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Medical Colleges in Makwanpur – Nurturing Medical Excellence

Located in the beautiful region of Makwanpur, Nepal, the medical colleges in this area have established themselves as pillars of quality education and healthcare excellence. With a commitment to producing skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals, these colleges offer a wide range of medical courses and practical training opportunities.

Supported by modern facilities and renowned faculty members, students can immerse themselves in vibrant campus life while receiving a comprehensive education.

List of Medical Colleges in Makwanpur

Check out the top medical colleges in Makwanpur, Nepal! This list will guide you to the best places to learn about healthcare and help you achieve your goal in the medical field. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and uncover the tremendous medical colleges in Makwanpur, Nepal!

Sl.No.College Name
1Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences, Makwanpur
2NMT Nursing College, Makwanpur
3Makawanpur Multiple Campus, Nepal

Fee Structure for Medical Colleges in Makwanpur

Here’s the fee structure for all the medical colleges in Makwanpur offering MBBS. It’ll help you pick the right college within your budget. So, you can choose the one that suits you best:

College NameMBBS Fees
Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences, Makwanpur
NMT Nursing College, Makwanpur
Makawanpur Multiple Campus, Nepal

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Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences, Makwanpur

The Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences (MBAHS) is a renowned institution in Makwanpur, Nepal. Established in 1995, MBAHS is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, which ensures its program’s academic excellence and recognition. The institution offers UG and PG-level courses in allied health disciplines such as nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and medicine. 

With modern facilities and a team of experienced faculty members, MBAHS strives to produce competent healthcare professionals who can contribute to the well-being of society. It is committed to fostering a supportive learning environment and promoting research and innovation in the field of health sciences.

  • Address: C22V+J77, Bhimsen Marg, Hetauda 44107, Nepal.

NMT Nursing College, Makwanpur

Narayani Medical & Technology Nursing College is an esteemed institution located in Nepal. It was established in 2005 with the vision of providing quality education in the nursing field. The college is recognized and affiliated with the Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) and the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). 

Narayani Medical & Technology Nursing College offers various nursing programs, including a Diploma in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc). The college’s committed faculty members are experts in their professions and hold advanced degrees. With its commitment to excellence, Narayani Medical & Technology Nursing College has become a trusted name in nursing education in Nepal.

  • Address: RHetauda 44107, Nepal.

Makawanpur Multiple Campus, Nepal

Makawanpur Multiple Campus is a reputed educational institution located in Nepal. Established in 1978, it has a rich history of providing quality education to students. The campus is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Nepal’s oldest and most prestigious university.

Makawanpur Multiple Campus offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, science, management, and education, catering to the diverse academic needs of its students. With a dedicated faculty and advanced facilities, the campus is committed to nurturing its student’s intellectual, social, and personal growth. 

  • Address: Municipality Rd, Hetauda 44100, Nepal.


In conclusion, the medical colleges in Makwanpur, Nepal, stand as beacons of excellence in medical education. With their commitment to quality, practical training, and a nurturing environment, these institutions provide a solid foundation for aspiring healthcare professionals. 

Makwanpur’s medical colleges have produced successful alumni who have made notable contributions to the healthcare industry. Embark on your journey towards a fulfilling career by exploring the world of medical education in Makwanpur, Nepal.

Do you have any questions about medical colleges? Our team of expert counselors at Careermudhra would be happy to help. Simply leave a comment below, and we will promptly respond to your query. We want to ensure that you make informed decisions about your future, and we are here to provide you with the information and support you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the admission process for medical colleges in Makwanpur?

A. The admission process usually involves submitting an application, appearing for an entrance examination, and participating in a counseling session for seat allocation.

Q2. Do medical colleges in Makwanpur offer scholarships or financial aid?

A. Some medical colleges may offer scholarships or financial aid programs. It is advisable to check with the individual colleges for details.

Q3. Are hostel facilities available for students in medical colleges in Makwanpur?

A. Yes, most medical colleges provide student hostel facilities. However, availability may vary, so it is recommended to inquire with the respective colleges.

Q4. How many medical colleges are there in Makwanpur, Nepal?

A. There are currently three medical colleges in Makwanpur, Nepal.

Q5.  Are internships or clinical rotations part of the medical curriculum in Makwanpur’s colleges?

A. Medical colleges include internships or clinical rotations as part of the curriculum. These provide hands-on experience in different medical specialties.

Q6. Are there any affiliated teaching hospitals associated with the medical colleges in Makwanpur?

A. Yes, medical colleges in Makwanpur have affiliated teaching hospitals where students can gain practical experience and clinical training.

Q7. Does the medical council recognize the medical colleges in Makwanpur?

A. Yes, the medical colleges in Makwanpur are recognized by the Nepal Medical Council, the regulatory body for medical education in Nepal.

Q8. What are the career prospects after completing medical education in Makwanpur?

A. You can pursue a career as a doctors in a variety of healthcare options, such as hospitals, clinics, and research institutes, after completing your medical education in Makwanpur. You can also decide to seek more specialization through postgraduate studies.

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