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Hello! We are here to assist you by giving you the most accurate information on joining a reputed ayurvedic college to further specialise in Ayurveda if you are a medical student. We’ll go into great detail about KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you to enrol there or not. Read it through to the conclusion to learn about the accomplishments of the college’s alumni and the assistance they provide to this college. 

KPSVS College Overview

Name KPSVS Ayurvedic College Manvi
Address Manvi, Raichur Distt., Karnataka
Website http://www.aayurvediccollegemanvi.org/index.html 
Establishment Year 1996
State Karnataka
District Raichur
College Type Private
Approved by CCIM, New Delhi
Affiliation Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Bangalore
Recognised by Government of Karnataka
Study Mode Regular/Full-time
Programme Offered BAMS
Hostel Boys and Girls

KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur is the first institute of its kind to be created in this region of Manvi, Karnataka. A group of devoted Ayurveda enthusiasts led by Sri. Shastastala founded the institution in 1996. Here are a few distinctive Highlights of the Institute. 

Distinct Highlights

  • Excellence in ayurvedic education and research are priorities for this Ayurvedic Medical Institute. 
  • With the sole purpose of restoring and furthering the Indian System of Medicine, the College aims to create graduates of exceptional intellect with in-depth scientific knowledge of Ayurveda following ayurvedic fundamentals and comprehensive practical training.
  • The institution offers all the required infrastructural amenities as stipulated by the CCIM, and is one of the well-known colleges in the State of Karnataka.
  • Students receive clinical training at the college’s 60-bed Ayurvedic hospital, which is self-contained. Numerous patients are treated in our OPD and IPD, giving students valuable practical experience in the medical setting.
  • the college has also established its medicine manufacturing facility, and students receive practical experience in the industry.


  • To teach pupils the most important traditional Ayurvedic principles.
  • To provide advanced, modern, scientifically sound teaching through fresh investigation.


  • To offer students a superior, traditional education in Ayurveda through a team of enthusiastic, qualified teachers.
  • Utilising trained and experienced medical personnel to deliver high-quality ayurvedic therapy.

Why Choose KPSVS Ayurvedic College?

Learning Environment.

  • The university has the best facilities, first-rate infrastructure, and a committed faculty. Education and technology coexist in a dynamic setting within the Ayurveda medical programmes they offer. 
  • It fosters an environment for advanced study and research in the field of ayurvedic treatment of various illnesses.


  • The institute operates with the overarching goal of giving students a value-based education. 
  • Facilities and everything else required for performing research is available. 
  • The institute provides modern educational materials so students can compete in this modern developing world. 

Cultural Values. 

  • Education is a priority for the institute for its pupils. 
  • They plan cultural activities in which all pupils are invited to participate. 
  • The importance of honouring and preserving cultural values is emphasised by these activities. 
  • These are planned frequently throughout the academic year, and it is through the students learn the importance of numerous cultural aspects.


  • The college offers graduate and post-graduate ayurvedic education through well-established departments and skilled faculty. 
  • The academicians are encouraged to start clinical research and study projects in their specialised domains to help document and revalidate the traditional healing knowledge.

Training in Producing Medicine. 

  • The college provides the most thorough training and instruction in medicine manufacturing. 
  • The students in their programme are among the few in the nation who have the chance to prepare each and every medication they recommend to patients and take part in a unique herbal training programme that involves growing herbs from seed and turning them into medicine.


  • There are several indoor beds available for patients at the hospital, which is attractively built and has excellent infrastructure. 
  • Hospitals host a number of free camps for diagnosis and treatment and this enables students to learn and develop dedication toward community service. 
  • For the purpose of identifying ailments and offering the best care, they regularly survey adjacent communities. These surveys are advantageous to students as well.

Admission to KPSVS Ayurvedic College

BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) or Ayurvedacharya Degree.

  • Duration: 5 & 1/2 years (Including One-year compulsory rotating internship).
  • Intake: 60.

BAMS Eligibility Criteria

  • PUC II, 10+2, H.S.C. (Science), or any exam of a comparable level. Each subject—Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English—must have been passed separately by the student. The combined grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology must be at least 50% (or 40% for SC/ST students).
  • Candidates who have earned a B.Sc. (I) or B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) degree from an accredited university with a minimum of 50% in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology combined (40% for SC/ST students).
  • Applicants cannot be deemed eligible for the programme for the relevant academic year unless they scored at least in the 50th percentile on the NEET for the undergraduate programme.

