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BHMS Colleges in Assam – Homeopathy Admissions 2024-25

Assam is a mysterious state in North East India. People living outside Assam are very subservient to it compared to other states. However, Assam is a treasure trove of opportunities and experiences that you least expect. One of them is medical education, specifically the homeopathy branch of medical education. You may or may not be familiar with homeopathy. However, for the residents of Assam, it is a very usual form of medical treatment.

Home to three government colleges offering homeopathic medical education, Assam is, in fact, one of the most highly sought-after regions for pursuing a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) course. Assam has been home to the most prestigious and reputable homeopathic medical colleges in the entire country. In this article, we will explore the world of homeopathic education, how you can be part of it, and uncover the diaspora of BHMS Colleges in Assam.

List of BHMS Colleges in Assam

Unfortunately, there are no private BHMS Colleges in Assam. However, this doesn’t mean there are no compelling options for homeopathic medical education in Assam. In fact, there are 3 very reputable and prestigious homeopathic colleges in Assam. All three are government institutions with immense prestige and recognition throughout India. Let us take a look at them:

College NameAffiliationAccreditation
SJN Homoeopathic Medical College GuwahatiSrimanta Sankardeva University of Health Sciences National Commission for Homeopathy (NCH)
Assam Government Homoeopathic Medical College and HospitalSrimanta Sankardeva University of Health ScienceNational Commission for Homeopathy (NCH)
Dr JK Saikia Homoeopathic Medical College JorhatSrimanta Sankardeva University of Health ScienceNational Commission for Homeopathy (NCH)
BHMS Colleges in Assam

BHMS Colleges in Assam Admission Process

Admission Procedure

Gaining admission to BHMS colleges in Assam has been streamlined thanks to implementing a centralized seat allotment system. The process is relatively straightforward and involves the following key steps:


What to do?

NEET ExaminationThe foremost step is for students to ensure their participation in the NEET examination and secure qualifying scores
AYUSH Counseling RegistrationAfter the culmination of the NEET exams, prospective students aspiring to join BHMS colleges in Assam must enroll for the Assam state AYUSH counseling. This platform serves as the nexus for seat allotment
Preference SelectionWithin the counseling portal, students need to meticulously arrange their preferences for colleges and courses based on their inclinations
Merit-Based Seat AllotmentThrough a meticulous process of merit evaluation, students are granted seats based on their order of preference and their academic achievements
Fee Payment and Seat AcceptanceStudents fortunate enough to secure seats in the counseling round must fulfill the prescribed fee payment within a stipulated time frame. This step signifies their commitment to the allocated seat and the designated college
Subsequent Counseling RoundsIn the event that a student decides not to accept their allotted seat, they must still remit the fees to retain eligibility for subsequent counseling rounds. Neglecting this fee payment could lead to a permanent revocation of the allotment

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) aspirants should ensure they satisfy the subsequent prerequisites before embarking on their educational journey:


What to do?

Educational QualificationCandidates must have successfully concluded their +2 level education or its commensurate, either from a recognized educational institution affiliated with CISCE, CBSE, or any State Education Board within India or from a corresponding institution abroad
Academic BackgroundApplicants must have pursued their studies within the Science stream, with Physiology, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) as their core subjects during the aforementioned educational level
NEET ExaminationIt is mandatory for aspiring students to have duly registered for and participated in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Moreover, they must have attained the prescribed qualifying marks as per the NEET guidelines
AYUSH CounselingSubsequent to securing qualifying marks in the NEET exam, candidates are required to partake in the AYUSH Counseling specifically designated for the Assam State

By adhering to these outlined criteria, aspiring students will be well-prepared to pursue their desired path in the field of BHMS education.

BHMS Colleges in Assam Cut-off 2024

As previously highlighted, the initial step for students aspiring to secure admission to BHMS courses involves their registration for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). This pivotal examination is conducted under the purview of the National Testing Agency (NTA). The NTA, in its evaluation process, releases specific cut-off marks that are established through the normalization of scores achieved by all the candidates who have participated in the NEET.

It is imperative for students not only to meet but also surpass these BHMS Colleges in Assam cut-off marks to successfully qualify for the examination. The attainment of this minimum threshold signifies eligibility for further considerations within the medical education landscape. Conversely, those who fall short of meeting this cut-off find themselves precluded from entering any medical program within the country. Additionally, this bars them from participating in the counseling processes designated for BHMS seat allotments in Assam.

