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DJ Ayurvedic College Modinagar Admissions, Fees, Reviews

Dear All, I’d like to thank you for visiting my blogs about various medical and ayurvedic schools. Knowing that you love my posts and are disseminating them within your network of family and friends makes me very happy. I empathise that you need to choose the path and institution that will work best for you at this point. Every stage of the admissions process will be made easier by our team of qualified counselling specialists. Let me now elaborate a little bit on DJ Ayurvedic Medical College Modinagar.

DJ Ayurvedic College Modinagar Overview

Name DJ Ayurvedic College
Address Niwari Road, Modinagar, Ghaziabad
Website djayurvedacollege.org
Establishment Year 1997
Principal Dr Rajesh Sharma
State Uttar Pradesh
City Ghaziabad
College Type Private
Affiliated To Chaudhary Charan Singh University 
Approved By Ministry of AYUSH and Central Council of Indian Medicine
Study Mode Regular/Full-Time
Hostel Separate hostel for boys and girls


Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine that originated in the great Indian sub-continent. It is developed by the saints of India to treat various diseases. The principles, ingredients and procedures are then preserved in the form of manuscripts for future generations.

The Sanskrit word Ayus refers to life while the word Veda refers to science. The words Ayus and Veda are combined to form the Sanskrit term, Ayurveda. Thus, Ayurveda is defined as the science of life or the knowledge of life. Charaka, an early Ayurvedic scholar, claimed that Ayus includes all four elements of being: mind, body, senses, and soul.

Ayurveda has been practised since time immemorial in India as well as Nepal and is gaining substantial importance because of its natural preventive, curative and healing properties. As this alternative stream of medicine is now applied by physicians to treat patients, there is a rising need for more ayurvedic professionals in recent times.

In the wake of these changes Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College, Modinagar was established to consolidate medical education, clinical care, and medical research related to Ayurveda through active participation and unparalleled efforts by all its stakeholders.

Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic College is permitted by the Ministry of AYUSH and the Central Council of Indian Medicine. The college strives to produce young Ayurvedacharyas with deep knowledge and great skills to treat patients with empathy, compassion and determination. The students are motivated to improve their research skills and knowledge base.

The management ensures to create a peaceful environment on campus for the students to acquire skills and mastery to face complex medical situations. The study at this college keeps the enthusiasm and spirits of the students high and helps in aligning their lives to the goal of service to humanity.

Vision: Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital aims to become the region’s top medical school, setting benchmarks for excellence, integrity, patient-centricity, knowledge-centricity, and compassion in teaching, research, and patient care. 

The institute will strive to provide the local community and beyond with an unrivalled source of healing, health, and life. The chairman A. S. Jassar and principal  Dr Rajesh Sharma strive to achieve this vision of DJ Ayurvedic College, Modinagar.

Mission: “The goal of Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital is to motivate people to strive for greatness as leaders in medicine, researchers, and proponents of ground-breaking ayurvedic therapy, all while improving the general public’s health and wellbeing.“

Why Choose DJ Ayurvedic College Modinagar?

Divya Jyothi Ayurvedic College, Modinagar offers excellent chances for young lads to develop into talented adults with moral and ethical principles. To know the full extent of why you should choose DJ Ayurvedic College, Modinagar, here are some of the merits that the institute prides itself on:

  • Meritorious Faculty:

The faculty at Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College, Modinagar is efficient and knowledgeable, always rendering educational services to students to carve their path into that of service and empathy. 

The one-to-one interaction with students helps them to keep their enthusiasm for learning. The faculty ignite the curiosity of students by conducting various experiments, organising seminars and encouraging them to interact with dignitaries invited to the campus.

They make sure the students just not read the ayurvedic books but implement its principles by having a balanced diet, practising yoga and taking an active part in sports and other extracurricular activities.

  • Services and Facilities:

The institute provides all facilities like hostel facilities, transport facilities, air-conditioned seminar halls with projectors and a podium, classrooms with comfortable desks and chairs, a big playground and many more. 

The library offers students to explore standard books, ancient scriptures and journals of national and international standards. The mess at the campus is fully functional providing a healthy and balanced diet to students for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The campus itself spread across many acres with greenery all around making students breathe fresh air.

  • Status of recognition:

The Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College Modinagar is affiliated with Chaudhary Charan Singh University (formerly, Meerut University). Dr Rekha Sharma, Dr Beena Rani, Dr Alka Sharma, Dr Ajay Sharma, Dr Sharad Swamy, Dr Pravesh Veer Singh, Dr Mukul Kumar Sharma, and Dr Naresh Joshi form the college council which decides on major issues at the campus.

