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Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore, Admissions, Courses, Departments, Facilities, Fees Structure

Apply for Admission 2022-23

Welcome to one of the best educational portals in India, CareerMudhra! I hope all of you are doing well. You must be having thoughts about which course and college to pick for a good career. Your parents might suggest that you should pick any course which is recognized and gives you a good salary package in the future. You do not have to worry, I am here to help you in picking the best courses with the best colleges and also guide you through admission to your preferred college. In my post, I would like to share information about Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore.

Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore

Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore is among one the institutions which come under the Rosy Royal Group of Institutions. It was founded in the year 1998. It has got a campus that is spread over twenty thousand square meters of land with excellent infrastructure facilities to cater to the needs of the students.

The institution is having university-enriched course curriculum which is evaluated from time to time. It has clear teaching and learning pedagogy along with the evaluation systems. A lot of importance is given to inclining the students toward the research and development field. It is helping in knowledge enhancement for higher education in fields such as medical, paramedical as well as management fields.

It aims to get students, faculty members, management, parents, and organizations to come together for providing quality higher education with skill development and student-centric learning techniques. The college is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, the University of Bangalore, and other statutory bodies for its academic courses. It is offering medical, paramedical, and management courses. The location of the college is at Sy. No.1/2, Kasaba Hobli, Nelamangala Taluk, Dist.Mallapur, Karnataka 562162.

The faculty members at the Rosy Royal Homeopathic College are academically qualified and experienced. They take utmost care to mentor and guide the students during the course duration. Some of the faculties are:

  1. Rashmi B.V- Reader/Associate Professor.
  2. R.Mukram Shariff-Professor and HOD.
  3. Sharangouda Patil-Professor and HOD.
  4. Amar Singh. L-Professor and HOD.
  5. Basaya M Mathapati-Reader.
  6. Chandrasekar-Assistant Professor.
  7. Shylaja J.N-Assistant Professor.
  8. Mahesh Shetty-Assistant Professor.
  9. Sushmita-Assistant Professor.
  10. Mohan Kumar-Reader.
  11. Dyvik R-Assistant Professor.
  12. Bharath M-Assistant Professor.
  13. S.Janakiram-Professor and HOD and many more.

Courses at Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore

Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore offers a graduate-level course, which is the Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery(BHMS). The course duration is five and a half years.

Homeopathy-What it means?

Homeopathy is a form of a medical system that is based on the principle that the human body can cure itself. Those who practice homeopathy use very less amounts of natural substances such as plants and minerals. It is believed that it is helpful in the healing process. It was developed in the 1700s in the country of Germany and later spread to other countries.

How does homeopathy work?

The basic principle behind homeopathy is “like cure like”, which means something which given in smaller doses can treat illnesses of a person having those symptoms. It is given to activate the human body’s defense mechanism.

Homeopathic doctors or homeopaths weaken these substances by adding water or alcohol. The process is known as potentization. There is a belief that it starts the healing process. They give smaller amounts doses, as a smaller dose will be a more powerful medicine.

The remedies provided are no longer in any molecules or substance. They come in the form of sugar pellets, liquid drops, creams, gels, and tablets. The homeopath during the time of consultation asks questions about mental, physical, and emotional health.

What kinds of illnesses get treated with homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine is used for treating various kinds of chronic illnesses like:

  1. Migraines.
  2. Allergies.
  3. Chronic fatigue.
  4. Depression
  5. Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  6. Irritable bowel Syndrome.
  7. Premenstrual Syndrome.
  8. Used for treating minor problems like bruises, scraps, toothaches, headaches, nausea, coughs, and colds.

Course Curriculum

The course structure for the Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) includes the following subjects:

Subjects in the 1st year. Subjects in the 2nd year.
Homeopathic Pharmacy. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Infant Care and Homeo therapeutics.
Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.
Physiology including Biochemistry. Surgery includes ENT, Eye, Dental, and Homeo therapeutics.
Organon of Medicine, Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy and Psychology. Pathology and Microbiology.
Homeopathic Materia Medica The practice of Medicine and Homeo Therapeutics.
Organon of Medicine and Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy.
Homeopathic Materia Medica


Subjects in the 3rd year. Subjects in the 4th year.
Organon of Medicine. Organon of Medicine.
Homeopathic Materia Medica. Homeopathic Materia Medica.
Surgery includes ENT, Ophthalmology, Dental, and Homeo therapeutics. Community Medicine.
The practice of Medicine and Homeo therapeutics. The practice of Medicine and Homeo therapeutics.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Infant Care and Homeo therapeutics. Repertory.
Research Project.


Eligibility Criteria

Students who are looking to get admission to BHMS must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Should have passed the Higher Secondary or 12th Standard or 10 +2 or PUC or any other examination which has been conducted by the State or Central Government
  2. The minimum aggregate score for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with English as the subjects must be fifty percent.
  3. For students who belong to SC/ST/OBC Category, the aggregate score must be forty-five percent in the 12th standard examination.
  4. Students are required to qualify in the National NEET-UG and the state-level entrance examinations, to get a valid score for taking admissions to BHMS Colleges.
  5. The minimum age must be seventeen years of age in the year of taking admissions.
  6. The student must get a Physical Fitness Certificate from a Government Authorized Medical Officer, stating that he/she is fit to take the course.


