KLE Institute of Technology- (KLEIT), Hubli: Admissions, Courses Offered, Fees


Are you trying to find the ideal school to help you achieve your academic and professional aspirations? Making the appropriate decision can have a big influence on your academic path. Our goal at Career Mudhra is to assist students in making educated choices. We offer insights into KLE Institute of Technology (KLEIT), Hubli, an organization that may have an impact on your academic and career future, in this extensive guide.

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KLE Institute of Technology- (KLEIT), Hubli Overview

In 1963, the K.L.E. Society broadened its scope by incorporating establishments like J.N. Medical College in Belgaum and G.H. College in Haveri. The society expanded into a variety of fields starting in 1984, including dentistry, education, nursing, computer applications, information technology, hotel management, business management, tourism, fashion design, and agriculture colleges and polytechnics throughout India.

The history of the Karnataka Lingayat Education Society bears witness to its unwavering dedication to education, lofty goals, and timeless vision. K.L.E Institute of Technology (KLEIT), Hubli, is a proud continuation of this great tradition, upholding the standards of excellence and knowledge.

NameKLE Institute of Technology, Hubli
AddressKLE Institute of Technology, opposite Airport, Gokul, Hubli, Karnataka 580 027
Establishment Year2008
Affiliated toVisvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
Approved ByAICTE/UGC
AccreditationNational Board of Accreditation
Study ModeRegular

Why Choose the KLE Institute of Technology – [KLEIT], Hubli? 

  • Rich Heritage

KLEIT has a long history of educational leadership and social commitment, dating back to the Karnataka Lingayat Education Society’s founding in 1916.

  • Diverse Academic Offerings

Offering a wide variety of academic degrees, KLEIT, Hubli gives students many of options that are in line with their career goals. The school offers programs in engineering, technology, and management, among other subjects.

  • Innovation and Modern Education

In a world of ever-changing technology, KLEIT, Hubli is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, contemporary education. The school prepares students for the problems of today’s world by staying up to date with industry developments.

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The campus is equipped with cutting-edge facilities that give students a supportive environment for learning and personal growth. Extensive libraries, contemporary classrooms, and well-equipped laboratories all contribute to a thorough educational experience.

  • Experienced Faculty

KLEIT, Hubli is proud of its faculty, which consists of seasoned teachers and business experts. The dedication of the teachers to mentoring and academic excellence is crucial in influencing how students will develop in the future. 

  • Holistic Development

Understanding the value of holistic development, KLEIT, Hubli places equal emphasis on extracurricular activities, athletics, and cultural events in addition to academic performance. It is recommended that students to pursue their interests outside of the classroom.

  • Industry Connectivity

The organisation cultivates close relationships with business sectors by supporting joint ventures, internships, and career placements. The interaction between academia and industry improves students’ exposure to real-world situations and makes the transfer to the professional world easier. 

  • Research and Innovation Culture

KLEIT, Hubli promotes an innovative and research-focused culture. It is encouraged of students to follow their curiosity, work on research projects, and make contributions to the progress of their fields. 

  • Global Perspective

KLEIT, Hubli is dedicated to giving students a global perspective. To this end, it supports international partnerships, exchange programs, and global exposure, equipping them with the skills they need to prosper in a globalized world. 

KLE Institute of Technology – (KLEIT), Hubli Admission

Undergraduate Courses

CourseAdmission Intake Seats
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering60
B.Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering180
B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering180
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering60
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering60

Admission Process for Undergraduate Programs:

 Undergraduate Program Admission Process for B. Tech Admission

Step 1: Understanding Merit-based Admission

Admission to B. Tech programs is based on merit, relying on management and government quotas. The Commissioner of Entrance Exam (CEE) employs COMEDK to allocate 50% of seats, prioritizing meritocracy and fairness.

Step 2: Fulfilling Application Requirements

Gather all necessary documents, including academic records, identification proof, and application forms. Ensure accuracy and completeness to avoid any complications in the admission process.

Step 3: Appearing for Entrance Exams

Prepare rigorously for entrance exams, as they play a pivotal role in determining eligibility for B.Tech programs. Dedicate ample time to study and practice, aiming to excel and secure a competitive edge.

Step 4: Navigating Counseling Sessions

Participate in the counseling sessions organized by the CEE. Seek guidance from counselors and experts to make informed decisions regarding course selection and seat allocation.

