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S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar, Admissions, Courses, Departments, Facilities

Becoming a doctor can be anybody’s dream and the course of BHMS is the one that turn these dream into reality. Though there are other courses as well like BAMS and MBBS which can lead you to become a doctor. But, the alternate way of treatment used in homeopathy is quite interesting. Moreover, this course is quite sought-after among the Indian students.

So, if you are also a BHMS aspirant, then you must get a look into one of the top-ranked homeopathy colleges in Karnataka i.e., S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College, Sankeshwar. Read further to know more about its admission process, fee details, course-curriculum, facilities offered etc.

S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar Overview

Aadya Shri Nijaligeshwar Shikshan Sansthe was founded in the year 1991. The first institutions which were started were Kannada Pre-primary and primary schools. There are around thirteen colleges in the group of institutions. The Chairman of the college is Dr. B. K. Kurbet. Later, in the year 1991-92, Shri Malharigoda S. Patil who was the Irrigation Minister at the time, along with his friends took the challenge of building the group of institutions, which will become a stronger organization.

The founder chairman as well as the present chairman was very keen on starting the B.Ed. and D.Ed. colleges. The main vision of the group of institutions is to provide quality education even to the poorest people. It will thus help in bringing progress to society. The Chairman of the Group is Shri. Rajendra M. Patil, Vice Chairman is Shri Kunalrajivogunda M. Patil. The Directors of the Group are:

  1. Shivaputra S. Shirkoi – Vice Chairman.
  2. Shri Sunil A. Pavatrao – Director.
  3. Prakah G. Kanagali – Director.
  4. Shivaputra I, Heddurshetti – Director.
  5. Shri Appasaheb V. Tambad – Director.

S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. It is recognized by the Government of Karnataka and also by the Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi. The location of the college is at Anant Vidhya Nagar, Sankeshwar Taluka, Hukkeri District, Belgaum District 591313.

Courses Offered

S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar offers courses for the undergraduates, which is Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. It is also known as BHMS. It is a full-time course for a duration of five and half years. This includes one year of compulsory internship. The annual intake of the students is fifty per year.

Homeopathy is the holistic system of medicine that involves treating the patients with higher dilutions of the medicines with liquids and in the form of tablets, which helps in enhancing the healing system of the body. It is the third most popular system, after allopathy, and the ayurvedic system of medicine. The emotions of the mind and body are interlinked, in which the remedies which will also affect them in the same way. If a person falls sick means there is no harmony among the three above.

Homeopathic medicines are given to patients having illnesses related to physical, and emotional problems and their lifestyles. They do not have any side effects on the human body. In the course, the students are taught the following:

  • Introduction to the herbs.
  • Ayurvedic Healing Fundamentals.
  • Healing from Nutritional Therapies.
  • Principles of Homeopathy.
  • Techniques of healing of mind and body.
  • Introduction to alternative medicines.
  • Holistic Health History.
  • Immunology and immune system disorders.
  • An Introduction to Chinese medicine.
  • Health, wellness, and long life.

Career & Future Scope after BHMS

In this modernized era, where everything has become so specialized and advanced, still BHMS remains to be the most sought-after course. It has got immense job opportunities available in India as well as abroad.

Skills required for a homeopath

Homeopaths are doctors, who need to possess a unique set of skills, which involves taking care of the patients with these characteristic skills. Some of those skills are:

  1. Empathy-The meaning of empathy is one’s ability to understand and share the same feelings with the other. It is both an ability and is encouraged and learned. Behaviors such as self-awareness, judgmental, listening skills, and self-confidence are developed in order to encourage empathy.
  2. Listening skills-The homeopath needs to possess the key listening skills. He/she needs to be good at asking questions and also listening to the answers. When the patients give a detailed description of the symptoms, it is extremely important to listen. It makes the patient feels valued.
  3. Knowledge in Homeopathic Philosophy and Methodologies-There must be interest shown by the homeopath in learning new details in the systems of homeopathy. The students are provided lectures by experienced homeopaths and lecturers. Self-study helps them to learn and grow continuously.
  4. Well-versed in Anatomy, Physiology, and Research Methodology-The most important part of the course is the homeopathic training. Students learn more about the human body and its Pathology. It is helpful in understanding the complexities of the cases of the patients.
  5. An open mind with a willingness to learn-Homeopathy is a different approach from conventional medicine. It is always important for the homeopaths to adapt to different ideas which they have not looked into before. Learning is a fascinating lifelong process. It is also sometimes referred to as a science or an art.

Jobs opportunities

The need for good homeopaths is creating a vast number of opportunities in India and abroad. Some of the job profiles which you can get after completing BHMS are:

  • Medical assistant.
  • Doctor.
  • Scientist.
  • Therapist.
  • Pharmacist.
  • Specialist in Public Health.
  • Consultant.
  • Private Practitioner.

Eligibility Criteria for BHMS

For getting admissions to BHMS, the following eligibility criteria must be satisfied:

  1. He/she should have passed 12th Standard in the Science Stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main subjects or any other equivalent examination.
  2. The minimum marks required in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology together with the English language must be fifty percent.
  3. He/she must have written the NEET Entrance examination. Entrance examination of the institution is held in the month of May every year.
  4. Must be physically fit to undergo the course.

