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St. Francis College, Bangalore Admission Procedure, Courses, Ranking

Finding the right educational institution after grade 12 is a vital and nerve-wracking decision for every student. Contrary to the popular notion, the right college does not simply hand you a degree; it gives you knowledge. St. Francis College, Koramangala, Bangalore, is determined to provide you with education, knowledge, and experience for a brighter future.

St. Francis College is a co-ed college, one of the top colleges in Karnataka for students wishing to pursue further studies. Their highly experienced faculty offer their expertise and knowledge to provide top-notch education to the students. They use practical and theoretical tools to make their classes more interactive and make learning enjoyable for students.

Picking the correct college might seem like a daunting task. Hopefully, with this guide and overview, I will ease your mind and worries and assist you in finding the right college!

St Francis College, Bangalore College Overview

  • Year of Establishment: 1957.
  • Location: PB.NO. 3417, 3rd Block, 8th Main, Koramangala Bengaluru – 560034.
  • Affiliated to: Bangalore Central University.
  • Number of Courses Offered: 18.
  • Accredited by: Grade A by NAAC.

St. Francis College, Bangalore, has a clear-cut vision and motto. It believes in incorporating knowledge, integrity and peace in students to help them grow individually and thrive in a competitive environment. The institution is committed to instilling moral and social responsibilities in students and shaping them into future leaders.

Founded in 1957, the college offers 18 courses in fields such as science, commerce, arts, and management. St. Francis College is driven by a hard-working faculty, a spacious campus, various courses, and amenities for the students. The college aims at building a safe, secure, and inclusive environment for the students, where students from every background feel comfortable. It is also equipped with well-maintained equipment to make the classrooms fun and interactive for everyone to grow and learn.

The college regularly organizes on-campus and online meetings, conferences, and seminars hosted by esteemed speakers for the students. In addition to this, the college assists the students through their counseling, anti-ragging, grievance, women’s cells, etc. The campus is easily reachable, and city facilities are accessible as it is located in the center of Bangalore.

St. Francis College Bangalore Fee Structure

BA Journalism, Economics, English 93,000
B.Com Regular, Honours, with CA 1.38 lakhs
BBA Business Administration, Aviation 3.03 lakhs
BSc Maths, Economics, Psychology, Statistics, Interior Designing 1.68 lakhs
BCA Computer Science 1.74 lakhs

*The fee structure was not mentioned on the college’s website. Therefore, the information regarding the fee structure have been collected from unofficial sources and could be subject to change.

Courses Offered

St. Francis College offers 18 courses to students from the science, arts, commerce, and management streams. The courses offered include BA, BCA, BSc, B.Com, and BBA. Apart from undergraduate courses, the college also offers postgraduate courses in MBA, M.Com, and MCA.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics)

With a BA in Economics, the college aims to specialize and train students in the field of Economics. The course emphasizes qualitative and quantitative Economics and practical and theoretical tools to demonstrate and apply the concepts. The incredibly experienced teachers offer their expertise to provide students with examples to help them understand Economics in a domestic, national, and global sense.

The course covers microeconomics, macroeconomics, Development Economics, Indian Economics, Quantitative Techniques, and Statistics.

Since the course covers a wide array of, it opens the door to various career opportunities for the students: Economic advisor, Executive, Analyst, Teacher, Financial Analyst, Stock Analyst, Researcher, and Business Analyst.

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates applying for BA (Economics) must complete a two-year pre-university course prescribed by the state of Karnataka or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course and relevant subjects.

  • Bachelor of Arts (English)

This course aims to hone the students’ spoken, written, and reading English abilities to strengthen their communication and writing skills. Pursuing a BA in English from this college will also teach the students about the history of literature, literary analysis and interpretation, language structure, and textual comprehension.

The course covers British Literature, American Literature, Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature, European Literature, Indian Writing, Literature Criticism, Phonetics, and Stylistic Linguistics.

