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Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal Admissions, Courses, Rankings

Hi! We hope that you are doing great, if you are looking forward to entering the world of Ayurveda after high school then it’s natural for you to wonder how you will undergo the selection process and get enrolled in the college of your choice. We are here to solve all your queries regarding your future college. Today we are presenting to you all the information about Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal. Reading this article till the end will surely give you an insight into whether this college is most suitable for you or not.

Muniyal Ayurveda College Overview

Name Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences
Address 34-C, Shivally Industrial Area, Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka 576104
Website https://muniyalayurvedacollege.com/ 
Establishment Year 1998
Principal Dr Sathyanarayana. B
State Karnataka
District Udupi
College Type Private
Affiliated to RGUHS, Bangalore
Recognised by Central Council of Indian Medicine, Ministry of AYUSH and Govt. of India.
Study Mode Regular/ Full-time
Programme Offered
  • B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery).
  • M.D. Ayurveda. 
  • PhD Ayurveda.
Hostel Boys and Girls

With the motto of imparting high-quality Ayurveda Education to everyone, the institution was established in 1998. 


  • Teaching students to utilise cutting-edge scientific techniques. 
  • Involvement in Ayurvedic research is also encouraged among the students in the institute.
  • A 160-bed Super Specialty Ayurvedic Hospital, a sizable herbal garden, and intense on-the-job training at the Medicine Manufacturing Unit are all available in the institute.
  • Students undergo rigorous on-the-job training in the medicine manufacturing unit, as well as extensive practical instruction in the nearby 175-bed speciality ayurvedic hospital and the enormous herbal gardens.


Being a global centre of excellence for Ayurvedic medical treatment, research, and instruction.


  • Providing pupils with a high-quality Ayurvedic education while preparing them for problems with world health.
  • Reviving the Indian knowledge from the past.
  • To reach every nook and corner of society to reduce human suffering via Ayurveda.

Why Choose Muniyal Ayurveda College?

You must be wondering what is so special about this institute. Why should you choose to pursue your education from here? These are some characteristics that make the institute stand out:

  • Welcoming environment

Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal offers a serene environment for instruction and learning together with a therapeutic aura that unites medicine with nature, all within a lovely and welcoming setting. There are dissection rooms, pathology and physiology labs, conference rooms, lecture halls, and a computerised library in the college building. 

  • Exposure to different Scenarios

For the benefit of the needy, the institution frequently arranges Free Medical Camps in outlying areas. The students are exposed to a wide range of scenarios and as a result, they develop a service attitude. The College prepares the students to take advantage of all the opportunities for paramedical and medical education that exist there.

  • Advanced Learning

Ayurveda students receive advanced, current education resources by learning via computers, multimedia, and the Internet. Students are taught how to make several types of ancient Ayurvedic medicines. Students’ development in college is not restricted to academic learning but also extends beyond academics.

  • Future Opportunities

B.A.M.S. degree students from Muniyal Ayurveda College Udupi can register with either the Central or State Ayurveda Boards. Their standing is on par with that of any other Indian medical graduate. The graduates are qualified for positions in the Ayurvedic and Public Health departments of the Central or State governments.

Admission Procedures

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)

  • Duration: 5 years 6 months.
  • Intake: 100.

Selection Process: Candidates are chosen based on their merit, or the proportion of points they received in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology sections of their 10+2 (PUC/HSC/equivalent) examination.

Eligibility for BAMS

  • Students who have passed the second year of the Karnataka P.U. Board Pre-University examination or any other similar exam recognised by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences are eligible for admission to the B.A.M.S. degree programme.  
  • The applicants should have passed the PCB optional exams in the second year of PUC with a minimum overall score of 50%.
  • The applicant must have achieved a high rank in the national entrance test (NEET).
  • There will be a 5-mark relaxation for SC/ST applicants in the PCB optional.
  • As of December 31, the year of admission, applicants must be at least 17 years old.

Documents Needed for BAMS Admissions 

  • NEET result.
  • 10th Class Mark sheet.
  • 10+2 or equivalent exam Marksheet.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Passport size photos.
  • Residential proof certificate.

M.D. (Ayurveda) 

  • Duration: 3 years.
  • Total Intake: 29.

