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MBA Admission in Bangalore 2023: The Best MBA Admission Guidance Team

Hi, All! This post is for candidates who are looking for MBA admission in Bangalore for the academic year 2019-21. Here I had given you the complete procedure for admission to the top MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Admission to MBA in Bangalore is possible if you had written and qualified for the national level exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, KMAT, PGCET, etc.

Most of the MBA colleges in Bangalore come under the Bangalore University or VTU.

In this post I will be covering the following topics:

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Advantages of Taking MBA Admission in Bangalore:

There are a lot of pros for taking MBA admission in Bangalore. You might have seen a lot of your friends who are coming down even from the north to join colleges in Bangalore. The major advantages are:

  • Wide options of Colleges: There are more than 50 management colleges in and around Bangalore, where you can take MBA admission. There are colleges with low and high budgets and easy for candidates to choose.
  • Good Placements: There are many companies in Bangalore in various sectors. So there will be great exposure for all the students in all management colleges with top-class companies. You might surely know that Bangalore is the IT Hub of India.
  • Affordable Fee: In Bangalore, there are many good colleges with affordable fees, which also provides scholarship facility for deserving students.
  • Climate: Bangalore is also known as Garden City because of the climatic conditions. Bangalore usually has a cold climate in the eves and this makes people more adjustable. You can know more about Bangalore here.
  • Exposure: You can find people from almost every part of the world. This gives you exposure to different kinds of people and boosts your social and communication skills.
  • Connectivity: Bangalore is easy to visit and well-networked via rail, road, and air. Students from far places are able to travel without any problem.

Procedures for taking Admission in MBA:

To join any college you must attend and score well for their respective entrance exams. The major entrance exams for MBA admission in Bangalore are CAT, XAT, KMAT, CMAT, PGCET, etc.

The MBA admissions open between July and August. For three months admissions will be open. There are many institutes that open their admission between September – October and close the admission by December end.

MBA Admissions in Bangalore take place in three steps:

  • Apply and attend the entrance exams.
  • Colleges will shortlist the candidates.
  • Final admission procedures and allotment letter.

List of Entrance Exams

These are the few entrance exams that you can attend to get MBA admission in Bangalore:

  • Common Admission Test or CAT.
  • Xavier Aptitude Test or XAT.
  • Graduate Management aptitude Test or GMAT.
  • Common Management Admission Test or CMAT.
  • Management Aptitude Test or MAT.
  • AIMS Test of Management Admissions or ATMA.
  • KMAT.
  • PGCET.

There are many more exams that are conducted by different institutes in India, you can research those and check which is suitable for you.

MBA Specializations Available in Bangalore

There are different specializations available in MBA colleges in Bangalore. There are also dual specializations available in a few MBA colleges in Bangalore.

The major specializations in MBA available are:

  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Hospital Administration.
  • Human Resource Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality.
  • International Business.
  • E-Business Management.
  • Telecom Management.
  • Insurance Management.
  • Innovation Management.
  • Business Management.
  • Pharma Management.
  • Information Technology and Systems.
  • Information Technology Management.
  • ‘Investment Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Foreign Trade and Global Business Management.

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How to Choose a College for MBA Admission in Bangalore?

When I write about every course, I include this section without fail. The reason is that I had seen a lot of students being placed in the worst and most non-accredited colleges in Bangalore.

It is not just a loss of money, it’s a loss of time that we can’t buy back. Before choosing a college set an affordable fee budget you can go for and the specialization you will opt for.

Campus Placements

Please do enquire about the placement records of the institute through your source and friends. Try to talk with the students in the college to make a clear idea about it.

There are a lot of colleges marketing that they provide 100% placements, and that might be true. But what really matters is what is the salary package the students had been placed for.

Many colleges partner with companies and make a deal that they will provide students with internships etc. During that internship period, you won’t be paid for anything. There are a lot of MBA colleges in Bangalore that provide international placements too.

College Faculties

It would be great if you have an influential and social faculty. This will increase your chances for better learning and better placements.

In Bangalore, there are a lot of MBA colleges with International and highly qualified faculties.

College Infrastructure

You can see rank a college on how the college looks. The first impression is always the best impression.

I would never say that colleges with big buildings and large campus areas would be the best. There are many MBA colleges that have a clean and small campus and provide you with great campus placements.


Please do see whether you can afford the fees. It’s not just about tuition fees. There will be extra fees like the hostel, food, project charges, etc. So clear all those doubts with the college or the consultant you deal with.


If you have good entrance exam scores or good scores for your graduation, then see whether the college provides you any benefits of scholarships. There are few colleges that will provide scholarships. It would be better if you talk about the same before taking admission.

Hostel and Food

Most of the post-graduates don’t stay at hostels. Still, if you opt for college hostels, see whether the place is hygienic and whether the food is hygienic.

I had seen people telling that food in every college is worst and not hygienic. It’s just a myth. There are very good colleges that provide good hostels and food.

Location and Climatic

Ease of travel and adaptable climate is something every candidate and consultant looks for when choosing a college. That is the main reason I refer students to the best MBA colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore has the best and most adaptable climate.

In Bangalore, there are colleges in the center of the city and also on the outskirts. It depends on the candidate which one to choose.

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MBA Admission in Bangalore – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the structure of the MBA course in Bangalore?

Different colleges provide different structures. You can do an MBA part-time, full time and exclusively. Few MBA colleges also provide dual specialization in MBA.

The main subjects of an MBA are:

  • Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Accounting.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Business Communication.
  • Business Analytics.
  • Operations.

2. What is the recognition needed for an MBA college?

MBA is a degree provided by colleges with affiliation from a university. PGDM is a self-run program conducted by the institutes. The management colleges will be recognized or accredited by councils like UGC, AICTE, NAAC, etc.

