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The niche of Ayurveda studies is rich with potential & academic opportunities are many. If you are seeking the best opportunities in this domain, then you have come to the right place. We offer articles on some of the best colleges in the Ayurveda sector. This post is a take on everything students need to know about the Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya. Browse through this space to know all the details.

Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya Overview

Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya was founded in 1954. Vaidyaguru D.A Halasikar is the founder & includes the patronage and support of many pioneers in the domain. There is an exclusive managing committee which takes board-level decisions concerning the office.

Graduate, post-graduate, and doctorate level courses are part of the curriculum establishing a fair chance for all the students. The facilities at the college are special & involve great value-additions to impart a heartening experience to the students.  

All the departments at Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya are well-maintained with an efficient chance for levelling up the career prospects of the student candidates. The campus represents a strict format that is in alignment with the general Ayurveda theme & is a feasible addition to the college principles of excellence in the niche.

Key Highlights

Name Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya and Hospital
Address 84QG+F38, Heggeri Colony, Old Hubli, Hubballi, Karnataka 580030
Website http://www.ayurvedacollegehubli.org/ 
Establishment Year 1954
Principal Dr Prashanth A.S.
State Karnataka
City Hubli (Hubballi)
College Type Government Aided
Affiliated To Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Karnataka
Approved By AYUSH
Study Mode Regular/ Full-Time 
Hostel Both Girls and Boys

The college administration structure follows the below pattern:

  • An essential Board of Directors where 19 different members serve under the designations of President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, general members, and special invitees.
  • The college council consists of the Principal Dr Prashanth A S & the head of different departments:
    • Dr J R Joshi.
    • Dr S G Chavan.
    • Dr C Thyagraj.
    • Dr M H Naik.
    • Dr B B Joshi.
    • Dr B B Hunagund.
    • Dr A I Sanakal.
    • Dr M M Nuchhi.
    • Dr Pramod Katti.
    • Dr Mahesh Salimath.
    • Dr Sevantika Rotti.
    • Dr Laxmi Patil.
    • Dr Anita Maribashetti.
    • Dr Raju Timmapur.


The vision of Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya is to provide quality Ayurveda solutions and healthcare services to the community & to follow the fundamental principles of the indigenous medical system.


Together with Hubli Ayurveda Seva Samiti (HASS), the mission of the college is to reach the maximum number of people with the magic of Ayurveda healthcare & include methods like medical workshops, camps, and academic health programs.

Why Choose Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya?

Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya is a top-notch Ayurveda college in the country & is one of the few pioneer institutions to practice it for a long time. The primary reasons that might attract your interest in the college include the following:

  • Recognition & Accreditation

The college is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences which is a prestigious body of academic wealth. The recognition extends to all seats & courses at the college making it an ideal prospect for students. The college has accreditation from the top Ayurveda organisation in the country.

  • Quality Curriculum

The course curriculum extends over many departments & programs. Specialities at AMVH include a whole host of possibilities to improve the potential of the students & gain practical experience for facing the real world.

  • Practical Training

There is a chance for practical training at the efficient labs of the college making it a growth prospect for the students. AMVH facilitates special treatment philosophies & encourages its residents to learn and apply the same in a structured, professional way.

  • Good Location

Hubli is one of the best cities in Karnataka & along with Dharwad forms the second largest city in the state. It opens up many opportunities for students to grow in a community environment & a positive vibe.

  • Respectable Council & Society

The administration at AMVH is a dedicated body forming the crux of the organization. The entities feature vibrant activities in the college making it a top-performing academy & imparts an energetic environment.

  • Hubli Ayurveda Seva Samiti (HASS)

The association of the HASS is a productive one ensuring the appropriate working & progress of the college. Together with the existing board, society, and council, AMVH can certainly gain from the collaboration with HASS.

Admission Procedure

Requirements for Admissions

The best method of obtaining the admission requirements is to contact the helpline communication that is in arrangement with the college. Different spokespersons are available for various departments & course types. For general info, you may try sending an email or reaching out to the published college number.

Eligibility Criteria for BAMS 

The eligibility criteria vary for graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate programs. 

