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Pariyaram Dental College Kannur Admission, Courses Offered, Fees structure, Placements, Facilities

Hey! Welcome to another educational blog that will dispel any misunderstandings you may have about colleges where you might sign up for further study. You could be worried about how you’ll research prestigious dentistry institutes, but don’t worry, as all the information about Pariyaram Dental College Kannur will be covered in this article. We are certain that if you read all the way through, you will learn a tonne of information that will help you take action.

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Pariyaram Dental College Kannur Overview

Pariyaram Medical College, also known as the Academy of Medical Sciences, is one of India’s largest super speciality medical institutions.

One of Kerala’s largest dental colleges, Pariyaram Dental College has a six-story structure. In 2003, the Academy of Medical Sciences established Pariyaram Dental College.

The college upholds quality in all aspects of health care, serving as a role model for the cooperative sector.

Key Highlights

Name Pariyaram Dental College, Academy of Medical Sciences, Kannur
Address 37CR+GXX, Government MC Kannur Campus Rd, Pariyaram, Kerala 670503
Website http://www.mcpariyaram.com/ 
Establishment Year 2003 
State Kerala 
City Kannur
College Type Private
Affiliated to Kerala University of Health and Sciences (KUHS)
Recognized by Dental Council of India
Approved by Dental Council of India
Study Mode Regular
Hostel Yes, hostels are available in the college. 


  • To provide comprehensive, high-quality healthcare to the people of Kerala to improve their general state of health.
  • By creating a cutting-edge, modern hospital with worldwide standards, you may offer emergency and intensive treatment at a reasonable price.


  • A center of excellence for medical education and a facility for affordable, comprehensive healthcare.

Why choose Pariyaram Dental College Kannur?

  • Faculty Team

All professor has a solid educational foundation and is an authority in their subject. They frequently engage with students as well as provide each one with the necessary attention. The majority of the professors have publications that have appeared in some of the most prestigious national and international journals.

  • Academics

The institute is fortunate to have highly accomplished and competent faculty, resources, personnel, and teaching strategies. The pupils are encouraged to use their intellect and to think creatively. The promotion of current journal references—many of which are available in their library—as well as textbooks as teaching resources.

  • College Campus

Preclinical dentistry labs, lecture halls, a conference room, faculty offices, administrative offices, clinical treatment rooms, small group discussion areas, a faculty practice, and a library are all located in the facility.

Dental Admission Guidance

Pariyaram Dental College Kannur Admission

Admission Intake

Seats  Duration
60 05 years

Allocation of Seats

Category Criteria 
Merit Seats – 50%  The Controller of Entrance Exams, Government of Kerala, shall fill 50% of the available seats. Admission shall be made from the Rank list released by the institution if these seats are not filled in the time frame specified by the Medical Council of India.
Management Seats – 35 % By filling 35% of the seats, this Institution’s Management.
NRI Seats – 15%  NRI candidates are eligible for 15% of the seats. NRI seats are those designated for a non-resident Indian citizen’s son, daughter, brother, sister, niece, nephew, or dependent. These individuals are not required to show up for the admissions test held by the CEE, Kerala. Their eligibility will be determined by a short interview and the grades they received on the qualifying exam.

Eligibility Criteria For BDS Admission

  • Candidates who managed to pass the Pre-degree Exam of the University campuses in Kerala with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as optional subjects, or any other examination recognized by the Universities in Kerala as equivalent thereto, are eligible for admission if they have obtained an overall grade in the optional subjects of not less than 50% and 50% for Biology.
  • Those who have earned a B.Sc. Any student who completes a three-year degree program at one of Kerala’s universities, or from a university that the Keralan universities recognize as being equivalent thereto, and who majors in physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, or biochemistry with one or more of the aforementioned subjects serving as subsidiaries, is also eligible for admission as long as they receive at least 50% of the possible points for the combined grades in the main and subsidiary subjects.
  • Candidates must have completed their 17th year. The minimum age restriction cannot be relaxed for any reason.
  • NEET-UG is mandatory. 

