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Medical Colleges in Hetauda | Nepal Medical Admissions

In recent years, Hetauda, a city nestled in the beautiful hills of Nepal, has emerged as a flourishing hub for medical education. With a commitment to excellence and a vision to meet the rising demand for skilled medical practitioners, this institution in Hetauda has carved a niche for itself in the field of medical education.

This article aims to shed light on the Medical Colleges in Hetauda, providing an overview of their programs, facilities, and the unique opportunities they offer to students. From state-of-the-art infrastructure to experienced faculty members, these colleges nurture the next generation of healthcare providers who will serve their communities with compassion, expertise, and dedication.

List of Medical Colleges in Hetauda

Hetauda, a small provincial town, is home to a reputable and well-recognized medical institution. Let’s take a look:

Medical Colleges in Hetauda

College NameType
Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences Private

Medical Colleges near Hetauda

Just one college is underwhelming, especially when you are looking for colleges in this region. That is why I have also researched some incredible medical institutions near Hetauda that you can consider.

Their closeness to Hetauda and infrastructure and opportunities makes them quite an attractive prospect to consider when looking at medical colleges in Hetauda. Let’s see which are these colleges:

CollegeTypeDistance from Hetauda
National Medical College BirgunjPrivate57 km
KIST Medical College LalitpurPrivate83 km
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences KathmanduGovernment87 km

Now that we are familiar with some of these colleges, let us learn more about them individually.

Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences Hetauda

Medical College in Hetauda

Madan Bhandari, an extraordinary politician and visionary leader, played a pivotal role in awakening millions toward participatory democracy. To honor his legacy, the Government of Nepal has prioritized various programs, including the establishment of the Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences (MBAHS).

Guided by Madan Bhandari’s vision of social equity in healthcare, MBAHS was established in 2018 through a Provincial Act. Situated in the picturesque city of Hetauda, MBAHS is Nepal’s first provincial-deemed university, committed to providing quality healthcare and conducting research.

  • Address – Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences, TCN Road, Hetauda, Bagmati Province, Nepal.

National Medical College Birgunj

Medical College in Hetauda

National Medical College, established in 2001, is renowned as one of the top medical colleges in Nepal. The college excels in terms of infrastructure, academic facilities, and state-of-the-art medical equipment, making it the number one choice among medical colleges in the country.

While the hospital strives to offer comprehensive and high-quality tertiary care, there may be limitations due to the overwhelming patient load and limited resources. With daily outpatient attendance surpassing 850 during summer months and increasing patient admissions, NMCTH strives to match the patient flow of well-established government hospitals.

You can find detailed information in my article on National Medical College Birgunj.

  • Address – Bhediya 15, Birgunj 44500, Nepal.

KIST Medical College Lalitpur

Medical College in Hetauda

KIST Medical College Lalitpur is a prestigious institution offering high-quality medical education and healthcare services. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine (TU-IOM) and accredited by the Nepal Medical Council, the college is renowned for its commitment to excellence.

With undergraduate and postgraduate medical and paramedical programs, KIST Medical College provides a rigorous curriculum, modern teaching methodologies, and experienced faculty to ensure quality education and mentorship.

The college also emphasizes research opportunities for students. It is the first private medical college under a Government University in the Kathmandu Valley and holds reputable recognition from organizations such as WHO and the MCI.

You can find detailed information in my article on KIST Medical College Lalitpur.

  • Address – KIST Medical College, Lalitpur – 44700, Nepal.

Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences Kathmandu

medical colleges in Hetauda

NAIHS is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to providing quality medical and health science education. Comprising the College of Medicine (COM), College of Nursing (CON), and College of Medical Polytechnic (COMP), NAIHS aims to produce skilled health professionals for the army and the nation while ensuring education remains affordable and accessible.

The institute supports free medical treatment for retired army personnel, their dependents, and civilians during emergencies. NAIHS strives to sustain and expand healthcare services and medical education through research and development.

With programs including MBBS, nursing, and medical polytechnic, and plans for a dental college, NAIHS envisions international recognition as a center of excellence in medical education. The institute’s facilities are located in Bhandarkhal, Sanobharyang, with Shree Birendra Hospital serving as the center for clinical teaching.

You can find detailed information in my article on Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences Kathmandu.

  • Address – Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences, GPO Box No. 10160, Bhandarkhal, Sanobharyang, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Medical Colleges in Hetauda Fee Structure

We now know about these colleges and what they offer. So let’s now take our focus toward the fee structure of medical colleges in Hetauda, as well as some colleges near it.

Fee Structure for MBBS course

College NameTotal Fees for Nepalese StudentsTotal Fees for International Students
Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences HetaudaNANA
National Medical College BirgunjNA$ 75,021
KIST Medical College LalitpurNA$ 75,021
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences Kathmandu NA$ 75,000


In conclusion, while there is only one medical college in Hetauda, students looking for quality medical education do have options surrounding Hetauda, with quite a number of medical colleges near it.

That’s why I recommend students to go through the college articles on careermudhra.com to understand and learn in detail about the various courses, history, affiliations, infrastructures, and even admission processes before determining the perfect college for themselves.

Likewise, if you find a college that interests you, you can reach out to Career Mudhra for any queries you may have about it, and our experts can help guide you through the admission process of the college of your choice.

With that, I hope you have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What sets the medical colleges in Hetauda apart from others?

A: The medical colleges in Hetauda stand out for their quality education, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Q2. Are there specialized programs available in the medical colleges of Hetauda?

A: Yes, Hetauda’s medical colleges offer specialized programs in fields such as nursing, pharmacy, and medical laboratory technology.

Q3. What are the facilities and infrastructure like in the medical colleges of Hetauda?

A: The medical colleges in Hetauda have well-equipped facilities and modern infrastructure, including lecture halls, laboratories, and hospitals for practical training.

Q4. Which medical colleges in Hetauda offer MBBS programs?

A: Medical colleges in Hetauda do not offer MBBS programs, however, medical colleges near Hetauda such as KIST Medical College, and National Medical College offer MBBS programs.

Q5. How does Hetauda’s medical education contribute to the healthcare sector?

A: Hetauda’s medical education plays a crucial role in serving the healthcare needs of the area and contributes to the overall development of the healthcare sector.

Q6. What is the admission process for medical colleges in Hetauda?

A: The admission process typically involves fulfilling eligibility criteria, submitting application forms, appearing for entrance exams, and attending interviews. Specific requirements may vary between colleges.

Q7.  Are the medical colleges in Hetauda recognized by regulatory bodies?

A: Yes, the medical colleges in Hetauda are recognized and accredited by relevant regulatory bodies such as the Nepal Medical Council and affiliated universities.

Q8. Do Hetauda’s medical colleges provide internship opportunities for students?

A: Yes, Hetauda’s medical colleges facilitate internship programs to provide students with practical experience in healthcare settings, ensuring a well-rounded education.

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