Application Form: To obtain an application form and prospectus, you are required to send a DD for INR 200 made out to “KPSVS Ayurvedic Medical College, Manvi” and payable in Manvi. 

Documents Required

  • Graduation Certificate.
  • 10th / SSC / SSLC Marks Card.
  • HSC /10 + 2 (Science) Marks Card for PUC II Year, Intermediate,
  • Cast Certificate (If Applicable)
  • Eligibility document (Applicable for Non-Karnataka Students)
  • Certificate of migration (Applicable for Non-Karnataka Students)

Admission Procedure

  • The NEET exam conducted by a body selected by the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM), would be the required test for all undergraduate medical programmes.
  • A common merit list for all of India as well as a state-by-state merit list of eligible candidates will be prepared based on the results of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET).
  • NTA will only provide candidates with their All India Rank while Admitting Authorities will send out invitations for applications for counselling and compile a merit list based on the All India Rank.
  • All India Rank as determined by the NEET(UG)-2022 merit list will be the only factor taken into account for admission to undergraduate medical programmes within each category.

Course & Subjects Offered

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery – BAMS


It is a course that encompasses the integrated study of contemporary medicine and conventional Ayurveda. It also involves a year of internship. Holders of the degree are recognised as Ayurvedacharyas and are permitted to use the term Vaidyar before their names.

Along with ayurvedic subjects, the degree programme includes the study of contemporary anatomy, principles of medicine, pharmacology, physiology, toxicology, forensic medicine, social and preventive medicine, botany, ENT, and principles of surgery. 

The duration of the BAMS programme is 5 years and 6 months. 

  1. There are two parts to the curriculum. 
    • Major Course.
    • Internship.
  2. The major course lasts four years and six months. 
  3. It is further divided into four phases. 
  4. The fourth phase lasts one year and six months, while the preceding three phases each last one year.
I Prof. BAMS 1-year 
II Prof. BAMS 1-year
III Prof. BAMS 1-year
IV Prof. BAMS 1-year 6 months
  • A one-year clinical course/internship starts after the fourth professional is complete. 


The curriculum seeks to develop graduates with a solid foundation in Ayurveda, scientific knowledge consistent with ayurvedic principles, and broad practical experience. These scholars ought to be capable and effective academicians, research associates, medical professionals, and surgeons who meet all requirements to work in the country’s medical and health services

Skills Acquired

Some of the important skills that a student may learn are as follows:

  • Every normal task, including case taking, investigations, diagnosis, and treatment of common illnesses using ayurvedic drugs.
  • Clinical pathological tasks include estimating haemoglobin, obtaining a full hemogram, analysing urine, inspecting blood parasites under a microscope, checking sputum, checking faeces, etc. 
  • An ayurvedic approach for diagnosing Mutra Evam Mala Pariksha. 
  • To analyse clinical and laboratory data.
  • Instruction in standard ward practices and patient monitoring with regard to their dietary intake, personal hygiene practices, and medication schedule verification.
  • Poorva Karma, Pradhana Karma, and Paschat Karma procedures and strategies.
  • Ayurvedic concepts of the diagnosis and treatment of common surgical diseases.
  • Treatment of surgical emergencies, such as fractures and dislocations, acute abdomen, etc.
  • Sterilisation, Aesthetic and antiseptic procedures, etc.
  • Preoperative and Postoperative management.
  • Anaesthetic procedures and medications in real-world situations.
  • Radiological technique, clinical interpretation of x-ray, IVP, barium meal, and sonography.

BAMS Subjects 

Professional Duration Subjects Taught
1st Professional 12 months
  • Human Physiology.
  • Ayurvedic Human Physiology Foundations.
  • fundamental ideas in Ayurveda.
  • Sanskrit.
2nd Professional 12 months
  • Pharmacology & Materia Medica.
  • Pharmaceutical Science.
  • Pathology and Microbiology.
  • Charak Samhita.
3rd Professional 12 months
  • Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology.
  • Preventive and Social Medicine.
  • Charak Samhita.
  • Prasooritantra & Shreeroga.
  • Pediatric.
4th Professional 18 months
  • Surgery.
  • ENT and Eye.
  • General Medicine.
  • Panchkarma.
  • Research Methodology & Statistics.

