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Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode Admission, Courses, Fees, Facilities

Embarking on the path of higher education is akin to embarking on a transformative journey that shapes not just careers but lives. Among the myriad institutions that stand the Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode which holds a unique position.

In today’s article, we delve into the multidimensional world of Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode, exploring its rich history, dynamic academic offerings, cutting-edge facilities, placement prospects, and the vast scope it presents to aspiring homeopathic practitioners. From its inception as the first Homoeopathic Medical College in Kerala to its transformation into a hub of excellence, the college has consistently set new standards in homeopathic education.

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode Overview

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode stands as a pioneering institution in the realm of homeopathic education. It holds the distinction of being the first Government Homoeopathic Medical College in Kerala and the inaugural Government Homoeopathic Medical Degree College in Asia.

Renowned as one of India’s premier Homeopathic institutions, the college has consistently upheld a legacy of excellence. With affiliations to the Kerala University of Health Sciences since 2010, this institution has charted a remarkable course of growth and accomplishment. The establishment of the Government Homoeopathic Medical College was a visionary step taken by the Government of Kerala.

Rooted in the ambition to nurture qualified graduates and postgraduates in the field of homeopathy, the institution also aimed to make cost-effective healthcare accessible to the masses. The college’s inception took place in Kozhikode in 1975, with Dr. K.S. Prakasam serving as the first principal. The college officially opened its doors on January 24, 1976, operating within the premises of the Govt. Homoeo Hospital, Vellayil.

Key Highlights 

Name Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode
Address Karaparamba P.O., Kozhikode – 673010
Establishment Year 1975
Country India
State Kerala
City Kozhikode
College Type Government
Affiliated To Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS)
Approved By National Commission for Homeopathy (NCH)
Study Mode Full-time
Hostel For men and women


The vision of Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode is to be a trailblazing center of excellence in the field of homeopathic education, research, and healthcare. 


The mission of the college is to provide exceptional homeopathic education, promote research, and deliver compassionate healthcare services. 

Why Study at Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode?

  • Pioneering Legacy – As the first Homoeopathic Medical College in Kerala and the inaugural Government Homoeopathic Medical Degree College in Asia, the college boasts a rich history and legacy of excellence in homeopathic education and practice.
  • Academic Excellence – The college is renowned for maintaining the highest academic standards. 
  • Cutting-Edge Research – The college is committed to advancing homeopathic knowledge through innovative research. Engaging in groundbreaking studies and contributing to the evidence base of homeopathy, students have the opportunity to be part of cutting-edge research initiatives.
  • Continued Learning – The college promotes a culture of continuous learning and encourages students to stay updated with the latest advancements in homeopathy, enabling them to evolve and excel throughout their careers.

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode Admission

Admission Procedure

Candidates are eligible to apply to Government Homeopathic Medical College Kozhikode by following the processes outlined below:

  • Register and appear for the NEET exam.
  • The students, if they meet the Government Homeopathic Medical College Kozhikode cut-off, and provided they qualify the NEET exam, can then register for AYUSH counseling for Kerala state.
  • The students must select Government Homeopathic Medical College Kozhikode as their first preference.
  • If selected, students can then pay the required fees and have successfully been allotted a seat at the college.

Eligibility Criteria

Course Criteria
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)
  • Completed +2 level education from a recognized school board
  • Must achieve 50% marks in Biology
  • Must achieve an aggregate of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Homeopathy
  • Completed a BHMS course from a recognized university
  • Registered with the Medical Council of India
  • Should be 45 years of age or below

Documents Required

Students must carry the following documents at the time of admission:

  • Class 10th marksheet.
  • Class 12th marksheet.
  • NEET scorecard.
  • Medical Council of India registration certificate (for PG applicants).

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Courses Offered

At Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode, a diverse spectrum of comprehensive and meticulously tailored courses in the realm of homeopathy awaits aspiring students. These courses have been meticulously crafted to accommodate various levels of education and expertise, ensuring a holistic and profound grasp of homeopathic principles, adept clinical competencies, and adeptness in the intricacies of research methodologies.

Herein is a glimpse of the prominent courses offered by the institution:

Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

BHMS is a 5-and-a-half-year long course, and being the bedrock of the college’s academic portfolio immerses students in an all-encompassing journey of homeopathy and medical sciences. This comprehensive program delves into fundamental subjects such as anatomy, physiology, materia medica, repertory, and more.

The course fosters a profound understanding of homeopathic philosophy and principles, cultivating skilled practitioners with a holistic approach to patient care. Practical training and clinical exposure are seamlessly woven into the curriculum, allowing students to refine their diagnostic and treatment abilities.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Homoeopathy

The MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Homeopathy courses offered by Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Kozhikode, represent a pinnacle of specialized education in the field of homeopathy. Designed for individuals who seek to delve deeper into specific domains of homeopathic practice, these programs provide an advanced and comprehensive exploration of key subjects.