Documents Required

During the time of getting admission to BHMS, you are required to bring the original documents. The documents required are:

  1. 10th Standard Mark sheet and Passing Certificate.
  2. 12th Standard Mark sheet and Passing Certificate.
  3. Transfer Certificate.
  4. Migration Certificate.
  5. School Leaving Certificate.
  6. Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  7. SC/ST Certificate (If applicable).
  8. Physical Fitness Certificate.
  9. Identification Proof (Aadhar Card/PAN Card/Driver’s License/Passport etc.).
  10. Recent photographs.

Admissions 2022-23 for S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar

The admission procedure for S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar is mentioned on the website. You have to fill in the necessary details and complete the procedure of filing the application. If you have any queries regarding the same, please call me or write to me. I will get back soon.

S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar Fees Structure

To know details regarding the details of the fees, feel free to write to me or call me. I will guide you through the whole process.


Course Duration Yearly Fees
Bachelor of Homeopathic  Medicine and Surgery(BHMS) Five and half years.

One year of compulsory internship.

Government Fees-Rs 29,580 yearly.

Management Quota-Rs 85,000 yearly.


Campus Facilities

S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar is located on the national highway no four, in a place called Sankeshwar, which is in the Hukkeri District in Belgaum. It has a mesmerizing, quiet, and beautiful campus with the necessary amenities for the students who are residing there. Since, it is going to be their home, while they are staying away from their native place.

The facilities available on the campus are:


Hostel Accommodation is compulsory for all the students who take admission to the course. There are separate blocks for the boys and girls. Rooms are allotted to them on a first come first serve basis. There is security available round the clock so that they feel safe and secure within the campus.

Mess/ Cafeteria 

Students living on campus are provided with the mess facility. Their health and well-being are the topmost priority. Healthy and nutritious meals are served in various cuisines according to the preferences of the students.

Library at 

The library plays a vital role in every college. Here there is a vast collection of homeopathy books, medical reference books, international and national publications, medical dictionaries, and so on. The faculties and students are provided access to the e-library. There is a separate reading room within the library to read quietly.


A hospital is there within the campus to help people staying in and around the campus. It is modern, well equipped with the latest technological equipment. It has a specialized team of doctors and nurses who are always present within the vicinity of the place.


The college has a small herb garden on the campus. The garden provides the students to see and learn more about the varieties of herbs and how they can be used while treating diseases and illnesses.


The institution has got the most learned, qualified as well as experienced faculties present within the campus and outside. Each student is guided, mentored, and groomed to become a healthcare professional.

Departments and Research

S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar has got separate departments for the subjects they are studying in the BHMS Course. This helps them to gain knowledge and also get hands-on experience before they enter the healthcare field. The departments are:

Department of Anatomy

Anatomy is one of the basic subjects of medicine. The department has qualified faculties who have received training from RGUHS, Bangalore. It has a state-of-the-art dissection hall with cadaver dissection for the budding medical students. It also has a histology lab, an embalming facility, and a museum.

Department of Physiology and Biochemistry

The main purpose of physiology is to teach functions, processes, and relationships among different systems of the human body and also equip the students with treatment and diagnosis of deviations from the normal. It helps to understand systems of life. It has physiology labs, biochemistry labs, a separate museum, and clinical physiology demonstration labs.

Department of Homeopathic Pharmacy

The basics of homeopathic science have got homeopathic pharmacy as the subject. It helps in demonstrating the basic knowledge of Principles, practice, and the making of the drugs.

Department of Organon of Medicine

The subject Organon of Medicine is a curriculum of the final year of the BHMS Course. This department equips various teaching materials along with the library. The college also exhibits a museum of History of Homeopathy, as well as the History of Medicine photographs with the contributions in the forms of charts.

Department of Materia Medica

This department deals with understanding the drug pictures, comparing and contrasting the drugs, understanding the relationship, and understanding of the Materia medica knowledge which is an integral part of clinical practice.

Department of Pathology and Microbiology

The department teaches the causes of diseases, pathogenesis as well as pathological changes in the diseases along with the orientation of homeopathy. It has a building with labs for Pathology and Microbiology with Hematology, Cytology, Histopathology, microbiology, and other sections of immunology.

Department of Forensic and Toxicology

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is one of the paramedical subjects. This department has an established museum, specimens, and chart. It has a separate library where the standard textbooks are available and classrooms with OHP, LCD Projectors, and audiovisual systems.

Students get to learn about Medical Law and ethics, Legal Proceedings in the courts, and also on death and its changes, deaths from asphyxiation, injuries, sexual offenses, and so on. They are witnesses to court proceedings to examine the remains as well as issuing the death certificates.


Homeopathy is the third most popular course which is gaining popularity not only in India but throughout the world. It deals with a system of medical practice by administering minute doses of the medicines that would inhibit symptoms to that of an ill person. S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar is among the best colleges offering homeopathic courses. It has got good infrastructure, academics, and experienced faculties. To know more, please visit http://www.rguhs.ac.in/.

If you are having more questions for me, please call or write in the comment box below. If you are an alumnus of the college, write a review about the college on the website. It can be helpful for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get admission to BHMS at S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar?

Students will have to write the NEET entrance examination to get admission to the college.

2. Does BHMS have value in India?

Yes, once you complete your BHMS, there will be career opportunities available in India and abroad.

3. Is studying homeopathy a good option?

Yes, Homeopathy professionals can get positions like medical officers or doctors in private and government hospitals. Private practice can also be another option.


In case if you are a student or alumni of S B Shirkoli Homeopathic Medical College Sankeshwar, then please drop a review or comment about the college. This will help other students in knowing the college better and choosing a career for them.

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