For the Bachelor Of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), the criteria are as follows:

  • The candidate should complete higher secondary education or its equivalent course.
  • Modules in the status of the applications related to caste, income, transfer, and other eligibilities must be proved with supporting documents.
  • The candidate should successfully cover NEET or KEA tests with original rank orders.
  • Corresponding fees relevant to the application program will be a factor.
  • Students should fill out the attached form on the website regarding the admission application.

Eligibility for MD/ MS (Ayurveda)

  • The candidate should complete the BAMS degree successfully & should be certified with a degree validation from an approved academic institution to apply for the course. 
  • Relevant certificates showing the different eligibility levels should be available with the student at the time of application.
  • The candidate should have a standard level of internship from any recognizable body to proceed with the application.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for course programs is done in both online & offline modes. Given below are the steps to apply online:

  • You have to download the application form from the official website of the college. Ensure that the form corresponds to the program you are planning to apply for admission to.
  • You should pay an online fee to the relevant authority via NEFT transfer. The amount is Rs. 500.
  • The bank details & other application considerations are available online. You may check the college website for instructions.
  • The form contains an email id as the response address. You can send the application form to this id after filling all columns.

For offline mode application, all you have to do is walk in at the college admissions counter & collect the application form from there. You may duly fill it out on the spot & submit it. 

Documents Required for BAMS

The documents required for the BAMS admission process are as follows:

  • Your tenth standard mark list & pass certificate.
  • Higher secondary mark list & pass certificate.
  • Income certificate as applicable.
  • Eligibility certificate matching the details in the application form.
  • NEET marks list and score card.
  • Aadhaar card copy.
  • SC & ST certificate documents, if it applies.

Documents Required for MD/MS

  • Your tenth standard mark list & pass certificate.
  • Higher secondary mark list & pass certificate.
  • Income certificate as applicable.
  • Eligibility certificate matching the details in the application form.
  • Certificate of your undergraduate course & degree program.
  • Internship completion certificate.
  • Aadhaar card copy.
  • SC & ST certificate documents, if it applies.
  • AIAPGET marks sheet & score card.
  • Registration certificate.

Valid proofs of identity, address, photos, and general documents will apply in all cases. Ensure that you submit the copies approved & permitted by the Government. 

Courses and Departments

Ayurveda Programs

Courses Duration
BAMS 5.5 Years
MD/MS (Ayurveda) 3 Years
PhD (Ayurveda)

Ayurveda Departments

AMVH offers a total of fourteen departments for the students to specialize in as per their career choices. They are as follows:

  • Ayurveda Samhitha Siddhantha

This department professes the need for a therapeutic approach in Ayurveda with an onus on developing the niche. It is offered as a post-graduate program at AMVH & includes a total of six seats. You may also receive the course services from this department in the form of a doctorate program.

  • Sharira Rachana

This department is one of the prior significant ones at AMVH with the inclusion of a dissection hall, museum, special department library, and an exclusive body donation campaign. All types of Ayurveda instruments, chemicals, journals, and model specimens are available in this department.

  • Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana

The objective of this department is to promote norms & research activities regarding herbo-minerals, analytical technology in pharmaceutical procedures, and the adoption & undertaking of scholarly research. The department includes a lab, museum, and a puta room. Specific clients partner with this department to carry out NPST analysis & reporting of pharmaceutical entities.

  • Roga Nidhna

The department of Roga Nidhna offers programs at both graduate & post-graduate levels for many teaching aspects of the Ayurveda domain. Activities include dissertations, paper presentations, case studies & discussions, interactive activities, journal & publication resource management, and clinical/conceptual class organization. Department is active for post-graduate candidates.

  • Dravya Guna

This department is dedicated to the study of drugs, their actions, and counteractions. It includes details on the pharmacodynamics & pharmacokinetics of herbs.

  • Kriya Sharira

This department deals with the fundamental pillar concepts in Ayurveda, namely dosha, dhatu, and mala. It helps assess the foundational functioning of individuals according to the optimum Ayurveda principles.

  • Agada Tantra

This department deals with the study of poisonous drugs, their administration, dosage, and management in the Ayurveda niche. It includes the study of both animate & inanimate drugs with a special focus on food adulteration, incompatibility, poison exposure, and preventive mechanism.

