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Saveetha Dental College Chennai Admission, Courses Offered, Fees structure, Placements, Facilities

Hello, dear reader! If you are searching for the top dentistry schools in India, you have come to the right place. Here, we uncover the best in the sector with an onus on how the different colleges work in your favour. This post covers the details of Saveetha Dental College Chennai (SDC). It will help you overview everything related to dentistry at Saveetha and college information in general. Hop in to know more about the same.

Dental Admission Guidance

Saveetha Dental College Chennai Overview

Saveetha Dental College Chennai was founded in 1988 by the SIMATS Chancellor, Dr N. M. Veeraiyan. The establishment of the dental college gave rise to other educational institutions in the subsequent years. They are in nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and engineering college. SIMATS Deemed University was established in 2005 & now constitutes all these institutions under the same umbrella.

Saveetha college boasts an in-house infrastructure on the level of Top Dental Schools in India. The clinics & labs use the most modern technology equipment and working environment. Advanced technology is a guarantee to improve the quality of student education at the centre. Fantastic hostel & transportation facilities are part of the college infrastructure.

High-end library features will provide ample resource support to the candidates. Saveetha promotes seminar halls and auditoriums of the best-in-class facility. Cafeterias and recreation areas are part of the college campus. You can avail of the research support at SDC to the maximum potential of your need. 

Other unique offerings from the college include a convention centre, the MAX FAX building for testing oral cancer, sporting & fitness bodies, and information technology entities. The exclusive provisions are all state-of-the-art in nature & give ample space for developing a student’s career.

The college administration follows a decentralised format with a head dean and eight associate deans. The organisation structure is as follows:

  • Dr S. Aravind Kumar, Dean.
  • Dr Thiyaneswaran N, Vice Principal.
  • Dr N.D. Jayakumar, Dean of Faculty.
  • Dr Vishnu Priya, Associate Dean of Academics.
  • Dr Meignana Arumugam, Associate Dean of Planning & Development.
  • Dr Shankari M, Associate Dean of Clinics.
  • Dr Deepa. G, Associate Dean of Research.
  • Mrs T.Lakshmi, Associate Dean of International Affairs.
  • Mrs Geetha R V, Associate Dean of Students Affairs.
  • Dr EMG Subramanian, Associate Dean of External Affairs.
  • Dr G. Dhanraj, Associate Dean of Career Development.
  • Dr Mahesh Ramakrishnan, Associate Dean of Administration.
Name Saveetha Dental College & Hospital
Address 162, Poonamallee High Rd, Velappanchavadi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600077
Website https://saveethadental.com/
Establishment Year 1988
Dean Dr S. Aravind Kumar
State Tamil Nadu
City Chennai
College Type Private, Decentralised
Affiliated To Saveetha Institute Of Medical and Technical Sciences (SIMATS) Deemed University
Approved By Dental Council of India
Study Mode Regular/ Full-Time 
Hostel Both Girls and Boys


The vision of SDC is to become a standard in providing excellent professional education and scientific research of the highest quality.


The mission is to promote academic excellence aiming at the development of life & career of their students. SDC aims to promote academic knowledge with a competitive clinical application for the candidates pursuing their courses.

Why Choose Saveetha Dental College Chennai?

SDC is one of the top colleges in South India, promoting dental healthcare services. Some of the credible reasons that attract a potential student to take admission to Saveetha Dental College Chennai are as follows:

  • Quality accreditations

SDC imbibes some of the peak, valuable accreditation in the oral healthcare sector, including rankings in NIRF, ARIIA, Green Metric, NABL, I-Gauge, QS rankings, NABH, IQAC 2016, NAAC SSR, ISO, and the like.

  • Inclusive curriculum

SDC follows a strict inclusive policy for treating its in-house students. There is the provision of an excellent student council where each college member has relevant points. The campus is open to diverse student backgrounds & quality training is equally available to all.

