CSI Dental College Madurai Admission, Courses Offered, Fees structure, Placements, Facilities

Do you want to become a dentist? Are you looking for a reputed college to study dentistry? If the answer is yes, then you have landed in the correct article. CSI Dental College Madurai is one of the reputed institutions in Tamil Nadu and is also widely recognized among the Top-ranked Dental Colleges in India. It provides a pathway toward an exciting career in the field of dentistry. The college has amazing opportunities for its students as they go forward in achieving academic and professional goals.

Dental Admission Guidance

CSI Dental College Madurai Overview

CSI Dental College Madurai was established in the year 2007 by Madura and Ramnad Diocese Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr A. Christopher Asir. It was inaugurated by the then Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. 

CSI Dental College Madurai is situated in the centre of the engaged Madurai City and the Christian Mission Hospital. I will give you all the information about the courses, admissions, fee structure, and facilities offered by the college in this article.


Rt. Rev. Dr A. Christopher Asir was the man behind the idea of this dental college. He transformed his dreams into reality with an immense amount of effort and determination. 

With Dr A. Christopher’s vision, enthusiasm, and involvement, this dental college was established in the dream city of Madurai in the year 2007. The then Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurated this college on 21st September 2007. The first batch consisted of 50 students, which has now upgraded to many students willing to get admission to this college.

Key Highlights

Name CSI College of Dental Sciences and Research
Email  csidental@gmail.com
Website http://csidentalcollege.edu.in/csi
Establishment year 2007
Country India
State  Tamil Nadu
City  Madurai
College Type Private
Affiliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University
Approved by Dental Council of India
Study Mode Full-time
Hostel Boys and Girls


  • Their vision is to eradicate Oral Hygiene problems and to produce talented doctors in the field of dentistry so that they are available to serve the country.
  • To focus on treating the underprivileged citizens of our country who certainly ignore taking care of their Oral Hygiene.


  • To provide professional education.
  • To provide education relying upon ethics, values, and principles which serve the best for the society.
  • To acquire World Class Excellence in Oral Hygiene.
  • To inhibit Discipline, Dedication, and Devotion in the student’s minds to make them ready to serve the country.

CSI Dental College Madurai Admission

CSI Dental College Madurai provides 1 undergraduate course and 1 postgraduate course which are Bachelor in Dental Surgery and Master in Dental Surgery respectively. For BDS, the college provides 100 seats every year and for MDS, the college has 12 seats available for admissions every year.

Admission Openings

The admission process for BDS as well as MDS starts in the month of April. The application forms are circulated from April 15th of the year of education in the college campus. The last date to submit the application form is May 31st of the year of education in the college campus.

Admission Process

  • Step 1: You need to collect the application form in person from the college office.
  • Step 2: You need to pay 1,500 INR for the application form and 100 INR extra if you are using postal mode.
  • Step 3: You need to submit the required certificates and documents along with the application form.
  • Step 4: The college will check for the eligibility criteria and contact you accordingly.

Eligibility for BDS

  • The student should have completed 10 + 2 years of schooling.
  • The student should have scored an aggregate of 50% in its 10 + 2.
  • The student should have appeared for NEET Entrance Test for the year of education.
  • The student should have passed the qualifying marks for NEET Entrance Test.

Eligibility for MDS

  • The student should have completed 12 years of schooling.
  • The student should possess a degree in BDS or PG Diploma in Dental Surgery.
  • The student should have scored an aggregate of 50% in BDS.
  • The student should have completed their one-year rotatory internship.
  • The student should have appeared and qualified for NEET Entrance Test.

Documents required

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Marks lists of the qualifying examinations.
  • Community Certificate.
  • Native Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Conduct Certificate.
  • 2 Passport size color and 2 stamp size photographs.
  • Migration Certificate for other state or CBSE students.
  • Eligibility Certificate from TN. DR. M.G.R. Medical University for other state or CBSE students.

CSI Dental College Madurai Courses Offered

The college is proud in providing excellent academic courses in the field of dentistry. The Senior Management and the faculty members are committed with total dedication and involvement in developing the overall personality of the students.

CSI Dental College Madurai provides an undergraduate course in BDS and a postgraduate course in MDS with specializations. Read further to know more about the courses.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

This undergraduate program has 4 years of campus education and one year of rotatory internships. The dental department has an experienced faculty that not only provide excellent education but also engross students with research, patient care, and scholarly activities. With educational development, the college also emphasizes conducting special professional programs to develop the student’s professional knowledge.

Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)

After the completion of BDS, some students still feel the urge to study more on their desired subject. For such aspirants, the college provides a postgraduate program with a duration of 3 years. The course comes with various specializations the students can choose as per their interests.

MDS Specialties & Intake

Course Name Intake Capacity
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics 3
Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge 3
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 3
Periodontology 3
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 3
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology 3
  • MDS in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics: Conservative Dentistry is a branch of dentistry which deals with the prevention and treatment of defected teeth and restoring the teeth to full function and appearance. Endodontics deals with treating disease and injuries of the hard tissues and dental pain management.
  • MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge: Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the maintenance of restoring natural teeth. It also treats the replacement of missing teeth. The course ranges from restoring teeth to the dental impression of maxillary and mandibular ridges and working in delicate areas of crowns and bridges also. 
  • MDS in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics: Orthodontics is the science of dentistry that focuses on maintaining the developmental and positional anomalies of teeth and facial structure. The course also emphasizes the patient’s oral, physical, and mental well-being.
  • MDS in Periodontology: Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals in the conservation, diagnosis, and treatment of those diseases that occur due to defective teeth or tissue or their substitutes. This treatment includes surgical and non-surgical procedures such as regenerative, periodontal therapy, periodontal plastic surgery, laser treatments, etc.
  • MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: It is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of dental infection, maxillofacial trauma, pathology, facial deformity, and facial pain. Treatment of diseases in and around teeth, jaws, and temporomandibular comes under this department of dentistry. It is said to be a bridge between dentistry and medicine. 
  • MDS in Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology: Oral Pathology is one of the recognized branches in the field of dentistry, its a field in pathology dealing with diseases and treatments of the oral cavity and oral structures associated with it like tongue, bony tissue, lymph nodes, nerves, etc. The doctors in this domain are called oral pathologists.

CSI Dental College Madurai Fees Structure

You heard so many great things about the college and the courses it provides. Now, let’s get into the most important aspect of the article. Fee structure! CSI College of Dental Sciences and Research offers 2 academic programs, BDS and MDS, respectively. The fee structure for the same is

Course Fees/ Year (INR) Duration
BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 5 years
MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) 3 years

Payment Methods: To pay your fees, you can opt for any mode of payment. You can pay cash or give a demand draft in person in the admin office, or you can pay online via NetBanking or NEFT Transfer or via UPI Payment.

Scholarships: The Dental College is registered for many scholarship programs. Many scholarship providers have slots occupied for the students who are willing to study at CSI Dental College Madurai. The news and updates about all the scholarship programs are posted on the college website.

Educational Loans: Popular banking companies are willing to provide educational loans to those students who can’t afford an expensive fee structure. You can start paying your loan amount after completion of the course within a specific number of years mentioned by the bank you choose. 

Placements and Scope

Dentistry is a profession that can open a variety of career options for you. It has a unique blend of medical science and entrepreneurship inbuilt into it. As per the norm, you might imagine a medical student working in a hospital after their studies, but in dentistry, the common case is that the students plan to open their clinic after they have completed their studies. This fact makes the profession unique and interesting. Let’s find out the scope and opportunities available in dentistry!

BDS Internship

It is mandatory for every BDS student to do a one-year internship as a part of their curriculum. Failing to do so, the student will not be able to graduate and go further in his career. Now, you must be thinking about why it is so important to do a one-year internship. Well, there are multiple reasons to answer your why!

Importance of BDS Internships:

  • Improves training in various specialists of dentistry.
  • Opportunities for practical training.
  • Skill Development.
  • Understanding professional and ethical principles.
  • Personality Development.
  • Sense of assurance of career path afterward.

Scope for BDS Graduates

Right now, the scope for this profession is demanding. The salary package is also acceptable for BDS graduates. An average salary package for a fresher in Bachelor of Dental Surgery is said to be about 3 – 3.5 LPA.

Career Options after BDS

  • Masters in Dental Surgery.
  • Masters in Public Health.
  • Masters in Business Administration.
  • Clinical Practice.
  • Government Jobs after BDS
    • Government Service.
    • Primary Health Center.
    • Army Dental Corps.
    • Territorial Officer in the Indian Army.
    • Dentist in Indian Railways.
    • Contractual Dental Officer in the Indian Navy or Air Force.
    • Lecturer in Government Colleges.
    • Research and Advisory Departments under Central Government.
    • Job Opportunities in Government Institutes.
  • Research.
  • Forensic Odontology.
  • Dental Influencer.

