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Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum Admissions, Fees

Do you aspire to achieve greatness in the field of Ayurveda? Do you intend to enrol in an Ayurvedic medical school? Finding comprehensive information on the university is crucial if you embark on your college career, but searching the internet won’t spare you any effort or time. You don’t need to be concerned about encountering difficulties because we are here to assist you in making a wise choice for your future. Read through to the conclusion to learn everything about Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum, one of the best Ayurveda colleges. Then you can determine if it is worthwhile to enrol there or not.

Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Overview 

The Shri Shivayogeshwar Ayurvedic College in Belgaum was established to provide pupils with excellent ayurvedic care. It is authorized by the Central Council of Indian Medicines and linked with Bangalore’s Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (C.C.I.M.).

This article will give you comprehensive details about Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum (S.S.R.A.M.C. Belgaum), including the tuition prices, the courses offered, and the cutoff for entrance, the amenities offered, and a full college review.

The college’s site has grown to 26.3 acres, with more than 7500 square metres of covered space (4200 square metres for the college and 3500 square metres for the hospital), roomy classrooms, and 14 perfect Departments that are all completely functional.

Key Highlights

College Name Shri Shivayogeshwara Rural Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Belgaum
Location Belgaum, Karnataka
Official website https://ssramcinchal.com/ 
Establishment 1996
Approved by Central Council of Indian Medicines
Course BAMS (U.G.), M.D. (P.G.)
Hostel Facilities Both Boys & Girls
Affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore
Type Private

Renowned Private Ayurvedic Institutes in Karnataka include Shri Shivayogeshwara Ayurvedic College. The Shivayogeshwar College, also called Ceramic Belgaum College, was established in 1996. 


To achieve Charuthividh Purusharth, which encompasses Dharm, Artha, Agni, and Moksha, one must have good physical and mental health. The only person who can provide them to society is a vaidya, who gives people advice on how to take care of their health.

College’s Objectives

  • To provide current scientific and Ayurveda knowledge to students from rural areas.
  • To offer comprehensive knowledge, hands-on training, and scientific knowledge of the fundamentals of Ayurveda.
  • To carry out analysis in the ayurvedic medical profession.
  • To increase community health awareness and train residents about preventative actions.


  • To demonstrate concern for the underprivileged by giving thorough information. To achieve expertise, in-depth subject knowledge, and skills acquisition in a practical setting.
  • It offers the following courses: B.A.M.S., Master of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Doctor of Ayurveda in Panchakarma, and Doctor of Ayurveda in Dravyaguna.
  • In Belgaum, Karnataka, there is a facility called Shri Shivayogeshwar Rural Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital. It was founded in 1997 and is a private institution. 

Why Choose Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College?

Here are some exciting details about this college that may influence your decision to enrol there:

  • Course curriculum 

The college provides a good academic environment. It has all the modern technologies required to teach students. The classrooms are well-established and teachers can easily see the students. Students will not face any problems with the curriculum as it helps students to develop practical skills. 

  • College Council

A college council has been established at Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum to allow students to build leadership skills through the planning of events and service activities and to offer a platform where each student may voice their issues or needs. The council’s main objectives are to give students networking opportunities and to assist them in acquiring soft skills.

  • Overall Development

The college encourages students to participate in sports so they won’t feel overburdened by their academic obligations. They also offer yoga instruction and guided meditation sessions to assist students in maintaining their mental health. The kids’ overall personalities are developed as a result of these criteria.

  • Faculty & Staff

This college offers a solid mix of highly qualified, well-trained, and tech-equipped faculty members. Additionally, enough non-technical staff is available to foster an environment where students can learn independently. 

Admission Procedure

One of the ways a nation can develop its rural areas is by maintaining a solid healthcare system. Even better results are possible if the healthcare system is accessible to all citizens of the nation and is not merely economical. It is well-known that the Indian government has built several infrastructural facilities to improve public health care, which has drawn medical tourists to India to receive treatment at a relatively low cost.

Course-Wise Intake Capacity

Programme Intake
MD (Panch Karma) 5
MS (Shalya Tantra) 5
MD (Dravya Guna) 5
MD (Rachna Shareer) 5
MD (Rasa Shastra & Bhaisajya Kalpana) 5
MD (Kaya Chikitsa) 5

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)

  • Duration: 5 years 6 months (4 1/2 years + 1-year Internship).
  • Intake: 60.

