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Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur Admission, Courses Offered, Fees structure, Facilities

Nowadays, wherever you go you will find a dental clinic, and there are high chances that there will be one dentist in every group of friends. This says that this profession is booming day by day. There is a demand for admission to any course related to dentistry. The college seats are getting filled at a fast pace and the admissions are over within a short span of time. Are you an aspirant for dentistry and looking for colleges? Then, don’t waste your time looking anywhere else as I have got you one of the best colleges to study dentistry. Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur is one of the best dental colleges in Tamil Nadu. Read further to know everything about the college.

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur Overview

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur was established in the year 2005 under the constituent of the Adhiparasakthi Charitable, Medical, Educational and Cultural Trust (ACMEC). The college was established with an honourable cause to provide dental services to the backward classes at an affordable rate. 

Key Highlights

Name Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur
Email  info@apdch.edu.in
Address Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu 603319
Website https://www.apdch.edu.in
Establishment year 2005
Country India
State  Tamil Nadu
City  Melmaruvathur
College Type Private
Affiliated to Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai
Approved by Dental Council of India, Delhi
Accreditation  NAAC, NABH
Study Mode Full-time
Hostel Boys and Girls

100 kilometres south of Chennai, Adhiparasakthi Dental College is located in the sacred land of Melmaravathur. The college, with an experience of 16 years, has educated 11 batches of BDS students, and 3 batches of MDS students, and treated many patients to date. This college is the top choice for students among top dental colleges in India

Background of the Institution

Adhiparasakthi Dental College started its academic services in 2005 with the BDS course providing 100 seats with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dental Council of India, and got affiliated with Dr, MGR Medical University. However, the BDS course got its final recognition in 2010.  In 2015-2016, the college started with post-graduation courses with a few specializations, and those courses got their final recognition in 2018. Currently, Post-graduation in Pedodontics is started this academic year.

Goals and Objectives

  • To bring out a Center of Excellence in both clinical and educational systems via value-based dental knowledge.
  • To provide quality services to all the patients with new and outgoing commitment as an internationally recognized institute.
  • To create an environment to structure their students as superiors in dentistry.


  • To enhance their students’ accumulated knowledge with a characteristic experience and to transform them to yield their services for human beings.
  • To deliver practical and tech-based knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.
  • To achieve the status of an internationally acclaimed institution.


  • To reach out their services to the backward classes.
  • To provide the best possible education via undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral, research, and training courses.
  • To innovate students with trending technical skills and modern academic experiences.
  • To provide student-centric education, excellent patient-based services, community-focused research, quality in knowledge, skills, and future strategies to achieve national and international standards in dental education.

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur Admission

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur is affiliated with Dr MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu, and therefore, admission to this college is made by the Selection Committee, Government of Tamil Nadu via counselling according to the NEET percentage. Read further to know admission details for both courses.

Admission Procedure

Step 1: Visit the college website and in the “Admission” section, you will be directed to the Tamil Nadu Selection website. Download the online application form from that website.

Step 2: Fill in all the required detail in the application form.

Step 3: Upload the application form with the required document in a PDF format.

Step 4: After submission of the online application form, send the hard copy of the application and the documents to the selection committee.

*Note: This procedure is applicable for both BDS and MDS courses.

Dental Admission Guidance


The total intake capacity for BDS courses in Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur is 100 seats every year which are further divided into government and management quotas respectively.

  • Government Quota – 85 Seats.
  • Management Quota – 15 Seats.

Eligibility Criteria for BDS

  • The candidate should be aged 17 or above.
  • Completed 10+2 years of education.
  • Scored an aggregate of 50% in the 12th examination.
  • Appeared and qualified in NEET BDS Examination.

Documents Required for BDS Admissions

  • 10th Marks Card.
  • 12th Marks Card.
  • NEET UG Admit Card and Rank Certificate.
  • Proof of Study Certificate (for Tamil Nadu candidates).
  • Permanent Community Certificate.
  • Native Certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Eligibility Certificate (For other Boards except for State Board candidates).

MDS Intake 

The total intake capacity for MDS courses in Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur is 17 seats every year which is further divided into various specializations.

