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MCC NEET PG Counselling 2024 all India: Dates, Eligibility, Admission process

Hello PG aspirants! from Careermudra, Bangalore. Navigating MCC NEET PG counselling can be a complex and critical process for aspiring postgraduate medical students. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with detailed information about the all India counselling process, available seats, counselling procedures, and essential strategies to ensure a successful and informed experience.

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Overview of MCC NEET PG Counselling

The NEET PG 2024 counselling dates and schedule will be announced by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC), with the process expected to begin around the month of August 2024. To participate in the seat allocation, candidates must register on the official MCC website mcc.nic.in.

MCC NEET PG counselling, conducted by the Medical Counselling Committee, comprises two layers: state-level counselling and all India counselling. This guide focuses on the all India counselling process, covering various seat types across the nation, to help you navigate this crucial step in securing your postgraduate medical seat.

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Seats Available Under MCC NEET PG Counselling

The MCC NEET PG counselling process covers a wide range of seats across different institutions and programs, offering numerous opportunities for postgraduate medical aspirants. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the seats available:

NEET PG admission Quota
50% All India Quota seats
50% State Quota seats
Armed Forces Medical Services
Deemed Universities
Central Universities (DU, AMU, BHU)
ESIC colleges

This table outlines the various quotas through which candidates can secure admission during NEET PG counselling. Each quota represents different categories of seats available across medical institutions in India.

MCC NEET PG Counselling

Government Colleges

50% of the seats in all government colleges offering MD, MS, and diploma courses are reserved for MCC NEET PG counselling. This allocation includes seats from some of the most prestigious government medical institutions across India, providing ample opportunities for students to secure a place in reputed colleges.

Banas Hindu University (BHU)

BHU, a renowned institution, also participates in the MCC NEET PG counselling. Like government colleges, 50% of the seats at BHU for postgraduate medical courses are included in the counselling process. This ensures that a significant number of seats are available to candidates through the all India quota.

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

Similar to BHU, 50% of the seats at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) are part of the MCC NEET PG counselling. AMU is a well-respected university, and its inclusion in the counselling process offers students additional prestigious options for their postgraduate studies.

Central Universities

All central universities, including notable ones like Delhi University, participate in the MCC NEET PG counselling. 50% of the seats in these central universities are available through the counselling process, adding to the diversity and quality of educational institutions accessible to students.

DNB Seats

The Diplomate of National Board (DNB) programs offer a substantial number of seats through the MCC NEET PG counselling, with 100% of DNB seats included. The DNB programs provide various courses, such as:

  • Three-year DNB courses: These are standard postgraduate courses in various medical specialties.
  • Two-year DNB diploma courses: These shorter programs are focused on specific medical fields.
  • Six-year DNB courses: Equivalent to super specialty programs, these include intensive training in areas such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery, and plastic surgery.

By participating in the MCC NEET PG counselling, candidates have access to a broad spectrum of postgraduate medical education opportunities, ranging from traditional government college seats to specialized DNB programs. This comprehensive approach helps ensure that students can find programs that match their career aspirations and educational needs.

Deemed Universities

All student who need seats in deemed universities should participate in the MCC NEET PG counselling. There are more than 50 deemed universities across India offering MD and MS courses. These universities have two types of seats: management (paid) seats and NRI seats. Additionally, some deemed universities are minority institutions (Muslim or Jain minority).

NEET PG 2024 Exam Date

NEET PG Exam 2024

The NEET PG exam dates for 2024 will be conducted on August 11th 2024 . Originally set for June 23, 2024, the exam was postponed due to recent controversies surrounding the NEET 2024 exam. The MCC NEET PG counselling dates for 2024 will be announced online following the NEET PG 2024 exam. Aspiring candidates eagerly await the new schedule to plan their admission process.

MCC NEET PG Counselling

Eligibility Criteria for NEET PG counselling 2024

To participate in the counselling process for NEET PG 2024, candidates need to achieve a score that meets or exceeds the qualifying cutoffs set by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). These cutoff scores are crucial as they determine whether candidates are eligible to apply for postgraduate medical seats. The specific qualifying cutoff for NEET PG 2024 will be disclosed by MCC simultaneously with the release of the exam results.

Candidates awaiting the cutoff scores can refer to the previous year’s NEET PG cutoff table for insights into the scores required for various categories and institutions. This information helps candidates measure their chances of securing a seat and plan their counselling strategy accordingly.

The cutoff scores typically vary based on factors such as category of the candidate (General, OBC, SC/ST), type of institution (government, private, deemed universities), and specialty. Staying informed about the cutoffs ensures candidates are prepared to make informed decisions during the counselling process and maximize their chances of admission.

Here’s the table detailing the NEET PG 2023 cutoff qualifying percentiles and scores for different categories:

CategoryNEET PG 2023 Qualifying PercentileNEET PG 2023 Cut Off Score
Unreserved (UR)50th percentile291
SC/ST/OBC40th percentile257
UR PWD45th percentile274

These cutoffs represent the minimum percentile and corresponding scores required for each category to qualify for NEET PG 2023. Candidates should aim to achieve scores equal to or higher than these cutoffs to be eligible for counselling and admission into postgraduate medical courses.

📢NEET PG 2024 cut-off for 2024 will be updated as soon as officially announced by MCC in this article.

Documents required for NEET PG counselling 2024

Document Description
NEET PG admit card 2024
NEET PG 2024 result/rank letter
Class X marksheet/ birth certificate
Marksheets of MBBS
MBBS Degree Certificate
Internship Completion Certificate
Permanent/provisional registration certificate
Valid, non-expired and authentic photo ID proof
Caste Certificate (if applicable)
Non-creamy layer Certificate (if applicable)
Disability Certificate (if applicable)

📢 Ensure all documents are authentic, valid, and meet the specific requirements outlined by the counselling authorities for NEET PG 2024.