Eligibility Criteria for BAMS

  • Students who scored well on the NEET test will be given preference.
  • At least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the year/10+2 test or its equivalent.
  • To enter the first semester of the B.A.M.S. program, a candidate from the SC/ST category must have 40% in the P.C.B. groups of classes and reside in Karnataka.
  • An applicant admitted to the one-year B.A.M.S. program on or before the university’s final enrollment date and paid a penalty fee may sit for the one-year B.A.M.S. examination following the necessary term.


Applications in the proper form completed satisfactorily in all aspects must be sent to the university by the time specified. All applicable mark sheets and certifications should be attached to the application as true copies. All incomplete applications will be discarded.

Documents Needed

The following documentation must be brought to the school to finish the admissions process for candidates who have been given a seat.

  • Eight passport-size photos. 
  • Provisional Allotment Letter. 
  • Caste Affidavit (if applicable). 
  • PwD Certificate (if applicable). 
  • Passport Size Picture. 
  • Fee Invoice. 
  • Class 10 credential and mark sheet (for date of birth).
  • Class 12 credential and mark sheet. 
  • I.D. proof (Aadhar/P.A.N. Card/Driving License/Passport).

Standards and Codes for Qualifying Examinations

Candidates should refer to the following information for the qualifying examination requirements to be considered for NEET (U.G.) – 2022.

  • A candidate scheduled to take the qualifying exam or the 12th Standard in 2022 and whose results are still pending may apply and take the test. 
  • Still, the college will not qualify them for enrollment in the undergraduate medical programmes if the qualifying test is not passed with the necessary pass per cent at the time of the initial round of counselling. 
  • However, their application will only be considered if they can offer documentation that they had passed the prerequisite exam with the necessary topics and percentage of marks.

Private medical colleges’ admission rules must comply with those of the Government of India, each state, and each union territory.

MD/ MS (Ayurveda)

  • Only those who have earned an BAMS degree can enrol in the 3-year full-time MD program. 

Eligibility for MD/MS Program

Aspirants must be familiar with the MD eligibility requirements to be admitted to the program. 

  • Students must possess an BAMS degree to be eligible for the MD program. 
  • The pupils must also score on relevant entrance exams that serve as the foundation for admission. Some organizations could ask the applicant to come in for a personal interview. 
  • There is no upper age limit for enrollment in the program.

Documentation Required for MD/ MS

  • B.A.M.S  degree.
  • Provisional Allotment Letter.
  • Caste Affidavit (if applicable). 
  • NEET Score.
  • PwD Certificate (if applicable). 
  • Passport Size Picture. 
  • Fee Invoice. 
  • I.D. proof (Aadhar/P.A.N. Card/Driving License/Passport).
  • Internship completion details.

Admission Process

The minimum score required by the selection committee for enrollment is known as the college cutoff. The merit list will be compiled using these cutoff marks. Applicants should meet the prerequisites for each course before enrolling at the Institute.

  • To be eligible for the next round of the admissions procedure, applicants must achieve the minimum qualifying percentage in the NEET 2022 entrance exam.
  • To be eligible for A.I.Q. and provincial counselling, candidates must receive marks at least 40th percentile equal to S.C., S.T., or O.B.C. candidates.
  • Candidates that fall under the U.R. category must receive a score at least 50th percentile.

Counselling process

  • According to the current reservation policy, applicants will only be acknowledged to Undergraduate Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and ASU & H Classes from the All India Merit List of Eligible Candidates that will be created based on the All India Rank in the Merit List of the NEET (UG) – 2022.
  • AACCC will initiate counselling for all India seats of all universities. Counselling for AIQ seats of deemed ASU & H Organizations will be performed by an authority assigned by the Central Government.
  • The information provided by the applicant in the NEET (UG)-2022 Online Application, such as candidate category, mobile number, and email address, will be utilized for the All India Quota seat Counseling. 

The counselling agency for all India quota seats selected by the Central Government would not consider any request for a revision in candidate class at the moment of all India quota counselling. The NTA will not be liable for issues involving counselling or admittance to BAMS, BSMS, and BHMS Courses.

Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Courses 

Ayurvedic medical sciences are taught in full-time undergraduate and graduate programmes at Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum. The undergraduate programme lasts five and a half years, including the internship year. The college provides M.D./M.S. programmes for students interested in pursuing postgraduate study and a B.A.M.S. degree for undergraduates.

Under Graduate Course

  • B.A.M.S. 

BAMS Course 

The Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) program’s primary mission is to give candidates thorough teaching in all aspects of Ayurveda.

