space. The facilities the college provides are top-notch and the infrastructure is a beauty to the eye. The teaching staff in the college are well-reputed and provides education in the simplest way of understanding.

Here I’ll be speaking about the courses which the college provides, the eligibility for the courses, how to join these courses, the infrastructure of the college, the hostel set up of the college, the classroom facilities, the hospital, the faculty, accessibility and everything you’ll need to know before taking admission in this college.

So let’s not waste our precious time and move on to our topic.

Contact Details

Admission Helpline: +91-9916927248.

College Address: No. 15, Chikkasandra, Hesaraghatta Main Road, Bangalore.
Contact Number: 080 – 22188700.
E-mail: principalsimsrc@gmail.com.
Website: principalsimsrc@gmail.com.


SIMSRC is at a close distance of 5 kilometers from Bangalore Railway station. The students can reach the college from the railway station in a swift time of 15 minutes.

The Bangalore airport is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from the SIMSRC college which helps students from far off places to reach the college conveniently. It almost takes only about 45 minutes to reach the college from the airport.

The SIMSRC college is also situated near the Majestic Bus terminal with a distance of 13 kilometers in total. The journey to the college takes less than 30 minutes in total.

The advanced taxi systems, online taxis, other transport facilities, etc in Bangalore help the students to reach the college easily.


College Overview

  • Ownership Type: Private.
  • No. of Faculties: 300.
  • Campus Area: 100 acres.
  • Founded Year: 2011.
  • Approved by: MCI .
  • No. of Students: 1500.

Courses Available

  1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy.
  2. BSc. Perfusion Technology.
  3. BSc. Anesthesia.
  4. BSc. Operation Theater Technology.
  5. BSc. Respiratory Care.
  6. BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology.
  7. BSc. Radiography.
  8. BSc. Optometry.
  9. BSc. Cardiac Care Technology.
  10. Bsc. Renal Dailysis.

Facilities in Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center


The hostel facility at Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre is wonderful. There are several workers employed to keep the hostel clean all the time.

Each hostel has a Warden from the teaching faculty of the colleges who is responsible for the discipline, maintenance of the building, allotment of rooms, etc.

Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre men’s hostel and ladies hostel are located in separate blocks of the SIMSRC campus.

The hostels are equipped with free wifi, hot water supply, library, indoor playing grounds, etc..


The college is built by the top engineers and is evident in the appearance and absence of communications between the departments.

The hospital is able to accommodate 1200 bedded patients at a time. All the necessary equipment needed for the treatment of the patients is available in the hospital. The most modern laboratories present in college helps in better treatment and help the students to stay in touch with modern technology. The Hospital has fully equipped modern operation theatres where all kinds of major and minor surgeries are performed using the latest techniques and technology.

The seating arrangement in the lecture hall is such that the students get a clear view of the teachers. There are also audio-visual aids and speakers for helping the students to understand better. The auditorium is present within the college to conduct big events.


Laboratory services available 24 hours throughout the year. All routine and special investigations are done in the hospital, including biochemical, microbiological, pathology and immunology. The hospital has a licensed, modern Blood Bank that functions 24 hours a day.

Departments and Faculties


Human anatomy is the scientific study of various structures & organs with regard to the normal disposition, normal interrelationship, blood & nerve supply, function, growth, and development of the human body.

  • Dr.R.E.A Selvam (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Jayanthi.V (Professor).
  • Dr.Leelavathy.N (Professor).
  • Dr.Sucharitha (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Chaithra Rao.B.R (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Uma S V (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Shubha Nivargi (Asst.Prof).


Human Physiology deals with the scientific study of functions of cells, organs, and systems responsible for the normal healthy working of the human body.

  • Dr.Sunitha.G (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Anitha O.R (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Uma Devi.B (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Kavyshree.H.M (Asst.Prof).


Medical Biochemistry deals with the structure and function of various molecular components of the cells and integrates with the functioning of the whole human body in medical health and disease.

