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BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot Admission, Course, Fee

Hi! Is Ayurveda something that interests you? Do you plan to Pursue an undergraduate degree in the field of Ayurveda medicine and surgery? and if you can’t figure out what to do next? Then you are at the perfect place because we are the solution to all your problems. We will display the latest information about BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot in this blog and through this, you will be able to figure out the processes that you can follow to get into your desired programme.

BVVS Ayurveda College Overview

Name BVVS Ayurveda Medical College
Address Ward No 10, Bagalkote, Karnataka 587101
Website http://bvvsayurved.ac.in/index.html 
Establishment Year 1998
Principal Dr Mahantesh M. Salimath
State Karnataka
District Bagalkote
College Type Private
Affiliated to RGUHS, Bangalore
Recognised by Government of Karnataka & National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM)
Study Mode Regular/ Full-time
Programme Offered
  • B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)
  • M.D. Ayurveda (Master’s degree in Ayurveda)
Hostel Boys and Girls

Incorporated in 1998, the College is located in the Karnataka city of Bagalkot. By drawing students from all around India, this college has been effective in meeting the demand for standardised medical education in the Indian system of medicine.

Over 31/2 acres of land on the college campus are dedicated to a herbal garden with more than 12,000 different kinds of plants.

To fulfil the requirements of the patients treated at BVVS Ayurveda Hospital, the college has an internal house pharmacy that has been developing more than 160 Classical Ayurvedic Products.


  • By fusing modern technology with the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda, the institute hopes to become recognised as a centre for excellence in Ayurvedic education and healthcare.
  • To be a leader in offering students the greatest training, teaching, and research habits possible so they can compete in the world’s expanding marketplace.
  • To provide the poor with the treatment of standard quality to advance Ayurveda.


  • Providing high-quality instruction, hands-on experience, and a platform will help Ayurvedic professionals become more powerful and capable in the modern world.
  • Making Ayurveda a mainstay of the healthcare system, as well as preserving and spreading its traditional knowledge.
  • To offer all those who are suffering in society high-quality, affordable Ayurvedic health treatment.


  • To become an expert in Ayurveda on both a professional and academic level.
  • Helping the Ayurvedic faculty members cultivate excellent leadership, teaching, and communication skills.
  • To reaffirm the legitimacy of the Ayurvedic sector by encouraging experts to cultivate a creative attitude.

Why Choose BVVS Ayurveda College?

  • Women Empowerment

Since its establishment, the college has sought to promote women’s empowerment. They often provide self-defence classes, and they even established a committee for women’s empowerment, the committee strives to advance the interests of women. To support and foster the talent of women, several seminars are offered all year long. They also educate male students about the value of women in the medical sector.

  • Cultural events

The institution places a high priority on educating its students about cultural values. Throughout the year, they host several festivals on campus, which help students understand the worth of diverse cultures. Through these events, many different customs are celebrated. These activities help the pupils develop a sense of reverence, commitment, and discipline.

  • Competitions

So that pupils can showcase their various abilities, several competitions are held. They even organise intercollege tournaments, and since students are encouraged to take part, they get a chance to showcase their talent on a national stage. 

  • Academics

According to the calendar created by the academic committee, academic activities are conducted throughout the year. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities, as well as mental and physical fitness, are all given equal weight in the academic world. The institution occasionally offers training to the students, and they are urged to take part in the many camps it hosts. These activities provide them with the opportunity to learn about their responsibilities to the country.

  • Security

Since a team of security guards has been stationed there, the BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot campus is quite safe. To prevent unexpected situations on campus, security cameras have been placed throughout the college, and students are told to adhere to tight procedures. On campus, ragging is forbidden.

BVVS Admission Procedure

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)

  • Duration: 5 years 6 months  (4 1/2 years + 1-year Internship).
  • Intake: 100.

Eligibility for BAMS

  • The applicant should have qualified NEET with a high Rank.
  • The applicant should have a qualified 10+2 exam or its equivalent with Bio Science/Biology.
  • The applicant should be a minimum of 17 years of age.

Documents for BAMS Admissions

  • NEET scorecard and admit card.
  • Mark sheet-10th grade.
  • Mark sheet-10+2 or equivalent examination.
  • Certificate of transfer.
  • Certificate of Migration.
  • Photos in passport size.
  • Certificate of residency.