Scope for MDS Graduates

The scope for a job opportunity and a better salary package for an MDS graduate is even higher than a BDS graduate. One reason is obvious that they have better knowledge, but another very important reason is that MDS graduates have specialized knowledge on a particular subject, which makes the graduate more feasible for the job role.

Career Options after MDS

  • Dental Assistant.
  • Oral Surgeon.
  • Orthodontist.
  • Periodontist.
  • Prosthodontist.
  • Medical Officer.
  • Clinical Research Scientist.
  • General Practitioner.
  • Dental Consultant.
  • Dental Radiologist.
  • Subject Matter Expert.
  • Dental Training Manager.

Relevant Job Profiles

Job Roles for BDS Graduates Job Roles for MDS Graduates
Dentist Dental Surgeon
Dental Surgeon Endodontist
Dental Consultant Dental Ceramist
Oral Pathologists Forensic Pathologist
Lecturer Dental Hygienist
Medical Influencer Research

Rankings and Recognitions

CSI Dental College Madurai is one of the best colleges in Tamil Nadu and every year many students apply for admissions in this college. The college is affiliated with the TamilNadu Dr. MGR Medical University which is listed among the top universities in Tamil Nadu.

We have found out through various college ranking websites that CSI Dental College Madurai is ranked 4631 all over India and 28284 globally.

On-Campus Facilities


The college has a huge campus with a variety of departmental facilities. The administration looks forward to safeguarding their student’s interests which leads them to excellent results.

Auditorium  Histology Lab Anatomy Theatre
MicroBiology Lab Dental Materials Lab Pharmacology Lab
Prosthodontics Lab Preclinical Conservative Lab Seminar Room
Lecture Hall Physiology Lab Oral Pathology Lab


The hospital has a department for every specialty in dentistry. The departments in the hospital are treating many patients with various problems of different branches. The hospital consists of professionals who handle all kinds of dental ailments with modern equipment. They provide free registrations and basic treatments.


For easy access, the college has its library situated at the center of the campus. The library contains a good collection of books for the students to attain additional knowledge and do research on the work of renowned scholars. In addition to books and journals, the library has Internet access and Audio-Video facilities.


CSI Dental College Madurai provides separate hostels for boys and girls. The college aims for its students to feel at home even when they are far away from home.

Students’ comfort and happiness is their utmost priority. Each room in the hostel is spacious enough to accommodate 2 or 3 candidates. The hostel has a dining hall that provides food that is nutritious and healthy. Additional facilities like Gym, Indoor Games are provided by the college hostel. Smoking is strictly prohibited.


There are many students who are not only talented in academics but also in the sports field. Such talents should not be wasted, which is why the college provides sports facilities for their students to have a fresh mind. They organize an annual sports day for students to expose their talents and get awarded for the same.

College Contact Details


Dental Admission Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was CSI College of Dental Sciences and Research established?

The Dental College was established in 2007.

2. Where is the college located?


3. Is CSI College of Dental Sciences good for BDS?

CSI Dental College is one of the reputed colleges in Tamil Nadu.

4. Is CSI Dental College affiliated and approved?

Yes, the college is affiliated with The TamilNadu Dr. MGR Medical University and approved by the Dental Council of India.

5. What academic courses does the college provide?

The college provides an undergraduate course for BDS and a postgraduate course for MDS.

6. How many seats does the college provide for admission in BDS?

The college provides 100 seats for BDS admission.

7. What are the eligibility criteria for MDS?

Eligibility Criteria for MDS The student should have completed 12 years of schooling. The student should possess a degree in BDS or PG Diploma in Dental Surgery. The student should have scored an aggregate of 50% in BDS. The student should have completed their one-year rotatory internship. The student should have appeared and qualified for the NEET Entrance Test.

8. What is the duration of the BDS Course?

The course duration for BDS is 5 years.

9. Is internship included in the BDS curriculum?

Yes, the course had 4 years of theoretical knowledge and one year of rotatory internships.

10. What facilities are provided by the college?

The college provides facilities like a hostel, library, and hospital.

11. Does the college hospital provide any free services?

Yes, they provide free registrations and basic treatments.

12. Does the college provide separate hostel facilities for boys and girls?

Yes, the college has a separate hostel for boys and girls respectively.

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