  • Dr.Asha Kiran S (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Venkateshappa.C (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Reshma.D (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Harish R (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Dharuni.R (Asst.Prof).
  • Mrs. Anitha Misquith (Asst.Prof).


Human pathology forms the basis for understanding the disease processes and the structural and functional alterations that occur with them.

  • Dr. Vijaya.C (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr. Smita.S.Masamatti (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr. Vivek T G (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr. H.V.Shubha (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr. Ashwini N (Tutor).
  • Dr. Harveen S Bhusari (Tutor).


Pharmacology is a medical science that deals with the safe and effective use of medicines. Drugs are used for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseased states.

  • Dr.Hemavathi (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Sajitha Karunan (Professor).
  • Dr.Pooja Sarmah (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Sharvani.R (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Nagabhushan.S (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Bhoomika Saxena (Asst.Prof).
  • Mr.Purna Chandra Rao U (Tutor).
  • Dr. Abhilekha Bishwas (Tutor).


Pharmacology is a medical science that deals with the safe and effective use of medicines. Drugs are used for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseased states.

  • Dr.Padma.L (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Raghunandan.R (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Srividya.B.P (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr. Navy Teja (Tutor).
  • Dr. Piyali Hazra (Tutor).
  • Dr. Spoorthy (Tutor).


  • Dr.Shiva Kumar B C (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Udaya Shankar.B.S (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Sujatha P L (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Tyagaraju M R (Asst.Prof).


The Department of Community medicine focuses on teaching and training of medical students in recognizing and managing common health problems of the community and also the public health emergencies.

  • Dr.R.Maheswaran (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Renuka Venkatesh (Professor).
  • Dr.Shruthi.M Shetty (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Usha Rani.S.P (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Pruthvi.S (Asst.Prof).
  • Ms.Lavanya R (Statistician).
  • Dr.Shamilee Jayapal (LMO).
  • Dr. Nazeer Dhaheera Dheeshan (Tutor).


General internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.

  • Dr.Naseem Hussain (Professor).
  • Dr.Bhaskar Balasundra (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Karthik.N (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Ramesh H Kamath (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Madhusudan.C (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr. Chandrahas P T (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.John Paul.M (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Rekha G (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Rajdeepak.V.S (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Prashanth.B.V (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Sanjay M (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Vinay. J (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr. Vidyashree J (Asst.Prof).


Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents.

  • Dr.Somashekar.C (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Sarala Sabapathy (Professor).
  • Dr.Saravanan.P (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Nagaraj.M.V (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Keerthana.T.N (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Kavya.S (Asst.Prof).


Pulmonary medicine is a medical specialty that deals with diseases involving the respiratory tract.

  • Dr.Dharitri Dineshbhai Thakkar (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Kiran.N (Asst.Prof).


Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects.

  • Dr.Nagesh.T.S (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Savitha.A.S (Assoc.Prof).


Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders.

  • Dr.Sudhir Hebbar (Professor &HOD).
  • Dr.Sharanabasappa (Assoc.Prof).


General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal contents including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland.

  • Dr.Ramesh Mahadev Tambat (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Shiva Swamy (Professor).
  • Dr.Nikhil Kumar Das (Professor).
  • Dr.A.M.Sreedhara (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Nataraj Y Sannappanavar (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Sachin.S (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Mohammed Nahid (Asst. Professor).
  • Dr.Rajashekhar Rao P (Asst. Professor).
  • Dr. Venkatachalapathy (Asst. Professor).


Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics also spelled orthopedics, is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.

  • Dr.Shashikumar.Y (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Srinivasa Nagendra.G Professor).
  • Dr.Girish.H.R (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Mahesh.G (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Sreekanth K S (Asst.Prof).


Otorhinolaryngology is a surgical subspecialty within medicine that deals with the surgical and medical management of conditions in the head and neck.

  • Dr.K.G.Somashekara (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Naveen Kumar.A.G (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Ravikeerthi.G (Asst.Professor).
  • Dr.Papraja.S (Asst.Professor).
  • Dr.Sajitha K.B (Asst.Professor).


Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine and surgery which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.

  • Dr.Ashwini.K.V (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Anitha .J (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Krishna Nagaradh (Asst.Prof).


Obstetrics and Gynecology deal with the care of pregnant women, the unborn baby, labor and delivery and the immediate period following childbirth.

  • Dr.Padmashri R (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Sowmya K.P Assoc. Prof).
  • Dr.Bhojaraja.M.H Assoc. Prof).
  • Dr.Divya.T.K Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Amulya.B Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Sneha.S Asst.Prof).


Anesthesiology is the medical specialty concerned with the total perioperative care of patients before, during and after surgery. It encompasses anesthesia, intensive care medicine, critical emergency medicine, and pain medicine.

  • Dr.Prabha Partha Sarathi (Professor & HOD).
  • Dr.Ashwini.H (Professor).
  • Dr.Deepa T (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Renuka.R (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.Gangadharaih (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Deepa Chandran (Assoc.Prof).
  • Dr.S Shashidhar (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Arjun B K (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr. Shwetha G (Asst.Prof).


Radiodiagnosis is the branch of medical science that focuses on the use of radiation, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance for diagnostic, therapeutic, and research purposes in medicinal practice.

  • Dr.V.R.Shiva Prasad (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Vishswa Prem Raj. D.R (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Sujit Maheshwri (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Ameeth Amarnath Mudda (Asst.Prof).
  • Dr.Puneeth Kumar K N (Asst.Prof).

Admission Procedure

The total seats in the college will be filled by both on the basis of marks and through the NRI and management quota.

The admission procedure for Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center is as follows:

  • The candidate must fill in an admission form.
  • They should then submit it either by the postal system or directly in the college in person.
  • They must also have passed the NEET examination.
  • They should submit the marks card along with the form.
  • Selection will be based on merit.
  • The selected students may be called for the counseling session.
  • They must submit all the documents mentioned in the application form at the time of admission.
  • They must make sure that all the documents are original.
  • They must make sure that the detail provided should be correct.
  • The details and certificates will be cross-checked by the college.

Application Procedure

The application procedure for joining the Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center is as follows:

  • For getting admission to the college, visit the college personally or reach the college’s official website.
  • Download the application form from the website.
  • Read the course details and the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Fill in the complete details asked on the site.
  • This includes the marks you have to submit.
  • Attach the attested copies of the needed documents.
  • Send it through registered post or speed post to the college address.
  • Wait for further notification from the college through your phone or e-mail.
  • Visit the college personally during the admission procedure in the college.

Eligibility for Admission


The student should have passed  10th and 12th standard with a minimum mark of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. English is also a compulsory subject for eligibility in college.

Paramedical courses

The criteria are similar to that of the MBBS seat that the student shall have passed plus 2 [10+2] with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as principal subjects. The student should have studied English as one of the principal subjects.

Documents for Admission

The candidates are to possess and submit when asked the following documents:

  • 10th and 12th standard Certificates.
  • Passport size photos.
  • TC.
  • Conduct Certificate from the school.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate from a qualified doctor.
  • Migration Certificates.
  • Eligibility Certificate from RGUHS.

Try to get all the copies attested by a gazetted officer.

Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center Fee Structure


Private Quota Management Quota NRI Quota
INR 10,92,852/- INR 40,00,000/- INR 60,00,000/-

Other Course Fees

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy – NA.
  • BSc. Perfusion Technology – NA.
  • BSc. Anesthesia – NA.
  • BSc. Operation Theater Technology – NA.
  • BSc. Respiratory Care – NA.
  • BSc. Radiography – NA.
  • BSc. Optometry – NA.
  • BSc. Cardiac Care Technology – NA.
  • Bsc. Renal Dailysis – NA.
  • BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology – NA.

The hostel fee may change according to the facilities you choose in the hostel. The hostel fee may increase or decrease according to the additional services you select.

