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Hello, and welcome back to my blog. I understand that picking the right course for yourself can be quite challenging, and considering the number of options available today, makes the process intimidating, too. Pharmacy studies are one of the best academic choices any student can pursue. Our resources include some of the best opportunities in this niche. We have listed some of the premium options in the pharmacy education sector for you. This post covers everything you need to know regarding the Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore. If you are an aspiring pharmacy student & want to learn more about the college, browse through the next sections.

Karnataka Pharmacy College Overview

Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore is a part of the Karnataka Education Trust that was founded in the year 2003. The trust provides education and academic options for aspiring students in many segments of careers including medical, paramedical, engineering, management, science, and arts.

The quality of the education is special and is a byword in different domains like infrastructure provisions, innovative learning & teaching methods, dedication to academic vision, and proficiency in work.

KCP is a leading platform for students to launch their professional careers with academic options in pharmacy. The blend of academicians & professionals at the college is a promising virtue for any dynamic progress in education & vibrant potential for opportunities.

Key Highlights

Name Karnataka College of Pharmacy
Address 33/2, Thanisandra Main Rd, Chokkanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064
Website http://karnatakacollegeofpharmacy.com/ 
Establishment Year 2003
Principal/Director Dr K. Ramesh, M Pharm, PhD
State Karnataka
City Bangalore
College Type Trust
Approved By Pharmacy Council of India
Study Mode Regular/Full-time
Hostel Yes

The college administration follows the below faculty structure: 

  • The Principal and the Director of KCP, Dr K Ramesh.
  • Vice Principal, Dr Prabhakar T.
  • Professor & Head of Department, Dr Sreedhar C.
  • Dean of college, Dr Rajukoneri.
  • Professors & Associate Professors.
  • Heads of different departments.
  • A huge list of Assistant Professors.

Vision: The vision of KCP is to become a leading academic centre for promoting excellence in the domain of pharmacy and to become a key player in global pharmaceutical research.

Mission: The mission of KCP is to provide dedicated training in pharmacy, disseminate knowledge based on pharmaceutical research, and develop values & success mentality in students.

Why Choose Karnataka Pharmacy College?

KCP is offering extraordinary services and facilities to potential prospects who are becoming part of their campus. Some of the unique propositions that make Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore an exciting prospect for students is as follows:

  • Student Support Divisions.

The student support program at KCP is to be highlighted & stands as a model for many colleges in the segment. The presence of an anti-ragging committee is an exclusive team of student mentors & guides who will ensure the safety & security of students on the campus.

NSS activities, grievance redressal cells in scenarios of complaints, feedback forms, and mentoring solutions are all part of the student support efforts at KCP.

  • Excellent Research Programs.

The research wing at KCP is a dedicated one and is capable of driving global-level results with the right motivation and inspiration. Research activities are provided in various categories & in multiple niches making it a suitable function for students in any pharmacy specialization or interest.

  • Foreign Student Support.

The college actively promotes admission for foreign students in its programs. It works well to support an inclusive culture within the campus & raise the academic and personal exposure level of the students.

The distinctive facilities and admission support process for foreign students are as follows. The college takes care of the student’s arrival from their native country and their stay during the entire course period. Introductory classes and orientation programs are offered to make them feel welcome and provide a strategic route for them to open up to the world.

The training system includes certificate courses, bridge programs, and remedial events to help them familiarise themselves with the college profile. There is a foreign students’ welfare committee within the college campus providing able support to their concerns & needs. Their cultures are wholly accepted and respected at the college.

  • Active Placement Team.

The placement cell at KCP is an active one and protects the interests of all the involved parties. There is an active placement team within the college campus & they eagerly promote the inception of placement activities & recruiter access.

  • Engaging Alumni Service.

The alumni program at KCP is an efficient one and is extraordinarily poised to support the past students and well-wishers of the college in equal light to that of the existing members.

  • Location of College.

Last but not least is the name of the city where the college is located. If you are in Bangalore and not enjoying your life, then you seriously deserve a break. Bangalore is the best city in India for students and is an incredible option for prospects from all parts of the world. The college location will ensure that you have an academic-life balance & will also have a free, flexible schedule away from the college activities.

Admission to Karnataka Pharmacy College

These are the different courses offered at Karnataka College of Pharmacy.

Programme Duration
D Pharm 2 Years
B Pharm 4 Years 
Pharm D 6 Years
Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) 3 Years
M Pharm 2 Years

Admission Requirements.