Upon completing the course, the students will be eligible for various career opportunities: Writing, Editing, Translating, Journalism, Advertising, Teaching, Content Writing, Publication, and Research.

Eligibility Criteria: Students applying for BA (English) must clear class 12 with at least 50% marks from a recognized institution or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)

Studying BA in Journalism from the college will equip students with current knowledge and research and report strategies. The students will also learn about investigative aspects of reporting political, social, cultural, and popular news. The course aims to teach students different ways of transforming society’s political, social, and economic parts.

The course will cover various topics: Communication, Fundamentals of Journalism, Editing, E-media, Reporting, Digital Media, Media laws, Advertising, and Public Relations (PR).

Career opportunities the course provides Reporter, News Anchor, Translator, Freelance Journalist, Editor, Social Media Writer and Proofreader.

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must finish a two-year pre-university course prescribed by Karnataka or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject.

  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

We live in a digital world where computers and networking govern almost everything. Pursuing BCA in this college is an excellent choice for students who are fascinated by computer applications. The course builds a digital environment in the classroom where IT experts teach students. With practical knowledge, the latest software, and various IT clubs, the students receive exposure, experience, and skills to transform them into IT geniuses.

Various topics covered by the course: Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Operating Systems, Mathematics, Web Technologies, Statistics, and Data Communication.

Career avenues for the students: Programmers, Web developers, Technical Support, Teachers, Software Designers, User Interface Designers

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must complete a two-year pre-university course held by Karnataka or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum marks required are 45%.

  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics)

This course allows students to hone their statistics, maths, and economics skills. The students learn about the subjects in-depth, understand the concepts and their applications, and are equipped with different maths and economic theories and models. In addition to this, the course also teaches students how to solve experimental problems.

Topics covered by the course: Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Differential equations, Basic Statistics, Sampling Theory, Micro Economics, Statistical Inference, Statistical Economics, and Mathematical Economics.

Career opportunities for students: Professor, Financial Analyst, Quality Engineer, Data Analyst, Database Administration, Consultant, and Economic and Financial Advisor.

Eligibility Criteria: The course requires candidates to finish a two-year pre-university course prescribed by Karnataka or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course in Science or Commerce with Maths as a mandatory subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum marks required are 45%.

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology, Journalism, Computer Science)

This course offers a combined study in three subjects: Psychology, Journalism, and Computer Science, with an equal focus on all three. This provides an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and career scopes.  

The course covers introductory psychology, Health, Reporting, Writing, Child Psychology, Computer Applications, and Web Development.

Career opportunities for the students: Reporter, Researcher, Web Designer, and Editor.

Eligibility Criteria: For this course, the candidates applying should complete a two-year pre-university course prescribed by Karnataka or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum marks required are 45%.

  • Bachelor of Science (Interior Design and Decoration)

Learn to decorate rooms, homes, spaces, and areas with a BSc in Interior Design and Decoration! Highly experienced teachers with interior design experts will offer students their knowledge and skills.

Topics students will study in the course: The Visual Language of Design, The History of Style, Decoration & Architecture, Lighting, Colour Palette, Interior Finishing, Design Styles, Visual Communication, Textiles and Fabrics, Furniture, Art and Accessories, and Space Planning.

Different career options for students: Interior Designing, Event Organiser, Event Planner, Party Planning, and Interior Decoration Business.

Eligibility Criteria: Students must clear a two-year pre-university course or receive a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum requirement is 45% marks.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

The college offers two B.Com courses: With CA and Regular. The only difference between the two courses is that along with financial management, accounting, and business, B.Com (with CA) also offers coaching for CA exams.

Topics taught in the course: Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, GST, Income Tax, Business Dynamics & Entrepreneurship, Banking, Marketing, Auditing, Corporate Structure, and CA coaching as per ICAI.