Admission Process

  • The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), which will be administered by a body chosen by the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM), would serve as the standardised admission test for all medical institutions at the undergraduate level.
  • Based on the results of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test, a common merit list for all of India as well as a state-by-state merit list of eligible candidates will be prepared, and only those candidates from the respective category will be considered for admission to under-graduate programmes.
  • The eligibility requirements, self-declaration, various documents, etc., of the eligible candidates, will be verified during counselling per the standards established by the relevant authorities and/or Medical / Dental Colleges. 
  • Candidates will only receive their All India Rank from NTA, whereas Admitting Authorities will issue invitations for applications for counselling, and the Admitting Authorities will create a merit list based on the All India Rank. 
  • The only consideration for admission to undergraduate medical programmes within each category will be the All India Rank according to the NEET (UG) – 2022 merit list.

MD (Ayurveda) & Specialties

  • Duration: 3 years.
  • Intake breakdown.
Programme Intake
M.S. Shalyatantra 05
M.D. Kayachikitsa 05
M.D. Dravyaguna 05
M.D. Rasashastra & Bhaishajyakalpana 05
Total 20

Eligibility for MS/ MD

The B.A.M.S. programme must have been completed in a college recognised by the Central Council of Indian Medicine.

Documents for PG Admissions

  • B.A.M.S. degree.
  • Marksheets for B.A.M.S. (all years).
  • NEET Admit Card & Score Card.
  • State Ayurveda Practitioner Registration Board registration certificate.
  • Certification for internship completion.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport-sized photos.

BVVS Courses and Departments

Ayurveda Courses Overview

Courses Outline
B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)
  • The BAMS programme lasts 5 years, 6 months (5.5 years), including a 12-month internship that is required.
  • The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it gives students the skills necessary to not only treat illnesses and diseases but also to boost their natural resistance to illness and reduce the incidence of illness.
  • The CCIM has categorised the BAMS syllabus into 4 sections, which are referred to as first, second Professional, and so on. Sanskrit is one of the five disciplines that students are required to take each year, in general.
M.D. (Ayurveda) (Master’s Degree in Ayurveda)
  • This three-year programme gives students a strong foundation in purifying practises, such as Shodhana. The training also equips students with the skills necessary to work as Ayurvedic doctors or surgeons. 
  • The subject is taught utilising both traditional and contemporary research approaches. Students gain knowledge of the five fundamental components of the human body and how to use them to improve their health. 
  • They also learn about diets and correct food preparation, both of which are crucial for leading healthy lives.

Ayurveda Departments 

The details about the BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot departments are as follows:

