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Amrutha Ayurvedic College Chitradurga Courses, Fee, Admissions

Our team has efficient counsellors that work hard to gather accurate information regarding the ayurvedic colleges in the country. We guide students in all aspects that are associated with the college admission process such as fee payment, hostel admission, and applying for college. So, if you are inclined to avail of our services contact our elite team who would help you in this journey and help you reach your career goals. Now, in this blog article let us know more about the Amrutha Ayurvedic College Chitradurga.

Amrutha Ayurvedic College Overview

Name Amrutha Ayurvedic Medical College And Hospital
Address Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Behind Onake Obavva Stadium, Chitradurga – 577 501, Karnataka.
Website (amruthaayurcta.org)
Establishment Year 1996
Principal Dr Prashanth
State Karnataka
City Chitradurga
College Type Private
Affiliation Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Approved By Ministry of Ayush
Study Mode Regular/Full-Time
Hostel Separate hostel for boys and girls

Ayurveda is a traditional medical method from the Indian subcontinent that primarily uses plant-based drugs, oils and formulations to cure illnesses. Scriptures mention that Lord Brahma gave Ayurveda to Lord Dhanvantari, the god of Ayurveda. Scriptures like the Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita mention most surgical techniques, medicinal formulas, and procedures. These are the famous scriptures which are even been translated into many foreign languages.

Established in the year 1996, Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga offers quality education and health services to the masses. The college strives to impart the best values and knowledge to the students.

Key Highlights

  • The campus has all amenities that help students to perform well in academics and stay comfortably on campus.
  • The college boasts its excellent teaching faculty who mentor students to acquire deep knowledge in the field of Ayurveda. 
  • Academically influential figures visit the college for counselling sessions.
  • The college offers overall development to the students on campus.

Why Choose Amrutha Ayurvedic College?

  • Accessible Location

The college is at an accessible location from the K.S.R.T.C bus stand and railway station. This helps visitors and students to commute easily to the college. 

  • Clinical and Rural Services

The college faculty and students set up health camps in and around Chitradurga. This activity serves students to gain some clinical experience.

  • Extracurricular Activities

Many cultural and sports events take place on campus. Students take part in these events with joy and contribute to the success of these events.

Amrutha College Admissions

Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga is one of the esteemed ayurvedic colleges in Karnataka that offers only undergraduate courses in Ayurveda. B.A.M.S. is pursued by passionate students who are inclined to make a career in Ayurvedic medicine. To get enrolled on the course the students have to qualify for the NEET examination with a merit score. Given below are the detailed eligibility criteria, documents required and Admission procedure. 

Courses Offered Duration
B.A.M.S 4.5 years of classroom programme along with a 1-year internship.

Eligibility Criteria for BAMS 

  • Candidate must have completed 17 years of age
  • Candidates must have passed the 10+2 exam or any other equivalent exam to RGUHS, Bangalore with a minimum of 50% marks in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English.
  • Candidates with a B.Sc degree from any University with subjects such as Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry with a 50% pass percentage, on the pretext that the candidate has cleared the PUC/HSC exam.

Documents Required

  • SSC mark sheet.
  • HSC or B.Sc mark sheet.
  • Transfer certificate of Previous Institution.
  • Migration Certificate for non-domicile candidates.
  • Character certificate.
  • Fitness Certificate.
  • SC or ST Certificate if applicable. 
  • Certificate Group A . B.C.D.E if applicable.
  • 6 recent passport and stamp size photos.
  • RGUHS, Bangalore Eligibility certificate.
  • NEET Scorecard.
  • Aadhar of mother, father, and candidate.

Admission Procedure

  • The candidate should submit a filled application form along with concerned mark sheets to the principal Sri Raghavendra Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital, Malladihalli before the last day of application submission.
  • The fees once paid will not be refunded.

Amrutha Ayurvedic College Courses

Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and is allowed to offer 60 B.A.M.S. seats for NEET qualified candidates. 

Courses offered by Amrutha Ayurvedic College:

Course Uptake
B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) 60

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.)

The B.A.M.S.course is the only government-recognised ayurvedic course in India that imparts Ayurvedic education to eligible candidates. Once the candidates complete the five and half year course they are regarded as Ayurveda acharyas. During the course, the students learn about various ayurvedic principles, techniques and medical formulations in-depth from experienced faculty at the campus.

Course Period Duration
1st Year 12 months
2nd Year 12 months
3rd Year 12 months
4th Year 18 months
5th Year/Internship 12 months

BAMS Fee Structure

Programme Annual Fee (Govt. Quota) Annual Fee (Priv. Quota)
BAMS Rs. 60,500 Rs. 2,00,500

The fee structure of the B.A.M.S.course at Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga is feasible when compared to the high fees required by the courses such as the B.D.S. and the M.B.B.S. Many parents find it affordable and can be paid throughout the course.

Yet, certain groups in society choose not to enrol in their preferred course because they cannot afford such high-end courses. It is very disheartening to let go of your dream college, so we advise you to avail financial options such as loans and scholarships. 

