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MVJ Medical College Bangalore Admissions, Courses, Fees

Are you pre-medico? Do you dream about being a doctor although your family and friends don’t take that seriously? Do you find it interesting while study new things? Believe me, it’s all worth doing when a patient comes back to you with a smile after treatment and when someone comes to you with all hope. Be ready to explore an ocean of knowledge in a short period of time and once you know it all there is no stopping. Life at MBBS is hard but it’s fun. In this post, I will give you details about MBBS and MVJ Medical College Bangalore.

MVJ Medical College Overview

MVJ stands for M V Jayaraman. He was the founder of the MVJ group of institutions and that is why the college is named after him. MVJ Medical College Bangalore is under the MVJ group of institutions and Venkatesha educational trust. The trust was established in the year 1970 and has 8 institutions under it but MVJ Medical College was established later in 2001 under the same trust. The college is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore and the college is approved by National Medical Commission (NMC).

Key Highlights 

College Name MVJ Medical College 
Year of establishment 2001
Location Bangalore
State Karnataka
Affiliated by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science 
Approved by National Medical commission (NMC)
Established by  M V Jayaraman
Email id ms@mvjmc.edu.in
Study mode Regular ( with compulsory 75% attendance)
hostel Boys and girls separate hostels
College type private
Address Dandupalya,30th KM milestone, National Highway 75, Kolathur, P.O, Hoskote taluk, Bangalore Rural District
website mvjmc.edu.in
Contact number Tel- 08028060200

MVJ Medical College Bangalore is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore approved by Govt of Karnataka. The college is located far from the city of Bangalore

Why study at MVJ Medical College?

MVJ Medical College Bangalore is one of the top colleges in Bangalore. The college has undergraduate and postgraduate courses. it is located in the outskirts and rural area because it serves people around with its multispecialty hospital. All facilities and Maintenance of the college bring it to one of the ranked colleges. it has a super specialty research hospital attached to it enhancing the practical skills of the student and serving humanity by charging very less and minimally to patients. 

Course structureas the college is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science. All the courses and curriculum run in a way the university has designed it. Examinations are conducted according to the university; the syllabus is given by the university and time table is set by the college although it is according to the university curriculum in the dividing of the hours of practical and theory. 

FacultyMVJ medical staff are highly well-known and disciplined. The college has always believed and continues to believe that teachers and discipline is the way of education. The faculty is highly well-known and strict and professional and they make sure you learn things. 

InfrastructureMVJ college has a huge campus that eco – friendly and perfect for medical students with all facilities like a central library, hostel facilities, wi-fi connection, modern classrooms, clean and hygienic washrooms, parking, and transport facilities. 

MVJ hospitalcollege provides you with an internship in their own hospital. The college is attached to the hospital. Student from 3rd year and exposed to patients and cases. Faculty and interns help students in learning things. The hospital is a multi–specialty hospital with a huge number of patients. A college with its own hospital, number of patient flow, and modern equipment in the hospital is the major criteria to consider while selecting a medical college because, at the end of the day, your experience and practical knowledge with and about patients will help in your career. 

College ethics– college is very strict when it comes to ethics and manners. The college gives all the support in sensitive matters like ragging and bullying to control ragging. They have anti–ragging committees that take strict action on ragging anyone in college. The college also strictly prohibits alcohol and smoking on campus. 

Courses Offered

MVJ Medical College Bangalore offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The undergraduate course is MBBS (bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery) and the postgraduate courses are MD and MS (MD-master degree nonsurgical) (MS- master degree in surgery).


MBBS is an undergraduate degree of a total of five and a half years. It is divided into 3 phases 4 years and one year compulsory internship period. For four and half years you will be studying and managing practicals and patients at the same time.

Phases Years
First phase First MBBS – 1-year duration
Second phase Second MBBS – 1 and half year duration
Third phase Third and fourth-year MBBS- 2-year duration

Internship– the internship is a compulsory period and the last year of MBBS. Colleges provide internships in their own MVJ hospitals and on top of that you will be paid stipends during your internship period. you will be officially called Doctor and senior. Every medico waits all his / her life for this phase of life.