NEET UG 2024 Cut-off

CategoryCut off ScoreNo. of Candidates

NEET UG 2024 Cutoff is higher than expected this year with 164 as the minimum score limit for the General category, check out the detailed description of the cutoff table given below:

  • For the Unreserved/EWS (UR/EWS) category, the cut-off percentile is the 50th percentile, with a cut-off score range of 720 to 164. The number of candidates in this category is 1,165,904.
  • For the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category, the cut-off percentile is the 40th percentile, with a cut-off score range of 163 to 129. The number of candidates in this category is 100,769.
  • For the Scheduled Caste (SC) category, the cut-off percentile is the 40th percentile, with a cut-off score range of 163 to 129. The number of candidates in this category is 34,326.
  • For the Scheduled Tribe (ST) category, the cut-off percentile is the 40th percentile, with a cut-off score range of 163 to 129. The number of candidates in this category is 14,478.

The date of declaration of the NEET UG 2024 result was 04.06.2024.


NEET Percentile Cut-off 2023

NEET Marks Cut-off 2023

GENERAL50th percentile720-137
OBC40th percentile136-107
SC40th percentile136-107
ST40th percentile136-107

BHMS Colleges in Assam Fee Structure

Accessibility and affordability stand as paramount priorities for the Ministry of AYUSH. In line with this vision, concerted efforts have been directed towards democratizing Homeopathic medical services, rendering them within reach of the wider population.

Correspondingly, the Ministry has extended its commitment to affordable education, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede access to quality learning. With this overarching goal, let’s delve into a comprehensive examination of the BHMS Colleges in Assam fees structure, encompassing BHMS Government Colleges in Assam.

College NameTotal Fees
SJN Homoeopathic Medical College GuwahatiNA
Assam Government Homoeopathic Medical College and HospitalNA
Dr JK Saikia Homoeopathic Medical College JorhatNA

It’s important to underscore that the provided information pertains solely to tuition and academic costs. Additionally, students, particularly those from outstation areas, must factor in additional expenditures such as hostel accommodation, food allowances, and miscellaneous charges.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the complete fee framework, encompassing not only course fees but also accommodation and related expenses, we recommend reaching out to the knowledgeable team at Career Mudhra. Our experts are well-equipped to address any inquiries you may have. Their guidance can prove invaluable as they navigate you through the intricate admission process and provide clarifications on any aspects of your chosen college’s fee structure.

BHMS Colleges in Assam


As we conclude this article, let’s recap the insights we’ve gathered about BHMS Colleges in Assam, encompassing their admission procedures, cut-offs, and fee structures. The primary objective of this piece has been to serve as a guiding beacon, facilitating your journey through the intricacies of the admission process.

Should you encounter any hurdles or uncertainties along the way, please remember that you need not hesitate to connect with Career Mudhra. Our counseling team is on standby 24/7, poised to address your queries and provide steadfast guidance throughout your academic pursuits.

With these resources at your disposal, embark on your academic voyage with confidence. Wishing you an exceptional day ahead! Goodbye for now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Assam significant in the context of BHMS education?

Assam offers abundant opportunities for BHMS education, attracting attention despite being lesser known.

2. How many government BHMS colleges in Assam are there?

Assam boasts three esteemed government BHMS colleges that hold national recognition.

3. What's the eligibility criteria for BHMS courses in Assam?

Aspirants need a +2 education, Science background with PCB core subjects, and a qualifying NEET score.

4. How does the BHMS admission process work in Assam?

The streamlined process involves NEET participation, AYUSH counseling, preference selection, and merit-based seat allocation.

5. What are the NEET cut-off marks for BHMS Colleges in Assam?

NEET cut-offs decide eligibility; exceeding the marks is vital for admissions and counseling participation.

6. How does Assam prioritize affordability in BHMS education?

Assam emphasizes accessible education. The Ministry of AYUSH ensures financial barriers don't hinder quality learning.

7. What distinguishes BHMS Colleges in Assam?

Assam hosts renowned BHMS colleges that offer prestigious government affiliations and high accreditation.

8. How can students maximize their chances in counseling?

A well-planned preference selection and securing a higher NEET score enhance chances of seat allotment.

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