Department  Outline
Sanskrit, Samhita and Siddhanta
  • Ayurveda’s fundamental principles and its philosophical foundation are covered in this department.
  • The department teaches Sanskrit as its foundational subject to all of its students. The topic was added to the curriculum because it is the original Ayurvedic Classics language.
  • A distinguished teaching staff, a departmental library with a solid foundation, a museum, models, and charts are all features of this department. 
  • This department offers instruction in five subjects: Sanskrit, Padartha Vigyana and Ayurved Itihasa, Moulika Siddhanta and Ashtanga Hrudayam, Charaka Samhita(Purvardha), and Charaka Samhita (Uttarardha).
Shareer Rachna
  • Focuses on the complex components of the human body. Dissection of human cadavers is a method used to teach human anatomy. 
  • Dissection makes us aware of several additional physiological elements of ShariraRachana that the Acharyas discuss in addition to teaching about the body’s structural components.
  • Along with a well-maintained departmental library, more than 117 specimens, 78 charts, and 35 models are available in the department’s theory and practical seminars for first-year BAMS students. BAMS students dissect four bodies each year.
  • The Department has a Herbal Garden (Vanoushadhiudhyanavana) that is spread out over 5.5 acres of land, as well as highly-trained professionals to conduct the theory and practical lessons. 
  • The garden has more than 9000 different therapeutic plants in it altogether.
  • The department has a well-equipped museum, a practical lab, a departmental library, study models, and charts in the department.
Rasashatra and bhaisajyakalpana 
  • The department teach about the collection, purification, incineration, and formulation of various herbal and herbo-mineral remedies as well as the selection, collection, purification, and burning of Rasadravyas (Mercury, Metal, and Minerals). 
  • The department has a distinguished teaching staff, a well-established departmental library, a teaching pharmacy laboratory, and well-equipped museums, charts, and models, among other amenities.
  • Several P.G. Scholars have been working on a variety of dissertations and postgraduate research projects. 
  • This department creates novel medication dosage forms and formulations (medicines). 
  • Ayurvedic formulations’ pharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacotherapeutics are also covered in detail in this department.
  • This branch of Ayurveda known as Roganidana deals with the pathophysiology of illnesses.
  • Different diagnostic standards for various illnesses are contributed by the Roganidana department. 
  • The second year of the BAMS curriculum includes this topic. 
  • For determining the ultimate diagnosis and prognosis, many viewpoint approaches are described in this subject.
  • The department’s goal is to increase the connection between references from the ancient acharyas and the better quality of modern diagnostic technologies, which are useful for both diagnosis and prognosis.
Swasthavritta and Yoga
  • They teach about Ayurvedic preventive medicine that focuses on community medicine, personal cleanliness, social hygiene, communicable and non-communicable illnesses with their prevention, and other topics. 
  • Precaution and prevention are primarily the focus which is imparted by the department to its students.
  • Yoga and Naturopathy are topics covered by Swasthavritta. 
  • The goal of the Department of Swasthavritta and Yoga is to increase both community and individual quality of life while promoting longevity.
  • This is a unique branch of Ayurveda that describes numerous parts of children’s health, various ailments and treatment aspects, as well as explanation related to child growth and development, various diet and health practices to preserve the health and lifespan of the kid.
  • With the use of ayurvedic medicine, Kaumarbhritya has had success treating a variety of paediatric autoimmune illnesses, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation.
  • On the Pusyanakshatra day of every month, the Kaumarbhritya department also holds a unique camp for kids called SwarnabindhuPrashana to improve their health and immunity.
Streeroga and Prasutitantra
  • The department run camps on female-related illnesses and has highly trained staff for educating and training third-year BAMS students.
  • There are additional facilities like the departmental library in addition to the study models, charts, labour room/operation theatre, museum, and other resources.
  • The Shalyatantra Department has a complete departmental museum with a sizable collection of specimens, charts, and models. 
  • A separate departmental library with the newest to rarest literature is available.
  • 13 PG Scholars are working at this department’s PG section, which is doing several research projects. For UG students, the Shalyatantra topic is covered in the fourth year.
  • Students get hands-on instruction in a variety of surgical and ward techniques, including suturing, bandaging, knotting, catheterization, and administration of POP, splints, and slabs. 
  • Techniques for managing chronic non-healing ulcers, such as VranaBasti, Parisheka, Avaghahasweda, LepaChikitsa, and Vimlapana Karma, are taught.
  • The branch of Ayurveda known as Shalakyatantra deals with a variety of ailments affecting the head, scalp, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat. 
  • This subject is covered in the fourth year of the BAMS programme, and students are given both theoretical and practical instruction.
  • The Shalakyatantra Department has a distinguished teaching staff, a strong departmental library, a museum, models, and charts.

BVVS Fees Structure

The information about BVVS College Bagalkot fees is shown below:

Course Annual Fees (INR)
  • Student Loans

If you face financial difficulty, a very smart alternative is to take out a Student loan, which may let you go to a prominent school and pursue the programme of your choice. It could help you set the foundation for a lucrative career in the future. By choosing a student loan, you begin to learn about responsibility with money at a young age. Your parents will be free of the burden of paying for your expenses. The fact that you have to pay fees won’t have an impact on your academic success, which is essential. You can also avail education loans from the banks that are tied up with the colleges. 

  • Scholarships

You can ask about this while you are being admitted. You will receive clear information from the college regarding whether they provide scholarships or not, and if they do, you may choose this option. You will be asked to qualify scholarship exam or they may provide you with a scholarship based on your previous merits You won’t be required to make any repayments and this will be of tremendous assistance. The scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition and, in some cases, all other expenses as well.

Placements and Career Scope


Compulsory Rotatory Internships have a one-year duration. Students are entitled to participate in the programme after completing all topics from the first to the final professional test. The internship programme will begin upon the release of the final professional examination results.


  • You get familiar with the Primary Health Center’s routine and record-keeping.
  • You get to familiarise yourself with the diseases that are more common in rural and distant places, as well as how to treat them.
  • You get to participate in different immunisation programmes as well as the training of health care techniques for rural residents.
  • You will familiarise yourself with the usual tasks performed by the Primary Health Centre medical or non-medical staff.
  • You will become familiar with the duties associated with keeping pertinent registers, such as daily patient registers, family planning registers, and surgical registers.
  • You will be able to actively participate in a variety of government health schemes or programmes.
  • You will be able to identify casualty and trauma cases, their first aid treatment, as well as the process for reporting such patients to recognised hospitals.