The charges for examination and hosel facilities are not included under the fee structure mentioned for each course. The examination fees will be different for each course and should be paid to the university based on the year and the course. The college will do the necessary arrangements so that students don’t have to strain themselves during exam time.

The college may charge extra amounts for transportation, books, material fee, etc for the additional services they provide. The charges for practical records etc are some of which the students have to buy from the college store additionally.

Strictly personal study materials won’t be provided by the college and for the same, charges may be included.

Scholarship Details

Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center allows the students to receive government scholarships. The scholarship for students in backward castes and disability will be received by the deserving students and the college will see to it.

The college itself helps to improve the education of poor students by providing them with various scholarship plans. This scholarship is provided strictly based on the marks of the student.

The students who win competitions in the university sports events also receive a scholarship from the college.

Ranking and Reputation

Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center is ranked among the top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka. The college has a reputation of winning many awards in the field of medicine and has a reputation for providing wonderful classes to the students. All the departments of the college are very famous for providing better facilities compared to other colleges in Bangalore.

The reputation of the college is evident by the ranking it has received among the medical colleges in Bangalore. The teaching staff of the college is also reputed, professors.

The students of the college are also reputed for performing well in the inter-college cultural events.


The students of Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center get placements as soon as they get graduated from the college.

Job opportunities are plenty both in foreign as well as India. Since the college is reputed, major hospitals in Karnataka also provide job opportunities to the students who have studied here.

The college itself provides job opportunities for their students. The graduates can join as doctors, hospital staff. The college provides a preference for its own students. The major hospitals in Bangalore which placement for the students are: Appolo Hospital, Shankara Eye Hospital, Narayana Hridayalaya Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Columbia Aisa Hospital, etc..

The graduates can also get a government job. Government vacancies for the paramedical courses often go unnoticed. The graduates have to appear for the PSC examination for this.

The paramedical jobs are in huge demand in the modern world of medicine with the introduction of new technologies and types of equipment. The paramedical staff receives handsome salaries in reputed hospitals.

The teaching field is opened to the graduates for taking, and they get promotions to higher posts based on their skill and experience.

Hostel Facility

Boys Hostel

  • No. of Rooms -400.
  • Maximum Capacity – 800.
  • Facilities – Mess, Free WiFi, GYM, Library, TV room, Laundry, Playing ground.
  • Hostel Fees – Rs.1,00,000/yr.

Girls Hostel

  • No. of Rooms – 350.
  • Maximum Capacity – 700.
  • Facilities – Mess, Free WiFi, GYM, Library, TV room, Laundry, Playing ground.
  • Hostel Fees –Rs.1,00,000/yr.


Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center is one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka. The accommodation, library, laboratories, infrastructure, study models, etc of the college comes under the best in Bangalore. The college gives more importance to practicals which becomes helpful when the students start working abroad.

The college is famous for its well-maintained hospital and very efficient teachers. The facilities the college provides are of modern standards. The lecturers of the colleges are famous in Karnataka for their teaching excellence. The college provides all the necessary types of equipment to the students for their highest performance.

The MBBS and the paramedical courses of the college are very famous in Bangalore. The college also provides job opportunities for their students. The students receive better knowledge by interacting with the patients in the huge hospital and the doctors working there.

The graduates from the college get placements in various famous hospitals across Bangalore. The college itself provides them with job opportunities.

The equipments and facilities used in the college are sophisticated and helps the students to stay updated with the changing trends in the medical field. Working with these types of equipment make the students expert in their field of study.

I have spoken to you about what I know about the Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center. I knew about these details through my friends who have visited the college several times.  It is their opinion I have shared in this post.

If you have any doubts regarding the Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Center or want to know more about the opinion of the students studying in the college, please mention it in the commenting section. If you have questions about admission to this college or if you are interested in joining this college, please contact on  9916927248.

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  2. Sir, firstly I would thank you for providing such a very good information.
    My question is can I do B.sc in Cardiac Care Technology without NEET exam?

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