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Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore Admission, Fee, Courses

Once again I welcome you to our platform where we dive into great details about colleges from across the country and help you make the right choice with comprehensive research. Today, on our list of prestigious colleges we have Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore from Bangalore, Karnataka. With a zeal for imparting wisdom and knowledge among newer generations in the field of pharmaceuticals, this college has made quite a name for itself. So, if you are interested in bagging a degree in pharmacy, read ahead and decide for yourself if this might be the college of your choosing! 

Gautham Pharmacy College Overview 

Established in the year 1985, Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore has proved itself to be a pinnacle of quality education over the decades. They offer several courses that value education in pharmacy and help future generations keep up with the growing relevance in the field. The diploma course and the undergraduate course of the college are recognized by both- the Pharmacy Council of India as well as All India Council of Technical Education. 

The college, which is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences is packed with all the essential amenities required to support a holistic education for students. With fantastic research facilities and knowledgeable faculty, students at GCP get comprehensive learning in the field of pharmacy.

Key Highlights 

Name  Gautham College of Pharmacy 
Address Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, R. T. Nagar post-Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Pin: 560032
Website http://www.gauthamcollege.org/ 
Establishment Year 1985
State  Karnataka
City  Bangalore 
Principal Dr Rinku Mathappan
College Type Private 
Recognised By 
  • Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), 
  • All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)
Affiliated to  Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS)
Courses Offered
  • B Pharm. 
  • M Pharm. 
  • D Pharm.
  • Pharm D. 
Hostel facilities Available for boys and girls 

Vision: They have a great vision set for their college which is the creation of generations of pharmacists who are ethically and morally responsible and adhere to strict technical conduct that will make students competent pharmacists. 


  • They want to guide students to become accomplished pharmacists
  •  They want their students to gain competence in all arenas to be able to keep up to date with global paradigms of changing pharmaceutical sciences. 
  • Help students gain expert knowledge for the betterment of society and contribution to healthcare. 
  • Imbibe moral leadership for strong visions. 

Salient Features 

NSS Initiatives: The NSS- Digital India Initiative undertaken by the college brings about fruitful outcomes in the endeavour of students working under the program. It is one of the key highlights that attract students highly. NSS helps the student build an individual identity by honing skills in leadership, group unity, and confidence. 

Multicultural Environment: Gautham College of Pharmacy welcomes a multicultural environment to be facilitated within its campus to enrich its students with exposure to a vibrant experience that isn’t limited to academic and scholastic areas. 

Standard Inspections: Standard Inspections in all the courses are mandatory for the college which helps them maintain their standard of education. It promotes a better quality of services offered by the college and makes sure that students are receiving the best in terms of knowledge, education, and co-scholastic opportunities for their development.  

Extracurricular Activities: The extracurricular activities of the college are limitless and give students the ability to shine in various things for more holistic development. The students from different courses get the opportunity to set up health check-up camps, run blood donation drives, and show their innovative skills in several sports and cultural activities. The students are also encouraged to participate in various competitions. 

Admission to Gautham Pharmacy College

Course Intake

Name of Course  Seat Intake  Duration 
Bachelor of Pharmacy  60 4 years 
Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics  15 2 years 
Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology  15 2 years 
Doctor of Pharmacy  10 5+1 years 
Diploma in Pharmacy  30 2 years 

Admission Process

  • The admission procedure takes place according to the revised and updated guidelines prescribed by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and the Government of Karnataka. 
  • The admission takes place according to an entrance exam after which the list of selected candidates and a waiting list of candidates will be released. 
  • You will get a 15-day window to accept the offer letter and continue with your admission. 
  • In case of withdrawal of admission, you will be refunded according to their respective guidelines. 