  • To familiarise the learner with the fundamental Ayurvedic concepts and methods for comprehending the body, its processes, maintenance, and welfare.
  • Recognize the significance of Ayurvedic concepts about society’s health problems.
  • Be able to recognize and treat acute and chronic illnesses based on clinical examination and appropriately identify and carried out investigations.
  • Will develop the skills necessary to provide effective Ayurvedic treatment for all illnesses after doing a prompt physical examination of the patient and gathering all available clinical and research data to know the full range of signs.
  • To provide the students with an understanding of various illnesses and to show the concepts of managing these illnesses in light of modern medical procedures.
  • Should be able to apply relevant scientific literature to Ayurvedic treatment and critically assess it.
  • Maintain competence by continuing to learn about new developments in the subject.
  • To only be able to identify and address the social, ecological, physical, and psychological factors that influence health in a particular situation while creating beneficial, therapeutic, and preventive strategies.
  • To provide instruction in contemporary medicine and surgery concepts and methods to improve the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and prepare students for postgraduate study.

MD/ MS (Ayurveda) Specialties

The M.D./M.S. programme lasts three years. They offer three programs:

  • MD (Panch Karma).
  • MS (Shalya Tantra).
  • MD (Dravya Guna).
  • MD (Rachna Shareer).
  • MD (Rasa Shastra & Bhaisajya Kalpana).
  • MD (Kaya Chikitsa).

MD/MS Program Objectives

  • The postgraduate courses are intended to orient to Ayurvedic and super-specialities, producing experts and professionals who can be proficient and effective teachers, doctors, surgeons, optometrists, E.N.T. specialists, pharmaceutical experts, scientists, and tremendous scholars in a variety of Ayurvedic specializations.
  • The course will provide pupils with training to take care of patients and handle problems on their own.
  • The course will provide pupils with training to take part in the required topic’s training and instruction to undergrad students or internships.
  • The course will provide pupils with training to function independently as a specialist.

Departments Overview 

  • Outline proper treatment based on the most up-to-date scientific research.
  • Minimize erroneous variation in value-based approaches.
  • Encourage more logical and sensible behaviour toward the topic being taught.
  • Increasing the emphasis on lifelong learning and encouraging the effective use of resources already available
  • To serve as the focal point for quality assurance, including audit
  • To draw attention to flaws in the literature currently in circulation and recommend pertinent new research
  • The college has a separate audio-visual room with pcs, LCDs, and an overhead projector.
  • Academic activities, including study trips to businesses, laboratories, pharmacies, sports events, and other contests, are carried out by university policies.
  • To diagnose various illnesses, the hospital features a separate area with a well-stocked laboratory. It contains all necessary amenities, an efficient inpatient and outpatient division, and Clinical departments routinely participate in a range of community initiatives, such as village polls and medical diagnostic camps. Additionally, the department hosts workshops on health awareness.

Program Fees

The price range for various Ayurvedic programs at Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum is listed below.

Course   Annual Fees (Govt. Quota) Annual Fees (Priv. Quota)
BAMS Rs. 60,500 Rs. 2,00,500


Students can always apply for student loans for financial assistance. Right to education is an unwavering necessity of life and financial realities should not stop students from availing the education that they rightfully deserve. Both private and government banks have an attractive range of loan plans with surprisingly low-interest rates. 


After your successful completion of the admission process, you can consult with the college administration about merit-based scholarships or scholarships for students who need financial assistance being provided by the college management. 

Placements & Careers


Clinical Ayurveda Internship offers gifted Ayurveda students the chance to participate in a diverse learning experience. You will spend a year studying, performing, and living in Ayurveda with a team of committed medical professionals by your side who is dedicated to the principles and science of this ancient healing technique.

The purpose of internship programmes is to provide students with real internship experiences to get the skills they need to succeed in medicine. Since interns are taught how to communicate with patients in person or online, they can do so anywhere.

During this internship, the student receives training for a scope of practice that emphasizes preventative medicine, lifestyle modification, and wellness promotion. Throughout this internship, the student receives training for a field of practice that concentrates on the formulation and administration of Panchakarma programmes and herbal remedies as well as the treatment of diseases.

Through the Field Intern Program, students can complete their employment in their local communities.

Career Opportunities


  • A BAMS graduate can find employment in a wide range of fields. They can choose to study, work in the production of Ayurvedic medicines, or practise as Ayurvedic physicians.
  • A BAMS student can find employment in a wide range of fields. They can choose to study, work in the production of Ayurvedic medicines, or practise as Ayurvedic physicians. BAMS graduates can begin their careers as doctors in private practice and hospitals.