M.D. Specialties & Intake

Specializations Capacity
Dravyaguna  05
Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana  09
Kayachikitsa 05
Panchakarma 05
Shalya Tantra 05
Total 29

Selection Process: Candidates are chosen based on merit, which is the percentage of marks received in the B.A.M.S. test.

Eligibility for MD (Ayurveda)

Applicants must have completed the B.A.M.S. programme at a school that has been approved by the Central Council of Indian Medicine in New Delhi.

Documents Needed for MD Admissions

  • B.A.M.S. degree certificate.
  • B.A.M.S. Marksheets (all years).
  • Internship completion certification.
  • Registration certificate from state Ayurveda Practitioner Registration Board.
  • Birth proof.

PhD Ayurveda

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru has granted permission to the institution to start offering PhD programmes in the following fields beginning in the 2019–20 academic year:

  • Kayachikitsa.
  • Shalya Tantra.
  • Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana.

Eligibility for PhD (Ayurveda) 

Candidates holding an Ayurveda Dhanvanthari (MS (Ayu)) or Ayurveda Vachaspathi (M.D (Ayu)) in Ayurveda from RGUHS, or an equivalent P.G. degree from another college or university that has been approved by CCIM or RGUHS, are eligible to enrol in a PhD programme in the relevant areas of Ayurveda.

Documents Needed for PhD

  • B.A.M.S. degree certificate.
  • B.A.M.S. Marksheets (all years).
  • M.D Ayurveda degree certificate.
  • M.D Marksheets (all years).
  • Internship certificate.
  • Research proposal.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport Sized pictures. 

Courses Offered 

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)

About  Aim Skills gained
The BAMS programme lasts for 5.5 years. Over its five years and six months, the BAMS Course subjects are organised into four professional groups. 

The BAMS courses cover topics such as human anatomy and physiology, pathology and diagnostic techniques, principles of medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, forensic medicine, E.N.T., and more. 

It also covers Dravyaguna Vigyan, Padartha Vigyan and Ayurved Itihas, and Maulik Siddhant Avum Ashtang Hridaya.

The aim is to give candidates thorough teaching in all aspects of Ayurveda.

To familiarise the learner with the fundamental Ayurvedic concepts and methods for comprehending the body, its processes, maintenance, and welfare.

To enable the learner to recognise the significance of Ayurvedic principles concerning societal health problems.

Ability to identify and treat acute and chronic illnesses based on clinical examination and appropriately identified and carried out investigations

Capability of quickly assessing the patient and using available clinical and research information to identify the whole range of illnesses and carry out effective Ayurvedic therapy for all illnesses.

knowledge about various diseases and management principles of these diseases in light of modern medical procedures.

An ability to assess critically relevant scientific material and use it to affect Ayurvedic treatment.

M.D. (Ayurveda) 

About  Aim Skill gained
A postgraduate study in Ayurveda is known as M.D. Ayurveda, or Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda. 

The three-year programme offers a wide range of professional opportunities to its graduates when it is finished.

The programme aims to train students in the finer points of the specialities they have chosen. With the aid of venerable ayurvedic medical expertise, you will gain the ability to treat various illnesses and in-depth knowledge of your speciality. 

You will gain entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills.