Career opportunities for students: Financial Consultant, Auditing, Financial Analyst, Taxing, Financial Manager, Banker, Insurance Agent, Economist, Government Sector Jobs, Education Sector Jobs, Investment Analyst, and Cost Accounting.

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must finish a two-year pre-university course prescribed by Karnataka or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum marks required are 45%.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)

The course focuses on practical and theoretical tools to help students understand and face challenges in the business and commerce sectors. B.Com in Accounting and Finance also equips the students with excellent financial and accounting skills.

Topics covered in the course: Business Economics, Business Law, Business Statistics, Strategic Management, Corporate Law, Auditing, Income Tax, GST, Customs, and Financial Management.

Various career opportunities for students: Investment Analyst, Finance Management, Forex Risk Manager, Taxing and Banking.

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates should complete a two-year pre-university course prescribed by Karnataka or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum requirement is 45% marks.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

B.Com Honours provide internship programmes and opportunities for students to polish their practical learning and education.

Topics the course covers – Financial Accounting, Organisation Culture and Management, GST, Marketing, Maths and Business, Macro Economics, Corporate Law, Financial Management, and Marketing.

Career opportunities for students: Banks, Insurance Companies, Research Centres, Education Centres, NGOs, Marketing Managing, and Human Resource Management.

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates should complete a two-year pre-university course prescribed by Karnataka. They should have Business Studies and Accountancy as their two major subjects in the first two years of the pre-university course. If the students do not clear the course, they must obtain a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum requirement is 45% marks.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

A BBA degree from the college will enable students to stay ahead in the business world. The course will equip students with entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities, management skills and a moral compass.

Topics the course will cover: Communication and Reasoning, Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Banking, Business Laws, Human Resource Management, Business Skill Development and Marketing Research.

The course will also open career opportunities for students: Financial Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Investment Banker, Business Executive, Sales, and Risk Analyst.

Eligibility Criteria: The BBA course requires students to finish a two-year pre-university course or get a minimum of 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum requirement is 45% marks.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation Training Programme)

Learn to fly high with BBA in Aviation Training Programme! In this course, students learn about airplanes, their design, the ground staff, and the cabin crew. Students interested in flight training, becoming pilots, air stewards, or hostess can polish their skills in this course. The course also provides the students with detailed knowledge about Aviation and offers them a certificate post the completion of a six-month long training.

The course covers – Introduction to Airline Industry, Organisational Behaviour, Accounting and Management Decisions, Logistics and Air Cargo Management, Airport Strategic Planning, Aviation Law and Aircraft Rules and Regulations, and Aviation Security and Safety Management.

Career opportunities for students: Pilot Training, Ground Staff Training, IATA Certificate, Cabin Crew Training, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Engineering.

Eligibility Criteria: The course needs students to complete a two-year pre-university course or receive at least 50% in an equivalent course or subject. For physically disabled and SC/ST students, the minimum requirement is 45% marks.

The College Admission Process at St. Francis College, Bangalore

Once you clear the eligibility criteria for the course you are interested in, applying to St. Francis College is a piece of cake! The admission process is simple, easy to follow, and quick. Regardless of the course, the application procedure will hardly take time as long as you have the required materials.

Students applying for undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma courses have to apply online. They must first register on the college’s official website, receive a password and ID unique to each student, and use that to fill out the application form. There is no entrance exam required to apply to the college.

The candidates must carry certain official documents with them at the time of admission and counseling:

  • Class 10 final mark sheet.
  • Class 12 final mark sheet.
  • Class 10 clearance certificate.
  • Class 12 clearance certificate.
  • Proof of Birth.
  • Ten latest passport-sized photos.
  • Ten stamp-sized photos.
  • Character Certificate from the Head of Institution of the previous school or college.
  • Migration Certificate.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Caste Certificate.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Income Proof (if required).

Placements and Scope

St. Francis College’s Career Guidance Cell provides students with in-depth and extensive knowledge and training to secure a bright future. The college provides students with various opportunities to meet and interact with corporations. The college hosts various activities that train students and equip them with the required skills for better career opportunities. The college has helped recruit students to corporations like Decathlon, VLCC, The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Eat Raja, etc. 