Approved seats for the MDS course are

MDS Specialties Admission Intake
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics 2 seats
Oral Pathology & Microbiology 2 seats
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 2 seats
Periodontology 2 seats
Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry 3 seats
Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics 3 seats
Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge 3 seats

Eligibility Criteria for MDS

  • The candidate should have passed their BDS examination.
  • Must have attended a one-year rotatory internship program.
  • Appeared and qualified in NEET MDS Examination.

Documents Required for MDS Admissions

  • NEET MDS Admit Card and Rank Certificate.
  • Identity Proof.
  • BDS Degree Certificate.
  • CRRI Completion Certificate.
  • Provisional Dental Registration Certificate.
  • Community Certificate.
  • Native Certificate.
  • Eligibility Certificate (For Other University Candidates).

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Courses Offered

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur offers one undergraduate course i.e, Bachelor of Dental Surgery and one post-graduate course i.e, Master of Dental Surgery with various specializations. Both courses are designed to gain adequate knowledge in the field of dentistry. This field of study includes research, diagnosis, preventing, and treating any kind of oral disease or oral disorder. Let’s talk in detail about the courses and their syllabus.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The course is designed to give students a thorough theoretical understanding and hands-on learning opportunities that will enable them to connect basic sciences, behavioural sciences, and practical skills to clinical application to provide patients with the most thorough and effective rehabilitation possible. 

Duration of the course: 4 years + 1 year of mandatory internship (CRRI).

The syllabus of the 4 years of theoretical education in BDS is:

Academic Year Subjects
First Year
  • General Human Anatomy including Embryology and Histology.
  • General Human Physiology and Biochemistry, Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Dental Anatomy, Embryology and Oral-Histology.
  • Dental Materials.
  • Pre-Clinical Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge.
Second Year
  • General Pathology and Microbiology
  • General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Dental Materials
  • Pre-clinical Conservative Dentistry
  • Pre-clinical Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge
  • Oral-Pathology & Oral-Microbiology
Third Year
  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology
  • Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedic
  • Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge
Fourth Year
  • Orthodontics & dentofacial orthopaedics
  • Oral Medicine & Radiology
  • Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge
  • Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • Public Health Dentistry

Master in Dental Surgery

The MDS course is designed for enthusiasts who have completed their BDS and are willing to specialize in a particular area in dentistry. Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur offers an MDS degree with many specializations which are:

  • Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics.
  • Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge.
  • Periodontology. 
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics. 
  • Oral Pathology & Microbiology.
  • Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry.

Duration of MDS Course: 3 years.

Dentistry Departments

The college has many departments of dentistry for students to gain knowledge in their area of interest, and get the department’s faculty members are there to resolve all the doubts and issues they face with their education. The departments of Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur are:

  • Oral Medicine & Radiology.
  • Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics.
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics.
  • Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge.
  • Periodontics & Implantology.
  • Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry.
  • Public Health Dentistry.
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology.

Curriculum Delivery

ADPCH has formed an academic committee which is responsible for all academic-related activities. The committee works according to the roles and responsibilities of the TN Dr MGR Medical University. The working areas of the committee are:

  • Syllabus Completion.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods.
  • Lesson Plan.
  • IQAC.
  • Evaluation.

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur Fees Structure

I gave you all the information about the college, the admission, and also about the courses, but you will mostly anticipate knowing about the fee structure of the courses. I am positive that you won’t be disappointed by it. On the right note, let me tell you about Adhiparasakthi Dental’s College fees structure for BDS and MDS courses.

Course Name Fees Duration
BDS 5 years
MDS – Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics 3 years
MDS – Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge 3 years
MDS – Periodontology 3 years
MDS – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 3 years
MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics 3 years
MDS – Oral Pathology & Microbiology 3 years
MDS – Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry 3 years

Payment Mode: The most reliable way to pay your fees will be to pay in person with cash or a demand draft. But, for any reason, if you are unable to pay fees in person, you can always choose to pay online through NEFT Transfer or NetBanking.

Scholarships: The college does not provide any special scholarships directly to its students. But the state government assists with Tuition fees scholarships, Minority scholarships, economically backward candidates, and the First Graduating candidates of the family on the basis of annual income. 

Educational Loans: If you want to apply for an educational loan in a bank, Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur will help you with the fee details and your identity certificates addressed to the bank for you to easily avail of your loan amount.

Placements and Scope

Does the college provide placements? Which companies come for recruitment? What are the services provided for career guidance? 