  • Anti-ragging policy

The college boasts of not having a single disciplinary hearing or action stemming for years from ragging problems. SDC ensures quality in maintaining student psychology. Orientation sections are part of the college admission schedule, offering a better perspective on student empowerment within the campus.

  • Soft-skills training

The college offers soft skills training to its students, assisting them to groom themselves well as professionals across their niches. Some tools & techniques SDC offers include digital dentistry workshops, research methodology, guest lectures, personality development coaching & internship support.

  • Co-curricular activities

Saveetha dental college helps you identify and grow in different areas of public interest by engaging in essential co-curricular activities for their students. Holistic development and individual independence of a student will happen with the use of these programs aiming to better the life & career of students.

  • Group learning

One of the dynamic offerings of SDC includes group learning and public discussion platforms. It is quintessential for modern-day students in any field to engage in such activities to improve their communication, interpersonal, collaboration, and team performance/coordination skills.

Saveetha Dental College Chennai Admission

Saveetha Dental College Chennai follows standard dentistry admission norms and regulations to carry out its admissions procedure.

Admission Requirements

Course Admission Requirements
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • All India Counselling determines one hundred per cent of the admission calls.
  • UG courses in the offering are BDS, B.Sc DT, and diploma programs with fees ranging from Rs. 17,000 for a diploma in hygienist to Rs. 8,50,000 for a five-year full-time BDS course.
Master of Dental Surgery
  • PG programs include MDS courses, M.Sc, and MS programs. Course fees range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 16,50,000, depending on the program structure.

Fellowship, doctorate, diplomate, and certificate programs are also part of the course structure in SDC.

Eligibility For BDS

  • For Indian students, candidacy depends on passing your higher secondary school or equivalent.
  • Candidates should possess qualifications from NEET-UG 2021.
  • International students must complete their schooling with a minimum aggregate percentage in PCB. Neet qualification will apply for them as well.
  • The fee structure will vary for Indian students & NRI students.

Eligibility For MDS

  • For PG admissions, the student can fill out a form directly from the college website & check their eligibility.
  • NEET scores carry weightage in the admission process.
  • The candidate must complete BDS to qualify for admission.

Admission Procedure For SDC

  1. The admission procedure to Saveetha Dental College happens strictly through All India Counselling. 
  2. The counselling is in online mode on an annual basis. 
  3. As it is a deemed university, mop-up counselling is available to fill the lapse seats in the college.

Documents Required For BDS

Students seeking admission to the Saveetha Dental College Chennai must submit the following documents to appear for the counselling program. The document checklist is only applicable to candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

  1. Higher secondary school mark list or pass certificate.
  2. Hall ticket for the NEET entrance examination.
  3. NEET score card.
  4. Proof of DOB.
  5. Nativity certificate.
  6. Transfer certificate and conduct certificate from the last institution of passing.
  7. Hepatitis V certificate.
  8. Migration certificate as per the admission scenario.
  9. Community certificate.
  10. Four passport-size photos of the student.
  11. Three stamp-size photos.
  12. Pan card of the parent/guardian.
  13. Proof of address and identity (mandatory for both students and parents).
  14. Certificates showing extra-curricular activities performance.
  15. Nationality certificate for foreign students.
  16. Copy of passport & visa for international candidates.
  17. Valid demand draft showing the prescribed fees to be paid at the college. It should be drawn in favour of “Saveetha Dental College & Hospitals”.

Documents Required For MDS

The general documents for the BDS course like proof of address, identity & DOB, transfer & conduct certificates, photos, and performance certificates, apply here as well. Specific additional documents to carry include the below.

  1. A valid document showing NEET MDS score & rank.
  2. Undergraduate degree certificate in the required relevant program.
  3. All mark lists and pass certificates of the undergraduate course.

Note: All valid proofs should be provided by the Government authorities. You should carry three sets of photocopies of all the above documents at the time of counselling & admission schedule.

Saveetha Dental College Chennai Courses Offered

Saveetha Dental College Chennai offers programs for both BDS & MDS candidates. 