The college organizes internship drives that assist students in exploring new careers and prepares them for a professional and competitive world. The conferences and seminars help students focus on their careers and education. In addition, the college also offers counseling sessions to the students to help narrow down their choices.

Through internship programs, the college forges a way for the students to take the initiative and feel empowered. The training sessions instill confidence and esteem in the students and expose them to the current market. The intensive training helps the students stay ahead of their peers in this competitive industry and sets the college apart.

The college has recruited students from more than a hundred top companies and NGOs to help them grow, learn, and transform.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Infrastructure

The college campus is vast and spacious, and fully Wi-Fi equipped. There are 48 spacious classrooms, all with audio-visual technology. Students have 24/7 access the internet, libraries, laboratories, and conference halls.

Staff rooms are built on each floor to assist the students. The campus also has a cafeteria and elevators that reach all the floors. Additionally, the college’s parking space accommodates all types of vehicles.  

  • Conference Rooms

The college organizes seminars, webinars, and conferences regularly for the students. The campus has two well-maintained and fully furnished conference halls to hold events and programs. The halls are fully equipped with projects, speakers, and air conditioners.  

  • Laboratories

St. Francis College has science and computer laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with all the important and latest equipment, gadgets, and software accessible to the students. The labs also have access to the internet for ease of research and help.

  • Meditation Room

College can be taxing, so the campus has a meditation room where students can catch their breath and relax. The spacious room allows students to rest, step away from the busy campus, and spend some time with themselves. The campus also has a chapel. All students can visit the chapel any time they want for peace and calm.

  • Library

The campus has a well-maintained library with books and research materials for the students. The library can be accessed both online and offline. There are fully functional and the latest computer systems set up in the library to give online access to students. Both traditional and digital libraries make learning fun, interactive, and efficient for students.

In addition to the library, students can visit any of the two reading rooms to study without any interruptions or distractions.

  • Reprographic Room

A reprographic center on campus gives students access to additional resources like stationery, scanning, printing, binding, photocopying, etc.

  • Hostels

The campus has hostel facilities to accommodate students who wish to avail of hostel facilities or for students enrolling outside Karnataka. There are two hostels: one for girls and one for boys.

Scholarships and Cut-Offs

St. Francis College, Bangalore, offers scholarships to students who require financial aid. The students can reap the benefits of the scholarships from the college or state-governed programmes. However, scholarships are conditional and are offered based on reservation and merit.

College admissions have a cut-off yearly that is declared after the school or university exams. All eighteen courses the college offers have a minimum cut-off that the students must meet to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Admission Process?

The Admission Process is standard for all the courses. The candidates must clear 10 + 2 exams with a minimum of 50% marks. SC/ST students or physically disabled students should score at least 45% marks. There is no entrance examination. The candidates must register on the official website, fill out the registration form and upload the important documents.

2. How many courses does St. Francis College, Bangalore Offer?

Currently, the college offers 18 courses across various streams – science, commerce, arts, and management. The College offers UG, PG, and Diploma Courses.

3. Do the students get Placements?

The students have received Placements in over 100 top companies, including Decathlon, VLCC, Tripvillas, etc.

4. Does the college offer Scholarships to Students?

The college offers Scholarships to Students. However, they are based on reservation and merit.

5. What are the Facilities Offered by the College?

St. Francis College, Bangalore offers 24/7 Wi-Fi, laboratories, conference halls, hostels, cafeterias, libraries, study halls, meditation rooms, and fully ventilated classrooms to the students.


St. Francis College, Bangalore, is an excellent choice for students pursuing further studies. The college offers eighteen courses taught by a highly trained faculty, various amenities, scholarships, and career opportunities. Get in touch with us if you are interested in studying here. My team and I will gladly assist you free of charge!

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