These might be some questions arising in your mind when you think about college placements. Well, let me tell you Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur is one of the few dental institutions in India which organizes a campus recruitment drive for its students. Let’s talk about the recruitment and other placement facilities provided by the college.

BDS Graduate Attributes

  • The graduates will learn all the skills required for performing all tasks related to general dentistry practice, including the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of abnormalities and diseases of the teeth, mouth, jaw, and associated tissues.
  • The graduate should also be able to engage in the nation’s rural health care delivery programs and comprehend the notion of community oral health education.
  • The graduate will be skilled in the adequate comprehension of the scientific concepts that underpin dentistry, as well as a solid grasp of numerous pertinent scientific methodologies, biological function principles, and the capacity to evaluate and analyze a variety of established facts and data.
  • The graduate will acquire knowledge of the development, structure, and function of the teeth, mouth, jaws, and surrounding tissues in both healthy and sick conditions, as well as how these factors relate to and affect the patient’s overall health.
  • The graduate will have an adequate understanding of clinical disciplines, procedures, and preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic elements of dentistry that paint cohesive pictures of abnormalities, lesions, and diseases of the teeth, mouth, and jaws.
  • A graduate should be able to demonstrate the abilities listed below, which are important for a dental practice.
  • Diagnose and treat a variety of widespread dental issues encountered in general dentistry while keeping in mind society’s expectations and rights to obtain the finest treatment feasible whenever possible.
  • Avoid difficulties and deal with them if they arise while doing various surgical and other treatments.
  • Execute specific investigational techniques and have the capacity to analyze laboratory results.
  • During dental treatment, keep patients’ discomfort and anxiety under control.

MDS Graduate Attributes

  • Maintain high ethical standards, practice empathy, a caring attitude, and a genuine interest in professional education in the specialization and related disciplines.
  • To get ready for a future in research and specialized practice.
  • Display knowledge of the fundamental sciences related to the speciality.
  • Identify the causes, pathophysiology, and guiding principles for treating prevalent issues in the speciality in both adults and children.
  • In a specific situation, identify the social, economic, environmental, and emotional aspects and take them into consideration while formulating a treatment strategy.
  • Recognize situations that might be outside the scope of your expertise or specialization and refer them to the proper professional.
  • Recognize situations that might be outside the scope of your expertise or specialization and refer them to the proper professional.
  • Update your expertise by doing independent research and by going to speciality-related classes, conferences, and seminars.
  • Perform audits, make use of technology, and conduct clinical and basic research with the intention of publishing the results or presenting the work at conferences.
  • To make a sound diagnosis concerning the problems, take a thorough clinical history, examine the patient, carry out necessary diagnostic procedures, order pertinent tests, and interpret the results.
  • Obtain the necessary abilities and proficiency to carry out the numerous tasks required by your speciality.

Career Guidance

The college has 3 forums named Student Council, Career Guidance Cell, and Interns Talent Club. These forums conduct programs regularly with a key focus on students’ career goals and objectives. These programs help students get a better idea guiding them on the correct path when they complete their graduation.

Placement Drive

As I mentioned before, this college is one of the dental colleges in India that conducts a Campus Recruitment Drive for its undergraduate and post-graduate students. The Placement Cell with the help of The Student Council organizes these Recruitment Drives in collaboration with numerous companies and private clinics. Such programs will educate aspiring dentists on the varied nature of the dental profession. The academy provides students with a top-notch facility for training and placement in higher education at numerous universities as well as numerous government occupations such as jobs in the Armed forces across the nation.

Guidance for Competitive Exams

The college provides training for its BDS students in their internship year to qualify for the NEET examination for higher education through the Adhiparasakthi Academy of Higher Education in Dentistry.

Other Placement Facilities

  • The college holds different workshops and hands-on courses to update students on the advances in dental practice.
  • Mentorship Programs are held in the college to counsel students about the various opportunities after their graduation.
  • Student-centric learning methods during undergraduate courses with MCQs, PPTs, and group discussions have helped students with their performance in their career prospects.

Rankings and Recognition

Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur is a champion when it comes to awards and achievements. The sixteen-year-old college has been awarded so many achievements to date. Let’s start with affiliation, accreditations, and rankings, then we’ll look into the individual achievements of this college.

