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Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag Admissions, Fees, Courses

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Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Overview

Ayurveda is one of the famous alternative medicines that involves curing diseases using special diets, plant-based medicines, yoga, enemas, laxatives, meditation, etc. It was developed in ancient times by the rishis and gyanis of the Indian subcontinent. It also preached about various surgical techniques such as sutures, extraction of foreign objects, kidney stones, and rhinoplasty.

Ayurveda is gaining significance as many youngsters are turning towards this ancient wisdom to heal themselves with body and mental issues and develop a healthy lifestyle. This significant change in people’s attitudes, allowed many Ayurveda acharyas to turn to become lifestyle coaches and mentors. Thus, there is a rise in the significance of Ayurveda acharyas and Ayurvedic colleges of late.

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag is one of the premier Ayurvedic institutions established under the aegis of Rajiv Gandhi Education Society and was started in the year 1993-1994. The college provides Ayurvedic medical and educational services to different sections of society.

College Key Highlights

Name Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College
Address Ron Taluka, Gadag District, Karnataka, 582209.
Website https://rgesociety-ron.org/amch/ 
Establishment Year 1993
Principal Dr I B Kotturshetti
State Karnataka
City Gadag
College Type Private
Affiliated to  Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Approved By Ministry of Ayush and Central Council of Indian Medicine
Study Mode Regular/Full-Time

Salient Features 

  • The college has all the infrastructure and teaching standards that are necessitated by the Central Council of Indian Medicine to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate courses every academic year.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag helps in the all-around development of the students by mentoring them to lead a life of service and gratitude.
  • The college faculty are outstanding professors of Ayurveda who are into research and teaching simultaneously.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College has many modern facilities that ensure that campus life is smooth and pleasant.

Why Choose RG Ayurvedic College?

  • Location

The college is located 90 KM to the east of Hubli-Dharwad. It is situated 30 KM south of the culturally rich Badami and 40 KM to the northeast of Gadag, the district headquarters. The place, Ron, has a rich cultural environment that attracts many schools and educational institutions.

  • Spacious Campus 

The college campus is spacious with huge buildings and vast grounds giving a well-structured look. The campus provides all facilities required to gain proper practical and clinical experience.

  • Affiliation

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag is considered to be one of the prime Ayurvedic colleges in the country with affiliation to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and approved by the Central Council of Indian Medicine under the Ministry of Ayush.

  • Workshops

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag conducts various workshops and events that help students develop holistically.

  • Social Activities

The administration organises various social activities such as COVID-19 support, relief camps, and distribution of essential commodities in which students actively take part.

  • Ensuring Safety

The college has constituted an anti-ragging committee whose members see into the matters of indiscipline and ragging activities on the campus. The college campus is under regular surveillance of the committee and students are taught the bad effects of ragging and the need for its prevention.

  • Research Activities

The college has numerous research publications in the field of Ayurveda. Some of them are Dr Harshavardhan Byalihal’s Anatomical Interpretation of Kakshadhara Marma and its Clinical Importance, Dr Niyazahmed Kanavi’s  Anatomical Interpretation of Kakshadhara Marma and its Clinical Importance, Dr I B Kotturshetti’s Impact of Psychological factor In Grahani Roga.

RGAC Admission Procedure

To join a BAMS course, one has to qualify for the NEET exam conducted by the National Testing Agency. If the student secures a merit score, he/she can join the BAMS course offered by the Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag. The students who are enthusiastic to study at the college can apply for it and submit the required documents.

However, before that they have to go through the eligibility criteria and documents required section below to ensure that they have met all required conditions for applying.

Courses Offered Duration
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S) 4.5 years of classroom programme along with a 1-year internship.
M.D. (Doctor of Medicine- Ayurveda) 3 years

Eligibility Criteria for BAMS

  • Candidates must reach the age of 17 years by 31st December of that academic year. 
  • Candidates should ensure that they have got 50% pass marks in 12th standard or any other equivalent exam with the main subjects being Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Documents Required for BAMS Admission

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Transcript and pass certificate of 10th board examination.
  • Transcript and pass certificate of 12th board examination.
  • Admit Card issued for NEET Entrance test.
  • Rank certificate for NEET entrance examination.
  • Aadhaar Card or any other identity card.
  • Passport Size Photos.

Eligibility Criteria for MD 

  • Candidates should possess a B.A.M.S. degree issued by any Central Council of Indian Medicine recognised college or institution.
  • Candidates should have secured merit marks in the AIAPGET exam to be eligible for applying.

Documents Required for MD

  • Certificate of Birth.
  • Transcript and pass certificate of 10th board examination. 
  • Transcript and pass certificate of 12th board examination.
  • Admit or result in a card for the AIAPGET entrance examination.
  • Aadhaar Card or any other identity card.
  • Passport Size Photos.

Admission Process

  • An All India Merit list that has the names of the qualified candidates is prepared by the concerned authority.
  • The counselling for All India Quota (AIQ) seats for government institutions is conducted by the Ayush Admissions Central Counselling Committee while for AIQ seats for private institutions are conducted by government designated authority. State government seat counselling is performed by the counselling authority of the State government. 
  • Students take part in these counselling sessions and get admitted into the allotted colleges.