The admission requirements for KCP include an online medium where you have to fill out a form with all necessary details as mentioned by the college authorities. The college promotes offline admission activities as well. All terms & conditions from the college will apply while managing an offline application channel.

Course-Wise Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for B Pharm, D. Pharm, and Pharm D programmes 

  • The candidate should complete higher secondary or equivalent education that is conducted by an eligible state or central government. 
  • The course completion should be recognized by the AIU.
  • Optional subjects of past subjects should include English, Mathematics, Science and/or Biology.
  • The student should be at least 17 years of age to continue with the admission application.

Eligibility criteria for a lateral entry admission to the B Pharm programme (third semester).

  • The candidate should pass a D Pharmacy course from an approved institution by the Pharmacy Council of India.
  • The student is at least 17 years of age before applying for the program.

Eligibility criteria for M Pharm, Pharm D, and Post Baccalaureate programmes.

  • The candidate should have a degree in B Pharmacy.
  • The aggregate marks required from the student for four years is 55 per cent.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for KCP is as follows:

  • You have to register on the online portal to start the application.
  • From the domain, you can browse and select the program that you wish to pursue.
  • Now, match your credentials with the eligibility criteria mentioned for the particular course of your choice.
  • If it seems like a suitable fit, the next step is to fill out the online form and confirm your application.
  • Now you have to pay the application fee to pursue the program.
  • Check the status of your application for admission. You can receive this via registered mail.
  • Once the clarification is complete, you may take a print of the provisional admission letter & go through the notification selection and course fee parameters.
  • You will get an application number corresponding to your admission notification. Pay a certain admission fee against this number which acts as a provisional choice.
  • To receive the final admission letter confirmation, the instructions & time bounds mentioned on the provisional admission letter should be followed.

Documents Required

The documents required for KCP admission follow a general pattern that applies to all institutions under the Karnataka College Group of Institutions. It includes-

  • proof of address.
  • proof of identity.
  • photo verification.
  • proof of contact.
  • full details of students & parents.
  • disclosure forms & certificates.
  • miscellaneous documents that the particular course demands. 

For more details on the required documents, you can contact the college directly.

Pharmacy Courses Offered

Course Curriculum:

The commencement session of each course is in August and the course curriculum is as follows:

Pharm D

The Pharm D program is designed to provide students with a pedagogical approach to pharmacy education. The course gives students the opportunity to gain more doctrinal knowledge of the field, along with one year of hands-on practical experience. It is a 6-year course, wherein the 6th year is all about clinical pharmaceutical practice. 

Year Subjects Covered
Year I Human anatomy & physiology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical organic chemistry, medicinal biochemistry, pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry, remedial mathematics or biology.
Year II Pharmaceutical microbiology, pathophysiology, pharmacognosy & phytopharmaceuticals, community pharmacy, pharmacotherapeutics.
Year III Pharmacology, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical jurisprudence, pharmaceutical formulations, and medicinal chemistry.
Year IV Pharmacotherapeutics, clinical pharmacy, biostatistics & research methodology, clinical toxicology, hospital pharmacy, biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics.
Year V Clinical research, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics, clinical pharmacokinetics, clerkship, and project work (six months).
Year VI Internship or residency training, general medicine department (two years), three speciality departments (two months each).

M Pharm

This master’s course is an excellent start for those who have decided to pursue the academic side of the field. It takes the subjects studied during the B Pharm and gives students extensive exposure to the discipline. Not only is it great for those who wish to pursue a lectureship or any academic-related profession, but it also aids those who are venturing into other professions within the pharmaceutical industry.

  • The course curriculum for M Pharm follows a credit-based system.
  • You can see the details of the course curriculum from the college website & there is an official notification regarding the same for your use and verification.
  • You can download the details and go through the form.

M. Pharm offers the following specializations– 

  • Pharmaceutics.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis.
  • Industrial Pharmacy.

B Pharm

The bachelor’s programme is a four-year course that allows students to learn the fundamentals of pharmacy and its practical application. It is a fantastic start for students who are interested in pharmacy. Students can directly apply for jobs post the programme, or go for further studies. 

  • For B Pharm also, the system follows a credit-based semester ranking format.
  • You can download revised notifications regarding the course structure in this format as well.

Some of the subjects covered in this programme are- 

  • Human anatomy and physiology.
  • Pharmaceutics.
  • Pharmaceutical organic chemistry.
  • Pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry.
  • Pharmaceutical analysis.
  • Pharmacognosy.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Phytochemistry.
  • Pharmaceutical biotechnology.
  • Hospital pharmacy.
  • Pharmaceutical jurisprudence.
  • Pharmaceutical marketing management.
  • Social and preventive pharmacy.
  • Industrial pharmacy.
  • Pharmaceutical Covigilance. 