Career Opportunities

B.A.M.S. M.D Ayurveda
  • Since the manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics, and food items are currently a flourishing industry, BAMS graduates may choose to work in this field. There is a market for these goods. 
  • Graduates may choose to teach as well. To be eligible for teaching positions in this subject, students should ideally have at least a post-graduate degree. 
  • These graduates may apply for  management-related positions. They are urged to enrol in specialised programmes like the MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management, to increase their chances of finding employment in management. 
  • A postgraduate can gain employment as a Clinical Researcher in the research departments of many pharmaceutical corporations.
  • In health resorts and spa facilities throughout India, many foreign visitors now look for traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Postgraduates have the option of working as supervisors in these health facilities of different hotels and resorts. 
  • Students may also establish their health facility.

Top Recruiters

  • Marma Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.
  • BK Arogyam & Research Pvt Ltd.
  • Dwivedi multispeciality Hospital.
  • Lunar Astro Vedic Academy.
  • Richfeel Health & Beauty Pvt Ltd.
  • Medifond Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Rankings & Recognitions

  • BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore. 
  • Additionally, the college is also recognised by the National Commission for the Indian System of Medicine in New Delhi. 

To get the exact info about the BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot reviews and ratings you may take a look at alumni’s achievements. The alumni are the mirror of any institute and this institute has a very good Alumni network which will surely provide you with proper guidance regarding the future you can create through this college.

On-Campus Facilities

  • Classrooms

There are plenty of classrooms on campus, and each one is equipped with modern training and teaching materials as well as air conditioning. There offer all of the facilities of a modern classroom, such as a whiteboard, screen, flannel board, and all of the necessary audiovisual equipment.

  • Library

BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot offers a well-established, big library with a seating capacity of 200 pupils and more than 12000 books, including much rare antique literature. Students can access national and international periodicals of current relevance. In addition to medical audiovisual aids such as CDs. There is a digital library, an internet connection, and the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences HELINET facility.

  • Hostel

Within the campus, there are separate residential facilities for boys and girls, rooms with attached washrooms, private tables, chairs, cots, closets, and unique uninterrupted study space for the students. Power and water supplies are not interrupted, and the hostel has its generator. The rooms and hostel campus are kept clean. Security is provided for the hostel and campus, as well as student safety.

  • Mess

All of the institute’s students have access to the mess. It is open throughout the day and provides wonderful meals to all hostel inhabitants for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

  • Theatre and playground

The theatre at BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot is well-equipped with audio-visual aids and has a seating capacity of 2000 people with excellent acoustics. The open-air theatre of BVVS Ayurveda Medical College can accommodate 500 students and is used for yoga camps and cultural events. The college features two playing fields for sports such as cricket, football, hockey, and athletics.

During the time boards and the entrance tests, every student experiences a period of intense anxiety and distraction. We are conscious of this, which is why we provide services designed exclusively for students looking to select the best college for their interests. To save you the hassle, we’ll make the admissions procedure simple. Call us right away if you want to move seamlessly into the next phase of your life.

College Contact Details

Address: Ward No 10, Bagalkote, Karnataka, India.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How many seats does BVVS Ayurveda Medical College offer in B.A.M.S.?

They offer 100 seats in the B.A.M.S. programme.

2. Is it a government institute?

No, it is a government institute.

3. Do they offer internships at their hospital?

Yes, they offer internships at their hospital after successful completion of the final professional of the B.A.M.S programme.

4. What is the duration of the M.D Ayurveda programme?

The M.D Ayurveda programme lasts for 3 years.

5. Is the college environment safe for girls?

Yes, they take precautions to maintain student safety at the campus. They have stationed security guards and have installed CCTV cameras for the safety of the students.

6. Are extracurricular activities encouraged at the institute?

Yes, they encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities such as contests, debates, seminars and athletics.

7. Is there a hostel available?

Yes, they do have an on-campus hostel with separate dorms for boys and girls.

8. Do they offer career support?

Yes, they offer career guidance and support by training and informing the students about the future possibilities they may have in the Ayurveda sector.

Still having an aye for another Ayurveda college? Follow the link below to get your answers:

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While you have reached almost the end of the blog, you should consider visiting the comments section. If you have been related to the institute as an alumnus, ex-employee or are currently associated with BVVS Ayurveda Medical College Bagalkot in any capacity, we request you to leave a genuine review. This will be of utmost significance to kids who wish to be admitted to one of the best colleges in the country. Thank you in advance!

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