Courses Offered and Departments

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag has a history of 3 decades of imparting Ayurvedic education to students across the country. The college is known for its research publications, social work, and brilliant academic staff. Many students have passed the BAMS course from the college and are now witnessing successful career growth in the field of Ayurveda.

The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Ayurveda. The students acquire Ayurvedic knowledge and surgical skills while pursuing their courses on campus. The college’s main focus is not just on academic development but also on cultural motivation.  

Courses offered by RGAC

Course Intake
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S) 60
M.D. (Doctor of Medicine- Ayurveda) 36

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

Every 12th-standard student in India who aspires to become an Ayurvedic physician should sit for the NEET examination and qualify for it with merit marks. Once the NEET score card is available one can attend counselling sessions and join their desired course and college. The BAMS course requires five and half years which includes a one-year compulsory internship.

Students of this course are trained in various Ayurvedic principles, and medicinal herb formulations, and work in Ayurvedic clinics during the internship. This helps students to handle patients with care and compassion and offer Ayurvedic treatment procedures after they become Ayurveda acharyas. The BAMS course requires discipline and focus from students, as some find it difficult to complete.

Doctor of Medicine- Ayurveda (MD)

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag also provides MD courses in Ayurveda. The total uptake for the master’s program is 36. One can secure a seat in the MD course after qualifying for the required exam. The course curriculum involves an in-depth understanding of Ayurveda and gaining more clinical skills.

Department Significance Intake
  • This department deals with the root cause of any illness or disorder.
  • The main focus of Kaya Chikitsa is the diagnosis and management of a wide range of general illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, TB, and skin disorders.
  • Students in this subject learn about medicinal herbs and their qualities.
  • They also practise making herbal formulations.
  • Students learn in-depth information on the Prabhava, Rasa, Virya, and Guna of medicinal plants.
  • Shalyatantra involves a surgical approach to treat or cure any disease.
  • “Shalya” means factors or objects that cause pain and discomfort. These objects are removed by careful operating procedures.
  • Students practically learn how to operate by using various instruments.
  • Students actively take part in theoretical and practical classes.
Rachana Sharira
  • It is one of the important branches of Ayurveda that deals with the composition of the body and its functioning.
  • This field is identical to “Anatomy”. Branch of modern medicine.
  • Research is encouraged in this branch of Ayurveda.
  • Detoxification is the foundation of Ayurvedic sciences.
  • The five detox principles are taught to the students.
  • Students learn about various detox methods and formulations in-depth.
Prasuti and Stri Roga
  • Students in this department receive thorough training in women’s physical health and child health care.
  • The challenges associated with pregnancy and how to overcome them are taught to the students.
  • Pregnancy care and diet to be followed are emphasised.

Program Fee Structure

Programme Fee Amount
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery
Doctor of Medicine (MD Ayurveda)

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag fee structure for the BAMS course is significantly less than that of other medical programmes like MBBS and BDS. So, it is feasible for parents to get their wards admitted into the BAMS course without financial burden. The MD Ayurveda course is also available for students who aspire to pursue a master’s at a reasonable cost.

But for some people, taking an Ayurveda course is still just a distant dream because of budgetary restrictions. However, there is nothing to be discouraged about as one can apply for merit scholarships and student educational loans. Deserving students are given scholarships from the federal and state governments, Ayurvedic educational institutions, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

This may enable them to continue their chosen academic path. Additionally, a lot of banking institutions lend money in the form of educational loans to poor students. If you’re interested in finding out more about loans and scholarships, get in touch with our top staff. They can give you first-hand information about the various financial options that are available to students.

RG Ayurvedic College Placement

Traditional medicine is becoming more and more significant on a national and international level as the younger generation strives to lead a holistic lifestyle and avoid lifestyle-related illnesses. As a result, Ayurveda is currently once more becoming popular among young people. Therefore, it is not unexpected that there is a significant demand for B.A.M.S. graduates at the moment.

B.A.M.S. alumni from Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag see an increasing relevance for their involvement in the lifestyle market as more and more young people turn to Ayurveda for its therapeutic and preventative potential. This necessity has created various job opportunities for B.A.M.S graduates. Now let’s examine a few of them in more detail.

Higher Educational Opportunities

  • Internship

The BAMS course requires a one-year internship for the students to complete. The students join some Ayurvedic clinics to attend to patients and gain practical knowledge during the internship.

  •  Master’s Degree

A master’s degree is pursued after the bachelor’s degree to specialise in a particular stream. One can enrol in an MBA programme, an M.D. programme in Ayurveda or a master’s in public health programme to advance their career perspectives. A master’s degree may bring individuals job opportunities with better pay and status.

Job Opportunities

  • Ayurvedic Physician

One can work as an ayurvedic physician at a public or private hospital for a respectable salary. Since Ayurveda acharyas are crucial for providing patients with Ayurvedic knowledge and drugs, many public and commercial health centres hire them.