DJ Ayurvedic College Modinagar Admissions

BAMS Admissions

Courses Offered Duration
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S) 4.5 years of classroom program along with a 1-year internship.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The minimum age limit to enrol on the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery program is 17 years.
  • One needs to have an intermediate certificate with minimum marks in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Sanskrit.
  • The candidate must pass the intermediate from a recognized board.
  • The candidate should secure an eligible rank in the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (N.E.E.T) to secure a seat at Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic College Modinagar.

Admission Procedure

However, there is a dearth of information regarding the admission process to get into the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery at Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College Modinagar on their official site.  But don’t get disappointed as we are here to help you with this. For more details about the admission procedure and documents required for the course of B.A.M.S at DJ Ayurvedic college, contact our well-informed team that will help you clarify your doubts.

DJ Ayurvedic College Courses

Since ancient times, the use of Ayurveda as a medical technique has been popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is the prime medical science that is used by royals and laymen to treat various diseases in the country. However, it lost its significance with the emergence of new medical fields like allopathy. The British Indian Government ignored it while India was a colony. 

With India’s freedom, the Indian medical system began to flourish once more. Ayurvedic education and research are being promoted by the Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy, also known as AYUSH. And in recent times there is tremendous growth in the number of people opting for Ayurveda to cure diseases. This shows its significance in preventing and curing diseases.

Affiliated with Chaudhary Charan Singh University formerly known as Meerut University, Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College Modinagar provides excellent facilities to students to become great Ayurvedacharya with good ethical values. The students are trained to provide quality healthcare to the public and put this ancient wisdom to good use by serving people at large. DJ Ayurvedic College offers the following courses which are well designed to make the students exceptional Ayurvedacharyas:

Course Offered Intake/Number of Seats
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) 100


Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.):

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is a graduate program one needs to choose if looking to graduate in the field of Ayurveda, a traditional field of medicine. 

  • The program lasts for five and a half years, which also includes a one-year internship. After successful completion of 5.5 years, the student will be given a title called Ayurvedacharya and is eligible to set up an ayurvedic practice. 
  • The coursework combines subjects from both contemporary medicine and traditional Ayurveda thus, helping the students of B.A.M.S. to understand the difference between various fields of medicine. 
  • During earlier times, a graduate with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree was permitted to start practicing immediately. However, the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), the authority that oversees Ayurveda education and research, applies strict standards and any authentic institute of Ayurvedic sciences has to adhere to these standards while implementing the course at their campus.

DJ Ayurvedic College Fee Structure

The fee structure for the course Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) at DJ Ayurvedic College is currently not available on the official website. But, don’t be panicked as we are here to provide you with more information if you want to know more about the fee structure of the program offered at Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College Fee Structure.

DJ Ayurvedic College Placement

In today’s world where traditional medicine is gaining significance for its preventive, curative and healing prospects, B.A.M.S. graduates have far greater opportunities in comparison to previous generations. Here are a few future options for a B.A.M.S. graduate:

  • Research

An Ayurvedacharya, as he /she will be known after completing B.A.M.S. can enroll himself/herself into ayurvedic research.

  • Hospital and Healthcare Administration

They can be employed in an ayurvedic department at hospitals and healthcare administrations.

  • General Practice:

They can set up general practice and prescribe ayurvedic remedies to patients.

  • Teaching:

Can be employed as Lecturers at Ayurvedic Colleges.

  • Health Supervisor: 

According to a ruling by the High Court, a BAMS physician may hold the position of Health Supervisor. So, this is one of the best options available for Ayurvedacharya.

   DJ Ayurvedic College Rankings

We are committed to giving our readers accurate information for applicants to medical schools and colleges. College rankings before admissions are one of the criteria that the majority of students look for to make an informed choice before joining any institute. So, if you need any information regarding the college’s national rankings, you can either contact their administration or us to receive first-hand information since DJ Ayurvedic College’s website does not provide information about its rankings.

DJ Ayurvedic College Reviews

Here are some of the Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College Reviews:

  • Hostel facilities

There is a provision of separate hostels for both boys and girls with separate dining rooms, study rooms and recreation rooms. The rooms are maintained clean and tidy. The security arrangements at the hostel are provided 24/7.