Course-Wise Eligibility 

Name of Course  Eligibility 
B Pharm 
  • Students who have passed the Karnataka PUC Board examination or any equivalent examination under a recognized board or university with more than 40 per cent marks in PCM, PCB, PCMB, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science, or Physics, Chemistry and Electronics. 
  • Students under the reservation quota of SC/ST have to get more than a qualifying percentage of 35% in the above-mentioned subjects and boards. 
  • If you have done a diploma in pharmacy with more than 50 per cent with approval from the Pharmacy Council of India can also get admission. They’ll be directly admitted to the II BPharm course and will have to opt for additional subjects like Maths, Statistics, and CS. 
D Pharm 
  • Students have to pass the science intermediate examination.
  • You have to pass at least the first year of a science-based degree course. 
  • Complete and pass your 12th examination in Science. 
  • Pass any pedigree exam or any other qualifications equivalent to the above-mentioned courses approved by the Pharmacy Council of India. 
  • A degree in B. Pharm from any recognized institute of board equivalent to RGUHS or PCI, and/or AICTE. The minimum score for qualification is 55%.
Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate)
  • A Pass in D. Pharm from a Pharmacy Council of India recognized institute. 
Pharm D 
  • Students must be above or 17 years of age by the 31st of Dec on the year of admission. 
  • You must have completed your 12th Exam with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with any of the following- Maths and Biology. 
  • You must have gotten an A Pass in your D. Pharm (If applicable)


  • The cut-off list is based on the merit list produced after the entrance exam. 
  • It changes every year. Refer to past cut-offs to get an idea about how much of a score is safe. 

Documents Required

Some of the following documents are required by the college during the time of admission. The students must get in touch with the college in order to get a clear view of all the documents that would be necessary. 

  • Certificate of birth.
  • 10+2 PUC Certificate, or certificate of an equivalent examination.
  • ST/SC/Backward Class Certificate, if applicable. 
  • Government IDs such as Aadhar Card.
  • Any documents that the principal and/or administration deem necessary.
  • Passport-size photographs (always carry at least 8-10 photographs).

For postgraduate applications- carry passing degrees from previous programs.

Pharmacy Courses Offered

About The Courses. 

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharm)

The undergraduate program in Pharmacy of Gautham College of Pharmacy is one of the most reputed ones with a seat intake capacity of 60. The course duration is 4 years and students will acquire knowledge in both theory and practicals. The medium of instruction for the course is English. 

Students require a minimum of 80 per cent attendance in both theory and practicals to be eligible to sit in exams. Academic work will include practicals, University examinations, and internal assessments for a consolidated marking. 

Master of Pharmacy(M Pharm)

The Master of Pharmacy program has a seat intake capacity of 30 as a whole in two specializations- pharmaceutics and pharmacology. The entire course is of 2 years where students gain extensive and in-depth knowledge about their chosen specifications. 

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)

This course is a very intensive one in Pharmacy and includes the development of your clinical preparedness through a more hands-on approach in practical terms. The course entails a commitment of 6 years including one year of compulsory rotatory internship apart from the 5 years of rigorous study. The current seat intake capacity for the program stands at 10. 

Diploma in Pharmacy(D Pharm)

A diploma in pharmacy course includes a two-part program over the 2 years course duration of the subject. The seat intake for this course is 30. Students have to appear for a total of 4 exams over the years, 2 every year for each part. You get to study extensively health education and community Pharmacy, Biochemistry and clinical pathology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacognosy, and a lot more. 

Subjects Covered

The curriculum is designed by RGUHS and PCI. It focuses on teaching students the fundamental aspects of the field of pharmacy, and along with that, teaches them all the skills that are necessary for the professional side of the field. Each specialization is taught in both theory and practical form. Some of the subjects are- 

  • Human Anatomy And Physiology.
  • Pharmaceutics.
  • Pharmacognosy.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Pharmacology And Toxicology.
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis.
  • Organic And Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Phytochemistry.
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.
  • Social And Preventive Pharmacy.
  • Hospital Pharmacy.
  • Industrial Pharmacy.
  • Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence.
  • Pharmaceutical Covigilance.
  • Cosmetic Sciences.
  • Pharmacokinetics And Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.
  • Herbal Pharmacy.
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Management.
  • Drug Store And Business Management.
  • Health Education & Community Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Departments 

Name of Department  Overview 
Pharmacology  The study of drugs is undertaken in this department which includes the modification of tissues and organisms through chemicals and the effect it has. The branch is divided into two further parts- pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics which looks at the drug-induced biological effects and metabolism, excretion, absorption, and distribution respectively. 

The department in this college is fully equipped with modern tools and books that you might require in your acquisition of further knowledge on the subject. They have a department library for all such purposes. 