MBBS Subjects 

  • First year (1 YEAR) 
Anatomy -1 

Anatomy -2 

Physiology  Biochemistry 
  • Second year (one and half years) 
Pharmacology  pathology Microbiology  Forensic medicine and toxicology  OPD and clinical postings 
  • Third year (1 year) 
General medicine ENT ( ear, nose, and throat) Ophthalmology ( study of eyes) 
  • Fourth-year 
General surgery pediatrics anesthesiology Orthopedics
Obstetrics and Gynecology radiology psychiatry Dermatology and venereology

MD and MS 

MD and MS are postgraduate degrees that can be done only once you finish your MBBS.MD is a postgraduate degree where you choose to do a master’s in non -a surgical department and MS is a degree where you choose to do masters in the surgical department. The duration of the course is 3 years long.MD/MS  is a lot more difficult than MBBS. It is about studying one subject in depth and MBBS is studying 20 subjects.

In MD/MS you’re supposed to treat patients in OPD and as well as in emergency at night duty 

and with a huge pressure of work and study you will have to work for thesis and seminar too. There are a total of 63 seats available in MVJ Medical college for all MS/MD departments. Per department, there are only 5-6 seats per year in MVJ medical college.

MD/ MS Specialties

MD (Doctor of Medicine) MS (Master of Surgery) Duration of course
MD in pathology MS in general surgery 3 years 
MD in general medicine MS in orthopedics 3 years
MD in psychiatry MS in ophthalmology 3 years
MD in dermatology MS in ENT (ear, nose and throat) 3 years
MD in pediatrics MS in OBG (obstetrics and gynecology) 3 years
MD in anesthesia 3 years

Diploma Courses

  • DPM -It stands for a diploma in psychiatric medicine.it is a diploma course of duration 2 years .one does not need to pass any entrance to get admission for a diploma course.
  • DCH – It stands for diploma in child health.it is a diploma course of duration two years .one does not have to clear any entrance exam to get admission in the diploma course.
  • D Ortho – It stands for a diploma in orthopedics. The duration of the course is two years one does not have to write any entrance exams for admission to the diploma course 
  • DGO – DGO is a diploma in gynecology and obstetrics. The duration of the course is 2 years and you can get admission to MVJ medical college without entrance exams after MBBS.
  • DA – Diploma in anesthesia is one of the rising diploma courses in India. The duration of the course is 2 years and can get direct admissions without entrance exams.
  • DOMS – Diploma in ophthalmic medicine and surgery. The duration of the course is 2 years and can get direct admissions without entrance exams 

Teaching Learning Methods

MVJ medical college is quite strict when it comes to studies compared to other colleges. MVJ college has adopted all modern methods to teach students and make sure students learn.

  • Visual and audio teaching methods.
  • Weekly test.
  • Posters and models.
  • Group discussion in every department.
  • Viva.
  • Programs and workshops for teachers and students.

Admission to MVJ Medical College

The admission procedure can be done offline or online or if you have attended NEET counseling after the NEET exam and choose MVJ Medical College Bangalore you should reach the college within a week and submit your documents 

Online admissions 

  • Step one – visit the college’s official website www.mvjmc.edu.in.
  • Step two – visit the admission section on the official page and apply online with all the details asked.
  • Step three- you be contacted  through mail and messages for an appointment for further formalities
  • Step four – visit the college on that date, and carry your original and xerox documents.
  • Step five – get your documents verified.
  • Step six-  pay the fee and get an admission card.

Offline admissions 

  • Step one – visit the college, the location of the college is given below.
  • Step two – visit the admission department in a college.
  • Step three – collect the application form from the office.
  • Step four – fill out the application with exact details and submit it to the office. 
  • Step five – the college will contact you after filling out the application form. 
  • Step six – visit the college with original documents and submit documents.
  • Step seven – complete the fee procedure. 
  • Step eight – get your admission card.
  • MBBS 

Entrance examination for admission to MBBS 

MVJ Medical College Bangalore does not conduct its own entrance examination. Students are directly selected through NEET (national eligibility entrance test ) counseling. After completion of the 12th in one month or two. You will have to enroll for the NEET examination. After the completion of the exam and the announcement of the results. you will have to attend NEET counseling on the dates announced and you can select MVJ Medical College according to your marks and cut-off.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS 

  1. Students must have passed 12th / PUC from any recognized board of the council.
  2. Students must have passed 12th / PUC in science PCMB ( physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology).
  3. Students must have qualified NEET examination with at least 50 percent. 
  4. Students must have all the required documents mentioned below. 
  5. Students must be of age seventeen years of age as of December 31st of the year of admission. 