  • Ayurvedic Pharmacist

Each medical speciality prescribes its medications, therefore the area of pharmaceuticals and formulations is rather broad. If Ayurveda Acharyas are aware of the components of Ayurvedic medicines and how to utilise them, they can become Ayurvedic pharmacists and open their drug stores after obtaining the necessary licences.

  • Lifestyle Coach

The lifestyle industry is a booming industry with many lifestyle coaches imparting health and life lessons online and offline. One can witness this on popular social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, where many lifestyle coaches run health pages. So, this sector offers huge career options to BAMS graduates. 

  • Research 

Research is the core of any field’s development as it adds value to the branch through new findings and principles. It prevents a discipline from becoming dormant or static. Analytical skills are essential to starting a research career. Interested candidates can join prestigious Ayurvedic colleges to pursue research in Ayurveda as a career.

  • Lectureship

One can work as a college lecturer for any Ayurvedic educational institution in the country after completing a B.A.M.S. programme and teach undergraduates in a range of Ayurvedic courses. A better work-life balance, respect, and a handsome salary are all offered by this job.

  • Clinical Practise

Ayurvedic clinics can be set up to offer patients with health issues individualised care. Due to the rising popularity of Ayurveda, this career option may be fruitful. One has to be patient till the clinic gains some popularity in the locality.

  • Ashrams

In India, many Ayurveda ashrams offer treatment facilities to both natives and foreign tourists. Joining ashrams like an Ayurveda Acharya may be an alternative career route for B.A.M.S. graduates.

Top Recruiters

Surya Herbal Limited, Himalaya Wellness, Dabur India Limited, and Patanjali Ayurvedic Limited are some of the top recruiters of BAMS graduates.

Rankings and Achievements

Rankings of an institution are an important factor to consider by the parents and students to get a perspective of how the college is in terms of academic merit and extracurricular activities. So, we often advise students to check their college ranks and achievements to decipher their place among the top ayurvedic colleges in the country.

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag is an elite ayurvedic college in the state that offers the best Ayurvedic education under the guidance of meritorious faculty. Ms Sushma H N of the 3rd year BAMS course has gotten approval for the Undergraduate Research Proposal for the year 2019-2020. Many students of the college have secured merit ranks in the exams held by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

We offer trustworthy data on the rankings and contributions of ayurvedic colleges across the nation to assist you in selecting the top institution. So, get in touch with our knowledgeable team to get all the information you need about the college’s ranking and alumni. They can give you the information you need within a short time.

RGAC Events

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag conducts various events throughout the year to keep students occupied with academic and social activities. In this section, we discuss a few events organised by the college administration.

World Environment Day:

Students and faculty celebrated World Environment Day on June 5t 2021 by planting trees and pledging to protect the environment from degradation.


The college has conducted a webinar on “ Ayush Intervention in COVID Management” where students and faculty have joined to discuss how traditional medicines help people in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

College Contact Details

Address: Ron Taluka, Gadag district, Karnataka, 582209.

  • Email: rgesr1992@rediffmail.com.
  • Contact Number: 08381 – 267452.

After completing high school, enrolling in a bachelor’s programme can be a difficult task for both students and parents. Stress levels among students and parents may increase as they may be confused about various aspects that need to be taken into consideration before enrolling on a college. The college should provide access to all the resources on the campus and offer various opportunities for complete student development. 

Institution facilities, connectivity, location, qualified professors, college fee structure, scholarship programmes, other amenities offered by the college, safety and security on the campus, and other factors need to be considered by the students and parents before deciding on a college. One can choose a college and get admitted into a wanted course after taking into account all of these variables.

We can assist you with the application process for your preferred Ayurvedic college because we are aware of how time-consuming it can be. We also provide in-depth information on the placement options, course fees, and research opportunities that the colleges are offering at any given time. We give students precise information to help them choose a better college for their studies. So, please get in touch as soon as you can if you’re still interested to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does the college encourage research?

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic college has enormous research publications to its name. Faculty at the college engross themselves in high-level research in the field of Ayurveda.

2. Does the college allow sports activities?

Yes, the college considers sports as an essential medium for the holistic development of the students. The students on the campus actively take part in various sports activities.

3. Is the college safe for students?

Yes, the college has constituted an anti-ragging committee and ensures that the students feel safe and secure.

4. What is the duration of the B.A.M.S course?

Five and a half years which includes a one-year internship is the duration of the BAMS course.

5. How many seats are available in the RGAC master's programme in Ayurveda?

36 seats are offered in the master's programme at RGAC in six departments.

6. How is campus life at RGAC?

The campus life is fascinating with students taking part in various cultural, academic, and sporting events.

7. How many seats are available for the B.A.M.S. programme at Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College?

The BAMS programme offers 60 seats in the BAMS course at Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College.

8. Is there a postgraduate course at RGAC?

Yes, there is a postgraduate programme at RGAC, Ron.

You can go through more Ayurveda colleges if you wish to check out any another. Simply click and follow the link below to go through my detailed post on:

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We hope that after reading our blog post on Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College Gadag, you are content to know all the details regarding the college admission process, and fee structure. But, if you are an alumnus of the college, we request you to share your experience while attending the college. Your input might help students who are planning to join this college! So, please consider commenting on a few facts about the college below!

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