The postgraduate degree courses are available in the following subjects: MD(Hom), Homeopathic Materia Medica, MD (Hom) Organon of Medicine, and MD (Hom) Repertory. Each course spans a duration of three years, including a year of house-job or its equivalent. The program is intended to engage students in a thorough study of their chosen area, with a focus on practical training, research, and clinical skill.

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode Fee Structure

The financial considerations associated with pursuing a degree are significant and can greatly impact the educational journey. That is where being a government college gives it an edge. Being a government institution, the Government Homeopathic Medical College Kozhikode fee structure is very affordable to ensure financial status isn’t a barrier to quality education.

Course Fees

Let us take a look at the structure of various courses:

Course Total Fees
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) Rs. 5,667
Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Homeopathy Rs. 16,430


While college is quite affordable, students who still require financial aid can achieve so by applying for scholarships provided by the university, government schemes, and various private institutions. Students must research and apply to these organizations themselves to avail of such scholarships.

Usually, in a state, there is only one Government College for Homeopathy, but luckily, Kerala has two colleges. Check my article on Government Homoeopathic Medical College Thiruvananthapuram.

Placements and Scope

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode offers promising opportunities for students in terms of placements and a wide scope for their future careers. The college’s comprehensive and specialized courses equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field of homeopathic medicine.

The college has a strong track record of producing skilled and competent homeopathic practitioners who are highly sought after in the healthcare industry. Graduates of Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode find placement opportunities in various settings, including government and private hospitals, homeopathic dispensaries, clinics, and research institutions.

The college’s reputation for academic excellence and practical training provides an added advantage during job placements, attracting recruiters and employers from the healthcare sector.

Rankings and Recognition

Let us look at some of the accolades of the Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode:

  • Established in 1975, the college is the most esteemed and the first homeopathy medical college in Kerala.
  • The college is affiliated to the prestigious Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS).
  • The college has also gained the recognition and approval of the National Commission for Homeopathy (NCH).

On-Campus Facilities Offered

  • Spacious Lecture Halls – Well-equipped lecture halls provide students with a comfortable and appropriate learning environment in which to participate in lectures, discussions, and seminars.
  • Laboratories – Specialized laboratories for homeopathic pharmacy, clinical diagnosis, and research enable hands-on learning and practical training.
  • Study Spaces – Quiet study areas and reading rooms provide students with a peaceful environment for research, study, and self-directed learning.
  • OPD and IPD Units – The college’s clinical facilities include Outpatient Departments (OPDs) and Inpatient Departments (IPDs), where students gain real-world experience in diagnosing and treating patients.
  • Well-Equipped Clinic – The college’s homeopathic clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic tools and treatment facilities to provide comprehensive patient care.
  • Residential Campus – The college provides hostel accommodation for students, allowing them to reside within the campus and immerse themselves in their studies and clinical training.

College Contact Details

  • Address – Karaparamba P.O., Kozhikode – 673010. 
    • Distance from Calicut International Airport – About 30 KM away.
    • Distance from Karaparamba Bus Stop – Less than 500 M away.
    • Distance from Calicut Railway Station – About 6 KM away.

If you are interested and seeking admission to Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode, we suggest you contact Career Mudhra and hop on a call with a counselor as soon as possible. Our expert can guide you through the application process and support you in your academic journey to be a homeopathy medico.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What makes Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode unique?

It is the first Homoeopathic Medical College in Kerala, pioneering holistic education in homeopathic medicine.

2. What courses does Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode offer?

The college offers a range of courses, from BHMS to specialized MD programs, cultivating homeopathic expertise.

3. How does the college prepare students for their future careers?

The college combines ethical values, practical training, and patient-centered care to nurture skilled and compassionate homeopathic practitioners.

4. What facilities can students access at Government Homeopathic College Kozhikode?

Students benefit from modern lecture halls, research labs, libraries, clinical setups, and more, creating a comprehensive learning environment.

5. What are the placement prospects for graduates?

Graduates of Government Homoeopathic Medical College find opportunities in government and private healthcare, research, academia, and even entrepreneurship.

6. How does the college support holistic growth?

In addition to medical knowledge, students engage in cultural events, sports, mentorship, and extracurricular activities for well-rounded development.

7. How does the college empower aspiring homeopathic practitioners?

With a legacy of excellence, specialized education, modern facilities, and a dynamic learning environment, the college equips students for success in homeopathic practice.

8. What does the Government Homeopathic Medical College Kozhikode emphasize in its academic approach?

The college focuses on the integration of theory and practice, instilling ethical values and patient-centric care in its curriculum.

A Small Request 

At Career Mudhra, our mission revolves around offering comprehensive academic guidance to students. A crucial part of our endeavor is shedding light on the student experience at Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode. To achieve this, we invite alumni and current students of this esteemed institution to share their insights and experiences in the comments below kindly.

Your valuable contributions will play a pivotal role in our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality academic counsel and fostering a supportive community for aspiring students.

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