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Welcome to the college’s section of CareerMudhra. Here I had tried my best to categorize colleges on the basis of course and location which will be helpful for you in to search for the best colleges in India.

There are more than 45,000 colleges in India and we are updating our database daily. We are working hard to give the best information about all the colleges in India and now we had just started listing the colleges.

Allied and Health Science Colleges

  1. BSc Perfusion Technology Colleges.
  2. BSc Cardiac Care Colleges.
  3. BSc Respiratory Therapy Colleges.
  4. BSc Renal Dialysis.
  5. BSc Operation Theatre Technology Colleges.
  6. BSc Anesthesia.
  7. BSc Optometry Colleges.
  8. BSc Medical Lab Technology Colleges.
  9. BSc Radio Therapy Colleges.
  10. BSc Imaging Technology Colleges.
  11. BSc Neuroscience/Neurology.
  12. BSc Critical Care Colleges.

Architecture Colleges

  1. B.Arch Colleges.
  2. M.Arch Colleges.

Arts Colleges

  1. BA in Political Science Colleges.
  2. BA Sociology Colleges.
  3. BA in Psychology Colleges.
  4. BA Economics, Sociology, Public Administration Colleges.
  5. BA Journalism, Economics Colleges.
  6. BA Psychology, Economics, Home Science Colleges.
  7. BA (Honours) Tourism Colleges.
  8. BA History, Economics Tourism Colleges.
  9. BA History, Economics, Journalism Colleges.
  10. BA History Economics, Kannada Colleges.
  11. BA History Economics, English.
  12. BPA Music and Dance Colleges.
  13. Master of Performing arts or MPA Colleges.
  14. BA Journalism, Communicative English, Psychology Colleges.
  15. MPA Classical Dance Bharatanatya Colleges.
  16. MPA Karnataka Classical Music Colleges.
  17. BA Music Colleges.
  18. BA Journalism, Psychology, Economics Colleges.
  19. MA in English Literature Colleges.
  20. BA Psychology, Sociology, Criminology Colleges.
  21. BA Psychology, Marketing, Economics Colleges.
  22. BA Criminology Colleges.
  23. MA in Advertising and Public Relations Colleges.
  24. MA in Political Science Colleges.
  25. MA in Public Policy Colleges.
  26. BA Communication studies colleges.
  27. BA Psychology, Physical Education, Tourism, or PYPT Colleges.
  28. BA Psychology, English Literature, Communication Studies, or PYEC Colleges.
  29. BA Psychology, English Literature, Economics Colleges.
  30. BA Visual Communication Colleges.
  31. MA Applied Sociology Colleges.
  32. MA in Applied Economics Colleges.
  33. MA Theology Colleges.
  34. MA Philosophy Colleges.
  35. MA Performing Arts Colleges.
  36. BA(Honours) Economics Colleges.
  37. BA (Honours) Psychology Colleges.
  38. BA(Honours) English Colleges.
  39. BA Philosophy Colleges.
  40. BA English Colleges.
  41. BA History Colleges.
  42. BA in Economics Colleges.
  43. MA in English Colleges.
  44. MA in Economics Colleges.

Ayurvedic Colleges

  1. BAMS Colleges.
  2. MD Ayurveda Colleges.

Commerce Colleges

  1. B.Com Colleges.
  2. B.Com ACCA Colleges.
  3. B.Com CIMA Colleges.
  4. B.Com Logistics Colleges.
  5. MFA Colleges.
  6. M.Com Colleges.

Computer Application College

  1. BCA Colleges.
  2. BCA Cloud Computing and Cyber Security Colleges.
  3. BCA Data Analytics Colleges.
  4. BCA UI-UX Colleges.
  5. MCA Colleges.

Dental College

  1. BDS Colleges.
  2. MDS Colleges.
  3. Dental PG Diploma Colleges.
  4. Dental Technician Colleges.
  5. Dental Hygienist Colleges.

Designing Colleges

  1. B.Design Colleges.
  2. M.Design Colleges.
  3. BVA Colleges.
  4. BSc Fashion Designing and Apparel Design Colleges.
  5. BSc Interior Design Colleges.
  6. BSc+MSc Integrated in Product Design Colleges.

Doctorate Colleges

  1. PhD Colleges.

Engineering Colleges

  1. B.Tech Colleges.
  2. M.Tech Colleges.
  3. B.Tech Lateral Entry Colleges.

Homeopathy College

  1. BHMS Colleges.

Hospital Administration Colleges

  1. Bachelor of Hospital Administration or BHA Colleges.
  2. Master of Hospital Administration or MHA Colleges.

Hospitality College

  1. Bachelor of Hotel Management or BHM Colleges.
  2. BBA Hospitality Colleges.
  3. MBA in Hospitality Management Colleges.
  4. BTTM Colleges.
  5. MTTM Colleges.

Law Colleges

  1. BA LLB Colleges.
  2. BBA LLB Colleges.
  3. B.Com LLB Colleges.
  4. LLM Colleges.

Management Colleges

  1. BBA Colleges.
  2. BBA Aviation Colleges.
  3. BBM Colleges.
  4. MBA Colleges.
  5. PGDM Colleges.
  6. MIB Colleges.

Medical Colleges

  1. MBBS Colleges.
  2. MD Colleges.
  3. MS Colleges.
  4. PG Medical Diploma Colleges.

Naturopathy College

  1. BNYS Colleges.

Nursing Colleges

  1. BSc Nursing Colleges.
  2. MSc Nursing Colleges.
  3. GNM Colleges.
  4. Post Basic BSc Nursing Colleges.

Pharmacy Colleges

  1. B.Pharm Colleges.
  2. M.Pharm Colleges.
  3. D.Pharm Colleges.
  4. Pharm D Colleges.

Physiotherapy Colleges

  1. BPT Colleges.
  2. MPT Colleges.

Public Health Colleges

  1. BPH Colleges.
  2. MPH Colleges.

Social Work Colleges

  1. BSW Colleges.
  2. MSW Colleges.

Vocational Colleges

  1. B.VOC in Banking and Finance Colleges.
  2. B.VOC in Medical Lab Technology Colleges.
  3. B.VOC in Food Processing and Nutraceuticals Colleges.
  4. B.VOC in Hospitality and Tourism Colleges.
  5. ‘B.VOC Analytics.
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8 thoughts on “Get the Complete Information About 36000+ Colleges in India”

  1. I want low fee medical colleges MBBS and BDS. Preference Tamilnadu, puduchery, kerala, karnataka. Home state tamilnadu. Expected cut off 284

    • Dear Debashikha
      The BDS admission depends upon the college you are opting for , NEET Score , budget for fees , State in which the private dental colleges are there.
      So, kindly reach out to us in order to get a detailed information regarding this.

  2. I had 56% in 12th class and I had not attended any neet exam but I want to go for doctor course plz suggest me any possible with out neet fo doctor course r


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