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Luxmi Bai Dental College Patiala Admission, Fees, Departments

Dear readers, I appreciate your interest in my blog post about India’s top medical schools. Many of us struggle to locate information, especially on various websites where we cannot find any relevant data. Our experts will lead you through every aspect of Dental Colleges in India with honest reviews. Here, I will discuss all things essential about the Luxmi Bai Dental College Patiala, one of the famous medical colleges in the state of Punjab.

Luxmi Bai Dental College Overview

The Luxmi Bai Dental College has been teaching dental science since 2001. This institute quickly developed into a leading organisation with a great reputation on a national level. The student gains proficiency in dentistry and medicine under the supervision of experienced professionals. 

Once students graduate from the LBDS Institute at the culmination of their course, the professionals who choose to enrol in the program will be pioneering innovators in setting high standards and the most sought-after professionals.

Key Highlights 

Name of the College Luxmi Bai Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital
Address Sirhind Road, Patiala
Website http://lbdcpatiala.com/ 
Establishment Year 2001
State Punjab
City Patiala
Chairman Mr Bhagwan Das Gupta
Principal Dr Ashutosh Nirola
College Type Private
Recognized By  DCI and Government of India
Affiliation Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS), Faridkot
Courses Offered Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT), Master of Dental Surgery, Dental Hygienist course, Dental Mechanic course, Diploma in Lab Technologist course (DMLT)
Study Mode Regular
Hostel Provide hostel facility for boys and girls separately


LBDS is working towards a mission to fulfil its key objectives such as resolving the acute oral health of the nation, forming community alliances, and training an expert oral health work base. These unique objectives provide a mantra for the holistic development of healthcare services while facilitating an awareness concerning oral health. 


LBDS has a vision that facilitates several programs to provide their students with an ambition to build themselves as future professionals who will contribute extensively to their mission. Be it practising their skills in clinics, and hospitals, or their engagement in the field of academics through teaching or researching, LBDS is dedicated to inculcating the value of teamwork and collaboration in their students.

Why Choose Luxmi Bai Dental College?

There are several benefits to choosing LBDS Institute for your education. 

  • Transportation

Transportation services for easy commuting to and fro from the campus are made available for students and staff by the college administration. Special transportation services dedicated to students, and teaching and non-teaching staff allow them to save a lot of time and energy and thus, facilitate more academic-centric management. 

  • Infrastructure

The institute features properly furnished and well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, and laboratories. Additionally, students have access to separate hostel accommodations. The hostel campus has separate accommodation facilities for boys and girls. 

  • Library

The library of this institute is considered to be one of the best ones available in Patiala. The motive behind instituting a quality library on the campus was to imbibe an environment that is very calm and peaceful. With well-furnished sitting arrangements, the students can read and learn without any outside disturbance. 

  • Ambience

The ambience of the college premises is synonymous with a deep sense of peace and tranquillity informed by the surroundings that are predominantly lush and green. This institute’s campus has a pleasant location where students can socialize with each other, make new friends, open up a debate with contradictory opinions and have a soulful discussion about it. 

  • Faculty

Each professor has a strong educational background and is an expert in their respective field. They often interact with students and provide each one with individualised attention. Many senior professors have papers published in reputed national and international journals. Students don’t have to go somewhere else for inspiration since their faculty members are just enough to spark their interests in various fields of dental sciences. 

  • Excellent Academic Record

This institution has an impressive record of academic performance. The management is working hard to give students access to the necessary technical resources so they can stay on their toes with the newest updates and advancements in the dental industry.

  • Facilities for Handicapped Students

The management team is inclusive of people with special needs. Ramps are built for these students and faculty members to help them provide the utmost level of accessibility around the campus. Equipment such as wheelchairs is provided by the institute to further the noble cause of inclusivity. 

Luxmi Bai Dental College Admissions

As mentioned above, the Luxmi Bai Dental College Patiala is associated with the esteemed Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS), so students must adhere to the BFUHS’s prerequisites for admission.

Application Procedure

  • A tentative display of seat availability is displayed on the website of the University in all the colleges affiliated with it. Ensure that you check seat availability every once in a while to not miss out on the information. It is important to note here that seat availability is liable to change. 
  • It might come as good news to many that the official website of the university will launch an online portal for admission. This means that you can avail yourself of updated information regarding the admission process from the comfort of your home. 
  • The registration fee must be paid by the candidates which is a separate factor from the admission fee. Without the registration fee, the administration of the college won’t regard the candidate as their student.  
Name of the Course Registration Fee for General Category Registration Fee for Reserved Category
Bachelor of Dental Surgery Rs. 5900/- Rs. 2950/-

Note: 18% GST is already included in the registration fee for all categories. Unless there are any changes in GST, the registration fee doesn’t change very often. The college administration is strict about the deadlines that are notified to prospective students. If you miss the deadline, no application will be entertained by the administration.