Muniyal Ayurvedic College Departments

Departments Outline
Agadtantra and Vyavahara Ayurveda
  • The Department offers undergraduate instruction and training in the Ayurvedic classical references of Visha (poison), its thorough description, classifications, and examinations, diseases caused by it, principles of management, and preventive measures of the poisons, as well as legal aspects of medical, practise medical aspects of Law and forensic medicine.
  • Additionally, the study of legislation relevant to the practice and jurisprudence is discussed. The second professional in this department has a broad range of research opportunities.
Sanskrit Siddhanta and Samhita 
  • It is one of the pre-clinical departments that teaches the basics of Ayurveda and the Sanskrit language in the first professional B.A.M.S. programme. 
  • This department teaches four disciplines at the UG level in addition to Sanskrit, including Padartha vijnana, Ashtangahridaya Sutrasthana, Charaka Samhita, and the history of Ayurveda.
  • Based on science, the Department is also dispensing clinical and literary instruction on the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.
Rasa-Shastra Evam Bhaishajya Kalpana
  • The department is a crucial component of the 2nd Professional BAMS programme. It is a branch of a combination of neutraceuticals, pharmacognosy, pharmaceuticals, and pharmacology. 
  • This branch of Ayurvedic study focuses on the selection of authentic raw pharmaceuticals, their collection, and the processing of dangerous plants.
  • This branch of Ayurvedic study requires the students to engage with production skills of various natural medicines in the form of minerals and metallic formulations. 
  • The study is also required to acquaint themselves with the knowledge of safe dosage and the therapeutic indications of the manufactured products. 
  • The department primarily involves research, instruction, and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 
  • There is state-of-the-art pharmacognosy and phytochemical laboratory in the department. For researching and figuring out their qualities, several facets of plants are investigated. 
  • On the campus and beyond, the Department keeps a demonstration garden of medicinal plants. 
  • The department has created sanctuaries for herbs. The commercial production of therapeutic plants is also encouraged.
Kaumarbhritya/Bala Roga
  • This department handles newborn care, baby feeding, newborn diet, daily and seasonal routines, and illnesses and disorders affecting children, including child nutrition, vaccination, etc. 
  • The students will also learn about the ancient Ayurvedic longevity principles as they relate to children’s understanding of ailments, their treatment, and the improvement of patients.
Kaya Chikitsa
  • Through the use of Ayurvedic therapeutic concepts, this department offers Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral level teaching and training in both theories and practicals. 
  • General medical diseases, geriatric medicine (Rasayana), aphrodisiac medicine (Vajikarana), skin disorders, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders, arthritis and joint disorders, and other conditions are all addressed by Kayachikitsa.
  • The Department of Panchakarma is one of the most significant clinical Departments that instructs and trains B.A.M.S. course students in the fundamentals of Panchakarma and its application ideas in various disorders. 
  • Furthermore, graduate students also study it. The primary goal of the course work is to inform students about the root causes of all illnesses, how Panchakarma may be used to treat disease, and how Rasayana can be used to promote health and long life.
Shalakya Tantra
  • It is a vital clinical department entrusted with teaching and training graduate students about the fundamentals of ophthalmology, oral cavity, ENT as well as dentistry in the context of Ayurveda and prevalent ideas appropriate to their level. 
  • The primary goal of the study is to educate students on the underlying causes of these illnesses.
  • The department provides technical training to conduct diagnosis as well as management with a focus on Ayurvedic therapeutic techniques such as Nasya, Moordha Taila, Kriya Kalpa, Eye Exercises, etc. and associated surgical training. 
Shalya tantra
  • It is one of the clinical departments that instructs and trains students in the fundamentals of surgery, para-surgical components found in Ayurveda, as well as contemporary ideas appropriate to their level. 
  • The primary goal is to inform students on the fundamentals of surgical disorders, various forms of impairment and deformity, injuries, fractures, congenital and acquired illnesses, etc. 
  • Students’ attitudes on different contemporary research tools and methodologies as well as the most recent knowledge on standard surgical procedures are also developed.

Fees Structure

The Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal is depicted below: 

Course Annual Fees (Govt. Quota) Annual Fees (Private Quota)
B.A.M.S.  Rs. 60,000 Rs. 2,00,500
M.D. (Ayurveda)

Education Loans

An education loan would be a very good alternative if you are having financial difficulties and feel overburdened by the weight of your financial problems. Because school loan programmes have reduced interest rates and a moratorium period, you don’t have to worry about making EMI payments until the moratorium term is over. If you choose this route, you may simply concentrate on your education without thinking about money.

Muniyal Ayurveda College Placements


  • Undergraduate students technically learn a variety of topics during the programme in different years. After completing their final year, they are placed as interns in various departments for the last year, during which they assist in patient administration and care. 
  • A student who is qualified can develop into a competent doctor with the aid of an internship, which helps to sharpen skills. 
  • To work effectively with a patient as a whole, rather than as a member of a different speciality, new interns are introduced to the principles of good patient care. 

Career Opportunities

B.A.M.S. M.D 
  • Student will become a Doctor of Ayurveda after completion of this course.
  • They may also become Therapists, researchers or professors.
  • If one has great knowledge of Ayurvedic pharmacy, they may even become Ayurvedic Pharmacists or Ayurvedic Medical Representatives.
  • The graduates may choose to use their entrepreneurial skills and open up an Ayurvedic centre where they may provide various services.
  • They may work as teaching faculty at renowned Ayurveda Institutes of India.
  • They may work as Medical officers in different government organisations that promote Ayurveda.