Pharmaceutics  The study of the quantitative elements of medication administration is known as pharmaceutics, and it entails the development, testing, and assessment of pharmaceuticals in conjunction with the most suitable dosage form.

The Department of Pharmaceutics at Gautham College of Pharmacy is innovative in its way of approaching the subject with its students for maximum intellectual output. They have the required physical resources needed to teach their students all in the field of pharmaceutics. 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry  The study of drugs’ molecular and mechanistic properties is known as pharmaceutical chemistry. The field places a strong emphasis on the chemistry involved in drug design, development, action, transport, delivery, and targeting. 

By studying in the department, you can gain a lot of expertise in learning about the variously underlying molecular basis for different drugs that are used in medicine. You can further enhance your capabilities in the health sector and have biomedical careers. 

Pharmacognosy  Often known as the study of crude drug forms, pharmacognosy looks deeply at the natural sources for various medicines and thoroughly studies the implications and processes. You can gain incredible learning experience by partaking in the courses offered by this college as the expert faculty help you navigate through the nooks and corners of modern-day medicine. 
Pharmacy Practice  Knowledge in the department of pharmacy practice ensures that you as healthcare professionals can maintain the ethical and proper practice of healthcare regardless of the environment you are practising in. Through this subject, you get insight into the ways through which you can take better care of your patients and give them the standard and quality healthcare that they deserve. 

Program Fee Structure 

Now, let us have a look at the Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore fee structure

Name of Course  Annual Fees 
Bachelor of Pharmacy  INR 59,900
Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics  INR 1,00,250
Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology  INR 1,00,250
Doctor of Pharmacy 
Diploma in Pharmacy  INR 25,000

Loans and Scholarships.

We are still miles away from affordable education for all and it is something that is a necessity for all. But regardless, you shouldn’t be left out and give up on your dreams just because you cannot afford to pay the huge amount of fees in private colleges. There are so many opportunities available for you, for instance, the government has several scholarship programs for students with weaker economic backgrounds that you can enjoy benefits. 

Apart from that, you can easily get Student loans from private or central banks at affordable interest rates which you can pay off after getting a good job. Gautham College of Pharmacy helps you in this by giving you access to their placement program where you can groom yourself and get yourself placed within a deserving company of your choosing. 

Placements & Career Avenues

College placements are a major concern for students all over and rightly so. Given that you have invested so much time, money, and energy into your education, you should get a good placement outcome from that. The Gautham College of Pharmacy Placement cell makes sure that all deserving candidates get placed in well-recognized institutions. 

Placement Cell

The process adopted by the placement cell at this college includes:

  • Giving training on soft skill education to the students so as to enhance their CV, prep for interviews, and group discussion-related activities in the selection process. 
  • Collecting all CVs from students to pass them along to prospective employers as brochures for the selection of the right candidate. 
  • Conducting counselling activities to nudge students into the right career path. 
  • Have talks with the employers before the placement process. 

The college is in partnership with companies like AstraZeneca, and Collabera Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Abott and Ayurwin. 

Career Prospects

Your career prospects will be booming after a degree in pharmacy, especially today. Being a pharmacist means that you have an exhaustive knowledge about the nature of drugs and their effects on living organisms along with the further development of the same. It is a very rewarding career option if you truly are interested in the subject and course. The industry of pharmaceuticals in India has grown manifold in the past few years which means that you get the desired promotion in your field quite easily. 

 So let us look at a few career prospects to indulge in after completing your B. Pharm.

Job Opportunity  Description 
Internship  After doing your Pharm D, you have to undergo a compulsory rotatory internship for a year. 
Higher Education If you are done with your B Pharm, you can think about getting your master’s and maybe a doctorate after that for advanced career prospects. 
Private Employment  A range of private career options opens up for you after your bachelor’s, starting from the retail sector, private clinics, marketing, hospitals, and so on. 
Health Inspector  By becoming a health inspector, you can enjoy great benefits and earn a good living through regular health inspections in hospitals, restaurants, schools, etc. 
Chemical Technician   To can help analyze the properties of the instruments that are available in labs by being a chemical technician after your degree. 
Drug Therapist  If you become a drug therapist, you can administer the required medications as per dosage according to the illness and disease that a patient might be suffering from. This can range from mental illness to physical diseases and anything in between. 
Hospital Drug Coordinator  Becoming a hospital drug coordinator entails a lot of things like organizing teams for patient care and becoming a medium to bridge the gap between patient and family with hospital workers and healthcare professionals. 
Government Jobs  After getting your degree in B.Pharm, you can also opt for government jobs by clearing exams. This comes with a lot of financial benefits and works satisfaction as well. 