  • If applicable, the date will be allocated for candidates to run corrective measures in the application form. This will be notified to all the students via email and SMS after which the site will then automatically terminate.
  • New or already registered candidates must confirm their willingness to participate in counselling and deposit a security deposit for MopUp Round – I.
  • There will be a display of the merit list of students who have submitted their willingness to participate in the first round of counselling.
  • Next, students must complete their preferences and selection of college, course, quota, and category on the online site MopUp Round – II.
  • This will be followed by the seat allotment process and a list of selected candidates with their preliminary results will be announced.
  • After being chosen and having their security deposit adjusted, selected students must pay the remaining fees.

Admission Instructions for NRI Candidates

  • Candidates who want to apply for NRI quota seats must obtain a provisional eligibility/equivalency certificate from BFUHS, Faridkot.
  • They must clear the NEET-UG exam. 
  • Candidates must also submit the prescribed application form and fee, which is available on the website.

Reminder to Fil Admission Form

  • To prevent inconvenience, candidates are urged to upload their photo, signature, thumbprint, and other supporting papers as soon as possible.
  • Filling out more than one application form might result in your application being rejected by the board.
  • After the deadline, the application form will automatically be “put into the vault”. This makes it so important for candidates to make printing copies of the same.
  • In the first stage, the application form must be uploaded with the obligatory affidavit, failing to do so will render the application form unapproved and hence, rejected.
  • The admission criteria will be the same for the students of all the courses. 

Eligibility Criteria for BDS

  • Candidates who have passed NEET-UG and are eligible as per the announcements from the Punjab Government may apply for admission to BDS programs.
  • Simply applying for admission to BDS programs based on NEET-UG would not guarantee the eligibility of candidates. The Admission Committee will evaluate each applicant’s merit for admission under the tight guidelines established by the Punjab Government.
  • The Admission Committee, which was established by the Punjab Government for this purpose, would handle counselling and admissions.
  • Age: As specified by the NEET-UG 

Documents Required for BDS Admission

Here are some general documents required for admission to the BDS program.

  1. Marksheets of 10th and 12th class.
  2. Any identity proof (preferably Aadhaar Card).
  3. Transfer Certificate from school.
  4. Migration Certificate.
  5. NEET Admit card.
  6. NEET Scorecard.
  7. Medical Certificate.
  8. Caste and Income Certificate, if applicable.

Eligibility Criteria for MDS 

  • Candidates who have passed NEET-PG and are eligible as per the announcements from the Punjab Government may apply for admission to BDS programs.
  • Simply applying for admission to MDS programs based on NEET-PG would not guarantee the eligibility of candidates. The Admission Committee will evaluate each applicant’s merit for admission under the tight guidelines established by the Punjab Government.
  • The Admission Committee, which was established by the Punjab Government for this purpose, would handle counselling and admissions.

Documents Required for MDS Admission

Here are some general documents required for admission to the MDS program.

  1. 10th Marksheet or Birth Certificate.
  2. Detailed Marksheet of BDS Course (of all 4 years).
  3. Any valid government identity proof.
  4. Caste Certificate, if applicable.
  5. Physically disabled certificate, if applicable.
  6. Internship completion certificate issued by Head of the Institution from where candidate completed BDS Course.
  7. NEET PG Scorecard.
  8. NEET PG Admit card.

Courses Offered at Luxmi Bai Dental College

List of Courses

Course Number of Seats Available Duration
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 100 5 years including one year of internship
Master of Dental Surgery
  • Prosthodontics & Crown Bridge (3 Seats)
  • Periodontics ( 2 Seats)
3 years
Dental Hygienist 20 2 years
Dental Mechanic 20 2 years
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT) 60 3 years
Diploma in Lab Technologist course (DMLT) 60 2 years

Program Overview

Name of the Program Overview
Bachelor of Dental Surgery It is a course of dental science including 4 years of classroom teaching and 1 year of compulsory internship. It focuses on the investigation, diagnosis, avoidance, and treatment of illnesses affecting the oral cavity.
Master of Dental Surgery Students who enrol in the MDS program study dental specializations for maintaining excellent oral health as well as problems that affect the teeth, jaw, and other facial tissues. The duration of this course is 3 years.
Dental Hygienist Course After clearing their intermediate exams, applicants can pursue a 2-year diploma. The program emphasises fundamental restorations, oral hygiene, dental radiography, periodontal therapy, preventative dentistry, and the extraction of deciduous teeth, among other topics.
Dental Mechanic Course A dentistry study at the diploma level is called Diploma in Dental Mechanics. Dental Mechanic is a vital profession with a creative approach to designing dental structures and educating patients about their oral health.
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology It is a three-year degree program with six semesters, or two semesters every year. Students will learn about haematology, toxicology, bacteriology, immunology, and other aspects of bodily fluids.
Diploma in Lab Technologist course It is a paramedical science course, and the people who specialise in it are known as medical laboratory technicians.