Documents Required for BDS Admission

  • The SSLC Certificate.
  • Certificate for 12th grade.
  • NEET result sheet copy.
  • Certificate of Transfer.
  • Discipline/Character Certificate.
  • Immigration Document (wherever applicable).
  • Decision Memo.
  • NEET Hall Ticket.
  • Fee Receipt.
  • Health/Medical Fitness Certificate. 
  • 5 passport photos.
  • ID Verification (Aadhar Card or PAN Card).
  • Income Form/Certificate (if applicable).
  • Caste Document (if applicable).
  • Acknowledgment Form.

Note: The aforementioned records are standard admissions requirements. For all the paperwork needed at the time of admission, students must contact the college.

Pariyaram Dental College Kannur Courses Offered


The pinnacle of a five-year program that places a strong emphasis on patient-centered care is the BDS degree. Clinical skills are developed by students under the careful supervision of faculty. Students learn biochemical, human general anatomy, generic and dental histology, general and dental microbiology, physiology, pharmacy, as well as oral medicine and pathology during the first two years of the institution. 

Commencing in their third year of study, an interdisciplinary approach reinforces knowledge and gets students ready to use it in real patient care situations. Students in their third and fourth years are put into functional group practices with a patient family. A teacher group practice director keeps an eye on the students’ progress and makes sure they are all competent.

The fifth year is dedicated to a compulsory rotatory internship where they get to apply their knowledge in practical settings. 

The syllabus of the course is as follows:

Year Subjects 
  • General Human Anatomy
  • General Human Physiology & Bio-Chemistry
  • Oral & Dental Anatomy & Histology
  • Dental Materials
  • General & Dental Pharmacology
  • Preclinical Prosthodontics
  • Preclinical Conservative Dentistry
  • General Pathology, General Microbiology, and Parasitology
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Oral Pathology & Microbiology
  • Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Pedodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Preventive & Community Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Oral Medicine & Radiology
  • Internship- compulsory for all 

The college has the following departments: 

  • Oral Medicine and Radiology

The diagnostic and medical treatment of illnesses of the mouth and face make up the main focus of one area of dentistry. The branch connects the conventional health disciplines of dentistry and medicine.

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Complex dental issues and illnesses affecting the mouth, teeth, jaws, and face are treated by students.

  • Paedodontics

Preventing tooth decay in primary (baby) teeth and the first incisors is the primary goal of pediatric dentistry.

  • Periodontics

The final result of gaining and sustaining periodontal health is having a functional and healthy dentition for life.

  • Community Dentistry

It is the science and art of avoiding oral and dental illnesses and supporting both the general health of the community’s residents as well as their oral and dental health.

  • Prosthodontics

Conservative dentistry involves techniques and treatments for the restoration of missing and damaged dental tissues on individual teeth, as well as the treatment of dental caries’ aftereffects in its broadest definition.

  • Oral Pathology

To equip the learner with the skills needed to accurately identify oral lesions and create a differential diagnosis.

  • Dental Materials

Dental materials are utilized in a variety of treatments, including the removal of plaque, the treatment of cavities, aesthetic procedures, the restoration of teeth, and implants.

  • Dental Anatomy

To maintain good oral health, it’s critical to understand the structure and growth of your teeth and mouth.

Pariyaram Dental College Kannur Fees Structure 

Along with the admissions process, affordability is a major consideration as well. Make sure the school you choose is affordable, has a reasonable financial aid program, and won’t cause you to accrue a sizable amount of additional student debt in the future.

Information regarding Pariyaram Dental College fees is not available on its website. You can call the college’s admissions office and ask for all the necessary information regarding the same. 

In Kerala’s private universities, BDS programs might cost anywhere from Rs. 3,00,000 and Rs. 5,00,000 each year. However, it differs from college to college. 

Some Scholarship Programmes

A college education is becoming more expensive. Scholarships offer financial assistance to students in order to help them pay for higher education. For many students, scholarships are more than just financial aid. Here are various scholarships offered to medical students by the Kerala government.