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

The general course duration for BDS in full-time mode is 5 years. The academic course duration is for four years plus a mandatory internship programme that spans over one year. Consult the college administration if you wish to earn a stipend of Rs. 15,000 for the BDS programme.

Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)

MDS programme duration is in the standard range of 3 years for full-time courses. It includes various specialization programs in different oral healthcare techniques. Consult the college administration if you wish to earn a stipend of up to Rs. 35,000 for the MDS programme.

Saveetha college provides course and dental speciality services in 21 different departments spread across various categories. The main segments in the college curriculum are as follows:

Dentistry Departments 

There are a total of eleven dental speciality departments at SDC. They are as below:

Department Overview
Oral Medicine Diagnosis and Radiology (OMDR) It is a department at SDC offering dentistry services in special care at the clinical centre.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)  The department promotes excellent hands-on training with the potential for up to 600 surgeries in a year.
PhD Department This department takes care of the community expert activity in the Tamil Nadu region.
Forensic Odontology The department at SDC serves as an advanced centre promoting forensic odontology activities.
Saveetha Oral Pathology This department is top of its class with a distinguished win in the Guinness records section.
Oral Biology Saveetha promotes an essential service department that concentrates on elevating online exposure to oral healthcare.
Periodontics Department  Laser technology in oral healthcare & dentistry is efficiently practised in this department.
Endodontics Department The endodontics department at SDC involves the application of 21 microscopes & is the world’s biggest Zeiss centre.
Prosthodontics Department The department is a milestone achievement in the SDC campus providing precision works in the prosthodontics sector.
Orthodontics Department It is the department promoting the usage of Damon & Insignia. Mo. Ortho examinations also take place at this centre.
Pedodontics Department The department is superficial in treating more than 100 patients daily & is known for clinical expertise.

Basic Medical Science Departments

The medical science departments at SDC following the default healthcare structure are below.

  • General Pathology.
  • Anatomy.
  • Physiology.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Microbiology.

Advanced Super Specialty Departments

These are the ones which are exclusive to the service provisions at SDC. The departments under this category are as follows:

  • Department of Oral Implantology.
  • Department of Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute.
  • Saveetha Tessalation Center.
  • Biomedical Research Unit and Lab Animal Centre (BRULAC)

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum at Saveetha Dental College Chennai makes use of an exclusive program called ‘28 Innovations’ to provide special education services & academic privilege to the student body. The salient points in this disruptive model are as follows:

28 Innovations Program

  1. Group learning methodologies in small segments.
  2. Tracing histopathology in real-time using the technology of an iPad.
  3. Application & impact of a comprehensive dental clinic.
  4. Includes an IPad hospital information management system.
  5. Availability of journal discussion modules in interdisciplinary fields.
  6. Provision of MILA – Multiple Interactive Learning Algorithm.
  7. Castle top learning, essentially the inclusion of logical & practical application of theory.
  8. I-Books for provision of flipped learning classes & services.
  9. FPD services for UG students which is highly impactful in clinical career clearance.
  10. Involvement of digital classrooms with shared whiteboard technology.
  11. Orthodontic lab practices for undergraduate candidates.
  12. Implementation of teaching in a module structure or format.
  13. Stem cell training practice for UG students.
  14. Training program in advanced prosthetics.
  15. Certified training in BPS modules.
  16. Formative assessment service in theory & practice.
  17. Formative assessment for critical evaluation of students.
  18. Molecular biology training for doctorate programs.
  19. Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE).
  20. Implant training segments.
  21. Objective Structured Practical Evaluation (OSPE).
  22. Extra subjects in dentistry, behavioural science, medical emergencies, practicals.
  23. Management & other specialities.
  24. Case Based Discussion (CBD) & Problem Based Learning (PBL).
  25. Special Care Dentistry for unique cases.
  26. Material Audit and Self Assessment (MASA).
  27. Critical Appraisal Based Learning (CABLE).
  28. Graduate Record Book (GRB).