D Pharm

The D Pharm degree is ideal for students who want a minimum qualification in order to enter the field of pharmacy. Furthermore, with a diploma degree in hand, you can always pursue B Pharm through lateral entry into the third semester. 

  • The diploma program follows a two-year structure and includes multiple courses.
  • The subjects include pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, biochemistry & clinical pathology, human anatomy & physiology, health education & community pharmacy, pharmacognosy & toxicology, pharmaceutical jurisprudence, drug store & business management, and hospital & clinical pharmacy.

Pharm D (PB)

The post-baccalaureate course is meant for students who wish to grow their knowledge of the field of pharmacy after their B Pharm degree. It takes a step further into the theoretical aspects of the science, while also giving hands-on practice in the third year of the programme. If you are someone who is interested in learning and have already completed your B Pharm degree from a college approved by PCI, then this is a great option for you. 

Year Details
Year I Pharmacotherapeutics, hospital & community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, clinical toxicology, biostatistics & research methodology, biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics.
Year II Clinical research, clerkship, project work (six months), pharmacoepidemiology & pharmacoeconomics, clinical pharmacokinetics & pharmacotherapeutic drug monitoring.
Year III Internship & residency training plus speciality department services.

Program Fee Structure

The Karnataka College of Pharmacy fee structure varies as per the bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma programs. The fee structure for KCP is given in the below table:

B Pharm Fees 

Admission Fee Rs. 5000
Tuition Fee Rs. 1,10,000
University fee (Registration fee etc.) Rs. 10,000
Hostel fee (Rent etc.) Based on provisions
Laboratory fee Rs. 10,000
Library fee Rs. 5,000
Any other NA
Total fees Rs. 1,45, 000

M Pharm Fees

Admission Fee Rs. 5000
Tuition Fee Rs. 80,000
University fee (Registration fee etc.) Rs. 10,000
Hostel fee (Rent etc.) Based on provisions
Laboratory fee Rs. 10,000
Library fee Rs. 5,000
Any other Rs. 3,000
Total fee Rs. 1,10,000

D Pharm Fees

Admission Fee Rs. 5000
Tuition Fee Rs. 60,000
University fee (Registration fee etc.) Rs. 5,000
Hostel fee (Rent etc.) Based on provisions
Laboratory fee Rs. 5,000
Library fee Rs. 5,000
Any other NA
Total fee Rs. 80,000

Pharm D & Pharm D (PB) Fees

Admission Fee Rs. 10,000
Tuition Fee Rs. 80,000
University fee (Registration fee etc.) Rs. 10,000
Hostel fee (Rent etc.) Based on provisions
Laboratory fee Rs. 10,000
Library fee Rs. 5,000
Clinical fee Depends on the college’s decision
Total fee Rs. 1,85,,000

The hostel fee is common for all students and the facility is available for a minimum deposit of Rs. 10,000. The food & accommodation charges amount to Rs. 80,000 at KCP.

Placements & Career Opportunities

Successful alumni from Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore are placed in some of the best career profiles in the pharmacy domain. The top career options for students are as follows:

Professional Route.

The professional career option after pharmacy studies is a broader niche offering many chances to excel in different streams. The best practice for getting the most out of the profession is following a disciplinary channel while studying. 

Think ahead to reap the maximum benefits of professional opportunities in the job market. Ensure that you leave no stone unturned in getting the best support from the college in pursuing your dream job.

Some of the most popular jobs you can pursue post-graduation are

  • Drug Inspector.
  • Drug Technician.
  • Pharmaceutical marketer. 
  • Medical Writer
  • Quality Control and Assurance Associate. 
  • Pharmacist. 
  • Government Hospital Jobs.

You can also continue your studies further and expand your knowledge about the field. 


Internships are always a great source of job-learning & skill-development platform for students. You can get peak rewards & satisfactory experience by associating with the different internship sections of the college. It works best if you just completed your graduation or diploma.

Shifting Abroad.

You may easily move to any foreign country as the number of opportunities for pharmacists is rising on a global scale. You won’t be disappointed with the chances in any part of the world. 

Further Studies.

This is always an option irrespective of how well-educated you are in your career journey. Try enrolling for the next course after getting some working experience in the domain or at least exposure to the job profile. It will open up your practical knowledge for further learning activities in the pharmacy profile.

Top Recruiters.