Documents Required for MBBS Admissions

  1. 10th marks card.
  2. 12th marks card.
  3. Date of birth certificate.
  4. 10 passport-size photos.
  5. 4 stamp-size photos.
  6. Transfer certificate.
  7. Migration certificate (if you’re from other states).
  8. Aadhar card.
  9. Medical certificate.
  10. SC/ST certificate if applicable.
  11. Income certificate.
  12. Caste certificate.
  13. NEET Score & Admit Card.
  • MD/ MS Admissions

The MVJ Medical College doesn’t hold its own entrance test. Through NEET (national eligibility admission test) counseling, students are chosen immediately. after the completion of MBBS and internship in a month or two. You will need to sign up for the NEET test. You must attend NEET counseling on the scheduled dates following the completion of the exam and the release of the results, and you can choose MVJ Medical College based on your scores and the cutoff.

Eligibility criteria for MS/ MD 

  1. Students must have passed 12th / PUC from any recognized board of the council.
  2. Students must have passed 12th / PUC in science PCMB (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology). 
  3. A student should have passed MBBS. 
  4. Students should have passed MBBS and finished the compulsory one-year internship program. 
  5. Students must have qualified NEET examination with at least   50 percent. 
  6. Students must have all the required documents mentioned below. 
  7. No age limit. 
  • Diploma courses Admissions

Entrance examination for diploma courses 

One does not need to clarify any examination for diploma courses. After the completion of MBBS with one-year internship program one can enroll in any diploma courses 

Eligibility for Diploma Courses 

  1. Students must have passed 12th / PUC from any recognized board of the council.
  2. Students must have passed 12th / PUC in science PCMB (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology). 
  3. The student should have passed MBBS. 
  4. Students should have passed MBBS and finished the compulsory one-year internship program. 
  5. Students must have all the required documents mentioned below. 
  6. No age limit. 

Documents Required for MD/MS and Diploma Admissions

  1. 10th marks card.
  2. 12th marks card.
  3. MBBS degree certificate.
  4. Date of birth certificate.
  5. Passport-size photos.
  6. Stamp-size photos.
  7. Transfer certificate.
  8. Migration certificate (If you’re from other states).
  9. Aadhar card.
  10. Medical certificate.
  11. SC/ST certificate if applicable.
  12. Income certificate.
  13. Caste certificate.
  14. NEET Score & Admit card.

MVJ Medical College Fees

Fees differ from seat to seat like the government seat is selected by NEET. Government seat fees are way lesser than private NEET seats and management fees are way higher. 


Course NEET (govt) NEET (private) NRI/Other
MBBS INR 1,41,196/- INR 10,92,852/- INR 36,12,700/-

Hostel Fees

Accommodation Fees (per year) Laundry (per year)
Single occupancy with A.C INR 2,00,000/- INR 7200 /-
Double occupancy with A.C INR 1,60,000/- INR 7200/-
Triple occupancy with A.C INR 1,45,000/- INR 7200/-

Installments facilities
– college provides installment facilities for every yearly fee that can be deposited annually, semi-annual, and quarterly according to their own convenience. Payments are accepted through bank transfer, NEFT transfer, and cash.

Educational loans – colleges also provide payment through loans linked with nationalized and private banks. At the beginning of the academic year or course, you will have to submit a few documents to respective banks and submit the bank letter to the college for educational loans.

Scholarships – colleges help students with scholarships every year for class and university toppers and colleges also help with NSS scholarships for some categories.

Placements– Although MVJ medical college doesn’t promise any placement after completion of MBBS it has its own multi-specialty hospital and you can complete an internship after four and half years of the academic year in MVJ hospitals. staff, interns, and students run the hospital.

MVJ Hospital & Departments 

MVJ Hospital:

MVJ hospital was established in the year 2004 located in Bangalore established by DR MV Jayaraman under the trust of Venkatesha Education trust to provide affordable and best health care for rural. MVJ hospital is situated on the MVJ Medical College campus.

Name MVJ hospital
Location Bangalore
Established in 2004
Timings 24*7
Number of beds  833
Number of operation theater 12 (twelve)
ICU (intensive care unit) 8(eight)
Laboratories  5 (five)

MVJ Neurosciences center– MVJ Medical College Bangalore provides neurosurgical and neurological 24 *7 This center is a referral to all surrounding areas. The college is well equipped with all verified equipment. CT and MRI are available here and the center also treats diseases like Brain stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.