Step 5: Confirming Seat Allotment

Upon receiving the seat allotment, carefully review the offer and follow the designated procedures to confirm acceptance. Timely action is crucial to secure the desired seat in the B. Tech program.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Programs:

  • Applicants must have completed the +2 exam with a minimum percentage required by each program.
  • Certain eligibility requirements, such as a background in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) or other course combinations, may apply to particular branches or programs.
  • Depending on the program’s nature and government laws, eligibility may change.

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate Programs:

  • Applicants must possess an appropriate bachelor’s degree.
  • There can be a minimum percentage or CGPA criterion that must be met.
  • Results on university-specific examinations or entrance exams such as the GATE or CAT may be taken into account.
  • A written exam or interview could be a component of the hiring procedure.

Documents Required for Admission

  • Original SSLC Marks Card plus two copies. 
  • original CET entrance order and two copies made by copy.
  • Original COMEDK entrance order and two copies made via copy.
  • Original PUC Marks Card plus two copies.
  • TC original (if gathered from an earlier college or through an application collection).
  • +2 or equivalent, or university preparation.
  • a transcript and pass certificate equal to a B. Tech or M. Tech degree.
  • GATE Rating Chart. 
  • certificate for OBC, EWS, SC, or ST applicants under the special quota.
  • Certificate of transfer or immigration.
  • Proof of address.
  • evidence of one’s identity.
  • prior driving certificate from the academy.
  • Medical fitness certificate from a class A physician.
  • A certificate of vaccination. 
  • a certificate of no objection about admittance from the relevant authorities. 
  • Four color passport-sized photos.

KLE Institute of Technology – (KLEIT), Hubli Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)Mechanical Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)NA

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

The flagship Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) program at KLEIT, Hubli, is a representation of academic brilliance, creativity, and hands-on learning.

The B. Tech degree is intended to prepare students for dynamic and growing industries by offering a thorough understanding of cutting-edge technologies, with an emphasis on developing future engineers and technicians.

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

At KLEIT, Hubli, the Master of Computer Application (MCA) program is a thorough curriculum created to teach advanced computer science and applications. The MCA program prepares students for the continually changing IT sector by emphasizing the development of skilled professionals in the field of computing.

Selecting the KLEIT, Hubli MCA program is a step towards a fulfilling career in the exciting field of computer applications, where creativity and practical problem-solving collide. 

KLE Institute of Technology – (KLEIT), Hubli Fee Structure

Undergraduate Courses

CoursesCOMEDK Quota FeesManagement Quota Fees
Civil EngineeringINR 1,22,500INR 1,22,500
Computer Science & EngineeringINR 2,68,816INR 3,00,000
Electronics and Communication EngineeringINR 2,42,500INR 2,42,500
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringINR 1,66,250INR 1,66,250
Mechanical EngineeringINR 1,00,000INR 1,00,000

Students under the government quota are required to pay a set price of INR 96,574 for the aforementioned courses.

Students interested in learning more about the cost of the programs can contact the college administration. Scholarships are awarded by KLEIT, Hubli to applicants based on a variety of factors, including their academic standing, financial need, and Indian citizenship.  


KLEIT, Hubli is committed to helping its students fulfill their goals in both their academic and professional lives. The institute provides a variety of financial aid and scholarships to help students in their quest of higher education.  

Placement and Scope

At KLEIT, Hubli, the Department of Training and Placement is steadfastly dedicated to assisting and motivating students as they pursue job prospects and create prosperous futures. Their main goals are to give qualified students as many options as possible and to provide them with the instruction they need to succeed.

In order to create an atmosphere that encourages investigation of placement opportunities, the department is essential. In order to accomplish this, KLEIT, Hubli regularly extends invitations to a wide variety of businesses for recruitment drives held on campus, giving students the chance to network with possible employers and launch their careers. 

Graduates from colleges are well-suited for a wide range of job options. Their emphasis on real-world problem-solving and practical experience in their training makes them a desirable candidate for jobs. Graduates can contribute significantly to a variety of national and international industries.  

Some of the companies that have visited the campus are as follows:

Companies that offered INR 5-7 LPACompanies that offered INR 4-5 LPACompanies that offered INR 2-4 LPA
TCS (Digital)Rinex TechnologiesTCS (Ninja)
Palle TechnologiesHappiest MindSLK
Smart ScocsVegamTech Mahindra
AmarakoshaQspiderRaam Hyundai
EthnusVuNetMukund Steel
IFBAcmegradeSonata Software
Sociate GeneraleINFORINFOSYS
BOSCHHindustan Unilever LtdTCS

The institution is proud of its network of accomplished graduates who have achieved success in their different disciplines. For current students, they offer mentorship opportunities and act as an inspiration. 