Some of the top recruitment companies visiting Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore include Cipla, Aurobindo Pharma, Piramal, Glenmark, Merck, and more. 

Rankings and Recognitions

The ranking and achievements of Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore are many among its peer reviews and authoritative platforms. It is one of the institutions in Karnataka with a reputation & follows a merit-rating system. The merit pattern allows for talent to shine and create a professional career space for themselves in the world of pharmacy. The college received recognition from the likes of top pharmacy associations and councils across the nation.

On-Campus Facilities Offered

The top facilities at the college are inviting to any student who wants to pursue a career in pharmacy. The infrastructural facilities of note at KCP are as follows:


Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore has an extensive library facility with both e-book features & the traditional library category. The offline type consists of journals, books, and mass volumes of pharmacy books of national and international calibre. Hele Net provides e-library facilities at KCP. The number of book titles is 900+ & the volumes cross 5000 in number.


The lab facility at KCP is an excellent one and offers numerous advantages to students in different course programs. The laboratories are again divided into a chemistry lab, pharmaceutics lab, HAP, pharmacognosy lab, biochemistry lab, biotechnology & microbiology lab, pharmacology lab, pharmaceutical analysis lab, pharmaceutical engineering lab, machine room, central instrumentation lab, and PG labs for multiple purposes.

Computing Facilities

Sixty computer terminals are present in the college giving ample space for students to meet their computing needs. Twenty LAN/WAN terminals are available at Karnataka College of Pharmacy Bangalore with the support of other hardware facilities like printers & multimedia systems. The internet accessibility and speed are also excellent for the college’s functioning structure.


The classroom infrastructure is of a higher level and follows standard regulatory practices. Buildings, administrative services, corridors, and canteen facilities are all good and provide an essential boost to the college frame.


The hostel facility is available for both boys and girls and is open at an extra fee that is to be paid to the college. Mess facilities are available alongside the hostel premises and all support activities are within the buildings. For more information on the Karnataka College of Pharmacy hostel, you may contact the college directly.

Research Wing

KCP boasts of an active research wing that is in line with the different pharmacy courses they offer. It helps the students and the faculty equally in progressing in their research activities.

Placement Cell

The placement cell at KCP is an active one with many recruiting partners associated with the program on an annual recurring basis. Information regarding Karnataka College of Pharmacy placement is incomplete without mentioning the role of the guiding light of the Director of the whole institution group who plays & provides active assistance to the college students.

College Contact Details

Address: Campus #33/2, Thirumenahalli, Hegde Nagar Main Road, Jakkur Post, Yelahanka Hobli, Bangalore, 560 064.

  • Email: Info@kcp.com.
  • Phone Number: 080-29736814.

Our services are professional and are for deserving candidates who are the best in what they are trying to achieve. We are offering dedicated services that are a class above your normal college search sites and will support you from the beginning till the final admission confirmation. 

We are on the lookout for ambitious students who are trying to go far in their careers and are searching for resources to get the best help they need. You can reach out to us in any mode of communication and we will be able to answer and resolve your queries. Contact us to get an overview of the academic route you need to follow for the betterment of your career and personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the foreign student program at KCP work?

The college has a very active foreign student intake program with more than 50% of the annual students joining from abroad. KCP enlists students from other Asian countries, especially the Middle East & African nations for their pharmacy programs.

2. Are there special events at the college related to the pharmacy courses that will help me?

Yes. Numerous events are available for M Pharm, B Pharm, and Pharm D category students giving them sufficient space to perform in their academic careers.

3. Is there a hospital facility within the campus?

Yes. KCP offers internships and residency training programs at a hospital within the same campus giving students a first-hand experience of dealing with their academic flow. The hospital houses multiple speciality departments matching the talent & skills of different pharmacy students at the college.

4. Who are the recruiters associated with KCP?

You can find this information on the college website or contact the college directly. You can get information regarding regular recruiters who collaborate on an annual basis and also the different niche options.

5. Can I know more about the faculty segments at the college?

Yes. You can check out all this information on the college website which includes details on their departments and specialisations.

6. How can I join the alumni program?

If you are an ex-student of KCP, you can join the program via a registration link available on the website. Furnish all the relevant details and you are good to go.

7. Does the college have accreditation?

Yes. The college possesses NAAC accreditation as per the SSR report furnished on KCP's official website.

8. How will I reach out to the student support programs?

You can collect feedback forms from the college website and add your comments or grievances. Communicate with the relevant team and they will help you follow up with corresponding action matching your scenario of address.

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