Note-Please keep four to five photocopies of the original documents so that it is easier during the time of admissions. The documents required for admission to BHMS are:

  1. 10th Standard Mark sheet and Passing Certificate.
  2. 12th Standard Mark sheet and Passing Certificate.
  3. Copy of Application Form.
  4. ID proofs such as Aadhar/Driving Licence/PAN Card/Passport.
  5. NEET Admit Card and Score Card.
  6. Migration Certificate.
  7. Transfer Certificate.
  8. Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  9. Caste Validity Certificate (if applicable).
  10. Non-creamy layer Certificate (if applicable).
  11. Physical Fitness Certificate.
  12. Recent passport size photos.

Admissions 2022-23 at Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore

The admissions process 2022-23 for the various courses offered at Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore is available on the website of the college. If you want details about the courses and its fees structure, please call me or leave a message. I will get back ASAP.


Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore has got a placement cell that looks after getting the students placed in the healthcare field. Training is provided in the form of guest lectures, workshops, seminars, and industrial visits. The skills required to be industry-ready are imparted to them by experts in the healthcare industry.

Facilities on campus

Rosy Royal Group of Institutions has got a lush, green, and mesmerizing campus in Nelamangala. The college aims to make the students feel at home even in the hostels. The facilities available on campus are:

Hostels at Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore

There are separate blocks for the girl’s and boys’ hostels. The rooms are well furnished, spacious, and well ventilated. Each room has a furniture-like study table, bed, and cupboards. The warden is in charge of the hostel. Security and security of the students is an important priority for the authorities.

Hostel Mess at Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore

Hostel Mess Facility is provided to all the students who are staying in the hostel. Different types of cuisines are served according to the choices of the students. In the kitchen, the mess is kept neat and clean. There is a facility for clean drinking water.

Library at Rosy Royal Homeopathic College Bangalore

The library is the knowledge hub for any institution. It contains a collection of books such as textbooks, reference books, CDs, study materials, and national as well as international journals. There is a reading room where the faculty members and students can read quietly. There are computers inside the library where the students can go through materials available online.

Sports Activities

Outdoor sports facilities such as a cricket ground, football, volleyball, handball, and hockey are present within the campus. Indoor games such as carom, chess, and table tennis facilities are available within the campus.

Conference Hall

The conference hall at Rosy Royal Homeopathic College will be used for organizing seminars, and workshops and also conducting cultural activities yearly.


Rosy Royal Homeopathic College provides a transport facility for the students and faculty members. There is a fleet of buses that take the students from their hostels to the college campus and also the clinical postings within the city.

Departments and Research

Different departments which come under the Rosy Royal Homeopathic College are:

  1. Department of Physiology.
  2. Department of Pharmacy.
  3. Department of Organon of Medicine and Philosophy.
  4. Department of Pathology.
  5. Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.
  6. Department of OBG and Gynaecology.
  7. Department of Medicine.
  8. Department of Repertory.


I have taken lots of time and effort in gathering information about the college. Some of my acquaintances are studying there. I have visited the college and talked to them about their experiences with the institution. My research was both online as well as offline.

Rosy Royal Homeopathic College is ranked among the best colleges because of its excellent infrastructure facilities, experienced faculty members, and placements. To know more about the college visit: http://www.rguhs.ac.in/.

If you still have questions about the colleges, courses, admissions, etc., please write to me in the comment box or call me. I will revert back as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is NEET required for getting admission to BHMS?

Yes, NEET is mandatory for getting admission to BHMS.

2. Is BHMS difficult to study?

No, BHMS is not difficult to study. Any course will become easy or difficult based on your interests. The course structure of BHMS is similar to that of MBBS.

3. Can a BHMS doctor perform surgery?

No, a BHMS doctor does not have the license to perform any type of surgery.

4. What can I do after completing BHMS?

After completing BHMS, you can work with medical colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, charitable institutions, medical stores, research institutions, dispensaries, pharmaceutical industries, and life sciences research institutes.

5. Which course can I do after BHMS?

The courses which you can do after BHMS are: PG Diploma in Clinical Diabetology. PG Diploma in Social and Preventive Healthcare. PG Diploma in Health Science Research. PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management. Diploma in Food and Nutrition. Diploma in Medical Trichology. Diploma in Electro-Homeopathy.

6. What is the future of homeopathy in India?

The AYUSH ministry is going to integrate AYUSH Departments in all the medical colleges throughout the country. This will create lots of job opportunities for the BHMS graduates in India.

7. Is homeopathy a good career choice?

Yes, Homeopathy is a good career choice in India. A large number of people go for homeopathic treatments instead of regular treatments as they believe there are no or lesser side effects of the treatments.

8. How much salary will I get after becoming a homeopathy doctor?

The average salary which you will get as a homeopathy doctor is around five and a half lakhs per annum.

9. Will I get a government job after BHMS?

Yes, you will get government jobs in district hospitals, Private Homeopathy Clinics, or any Sub centers of Homeopathy.

10. Can a homeopathy doctor practice allopathy?

No, a homeopathy doctor is not qualified to prescribe allopathy medicines, and he will become liable for medical negligence and will have to pay compensation if there are medical complications.

11. Does homeopathy have side effects?

Homeopathic medicines are generally considered to be safe. The risk of serious side effects arising out of these medications is thought to be minimal.

12. Which course is better BAMS or BHMS?

Both the courses are equally good and competitive. They can fetch you good earnings after completing the courses. The BAMS doctor treats patients with ayurvedic medicines and the BHMS doctor treats his patients with homeopathic medicines.

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