National Achievements

  • The college is affiliated with TN Dr MGR Medical University.
  • Approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Dental Council of India.
  • Received accreditations of 
    • ISO:9001 in 2015.
    • NAAC with a CGPA of 2.65 on a four-point scale at ‘B’ Grade in 2015.
    • NABH from 2020 to 2023.
  • Ranked by the National Institutional Ranking Framework and the All India Survey on Higher Education.
  • Managed by Adhiparasakthi Charitable, Medical, Educational and Cultural Trust.

Extension Activities Awards

  • Splendid Social Service Certificate for Voluntary Blood Donation in 2019.
  • Splendid Social Service Certificate for Voluntary Blood Donation in 2020.
  • Best Social Contributor by the Rotatory Club of Acharapakkam in 2018.
  • Best Community Service by the Rotatory Club of Acharapakkam in 2017. 

On-Campus Facilities

  • Infrastructure: The college campus is 27.8 acres wide including all the other facilities available on the campus itself. It is built with modern infrastructure and upgraded gradually. The management and trust members make sure of an eco-friendly environment with hygienic gardens and rain-water harvesting facilities.
  • Hospital: The hospital block of the college is home to 9 dental departments with proper maintenance and supervision of highly qualified engineers. The 9 dental departments include
      • 269 dental chairs.
      • Pre-clinical laboratories.
      • Clinical Areas.
      • Waiting Areas.
      • Seminar Rooms.
  • Auditorium & Conference Halls: Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur consists of 2 seminar halls with an accommodation of 125 and 50 seats respectively. Additionally, the college also has an auditorium with a seating capacity of 600 people and with centralized air-conditioner and audio-video facilities. 
  • Library: The college has a spacious library with an accommodation of 320 students and a collection of about 6000 books. The collection includes books on different topics in the field of dentistry, 65 journals, 150 CDs & DVDs, and periodicals.
  • Hostel: Both staff and students staying at Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur hostel are given comfortable accommodations. They feel at home in the hostel’s calm, clean environment. The college has hostels for boys and girls with 73 and 143 rooms respectively. There are various rooms in a range of sizes that can hold a range of inmates. Each room is well-furnished with all the necessities and well-equipped with appropriate ventilation. 
  • Hostel Mess Facilities:  The Institution’s mess is managed by an experienced catering contractor. The mess has adequate ventilation facilities, exhaust fans, and other necessary infrastructural facilities. 200 students can easily and comfortably eat in the mess at any given moment. 
  • Sports Facilities: The college facilitates both indoor and outdoor games. A well-spacious and neatly maintained playground hosts many outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton, athletic tracks, etc. A properly designed indoor stadium with a complete set of sports equipment and a gym is shared with Adhiparasakthi Engineering College.
  • Extra-curricular Activities
      • World Blood Donor Day.
      • World Oral Health Day.
      • Doctor’s Day.
      • Dentist’s Day.
      • Oral Hygiene Day.
      • National Tooth Brushing Day.
      • World No-Tobacco Day.
      • World Health Day.
      • World Cancer Day.
      • International Yoga Day.
      • Women’s Day.
  • Co-Curricular Activities
    • Nurturing Creativity & Innovation.
    • Nurturing Analytical Skill.
    • Group Discussion.
Dental Admission Guidance

College Contact Details

  • Address: CRMG+8HP, Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu 603319.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur established?

The college was established in the year 2005.

2. Where is the college located?

The college is located in the sacred land of Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu.

3. Is the college affiliated and approved?

Yes, the college is affiliated with TN Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai, and approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare & Dental Council of India.

4. Is Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur a private or a government college?

The college is running as a private institution.

5. What courses are provided by Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur?

The college offers Bachelor in Dental Surgery and a Master in Dental Surgery with specializations..

6. What is the course duration for BDS?

The course duration for BDS is 4 years and one year of rotatory internships.

7. Does Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur provide scholarships?

No, the college doesn’t provide direct scholarships.

8. Does Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur have a hospital attached?

Yes, the college has a hospital block situated in the college campus.

9. What facilities are offered by Adhiparasakthi Dental College Melmaruvathur?

The college offers facilities such as a hospital, sports playground, central library, cafeteria, and a hostel for both boys and girls.

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One Small Ask:

If you are an alumnus of this college or currently pursuing education in this, I would request you to write a review on the college and its courses, so that it is beneficial for our fellow dental aspirants.

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