  • Prasooti Tantra

The idea behind practising Prasooti Tantra is to focus on women’s healthcare & usually includes menarche and menopause periods. The department offers the attractive prospect of taking care of women’s health and is capable of huge growth in the international medical sector.

  • Swasthavritta Yoga & Naturopathy

The department is focused on general Ayurvedic studies and is an effective organization to demonstrate the student skills in practical knowledge & journal/publication studies. It includes the syllabi of different procedural practices in Ayurveda.

  • Kaumarbhritya

This department focuses on the study of babies and mothers and their health during the time of pregnancy & conception. It is an effective area of expertise to master to boost your career prospects.

  • Shalya Tantra

This department is the most active and efficient one at AMVH. It includes a modern operation theatre and lab facilities. Regular clinical cases are Ayurveda are part of this department’s studies. Internal assessments & external vivas are active in this segment. You can also do model studies in the department.

  • Shalakya Tantra Dept.

This department focuses more on the practical application of Ayurveda knowledge rather than its theory counterpart. The student & lecturer distribution in this segment follows the above base principle.

  • Panchakarma

Panchakarma is an appealing branch of Ayurveda where the focus is on body cleansing using traditional medicine techniques. AMVH actively promotes the same discipline to its resident students.

  • Kaya Chikitsa

This department at Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya was established in the year 1996 & concentrates on achieving the highest possible academic strengths in Ayurveda with the study segments it offers. It is one of the most popular departments in Ayurveda & is a feasible choice to study in an orderly manner.

MD/ MS Specialties & Intake

The courses offered at the AMVH are as follows:

Course Name Number Of Seats
BAMS ( Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) 60
MD Kayachikitsa 06
MD Ayurveda Samhita Siddhanta 06
MD Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana 06
MD Panchakarma 06
MS Shalyatantra 05
MD Roganidana Avum Vikriti Vigyana 04
MD Rachana Shareera 03
PhD in Kayachikitsa NA
PhD in Ayurveda Samhita Siddhanta NA
PhD in Shalyatantra NA
PhD in Rasashastra NA

Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya Fee Structure

Programme Fee Amount (Per Annum)
BAMS Rs. 45,500
MD/MS Rs. 1,00,000


The speciality selection won’t change the fee structure at the college. For admission to PhD programs, you may directly contact the college for fees enquiry.

The above amounts apply to Government quotas at AMVH. For Hubli Ayurvedic college fees structure regarding the management quotas, you can contact the college via any communication channels mentioned on their website.

Before collecting the fees, a merit list will be published by the college to decide the fees collection & other admission procedures. This list will be in circulation following a college cut-off scheme which is essentially a minimum marks prescription by the college.

Placements & Career Opportunities

Students who successfully pass out from AMVH will have many incredible opportunities to make their mark in the world of Ayurveda careers. Some of the peak career choices awaiting the candidates are as follows:

  • Internships

You can do top-level internships in the relevant sector of your study right after the course completion. It will help you a lot to do intern programs with some of the high-performing Ayurveda entities & organizations in our country.

  • Research

For post-graduates, one of the best options includes research activities at either AMVH itself or another body of their choice. The ideal thing here is to follow your most desired Ayurveda discipline to encourage the potential of creating ground-breaking research. 

  • Job Opportunities

You can opt for a profession in any Ayurveda right after your bachelor’s program or master’s program. It is preferable to do a temporary job first to understand your passion fully in the initial career choice that you make.

  • Moving Abroad

Foreign opportunities are splendid referring to how the nations abroad promote the Ayurveda industry. You can easily set some new standards in the technology of traditional medicine when it comes to embracing Ayurveda jobs abroad.

  • Higher Studies

It depends on where you stand in your career & what you want to achieve regarding your passion. An ideal position you may choose is the selection of a placeholder degree at the beginning followed by an internship plus the rest of the academic chain as it seems necessary.

Ranking & Recognitions

The college ranks heavily in almost all the lists showing the review updates & ratings for different channels. 