Top Recruiters

  • Jiva Ayurveda.
  • Yukti Herbs.
  • X10 Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Rankings and Recognitions

Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal is a pioneer in both research and innovation in addition to having an effective teaching methodology. At Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal, emphasis is placed on extracurricular activities, national and international relationships, and infrastructure, all of which show that this focus extends beyond academic pursuits.

  • Central Council of Indian Medicine and the Karnataka government both accredit the college (CCIM). 
  • The institute has also been awarded recognition from the Ministry of AYUSH and Govt. of India.
  • Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal is affiliated with RGUHS.

On-Campus Facilities Offered

  • Herbal Garden

On the premises of Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal, herbal gardens have been constructed. There are around 2830 medicinal plants from 406 species. An exhibition room measuring about 50 square metres is linked to the herbal garden. Plants that require controlled climatic conditions are kept in a greenhouse. The basic components needed to make Ayurvedic medication are readily available from herbal gardens. 

  • Library

A well-equipped library with more than 12000 books and room for more than 100 students is available to the college. The books include modern health sciences as well as other related fields in addition to Ayurveda. It is thriving with rare manuscripts and out-of-print books. The provision of access to health-related periodicals, journals, and digital libraries with Helinet access is also made. The amenities are likewise offered to our hospital’s patients.

  • NSS Unit

The RGUHS curriculum and B.A.M.S. Course Schedule both mandate the NSS unit. Students in the first year of B.A.M.S. must participate in NSS. A staff member in charge of the activities frequently monitors them. It frequently holds events to raise awareness of rural wealth, including medical clinics, Swacchata initiatives, campaigns to promote maternal and child health, and celebrations of important national holidays.

  • Sports Facilities

The Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal supplies the equipment and promotes sports participation. They have provided separate spaces to play both indoor games carrom, chess, and table tennis as well as outdoor activities like cricket, volleyball, and throwball. The students are encouraged to participate in intercollegiate and intramural sports as well.

  • Hostel

The college hostel has a well-equipped infrastructure. Around 150 students are permitted in the girl’s hostel, whereas 60 students are permitted in the boys’ hostel. The majority of the students choose to be day scholars because they live in the area. Most students choose to live in PG accommodations. Each hostel has a warden assigned to it, hot water, adjacent bathrooms, 24-hour security, and in-charges who are members of the teaching staff.

  • Mentoring Support

Teachers and staff are available all day on campus to help students who need help with their coursework or careers. Counselling services are also made available to students who are struggling with stress, depression, emotional challenges, or family troubles. Children that receive this support do better academically while keeping full discretion regarding the support given. This sort of support is extraordinary.

  • Security

A senior faculty member is in charge of managing the whole security setup. The whole campus, including the academic area, administration building, dorms, and residential complex, is completely protected around the clock. Campus security is under the control of security experts.

During the time boards and the entrance tests, every student experiences a period of intense anxiety and distraction. We are conscious of this, which is why we provide services designed exclusively for students looking to select the best college for their interests. To save you the hassle, we’ll make the admissions procedure simple. Call us right away if you want to move seamlessly into the next phase of your life.

College Contact Details

Address: 34-C, Shivally Industrial Area, Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do they provide the latest facilities for the learners?

Muniyal Ayurveda college Manipal reviews the feedback of the students frequently to know about the requirement and they upgrade their facilities accordingly.

2. How many students do they take in their B.A.M.S. programme?

They take 100 students in their programme.

3. Who can get admission to M.D (Ayurveda)?

B.A.M.S. graduates can get admitted to M.D (Ayurveda) programme.

4. What is the duration B.A.M.S. programme?

The programme duration is 5 years 6 months.

5. Do they offer hostel facilities?

Yes, they offer hostel facilities for boys and girls.

6. Do they offer internships?

Yes, they offer internships at their hospital which is located within the campus.

7. What is the duration of the M.D (Ayurveda) programme?

The programme duration is 3 years.

8. Do they offer transport facilities?

No, they do not offer transport facilities.

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A Humble Request:

We have a dedicated space wherein you can put your review up for the benefit of the enthusiasts who want to pursue a fancy BAMS or MD degree from Muniyal Ayurveda College Manipal. Your contribution will be much appreciated since a genuine review of the college’s code of conduct and quality of education can go a long way in helping youngsters find a legit interest in the college. Thank you in advance!

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