3. Are there any plus points if I have work experience?

Some colleges give special consideration to candidates with work experience. But, there is no such approved slab for admission for the experienced.

4. Is there any guarantee that I will get a job?

A company selects the candidate by checking his score, aptitude, performance, etc. That means it completely depends on the candidates. If you perform well in personal interviews, then you have a better chance of getting a job.

4. Can I apply for Educational Loan for MBA Admission in Bangalore?

Yes! You can surely apply for an educational loan for MBA admission in Bangalore. We can provide you with loan papers and supporting documents after you confirm your admission to any institute.

You can get loans up to 4 lakhs without keeping any guarantee. For educational loans above 4 lakhs, you have to keep the property, jewelry, FD, etc as a guarantee to the bank. You will be able to get more precise information from the bank people.

5. What are the eligibility criteria for MBA admission in Bangalore?

Generally, you must have a minimum score in the entrance exam and also a 50% aggregate mark for your graduation. There are colleges that provide MBA admission to students having 40% marks in graduation also. But it also depends on the colleges and universities.

6. Can I get an MBA admission in Bangalore if I don’t clear the entrance exam?

No! You have to clear the basic related entrance exam to join any management college in Bangalore.

7. Which specialization should I choose?

This completely depends on the candidate’s taste, skill, and future scope. There are many specializations in MBA and you are the one who must find it right. There are colleges that provide dual specializations too.

8. What is the difference between MBA and PGDM?

MBA is a degree provided by a college under one university, like Bangalore University or VTU. PGDM is provided by autonomous institutes and it is also equivalent to MBA.

Why You Must Take MBA Admission Through Us?

This section is to tell my clients about my services and the benefits which I provide through MBA admission in Bangalore consulting service.

We are in an educational consultancy stream for the past 13 years and were able to help place hundreds of students every year.

I will list down the features of my MBA admission services, which you can check:

  • MBA Tour: After you reach Bangalore we can schedule an appointment and make an MBA college tour within your budget. We will see your score and budget and take you directly to all the colleges and see the infrastructure. It would be free of cost. No worries! 😀
  • Selection of College: After the college tour, our experts will help you choose very good management colleges within your budget and give you in-depth information about the same.
  • Seat booking: You can choose our advanced seat booking facility to secure your seat by providing valid documents.
  • Pay as you go: We place a lot of students in different parts of Bangalore. This helps us make a great relationship with college management. You can pay your tuition fee in installments yearly.
  • Loan Paper: If you are looking for educational loans, we can help you get supporting documents from colleges and universities. This makes your loan procedures more easily.
  • Excellent After Support: This makes us stand out from the crowd. Yes, we proudly admit that we will provide the best support for all students who took MBA admission in Bangalore through us. Most consultants don’t care for their clients after the admission procedure is over.
  • Zero Service Charge: We don’t charge anything from the client. Then you might be thinking how we survive right? The colleges pay us for each student we refer to. We refer candidates to affiliated and government-approved colleges only.
  • Placement Support: We are tied up with a few HR consultants and in case of any future help for a job, we can refer you to them. This will surely be helpful to all the candidates.
  • Zero Donation Colleges: We are also partnered with many management colleges that provide direct admission to MBA without donation also.

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Benefits of Our Consultancy Service

We are in this field for the past 13 years because we provide all our candidates with great and unique benefits. The unique benefits we provide our candidates are:

  • Scholarships for deserving candidates: We are tied up with hundreds of colleges and few of the colleges provide scholarships for candidates with good scores in entrance exams and also to students who have scored well in graduation.
  • International Education Tour: Few of the MBA colleges in Bangalore provide a free educational international tour. This tour will be an exclusively educational tour and I can guarantee it would benefit all the candidates.
  • Industrial visit: Our partnered management institutes provide the best IV in various fields in India. The location depends on the specialization and the college.
  • Free Laptop: We provide our candidates with laptops with a good configuration that will help them in their studies and projects.

Interested to take MBA admission in Bangalore through us? You can call us using the click-to-call button below.

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Not interested to take an MBA admission through our consultancy? No worries! 😛

I will tell you how to select an educational consultant for MBA admission. If I had been in your place I will select educational consultants who:

  • Have a perfect track record and zero consumer complaints.
  • Have a permanent office.
  • Can provide you with MBA admission at a competitive fee structure.
  • Deals with reputed and government-approved colleges only.
  • Provides excellent after-support.
  • It can help you in placements.

If you feel I must add anything else to the list, then comment down the details. : D

In this list, I am not including colleges like IIM. This is the list of good colleges in Bangalore for MBA admission. The good MBA colleges in Bangalore are:

  • Christ University.
  • Jain University.
  • IFIM.
  • Acharya Institute of Management Studies.
  • St.Joseph Institute of Management studies.
  • Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies.
  • PES University.
  • Acharya Bangalore Business School.
  • Dayanand Sagar Institue of Management.
  • Garden City College.
  • CMR University.
  • Kristu Jayanti College.
  • Reva University.
  • Koshys College of Management.
  • Mount Carmel College.
  • Sambharam Academy of Management Studies.
  • Krupainadhi College.
  • East Point College.
  • T John College.

Conclusion about MBA Admission in Bangalore:

In this post, I tried my best in providing information regarding MBA admission in Bangalore. If you liked this information, please do share it with your friends in need. You can also read about MBA admission in Kerala if you are interested in joining the MBA there.

If you have any questions feel free to comment on the queries and I will try my best to revert back as soon as possible. If you really need an MBA admission in Bangalore feels free to call us using the below call button. We mainly deal with direct MBA admission in Bangalore.

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