  • The graduates might decide to open an Ayurvedic clinic where they could offer a range of treatments and put their business savvy to work.
  • They could serve as instructors at renowned Ayurveda colleges in India.
  • They might serve in various government agencies that support Ayurveda as medical experts.

College Rankings & Achievements

The school has a solid reputation as one of India’s top medical Ayurveda education providers. Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum aims to give students various opportunities to engage with peers from across the world, learn from professors who are subject-matter experts, and experience a vibrant cultural life.

  • Recognitions

    • It is authorized by the Central Council of Indian Medicines and linked with Bangalore’s Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (C.C.I.M.). 
    • The visiting recommendations issued by the Central Council of Indian Medicine – The APEX Body of Studies of Indian Medicine in I.N.D.I.A., New Delhi, are also approved under Section 13C & A of the I.M.C.C.C.C. Act 1970 by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.
  • Teaching Staff Achievements 

    • A senior professor of the institute and reputed Ayurveda practitioner, Dr GS Hadimani, has been selected as a Member of the Board by the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.
    • A book soon-to-be-published by RGUHS was co-authored by one of the most experienced faculty members, Dr Shreedevi Hudder. 
  • Students Achievements 

    • In 2022, A final-year undergraduate student, Mayur, was selected for the Republic Day parade and was the sole representative and leader of the NSS unit of RGUHS.
    • 1st year MD student, Sinchan, scored highly to secure the 9th rank at the university level. 

Facilities Offered 

The sprawling campus of Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic College Belgaum spans 26.3 acres of land. The college has all the tools it needs to conduct academic activities. The college’s main facilities include:

  • Hostel

The college boasts a 5-acre playground, separate dormitories for boys and girls, and a dining hall on its campus. The rooms in both hostels are well-furnished and ventilated. You have the access to clean drinking water. There is a mess area at the women’s hostel. It is done to distribute newspapers and periodicals regularly. They abide by the rules and procedures quite strictly in both hostels.

  • Library

The library offers a fantastic variety that covers all the subject areas addressed in class with its 11132 books. They offer personal reading and research volumes in the library’s study region. They have a library containing recent books, including magazines and newspapers. There is a distinct reading area for men and women for both the faculty and the students.

  • Gym

The gym offers both outdoor and indoor activities as well as sports gear. Athletes participate actively in competitions held at the college, regional, and even inter-college and inter-society divisions. One who works full-time as a physical director oversees the sporting events.

  • Hospital

The hospital can admit 120 indoor patients and is attractively built with excellent infrastructure. Hospitals host several free screening and therapeutic camps. For instance, there are programs for neurological disorders, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and hypertension. The hospital routinely holds no-cost camps for cataract surgery and diagnostics. They conduct monthly surveys of the adjacent villages to identify ailments and offer the proper care. These questionnaires are helpful for students as well.

  • Research

They encourage research that supports the pupils’ creative thoughts, assists them in getting the results they want, and helps them. They equip students with cutting-edge research facilities so they may efficiently complete time-sensitive research.

  • Cafeteria

There is a canteen available for both employees and students at the college. 

College Contact Details

Address: Gokak Road, Revansiddeswar Nagar, Belagavi District, Karnataka.

  • Email: NA
  • Phone Numbers: 08337-244847, 9980515694

Throughout the time, tests and admission examinations, every student has a period of extremely high anxiety and confusion. Because we are aware of this, we offer services designed especially for students attempting to choose the best college for their interests. To save you the hassle, we will simplify the admissions process. Call us immediately if you want to switch to the next stage of your life smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Shri Shiv Yogeshwar Ayurvedic college a private institute?

Yes, it is a private college recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine and connected with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore, Karnataka (C.C.I.M.).

2. How many students are admitted to the B.A.M.S. programme?

College can accept sixty people at a time into the B.A.M.S. programme.

3. How many students are admitted to the MD/MS programme?

The MD/MS program's intake limit is 5.

4. Does the hospital provide internship opportunities?

Yes, their hospital does provide internships.

5. Do they have accommodations for hostels?

They do indeed offer on-campus dormitory amenities.

6. How do we register for the B.A.M.S. programme at the campus?

You must first complete NEET with a satisfactory score before applying to the institution to enrol in the B.A.M.S. programme. To be admitted to this esteemed college, candidates must perform well on the NEET exam.

7. Do they offer amenities?

They offer students access to top-notch amenities like libraries, auditoriums, dormitories, cafeterias, labs, hospitals, and medical centres.

8. Are women safe on campus?

Yes, women feel very comfortable on campus. Women are provided with many opportunities and safe on campus.

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