Awards and Achievements

  • KLEIT has achieved honor and distinction by being listed as one of India’s Top 300 Engineering Colleges. This award is a testament to the university’s dedication to infrastructure, general educational effect, and academic quality.
  • The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) has accredited each postgraduate course that KLEIT offers. This accreditation highlights the high caliber of instruction, adherence to industry-relevant curriculum benchmarks, and high academic standards. It is evidence of the organization’s commitment to providing pupils the best possible education. 
  • KLE Institute of Technology is placed in the 251-300 band under the Engineering Colleges Category by NIRF.

On-Campus Facilities

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The campus is equipped with modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure, providing students with an enriching learning environment. Spacious classrooms, advanced laboratories, and well-equipped workshops contribute to a conducive atmosphere for academic pursuits.

  • Library and Information Center 

The institution houses a resourceful library and information center, offering students access to a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources. This facilitates research, self-study, and exploration of diverse academic disciplines.

  • Laboratories and Workshops

KLEIT, Hubli places a strong emphasis on practical learning. The institution has well-equipped laboratories and workshops that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, fostering hands-on experience.

  • Hostel Facilities

To ensure the comfort and convenience of its students, KLEIT, Hubli provides on-campus hostel facilities. The hostels are well-maintained and offer a secure and homely atmosphere, allowing students to focus on their studies and personal growth.

  • Medical Facilities 

The institution prioritizes the health and well-being of its students. On-campus medical facilities with qualified medical professionals ensure that students have access to timely healthcare services when needed.

  • Sports and Recreation 

Recognizing the importance of holistic development, KLEIT, Hubli encourages students to engage in sports and recreational activities. The campus features sports facilities that cater to a variety of interests, promoting physical fitness and team spirit.

  • Cafeteria and Dining Facilities 

KLEIT, Hubli understands the significance of nutrition in academic performance. The on-campus cafeteria provides wholesome and hygienic meals, offering students a comfortable space to relax and socialize.

  • Transportation 

To facilitate easy commuting, the institution provides transportation facilities for students. Well-maintained buses ensure a safe and convenient mode of transport for those residing off-campus.

KLE Institute of Technology, Hubli Contact Details

  • Address: KLE Institute of Technology, opposite Airport, Gokul, Hubli 580027, Karnataka.
  • Distance from the Hubli Airport : 1.3 kms.
  • Distance from the Hubli Railway Station: 8.3 kms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is ADVITIYA-23, and when does it take place?

ADVITIYA-23 is a two-day national-level technical event held in the month of December 2023 in the college.

2: How can I apply for admission to KLEIT, Hubli?

The admission process at KLEIT, Hubli typically involves submitting an application form, meeting eligibility criteria, and participating in the institute’s entrance examination or counseling process.

3: What postgraduate programs are available at KLEIT, Hubli?

KLEIT, Hubli provides Master of Computer Application (MCA) among other postgraduate programs.

4: What are the placement opportunities and prospects at KLEIT, Hubli?

The Department of Training and Placement invites various companies for campus recruitment drives, offering multiple opportunities to eligible students.

5: What steps should I follow for a successful career according to KLEIT, Hubli Training and Placement Department?

The Department suggests students focus on consistent academic performance, preparation for aptitude and soft skills, and initiating their careers in a planned manner.

6: Are there on-campus hostel facilities at KLEIT, Hubli?

Yes, KLEIT, Hubli provides on-campus hostel facilities for the convenience of its students. The hostels are well-maintained, creating a secure and homely atmosphere.

7: What kind of sports and recreational facilities are available on campus?

KLEIT, Hubli encourages holistic development and offers sports facilities to cater to various interests. These facilities aim to promote physical fitness and foster a sense of teamwork.

8. What is the full form of KLE?

 The full form of KLE is the Karnataka Lingayat Education Society.

9. What is the average package offered at KLE Institute of Technology Hubli?

 The average package offered at KLE Institute of Technology is INR 8 LPA.

10. Who is the principal of KLE Institute of Technology Hubli?

 The principal of KLE Institute of Technology Hubli is Dr Sharad G Joshi.

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