Saveetha Dental College Chennai Fees Structure

Check the below table to get a complete grasp of the Saveetha Dental College Chennai fees structure.

Program Level Potential Student Honours Duration Fees (Per Annum)
UG BDS 5 Years 8,50,000
UG B. Sc DT 3 Years 75,000
UG Diploma Dent. Tech. 2 Year 75,000
UG Diploma Hygienist 2 Year 17,000
PG MDS – Oral Medicine 3 Years 8,00,000
PG MDS – Oral Surgery 3 Years 16,50,000
PG MDS – Oral Pathology 3 Years 3,00,000
PG MDS – Public Health 3 Years 5,00,000
PG MDS – Periodontics 3 Years 12,00,000
PG MDS – Pedodontics 3 Years 15,50,000
PG MDS – Orthodontics 3 Years 16,50,000
PG MDS – Endodontics 3 Years 16,50,000
PG MDS – Prosthodontics 3 Years 16,50,000
PG M.Sc Dent.Tech 2 Years 50,000
PG M. Sc CAD CAM 2 Years 50,000
PG MS (Implantology) 2 Year 7,00,000
Fellowship FDS Implantology 1 Year 7,00,000
Fellowship FDS Cytopathology 1 Year 3,00,000
Fellowship FDS Orofacial Pain 1 Year 3,00,000
Fellowship FDS Special Care Dentistry 1 Year 3,00,000
Fellowship FDS Radiology 1 Year 3,00,000
Fellowship FDS Laser Dentistry 1 Year 3,50,000
Fellowship FDS Orthodontics 2 Years 3,00,000
Fellowship FDS Gen. Dentistry 1 Year 5,00,000
Fellowship FDS Endodontics 1 Year 6,00,000
Fellowship FDS Prosthodontics 1 Year 4,00,000
Fellowship FDS BPS Prosthodontics 1 Year 6,00,000
Fellowship FDS Aesthetic Dentistry 1 Year 4,00,000
Fellowship FDS Pedodontics 1 Year 4,00,000
Fellowship FDS Periodontics 1 Year 3,50,000
Certificate ADS (Implant) Modular 1,50,000
Certificate Molecular Biology Modular 50,000
Certificate Clinical Research Modular 50,000
Certificate Dental Hygiene Modular 50,000
Certificate Dental Engineering Modular 50,000
Certificate Forensic Odontology Modular 50,000
Certificate Bioethics Modular 50,000
Master Fellowship MFM (Micro Endo) 6 Months 2,00,000
Master Fellowship MFDS (Micro Endo) 6 Months 2,00,000
Master Fellowship MFDS (Surgical Ortho) 6 Months 50,000
Master Fellowship MFDS (Skeletal Anc.) 6 Months 50,000
Master Fellowship MFDS (Orthognathic) 6 Months 50,000
Master Fellowship MFDS (Digital Ortho) 6 Months 50,000
Diplomate Dip. OGS (Orthognathic) 1 Year 2,00,000
Diplomate Dip. H&N Oncology 1 Year 4,00,000
Diplomate Dip. CCS (Cleft) 1 Year 2,00,000
Diplomate Dip. MVS (Micro Vascular) 1 Year 4,00,000
Doctorate PhD 3 Years 50,000
Doctorate PhD 4 Years 50,000
PG M.sc Molecular Medicine 2 Years 1,00,000
PG Forensic Odontology 2 Years 75,000
PG MSc Oral Biology 2 Years 75,000
PG MS Oral Biology 3 Years 2,00,000
Fellowship FDS Minor Oral Surgery 1 Year 6,00,000

Placements and Scope

Saveetha Dental College Chennai is known for its placement services in the dental care industry. The students can complete their education with sure internship facilitation with decent stipends. As far as placements go, SDC promises its students a variety of opportunities in India & abroad, especially in the Middle East. 