Department of pediatrics– this department is a specialization of children facilitated with 100 beds, 8 – bedded pediatrics intensive care, 8 – bedded neonatal intensive care, isolation ward is also available and the department is facilitated with incubators, warmers, phototherapy, and monitors. This department timing is 9.00am to 4.00 pm

Special facilities are the diarrhea clinic, child guidance clinic, High-risk clinic, Renal clinic, and asthma clinic.

Department of general medicine– 24-hour causality and emergency treatments are done here. Medical ICU has a total of 12 beds including 4 cardiac beds with all facilities like oxygen supply, infusion pumps, ventilators, and defibrillator facilities.

Department of general surgery– the department has five surgical units with specialties in urology, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

Department of dermatology – well equipped with all facilities and treatments like hair transplantation, mole removal electrolysis, Botox, and special space for a cosmetology clinic.

Department of community medicine – hospital and college community medicine department together conduct camps in the rural area. They conduct health awareness programs in rural areas. Camps are conducted and free treatment and consultation are given to patients, family planning, and drug abuse are given. Free vaccination is given.

Department of dentistry – the dental clinic is well facilitated for all the treatments like orthodontic treatment, root canal therapy, restorations, implantology, and x-ray, OPG facilities are available. Students are not posted here and treatment is only done by professionals only.

Other departments – T-Band chest, Radiodiagnosis, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), Ophthalmology, and Psychiatry.

On-Campus Facilities

  • Classrooms and lecture halls– spacious air-conditioned classrooms there are a total of 6 lecture halls and one 3D projection hall. MVJ Medical college is one of the first institutes in India to install Vinformax S3D which help students for understanding way better. Lecture halls have video – an audio projector and smart class and S3D Medimagic are installed in human anatomy, Human physiology, biochemistry, histology, neuroanatomy, and embryology this 3D feature helps teachers and students in the best possible way.
  • Sports and playground – The college has indoor and outdoor games that include badminton, volleyball, basketball, throwball, and cricket. Indoor games like chess, carrom. The playground is two acres in dimension and has ten-plus games. Students are trained by Mr. Jayaraj who is a National athlete and students have won four championships in sports.
  • Gym– the modern well equipped gym is located on the campus only with trainers. The gym is well-equipped with treadmills, an aerobic floor, cross trainers, dumbbells, weights, ropes, and benches.
  • Hostels – two different hostels for boys and girls and one hostel has 3 different wings. one wing is for students, a separate wing for interns and nurses, and a separate wing and quarters for teachers there total of 600 rooms. There are single and sharing rooms which are facilitated with hot water facility, well-furnished rooms, television and power backup.
  • Canteen – dining hall is spacious and hygienic. Food tastes good and gives home cooked feeling both north and south Indian variety is available.
  • TransportationThere are a total of 10 buses available for students and staff staying outside the college. Buses have their own schedule daily and can catch the bus at the same time every day. Buses are even used to travel in rural areas for camps. The college is also well connected to BMTC and the metro.
  • Meditation hall – This hall is 3000 sq ft hall is designed in such a way that the ambiance is all white and peaceful which brings peace of mind and helps students maintain their health by reducing stress
  • Auditorium – They call it Vedanth hall which can accommodate 1000 plus students and it has a special VIP lounge and spacious stage. Most of the events like college fest, convocation, and freshers day are celebrated here. College fest is the event all students and staff wait for all year long. Students showcase their talents through skits, dance, singing, and many more.

College Contact Details 

Address: Dandupalya, 30th Km Milestone Kolathur P.O, NH75, Hoskote, Karnataka 562114.

  • Email: principal@mvjmc.edu.in.
  • Phone: 080 2806 0200.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is MVJ Medical college under RGUHS?

Yes, MVJ Medical college is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University Health Science.

2. What is the fee structure of MVJ medical college ?

MBBS - govt seats - 1,41,196, Private seats - 9,94,406, Management quota - up to 50 lakhs and above

3. Does MVJ Medical College have a PG section ?

yes MD and MS courses are available in MVJ Medical college.

4. Does MVJ medical college have diploma courses?

There are 6 diploma courses in MVJ Medical college.

If you are interested in lookout for another medical college, you can follow the link below to go through my detailed post on:

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