MCC NEET PG Counselling

NEET PG Counselling Process

Step 1: Notification and Registration

To participate in NEET PG 2024 counselling, candidates must register on MCC’s official website. New registrations are allowed before each counselling round. Once registered for NEET PG 2024 counselling, candidates do not need to register again for subsequent rounds.

Following the NEET results, MCC will release a notification regarding the conversion from Indian to NRI status. Students interested in NRI quota seats must pay attention to this notice. Subsequently, the information bulletin and counselling schedule will be published. The first step involves registration and uploading the required documents, followed by payment of registration fees and security deposits.

👇Steps to register for the counselling of NEET PG
MCC NEET PG Counselling 2024 all India: Dates, Eligibility, Admission process
👇NEET PG 2024 counselling fee

Here’s the table detailing the non-refundable fees for NEET PG counselling categories:

Non-refundable Fee TypeCategoryFee (in Rs)
For 50% AIQ/Central UniversitiesGeneral1,000
For 50% AIQ/Central UniversitiesSC/ST/OBC500
For Deemed UniversitiesAll categories5,000

Here’s the table detailing the refundable fees for NEET PG counselling categories:

Refundable Fee TypeCategoryFee (in Rs)
For 50% AIQ/Central UniversitiesGeneral25,000
For 50% AIQ/Central UniversitiesSC/ST/OBC10,000
For Deemed UniversitiesAll categories2,00,000

Step 2: Choice Filling

In MCC round one, the choice-filling process is a free exit, meaning there is no penalty if you do not take the allotted seat. However, in round two and subsequent rounds, if you do not accept the allotted seat, your security deposit will be forfeited.

👇Steps to fill the choice for NEET PG seat allotment 2024
MCC NEET PG Counselling 2024 all India: Dates, Eligibility, Admission process

Step 3: Seats allocation

The NEET PG counselling process consists of three rounds, each offering opportunities for candidates to secure their preferred seats. Here’s an overview of each round.

Counselling RoundsDescription
Round OneNo penalty is imposed for declining an allotted seat. Candidates have the option to accept the seat, decline it, or opt for upgradation in subsequent rounds.
Round TwoDeclining the allotted seat results in forfeiture of the security deposit. Upgradation to Round Three is still possible.
Mopup RoundThe final round allows for further upgradation of seats, concluding the counselling process.
Stray Vacancy RoundSpecial counselling round is being conducted to remaining medical seats after all three rounds of counselling.

Step 4: Reporting to the institute

After being allocated a seat through NEET PG 2024 counselling, candidates are required to report to the designated institute. It is mandatory for them to bring all original certificates along with self-attested copies.

Additionally, candidates must ensure they pay the required fees during the counselling process to secure their allocated seats. These steps are crucial for completing the admission process and commencing their postgraduate medical education.

MCC NEET PG Counselling

Significance of MCC NEET PG Counselling

MCC NEET PG counselling is crucial for all students, regardless of their rank. It offers multiple opportunities:

Rank CategoryOpportunities Available in MCC NEET PG Counselling
High-rankedOptions in prestigious government colleges offering MD, MS, and diploma courses.
Mid-rankedOpportunities to explore DNB (Diplomate of National Board) courses and diploma options.
Low-rankedPossibilities to consider seats in deemed universities, which may have higher fee structures.

This table highlights the diverse opportunities available through MCC NEET PG counselling based on the candidate’s rank, ensuring every student can find suitable postgraduate medical education options.

Strategies for a Successful Counselling Experience

Navigating the NEET PG counselling process effectively can significantly impact your chances of securing a desired postgraduate medical seat. Here are key strategies to ensure a successful counselling experience:

Proper Order of ChoicesMake a well-organized list of preferences based on your priorities, such as specialty and location, to optimize your chances of receiving a favorable seat assignment.
Understanding PenaltiesFamiliarize yourself with the penalties involved in round two and subsequent rounds to make informed decisions about seat acceptance and upgradation opportunities.
Exploring All OptionsConsider all available seat types, including DNB (Diplomate of National Board) and deemed universities, to maximize your options according to your rank and financial constraints.
MCC NEET PG Counselling

Frequently asked question about MCC NEET PG counselling

1. When will NEET PG 2024 counselling begin?

A: NEET PG 2024 counselling is expected to start around August 2024. Exact dates will be announced by MCC after exams result.

2. What seats are covered under MCC NEET PG counselling?

A: MCC NEET PG counselling covers 50% All India Quota seats, 50% State Quota seats, Deemed Universities, Central Universities, Armed Forces Medical Services, and ESIC colleges.

3. What documents are required for NEET PG counselling?

A: Documents required include NEET PG admit card, MBBS mark sheets, degree certificate, internship completion certificate, and valid ID proof among others.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for NEET PG counselling 2024?

A: Candidates need to meet the qualifying cutoffs released by MCC and other eligibility criteria to participate in NEET PG counselling.

5. How many rounds are there in NEET PG counselling?

A: NEET PG counselling typically consists of three rounds and a stray vacancy round.

6. What is the significance of MCC NEET PG counselling?

A: It offers opportunities for high, mid, and low-ranked students to secure seats in prestigious government colleges, DNB programs, and deemed universities.


MCC NEET PG counselling is a critical step in securing a postgraduate medical seat in India. MCC NEET PG counselling process is pivotal for aspiring medical postgraduates. By understanding seat quotas, counselling procedures, and strategic approaches, candidates can optimize their chances of securing seats. Stay informed, explore all options, and approach the counselling process with confidence to embark on a successful medical career journey.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your counselling process!

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