  • Dining Facilities

Health, Hygiene, and sumptuousness are the motto of DJ Ayurvedic College. The college provides an in-house dietician to plan balanced and nutritious meals. The ultra-modern mechanised kitchen in this college helps in making all kinds of cuisines like  Indian, Continental or Chinese, with much ease. RO-filtered drinking water facility is provided to ensure good health and eliminate water-borne diseases. 

The staff ensure certain hygiene standards by wearing suitable attire. They are well trained to handle the food and maintain hygiene standards. The dining area is maintained clean and neat. The Manager of the Mess regularly double-checks the hygiene of the serving pieces. For random food testing, senior Institute staff members pay a surprise visit to the mess.

  • Sports

Sports ensure an all-around development for an individual. With this belief, DJ Ayurvedic College Modinagar made arrangements for all kinds of sports activities to promote the spirit of games in the students and ensure their complete development.

Students at DJ Ayurvedic College Modinagar play basketball, football, volleyball, cricket, badminton, table tennis etc., in the vast playground and indoor areas available at the college. Playing various sports helps in maintaining the physical fitness of students

  • Medical facilities

DJ Ayurvedic College management ensures the health of its students and employees by offering free physical check-ups at the Divya Jyoti Hospital. In addition to free checkups, the hospital provides all of its employees and students with diagnostic services, treatments, and medication at extremely low costs. 

Each person receives a medical card that enables them to take the advantage of the medical services offered by the institute. All members of the faculty and students have constant access to medical services while they reside at the institute.

  • Seminar Halls

Honoured guests from the field of Medicine and Ayurveda are invited to give seminars at DJ Ayurvedic College. These seminars are conducted in the spacious seminar hall at the campus. The guests have to present a talk to the students about their work, the problems they have overcome, the challenges they face, and so forth. 

In addition to giving students new information on how other areas operate, these conferences and talks also provide them with the chance to ask the renowned speakers questions and interact with them, helping the students make connections with the dignitaries in the field of Ayurveda.

  • Library services:

The library at Divya Jyoti Ayurvedic College Modinagar is stacked with books on Ayurveda, Medicine among others. The library is sizable and can accommodate enough students at a given point in time. There are desks and Wi-Fi facilities.

  • Classrooms:

The classrooms are provided with desks and chairs with proper ventilation and equipped well for the lecturers to conduct classes.

  • Wi-Fi Facilities:

The DJ Ayurvedic College is provided with round-the-clock Wi-Fi facilities for staff and students to help them to access all educational services and resources.

  • ATM:

There is a facility of ATM and Bank at the campus of Dj Ayurvedic College Modinagar. The ATM facility is of the Bank Of Baroda. It caters to the money needs of students, staff and the general public. 

  • Transport Facilities:

To serve both students and employees, the College operates its fleet of buses that travel on various routes within NCR and its surrounding areas. Hostellers can also use buses to travel into the city.

DJ Ayurvedic College Admissions

Address: Ajit Mahal, Modinagar – Niwari Rd, opposite DJ Dental College, Uttar Pradesh 201204.

  • Phone: 093685 64763.
  • Email: djayurmedical@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) course?

The total course is five and half years which includes a 1-year internship program.

2. How many seats are available for the B.A.M.S. program at DJ Ayurvedic College?

100 seats are available for the B.A.M.S. program at DJ Ayurvedic College

3. Is there a postgraduate course at DJ Ayurvedic College?

No, DJ Ayurvedic college doesn't offer a postgraduate course.

4. Who is the principal of DJ Ayurvedic college, Modinagar?

Dr Rajesh Sharma is the principal of DJ Ayurvedic college, Modinagar.

5. Is there a Hostel Facility at DJ Ayurvedic college, Modinagar?

Yes, there are separate hostel facilities for both girls and boys.

6. How is the campus life at DJ Ayurvedic college, Modinagar?

The campus life at DJ Ayurvedic college, Modinagar includes extracurricular activities like games, and yoga among others.

7. Is a Wi-Fi facility available on the campus?

Yes, there is a WiFi facility available on the campus round-the-clock.

8. How is the library at DJ Ayurvedic college, Modinagar?

The library has books related to traditional as well as modern medicine available for both staff and students.

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One Small Request:

we’d love your review posted in the comment section below. Please do share your view and experiences if you are an alumnus or a student pursuing degree in BAMS from Dj Ayurvedic College Modinagar. This effort of yours can significantly assist the budding Ayurveda aspirants in their education and future careers.

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