Loans and Scholarships

Both central and state governments offer scholarships to deserving candidates who face financial hardship. Applying to these scholarships helps underprivileged students to enrol in the course of their choice without having to think about money. Low-interest education loans are also offered to students by some banks which can be cleared after the student is employed.

Get in contact with our expert professionals if you want to learn more about educational loans and scholarships. They can provide you with thorough information on the various financial options available to students.

Placements & Career Avenues

The career after pursuing a bachelor’s degree is bright as there are numerous job opportunities available for B.A.M.S. graduates. The revival of the traditional system of medicine in the country has opened numerous opportunities in the lifestyle industry, health industry, and pharmaceutical industry. The multinational companies in the lifestyle sector recruit B.A.M.S. individuals and pay them high remuneration.

With an increase in lifestyle disorders, cancers and other diseases, people are turning towards Ayurveda to prevent and cure such diseases. Yoga is gaining significance across the world which reflects the increase in the number of yoga instructors. This makes it a better time to get a B.A.M.S. course from Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga and pursue the following career paths.

Internship of B.A.M.S.

The final year of the five-and-a-half-year B.A.M.S.course includes a compulsory internship. The B.A.M.S applicant receives hands-on training in an Ayurveda clinic or hospital during the internship term, paying special attention to the patient’s health conditions, treatment regimens, and medication recommendations. This B.A.M.S.internship program makes the students prepared for future patient handling, medical treatment and surgical procedures.

Higher Studies

  • Master’s Degree in Ayurveda

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda, one may pursue a master’s degree in Ayurveda. A master’s degree enables candidates to avail better career opportunities and remuneration because they will be specialised in a specific Ayurvedic field that adds to their resume. So, one can join a master’s degree in an esteemed college after qualifying for the related exam.

  • Master’s Degree in Other disciplines

Aside from an MD in Ayurveda, one can opt for different fields such as a master’s degree in public health and health administration after pursuing a B.A.M.S. course.

An MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management is the most lucrative degree for those who are aiming to earn more and settle in higher job positions. The lifestyle industries appoint MBA graduates as managers after the completion of the course.


Research is the best choice for those who want to contribute to the field of Ayurveda. Many research scholars in Ayurveda are working toward new inventions. The scholars are paid a monthly stipend and guided by a professor. Their inventions are published in reputed journals.

Job Opportunities

  • Physician

To treat patients’ illnesses using Ayurveda medications and procedures, both public and commercial hospitals hire ayurvedic doctors for their ayurvedic departments. Being an Ayurveda physician earns you amazing money and respect. This also gives job satisfaction to many graduates.

  • Pharmacist

If one has in-depth knowledge about Ayurveda medications and their usage, one can work as a pharmacist at an Ayurvedic drug store or set up a drug store after meeting the required legal compliances.

  • Lectureship

Many Ayurveda colleges around the country hire B.A.M.S. graduates to teach undergraduate students. This is the most respectable job role and it ensures a healthy work-life balance. Many who aspire to become mentors choose this career option.

  • Clinical Services

One can open an Ayurvedic clinic if there are enough clients in the locality. This is a form of self-employment and the remuneration depends on the popularity of the clinic.

  • Lifestyle Sector

As more people turn to health coaches to improve their lifestyles and treat illnesses, social media and eCommerce platforms have helped the lifestyle industry by bringing more clients across borders. Online yoga classes, lifestyle lessons, and online treatment have gained significance thanks to the internet. By putting their Ayurvedic knowledge to use, Ayurveda acharyas can help these clients solve their health problems and improve the nation’s general health by working as lifestyle coaches.

Traditional Jobs 

  • Ayurvedic Ashrams

Ayurvedic ashrams have existed since the dawn of time. These centres are healing places for many. Ayurveda acharyas serve the patients in these centres by providing them medicines, a sattvic diet, body massages, and various ayurvedic therapies.

  • Ayurvedic Spas:

Professionals perform body massages using ayurvedic oils in Ayurveda spas to heal muscular issues and ease the pain. A reputable Ayurvedic spa may hire Ayurveda acharyas to offer traditional massage services.

Top recruiters

  • Dabur India Limited.
  • Patanjali Ayurvedic Limited.
  • Himalaya Wellness.
  • Vicco labs.
  • Surya Herbal Limited, etc. 

Rankings and Achievements

Parents and students are advised to carefully consider the rankings and accomplishments of the college to get a better idea of its overall performance. College rankings help students to get a clear picture of the college’s role in giving valuable education and imparting skills. No student wants to join a college with no accreditation or rankings as it might deter their career and job opportunities.

  • The college is one of the best B.A.M.S. college in Chitradurga.
  • The college’s affiliation with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences shows its academic brilliance.
  • The college is approved by the Ministry of Ayush reflecting the high education standards and advanced infrastructure of the college.

We strive hard to give you the most accurate and relatable information regarding various ayurvedic colleges in the country so that you could choose the best among them for admission. So, if you want to know more about the college and its ranking contact our efficient team which guides you in this journey and helps you to end up in the best ayurvedic college at the earliest.

Facilities Offered

Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga offers all the facilities to students for overall development. Let us know about the facilities that the college provides in detail.