College Exam Pattern

  • The theoretical portion of the test will consist of at least 20% short-answer questions with a maximum score of 40% and at least 4 questions with a maximum score of 60% for long-explanatory responses. 
  • Candidates who receive 75% or more in a topic are awarded a distinction in the subject.
  • Passing the exam requires a minimum score of 50% in both the theory and practical portions of each subject.
  • Failed students will be eligible to appear in their supplemental examination, where applicable, and the supplemental examination will be held no later than six months after the normal test
  • To be eligible to take the exam, a student must have at least a 75% attendance percentage in both theory and practical for each subject.
  • The student will take the supplemental exam if, they are unable to sit in the regular exam due to cognitive reasons. In these circumstances, his or her failure to show up for the scheduled exam will not be viewed as an attempt. Such students will enrol in classes as ordinary students after completing the exam, and they will appear in the following professional examination once the necessary amount of time has passed.

Program Fees Structure

The KPSVS Ayurvedic College Manvi fee structure is as follows:

Course Annual Fees 

Education Loan

  • To enable students to attend the best universities, parents should have substantial resources. However, the recession has also affected middle-class households as education has become more expensive. Therefore, education loans have saved many in such circumstances.
  • Medical education costs have increased significantly over the years, mainly as private medical institutions have increased. Enrolling in a BAMS programme is a popular career choice and there is always a rush to get a seat.
  • For medical students, the government bank offers educational loans up to Rs. 10 lakhs, and Rs. 30 lakhs for individuals who want to pursue studies abroad. The repayment period can be anywhere between 10 and 12 years. 
  • It is possible for a parent or guardian to co-borrow money and provide collateral security in the form of a reliable third-party guarantee. 
  • The loan covers all associated costs, including tuition, assessments, library and lab fees, travel expenses, and costs associated with purchasing books for studies.

Placements and Careers


  • An internship is a stage of training when a student will learn the skills and competencies necessary to practise medicine and health care under supervision to become a primary care provider who works independently and unsupervised.

Objective: To prepare recent medical graduates to take on the responsibilities of community-facing primary care physicians.

The Internship Schedule and Time Allocation. 

  • An orientation workshop will be held during the first three days of the internship programme to provide the interns with information about the program’s features and the rules and regulations. 
  • Each intern will be provided with a workbook. The intern will record date-by-date information on the tasks they completed while undergoing training.
  • Before beginning the internship programme, each intern will get a certificate attesting to their provisional registration with the relevant state board or council.
  • Interns are required to put in at least eight hours every day of work.
  • Normally, the one-year internship programme will be divided into clinical training that lasts for six months. The institute harbours its own ayurvedic hospital wherein students get instantly placed for the internship programme. The next six months require the students to be placed at a Govt. hospital, district hospital, rural hospital, or any civil hospital.

Skills Acquired.

  • After the internship, the student will have attained the abilities essential for a medical professional.
  • Knowledge and independence to safely administer preventive, promotional, curative, palliative, and holistic treatment in a compassionate manner.
  • Communication skills with patients, families, coworkers, and the community.
  • Possesses solid diagnostic and treatment abilities in several medical specialities.
  • Professional who is responsive, ethical, and committed to excellence.

Career Opportunities

  • BAMS students aiming to work in the medical field may seek certifications like the MBA and MHA in Hospital and Healthcare Management.
  • Manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines and related activities, such as trading raw materials and producing medicinal plants, are also quite popular. Students interested in this field may go on to take the courses they want and apply there.
  • Following the completion of BAMS, a student may pursue LLB and work as a Legal Medical advisor.
  • In prominent Ayurvedic Medical colleges in India, students can also opt to serve as lecturers, professors, or teaching faculty.
  • They may decide to work for the government as Ayurveda Medical Officers or Ayurveda Specialists.

Top Recruiters

  • Dabur
  • Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works Limited
  • The Himalaya Drug Company
  • Vicco Laboratories
  • Surya Herbal Limited
  • Charak Pharma Private Limited
  • Emami Limited

Rankings and Recognitions

This KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur has a bright, devoted, and experienced team administered by the principal. The college has developed a highly positive image around the nation as a result of its impressive academic records, professional experience, and teaching credentials.