Dental Departments 

Name of the Department Overview
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery This department handles all varieties of surgical issues involving the jaws and related tissues, such as impaction (removal of the third molar), fractures brought on by trauma, infections of the jaw, etc. Furthermore, the specialisation requires tooth extraction to be taught to the students. 
Prosthodontics  This department deals with various prosthetic tooth replacements. Complete dentures and fixed partial dentures are included in the therapy (Bridge of Crown), complete dentures. The most recent implant technique (replacing a tooth with a titanium tooth) is also used with good results.
Orthodontics  This department handles the treatment of all types of misaligned teeth in children up to their adolescent phase. Children with crooked teeth are treated with fixed braces or detachable wires using cutting-edge technology and top-tier firms.
Pedodontia  This department deals with issues relating to kids, such as dental care, infections, and milk teeth removal while using the most recent painless methods. A playroom is designed for young children to make dental operations a child-friendly space.
Periodontology  This department manages a variety of gum disorders, including Pyrohea (decaying of gums). Modern instruments that restore patients’ gum health and monitor the effectiveness and longevity of the equipment are available to provide the finest care possible for patients. Here, research-based approaches are also used for implantology treatments and their maintenance.
Conservative Dentistry  In this department, severe cases of teeth conditions are treated and rotten teeth are restored using the most recent filling materials. With the most recent tools and techniques in this department, even the most severe case of tooth decay may be treated. This eliminates the dread of tooth extraction.
Oral Medicine  This department handles the diagnosis of the patients’ issues. The most recent x-ray technology is used to screen patients here, and it is determined here whether to recommend them to different departments for further treatment or not.
Public Health Dentistry  This division is committed to providing complete dental healthcare to both individuals and the community. It deals with organising dental check-ups and treatment camps for the underprivileged and isolated parts of society, with proper consideration for the schoolchildren, to raise their knowledge of oral health issues.
Oral Pathology & Microbiology  This department’s main strength is using microscopic analysis of the diseased tissues associated with the oral and maxillofacial area to provide them with clinical diagnosis. It is also to help them with early oral cancer screening, patients get anti-tobacco counselling in addition to exfoliative cytology of different premalignant lesions.

Faculty Members

The staff members of the college are well-trained and come from varied fields of expertise and specialities. Luxmi Bai Dental College Faculty and their teaching feature the following characteristics: 

  • Setting goals for students that work hard.
  • Clearly expressed words.
  • Serving as an example of inspiration for students.
  • Flexibility and capacity to change according to the comfort of students.
  • Preparation.
  • Self-reflection.
  • Continuously engaging themselves in learning processes.
  • Encouraging a passion for learning among students.

Luxmi Bai Dental College Fees

As we all know that the fee structure of Medical Colleges is very high in a private institute, especially for the students who do not belong to any reservation category. The institution has only specified the fee structure of the BDS Course and if you want information regarding other courses’ fee structures feel free to reach us. Our team of highly expert members will guide you through all the information. 

This fee structure is provided by the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS), Faridkot with which this institute is affiliated.

Fee Structure of BDS

Course Year Government Quota 50% Management Quota 35% 
1st Year Rs. 1,65,000 Rs. 2,20,000
2nd Year Rs. 81,500  Rs. 2,42,000 
3rd Year Rs.1,99,650  Rs. 2,66,200 
4th Year Rs. 2,19,615 Rs. 2,92,820 

BDS Fees for NRI Students

Category Full Fee Course (in USD)
15% NRI Quota BDS  44,000


  • The Registrar at Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Faridkot must receive payment for the six months’ worth of tuition.
  • After the admissions process is complete, some percentage of the tuition fee will be reimbursed if the candidate is transferred from one college to another during the subsequent counselling.
  • The charge must be paid on a six-month basis, and the institutions may not require candidates to pay the whole course fee upfront.

Hostel Fee Charges

Type of Room Annual Charges (in INR)
Non A/C Independent Room 16,500/-
Special Room with attached Bathroom and A/C 26,400/-

Some Important Key Points

  • These charges are exclusive of water and electricity.
  • Every year the room charges will be increased by 5% for Non A/C Rooms and 10% for Special Rooms.
  • A Security Deposit amount of Rs. 27,500/- must be paid to the hostel authority.

Placements & Career Opportunities 

The college provides the best options for pursuing a career in the field of Dental Sciences. Many private medical sectors recruit students from LBDS Institute, Patiala.