Important Note.

The above-mentioned are only a few opportunities and are not limited to these themselves. For a better evaluation of career prospects, feel free to contact us. 

Rankings and Awards 

The awards received by students at Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore show how much growth and development they have incurred throughout their journey. It is always a matter of immense pride and joy from institutions and faculty alike to be able to get a good ranking and awards in various fields. 

  • Miss Rekha Choudhary, a student of the institute, had gotten the 7th rank in the D.Pharm II annual examination held for the session 2017-2018.
  • The 2nd International Exhibition and Conference on the Medical Device Sector were organized in Gautham College of Pharmacy. 
  • Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore is recognized by the Pharmacy Council of India as well as the Government of Karnataka for its undergraduate and doctorate program, in specific terms. 
  • Gautham College of Pharmacy Reviews is quite positive online from students and faculty alike. 

On-Campus Facilities Offered


A good library is a blessing in disguise and GCP surely does know the importance that it holds for students and scholars alike. Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore has a total of 4457 books at its disposal in various departments as well as a subscription to international and national journals.

As a student, you can also get access to their digital library and get your hands on magazines like Competition Success Review, Outlook, and  Vedanta Kesari. They also keep a stack of daily newspapers for your benefit. 


Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore has advanced laboratories for all the departments and is fully equipped with a range of tools necessary for specific courses. They have equipment like  Lagendorf heart perfusion apparatus, Plethesmometer, Analgesiometer (Tail flick), Sphygmomanometer, and Compound microscope to name a few. 


Gautham College of Pharmacy hostel is available for both boys and girls and has premium facilities for each. The rooms are fully furnished with special care taken about the cleanliness and maintenance of proper hygiene. The hostel is situated within the campus itself and students have the option to enrol themselves in the gym facilities offered by the hostel

Computer Facilities

The college has 33 Pentium configurations with Pan-All and Wan-All connections in different computers. The internet bandwidth is around 512 kbps and works with Microsoft Office 2000. For special facilities, they have a HELINET consortium.

Advanced Classrooms

Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore has advanced classrooms designed specifically to add to the learning process and enhance it significantly. The rooms are spacious and have a working internet browsing network available for the students. 

College Contact Details 

AddressBhuvaneshwari Nagar, R. T. Nagar post-Bangalore, Karnataka, India- 560032

The immense pressure that students these days are under is a lot to handle. The world has gotten more competitive which is having severe side effects on the mental health of students. After your school life is over, the decision you take has direct implications on how you live out your future, and under such stress, it gets quite difficult to take the right decision. Let us help you go through each suitable college and have a deep analysis of them to help you make the correct choice. Make us a part of your journey, and leave your worries behind! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where is Gautham College of Pharmacy?

GCP is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

2. What is the seat intake for B.Pharm in Gautham College of Pharmacy?

For the B.Pharm course, there is a seat intake capacity of 60.

3. Is a hostel facility available in GCP?

Yes, the hostel facility is available for both boys and girls.

4. Is GCP a good college?

Yes, GCP is one of the most reputed private pharmacy colleges in the country.

5. Is there a diploma course at Gautham College of Pharmacy?

A diploma in Pharmacy course is available in the college.

6. GCP is affiliated with which University?

GCP is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

7. What is the course duration of Pharm.D.?

Course duration for Pharm.D. is 6 years, including 1 year of compulsory rotatory internship.

8. Is attendance an issue in GCP?

The college is strict about its attendance policies and you need to have an 80% attendance or more in both theory and practical classes of all courses.

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As you may know, the field of pharmacy has garnered a lot of attention from students. As they want to learn more about the discipline and how it can help them grow, it is important that they get the most authentic reviews- which you can help us provide! Leave a review about Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore and tell us and other aspiring students about the infrastructure, safety, and quality of education at Gautham College of Pharmacy! Your words and feedback mean the world to us. 

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