  • KSCSTE Pratibha Scholarship.
  • DHSE Merit Cum Means Scholarships for BPL kids.
  • Scholarships in CS, CMA, and CA (IWCS).
  • The e-Grantz Award.
  • Minority Post-High School Financial Aid.

Placements and Scope

Candidates can open their own practice as a dentist who analyses dental issues and recommends appropriate treatment options after earning a degree from a reputable college or university. The BDS students have a bright future in academia, research, and government agencies as well.

Courses After BDS

The following is a list of the programs and career choices available to BDS graduates:

  • MDS.
  • MBA.
  • MPH.
  • Degree Programs.
  • Fellows Programs.
  • Courses for Cosmetology.

Options for careers after BDS

Graduates of the BDS degree have a wide range of job choices after they complete the program. The following occupations are among the many available BDS positions:

  • Dentistry in clinics and hospitals.
  • Dental equipment production.
  • Educating Students at Educational Facilities.
  • Dental Science.
  • Health Writing.
  • Dental pathology.

Rankings and Recognitions

The Pariyaram Dental College Kannur offers reliable patient treatment and has extensive teaching facilities as well as endless resources for medical and allied research.

  • More than 20 specialties and eight super specialty departments support the 1200-bed Pariyaram Medical College Teaching Hospital, which is staffed by highly skilled, seasoned medical experts who provide their services with a personal touch.
  • According to the promoters’ goal, the hospital at Pariyaram Dental College has quickly attained the status of a “Referral Hospital of North Kerala”.

On-Campus Facilities


The classrooms at the institute are nicely furnished. Audio visual tools including OHPs, LCDs, pull-down screens, and public address systems with cordless microphones are used in classrooms.


Each department has a large laboratory that is fully furnished with modern equipment.


The college library is among the top campus amenities. The library includes books, journals, and CDs. The positioning and arrangement of the furniture guarantee complete tranquillity. In addition to this, the college has collaborated with the Academy of Medical Sciences Central Library, Kerala’s top medical college library.


An area of 36,000 square feet is shared by the sports complex with simultaneous play options for football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and cricket at various locations. Students can also access an 8-line athletic track. The employee housing and hostels are close to the facility. The complex’s second phase, which includes pavilions with lounging areas, a swimming pool, a gym, etc., will be built out in stages.


On campus, separate hostel options are offered for male and female students. A well-kept, hygienic canteen serving a variety of dishes, including Chinese and north Indian cuisine, has been installed on campus.

Additional Facilities

There is a separate herbal garden within the college with a wide variety of unusual plants. Additionally, it has a sizable sewage treatment facility, a rainwater collection system, a post office, and banks on the site.

Contact Details

  • Address: 37CR+GXX, Government MC Kannur Campus Rd, Pariyaram, Kerala 670503.

We are aware that selecting the ideal college might be a difficult undertaking. One has to conduct thorough research, compare different colleges, and then made a decision. Our aim is to help relieve this stress. We wish to support as many students as we can in realizing their goals. Please contact us if you require any information on colleges or courses. We are always willing to assist you in every way possible!

Dental Admission Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the courses offered by Pariyaram Dental College Kannur?

The BDS Degree Programme is offered by the college.

2. How many seats are available in Pariyaram Dental College for BDS Course?

There is a total of 60 seats available in the BDS Course.

3. Do Pariyaram Dental College provide MDS Course?

No, the college does not provide MDS Course.

4. How many specialised departments are there in the college?

There is a total of 09 departments in the college.

5. How many seats are reserved for NRI Candidates in the college?

15% of total seats are reserved for NRI Candidates.

6. How many seats are reserved for the Management Quota category in the college?

35% of total seats are reserved for Management Quota.

7. Do Pariyaram Dental College provides a hostel?

Yes, the college provides separate hostels for girls and boys.

8. How is the campus of Pariyaram Dental College?

The campus of the college is very large along with a very peaceful environment.

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