  • BDS one-year internship is compulsory. 
  • Students can pursue internships at any college. 
  • LBDS institute has a 100% placement record for internships since they have their hospital. 

Career Options after BDS

  • Students can further choose to pursue an MDS Course.
  • Several dental institutions are on the lookout for dental faculty with prior expertise, thus becoming a lecturer might be a career route.
  • A student who completes the BDS course may open his or her clinic. Starting your clinic might initially involve a substantial investment, but once it gets going, the profit margins can be very high.
  • A student who has a BDS degree can also work as a clinical researcher, where they can evaluate medical equipment and treatment methods or look into the effectiveness of medications.

Career Option after MDS

  • Working professionally as a dental surgeon is the best career option after MDS, as it is economically a very viable career choice.
  • Academic lecturer is another career choice as it is one of the highest paying jobs. You can soon become HOD or Dean of a particular institute. 
  • Students can further go for a doctoral degree. 
  • After completing an MDS degree in India or abroad, postgraduates have a wide range of employment options to select from. Some of these are dental surgeons, assistants, dental hygienists, sales representatives, lab technicians, public health specialists, and medical representatives.

Major Recruiters at Luxmi Bai Dental College

Different firms, research centres, and governmental agencies are continually looking for highly qualified students to work in the field of dental science. Some of the top firms are

  1. Apollo Hospital.
  2. Max Healthcare.
  3. Fortis Healthcare.
  4. Indian Council of Medical Research.
  5. Most private colleges have hospitals of their own. So, they also hire the top-scoring students on a good salary.

Awards & Achievements

  1. The College is recognized by the DCI and the Government of India after a great struggle in this field.
  2. Every year students of this college achieve great success in academics and that is why this college is considered one of the best institutes for dental sciences in the state of Punjab.

On-Campus Facilities Offered

  • Hostel Facilities

Students always look for colleges with hostels that offer the best and most affordable rates in a safe environment. The institute has very nice hostel rooms as well as a mess hall. The prices are also affordable.

  • Canteen/ Mess

Students prefer home-cooked meals at hostels and colleges. The institute serves healthy food and all meals are prepared with RO water. The canteen is also known for the level of hygiene and cleanliness maintained on its premises. 

  • Campus

The campus is very properly maintained. The environment is green and peaceful which creates the ideal environment for students in learning.

  • Laboratory

The labs are properly equipped and all the latest tools required for dental operations are available for the students to take advantage of. Also, the college has a mobile van system.

  • Resources

The labs are well-equipped, and there is an annual improvisation in the resources which is very helpful for students to practice according to the latest technologies. 

  • Facilities for Handicapped students

Special ramps, toilets, and other facilities are arranged by the college which makes the college premises accessible for students with special needs. 

During the board and entrance exams, every student experiences a particularly anxious and stressful time thinking about college admissions. We are aware of this, which is why we offer services that are specialised to students wishing to engage in the finest colleges that fall within their interests. Allow us to make the admissions procedure painless. Get in touch with us if you wish for a hassle-free transition to the next stage of your life.

College Contact Details

Address: Stone 8 k.m., Sirhind Road, Patiala, Punjab, India

  • Phone: 92162-02800, 8951700002
  • Email: info@ldbcpatiala.com, lbdc_patiala@yahoo.co.in

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does LBDS Institute provide hostel facilities?

Yes, LBDS Institute provides hostel facilities separate for boys and girls along with mess services.

2. How is the atmosphere of the campus of LBDS Institute?

The campus area of LBDS is neat, clean, and student-friendly.

3. What are special provisions available for physically impaired students?

The college has built ramps for these students and also provides the necessary equipment like wheelchairs if they require it.

4. What are the courses available at the LBDS Institute?

Courses offered by the Institute are Bachelor of Dental Surgery Master of Dental Surgery Dental Hygienist Dental Mechanic Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT) Diploma in Lab Technologist course (DMLT)

5. Is LBDS Institute a government institute?

No, it is a private institute.

6. How are the faculty members of the LBDS Institute?

The faculty members are well-trained and experts in their respective subjects.

7. What are the facilities provided by the LBDS Institute?

The institute provides special practice labs for students, a library, canteen, mess, and hospital facility.

8. Do LBDS Institute accredited by NAAC?

No, the institute is not accredited by NAAC.

9. Does the LBDS Institute offer an internship programme for BDS students

Since the college has its hospital, LBDS offers an internship programme to all their BDS students after the completion of the four years’ coursework of the BDS programme.

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I have a very small request to make to you. It won’t take much of your time. All you need to do is put a review about your experiences at Luxmi Bai Dental College Patiala in the comment section below if you are a student or an alumnus of the college.

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