  • AMVH scores an excellent score in terms of academic performance, faculty strength, placement, infrastructure, and other features. 
  • It is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.

The general reviews regarding the college from past students, faculty members, and current associates are on a credible level & are actively featured in most Ayurveda journals, publications, and related bodies. The indulgence of the Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya Hubli cut-off will positively affect the improvement of the rankings & presentation of the website.

Facilities Offered

  • Campus

Hubli Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya boasts of a special campus that can help you integrate easily with your study activities. The college campus is a peaceful environment that helps you direct your academic goals in a fun, productive way.

  • College Administration

The administrative block at AMVH is an excellent organization & is available for supporting all the students in their respective concerns either in personal or career matters.

  • Hostel

The hostel facility is available at AMVH separately for both boys & girls. Capable wardens & capacity security personnel monitor & supervise the proceedings at the hospital making it a disciplined environment to boost the chances of student progress.

  • Mess

An in-house mess is available to cater to the needs of all the personnel inside the college campus. Quality food items are available at affordable rates making it the best service provision for candidates who are part of the curriculum.

  • Library

Both physical & digital libraries are available at the college. The central library boasts a total of 11,000+ books ranging in various segments like Ayurveda, modern medicine, medical journals, and other related books. Sixty seats are for the use of students in the central library reading room. There is also the provision of fifteen computer systems to help students maintain an active digital knowledge channel.

  • Herbal Garden

A herbal garden is also a part of the college with 260 different species of Ayurveda plants with many merits & uses. The total quantity of plants in the herbal garden may top 460 & provides a holistic atmosphere for the people who want to experience its beauty.

  • Research Center

A research centre is also part of the AMVH facilities making it an optimum location to proceed with your doctorate ambitions or general research to boost your academic specialization skills.

College Contact Details

Address: HASS, Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya and Hospital, Heggeri Extn, Hubballi-580024.

  • Email: amvhhubli54@gmail.com, hasshubli@gmail.com.
  • Phone Number: Office Ph:0836-2305122, Fax:0836-2305122, M: 9448114773.

Our services are best focused on students who are seriously considering the growth & progress in their careers without compromising on the talent & skills divisions among candidates. We prefer to associate with ambitious personnel who are deeply motivated & looking to grow in their academic strength. 

If you match any of the above features, feel free to reach out to us anytime, anywhere. We can assist you in picking the best colleges that match your eligibility criteria not just in academic terms, but also the overall personal & professional growth. Contact us for more details or significant information regarding your chances & prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are capable teachers present to manage the course curriculum at AMVH?

Rest assured, AMVH is an efficient organization promoting the services of specialists & doctors in both college & hospital functions aiding the support of the best learning experience as well as the application of practical knowledge.

2. What are the hospital facilities at AMVH?

The top facilities at the AMVH hospital include affordable charges, ample availability of beds for in-patient care, optimum Ayurvedic treatment procedures, sustainable wellness & medicinal practices, comfortable accommodation & food provisions, and unique services matching the patient requirements.

3. Are online forms available on the college website?

You can get application forms for graduate & post-graduate programs from the college website. For the doctorate program, you have to contact the college administration directly. Hostel admission application forms are also available on the website.

4. What is the mode of transportation to the college?

AMVH is connected to the outside world using all forms of transport including rail, road, and air links. Ayurveda enthusiasts from all over the globe can easily reach this academic centre of excellence.

5. What are the top medicinal plants in the herbal garden?

Some of the best varieties of crops & plants in the campus herbal garden are Nakshatra, Rashi, and Navagraha Vana.

6. How do I pick between the MS & MD courses at AMVH?

The college promotes both MD & MS programs in different specialities based on the industry standards and also the prospective potential of these domains. You may select your respective segment of specialization & on the admission application process, you will know whether it is part of the MD or MS schedule within the curriculum.

7. Is affiliation & recognition for AMVH applicable to all courses?

Yes. All courses at the college have affiliation, recognition, and accreditation credentials from the relevant authorities & respective bodies. You may safely proceed with your admission application.

8. What are the main services at the AMVH hospital?

The default services in Ayurveda healthcare at the AMVH hospital are out-patient & in-patient care plus wellness programs.

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