Academic Facilities

  • Smart Classrooms

The classrooms at the college are wide with good ventilation. They are equipped with all the infrastructure needed for a comfortable lecture. Projectors, screens and audio devices help the faculty to deliver classes more conveniently. The theoretical sessions based on the curriculum are held by the lecturers in the classroom. Faculty also holds a doubt-solving session regularly which improves students’ knowledge and helps in one-on-one interaction.

  • Library

The library at the institution has 5000 books related to Indian medicine. It is a big hall with reading sections for students and staff. The students are required to maintain silence in the library and return the borrowed books in good condition. The students are found to spend their leisure time at the library reading books on Ayurveda and other medical fields.

  • Herbal Garden

The herbal garden in the college is unique as it has rare medicinal plants. The rich plant diversity in the herbal garden is appreciated by the students. The students regularly visit the garden to learn the identification of medicinal plants and learn their medicinal properties. They also take some leaves from the garden to make medicinal formulations for practical sessions.

  • Dissection Hall

The college has a dissection hall that helps students in various practical classes which are supervised by the faculty. Students gain hands-on experience performing dissections.

  • Museum

The college has a large museum which is equipped with specimens from Rasashastra, Vyavahara Ayurveda, Dravyaguna, Physiology, Anatomy, and Agadatantra. Students regularly visit the museum to see the specimens and make notes of various observations they made during their visit.

  • Laboratories

The college has a laboratory where most of the practicals are carried out. The lab has a basic infrastructure that allows students to be well trained in handling the equipment and performing various experiments.

  • Computer Facility

The college provides a separate computer department for the students. This enables students to acquire basic computer knowledge. Students are monitored while working on computers by the instructor.

  • Auditorium

The Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga has an auditorium which is the place where most of the seminars, cultural events and conferences take place. It is huge and can accommodate students and staff.

Other Facilities

  • Hostel

The college provides separate hostel facilities for boys and girls students. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate up to six people. They are well-ventilated. The hostel area is hygienic and cleanliness standards are maintained by the hostel staff. Bathrooms are regularly cleaned and provided with enough water supply. The hostel has a 24/7 electricity supply and drinking water facility. 

  • Canteen

The hostel students are provided with food thrice a day in the canteen. The food is nutritious, delicious and well-balanced. Students do not complain about the hygienic conditions as the mess staff take all necessary cleanliness precautions while cooking the food. The students served without limit.

  • Sports

The students actively take part in sports activities. They perform in tournaments and win medals. Many University and student-level competitions are won by students.

  • Transport facilities

The college maintains a fleet of buses to offer transportation facilities to students and staff. The buses are in good condition and licensed drivers are hired for the job. This ensures the safety and security of students while travelling. 

  • Temple

The college premises has a temple which sees regular student visitors. The students offer prayers and sit in meditation enjoying the serene and calm environment near the temple. This helps students to be spiritually grounded.

College Contact Details

Address: Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Behind Onake Obavva Stadium, Chitradurga – 577 501, Karnataka.

The career choice after 12th standard is a very important decision to make for the students as it lays the foundation for a bright future. Parents are also anxious when it comes to the course offered based on the NEET rank, suitable colleges providing the desired course, location, fee structure, admission process, hostel facility, placement opportunities, safety and security, extracurricular activities, and faculty.

Choosing the best college based on all these parameters will help students excel in their undergraduate courses and find prestigious jobs. As there is a high demand for reputed ayurvedic colleges, students should complete the admission process before the last date of admission to avoid any last-minute rush.

We understand your ordeal when it comes to the lengthy process of joining an undergraduate course. Our team offers information on all the prestigious colleges in the country and helps you in your admission process. As we provide first-hand information in no time and clear all doubts you could join your desired college without any delay. So, contact us for an easy admission process and we help you to get into one of the best colleges in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the B.A.M.S course?

The B.A.M.S course is a 5 ½ years course which includes a 1-year internship. Students have to complete this internship in an ayurvedic clinic.

2. What is the intake of the B.A.M.S. course at AA College, Chitradurga?

There are a total of 60 B.A.M.S. seats at AA college, Chitradurga.

3. Does the college organise cultural events?

The students actively participate in dance and cultural events organised by the college administration.

4. Does the college provide laboratory facilities?

Laboratory facilities are provided by the college to ensure that practical knowledge is imparted to the students.

5. Is there a herbal garden on the campus?

The college has a herbal garden with several medicinal herbs and shrubs. Students learn the medicinal properties and characteristics of these plants to treat patients.

6. Does the college provide transport facilities?

The college offers bus facilities for students and staff helping them in their daily commute.

7. Does the college have a separate hostel facility?

Amrutha Ayurvedic college, Chitradurga provides separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls.

8. Does the college offer an MD course in Ayurveda?

Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga does not offer post-graduation courses in Ayurveda.

If you are still intrigued to know more about another Ayurveda colleges, you can checkout the link below to go through my detailed post on:

A Small Ask:

We are trying to provide the best information here, but we love to hear the real-life experiences of the students who study or studied at Amrutha Ayurvedic College, Chitradurga. If you are an alumnus of the college drop a comment on your experience at the college so that our readers have an opportunity to read some genuine reviews.

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