  • The college is associated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.
  • It has received approval from the Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi, as well as is recognised by the government of Karnataka.

On-Campus Facilities Offered

KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur offers the best resources for the pupils. The instructors, staff, and students have access to the greatest facilities available. These amenities are designed to make the student experience throughout their studies enjoyable and memorable. The following are the amenities provided by the KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur to its students:


  • High-speed Wi-Fi has excellent coverage throughout the entire campus of the institution. 
  • Students, instructors, and staff at the college are permitted to utilise the Wi-Fi network. 
  • Enabling contemporary and advanced ayurvedic learning is the main goal of the provision of Wi-Fi on campus. 
  • Additionally, it enables communication amongst all members of the academic community.


  • The library has a plethora of information in the form of neatly arranged books, journals, magazines, manuals, theses, and periodicals. 
  • It houses a sizable collection of old books and a wide range of other journals. 
  • A reading area with sufficient ventilation and lighting is available in the library. Any outside force or sound will not irritate the students. 


  • A decent, large classroom promotes better teaching and learning. 
  • The institute provides quiet, tranquil, and concentration-focused theory sessions through scientifically developed lecture halls surrounded by nature.


  • KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur fully supports every student’s participation in sports, extracurricular activities, and growth outside of the classroom. 
  • On the college campus, there is a big outdoor playground where students can interact with others while playing sports including cricket, volleyball, football, basketball, and throwball.

Mentoring Assistance.

  • On campus, teachers and staff are available all day to assist students who need assistance with their academics or careers. 
  • Students who are experiencing stress, sadness, emotional difficulties, or family issues can also access counselling services. 
  • Children that receive this support perform academically better while maintaining complete discretion over the support provided.

Boys’ and Girls’ Hostels.

  • KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur offers separate dorm buildings for boys and girls. 
  • Students from remote areas of India can remain on campus since the complexes for boys and girls have been built. 
  • Both the hostels offer single, double, and triple bedrooms that are well-equipped with clean drinking water and power backup. 
  • Resident hostel wardens take care of the students at the hostel.


  • Students and dormitory residents can eat in a mess at the college. 
  • On the basis of individual reservations, the mess provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  • Students have the option of purchasing weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. Indian vegetarian food is served in the mess and is always hot and hygienic.

Herbal Garden.

  • An extensive herb garden is located on the campus of KPSVS Ayurvedic College Raichur. 
  • This garden is brimming with herbs and plants that are used in Ayurvedic medication production. 
  • The best strategies to care for the plants in this garden are taught to the students. 
  • Students are also assigned various duties in the garden and this enables them to develop their skills.


  • Additionally, the college has a pharmacy where high-quality medications are created while taking Ayurveda texts into account. 
  • Students can experiment and learn how to make and distribute medications there. The designated administrator keeps a close eye on the pharmacy.

College Contact Details

Address: Manvi, Raichur District, Karnataka.

We know it is stressful for you to study for your board and entrance exams along with planning for further education. Because we are aware of this, we offer services that are only meant for students who are attempting to enrol in the university that best suits their interests. When you get in touch with us, we’ll make it easy for you to transition into the next stage of your life and ease the admissions process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do they offer the students the newest amenities?

The KPSVS Ayurvedic College Manvi regularly upgrades its amenities in response to the reviews provided by the students, which helps the school determine what their needs are.

2. How many seats are available in the BAMS programme?

60 seats are available in the BAMS programme.

3. For how long does the BAMS programme last?

The programme lasts for 5 years and 6 months.

4. Is the internship compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory.

5. Is it a government college?

No. It is a private college.

6. Do they provide job placement training?

Yes, they educate their students to prepare them for their desired careers.

7. What is the process for enrolling in the BAMS programme?

You must pass NEET with a high score to enrol in the BAMS programme.

8. Are female students on campus safe?

Female students are very safe on campus.

You can also check out the link given below to go through my detailed post on another Ayurveda college:

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As aspirants are to establish a solid foundation for their professional lives, it is imperative that they get frank assessments of education. We are committed to developing a platform that meets each of their informational requirements. By reading the comments, you could assist us. If you have a relationship with the institute on a personal or professional level, add a review in the comment section. We appreciate you helping us!

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