Students from SDC can find sufficient opportunities in the below areas:

  • Internship

As mentioned earlier, SDC graduates have the option to do internships with a stipend guarantee. It helps the candidates to improve their skills & practical knowledge in their areas of interest.

  • Higher Studies

Feasible higher studies are always an option, especially for students with their BDS completion. The obvious career route here is to proceed with an MDS & other choices are also available based on the specialization interests of candidates.

  • Research Options

After completion of MDS from SDC, you can do PHD in any dental domain of your interest. It will help you improve your footing in the segment & gives you the best overall professional standing.

  • Self-Employment

It is not uncommon for graduates to engage in clinical practice after completing the course from SDC. You can either start your clinic or work with an existing department in the private or public sector.

  • Moving Abroad

Many students in the healthcare sector prefer a move abroad for receiving the best benefits in life & career. SDC graduates will have an obvious advantage in this regard with the backup of quality training from the college.

  • Clinical Practice

One of the obvious professional channels that SDC prepares you are in the general clinical practice segment. You will reap significant benefits in this profile with academic support from the institution.

Rankings and Recognitions

The grades, ranks, and bands in different classifications sound positive for Saveetha Dental College Chennai

  • SIMATS, the deemed university that primarily includes the Saveetha Dental College occupies 18th rank in the QS world rankings in the subject of dentistry. It is a spectacular achievement considering the global competition and facility provisions in the segment. 
  • It finds a third place for its academic provisions, as per the latest NIRF rankings. The position is of esteem as it includes a list of both Government & private bodies.

For more information regarding the Saveetha Dental College ranking, you can check out their website or contact us.

Facilities Offered 

Saveetha Dental College Chennai specialises in the dentistry department & offers some of the best-in-class services for the following facilities.

  • Labs

All core departments at the SDC provide exclusive laboratory services aiding the students in their best clinical experience within the college premises.

  • Clinics

Imported technology & efficiently managed devices occupy a place in the clinics at Saveetha college. Students will get specific work areas without interruption.

  • Libraries

The library at SDC showcases an extensive collection of resources and books that aim to provide the best supplementary knowledge to the students.

  • Lecture Halls

They are air-conditioned & the classrooms facilitate modern digital technology & tools to assist the learning process.

  • Hostels

The hostel facility is available for over 500 students (male & female) & includes amenities like a refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, and cookery.

  • Cafeteria

There is a cafeteria service within the college that administers smart cards & flexible cuisine services.

  • Transportation

About eighty college buses run within a 100 km radius of the college, helping students with their transportation needs.

  • Seminar Halls

Seminar hall provisions are available within the college campus with facilities like smart boards, air-conditioning, and slots for academic/journal discussions.

  • Equipment & Technology

The equipment & technology tools at the college are special & designed to meet the ever-growing needs of the present-day dental students.

  • Research Facilities

The research wing at Saveetha college is diverse & includes outstanding areas of interest in dental research, cancer research, and tessellation.

  • Convention Centre

The convention centre at SDC is giant with a seating capacity of 1200 and various feature inclusions meeting global standards.

  • Sports Facilities

SDC provides facilities for fitness, gymnasium training, sporting activities, gaming courts, galleries, and recreation centres.

  • MAX FAX Building

The Centre for researching & understanding all about oral cancer is a special attraction at the college.

  • IT Facilities

The campus is technology-savvy & displays compliant software measures for maintaining resources & academic records.

Contact Details

  • Address: 162, Poonamallee High Rd, Velappanchavadi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600077.

Dental Admission Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the research status of the college among its peers?

With a list of 236 patents in publication & 2nd highest SCOPUS publications, SDC is on a roll. You will have ample support with quality research & industry exposure.

2. How is the hospital service at SDC?

Saveetha Dental Hospital takes care of an average of 2000 patients daily. It offers a better advantage to the in-house students to shadow caring for such capacity.

3. Are there any partner organisations for the college?

SDC has signed MOUs with a diverse range of top-tier bodies at the national/international level in the dental & oral healthcare domain.

4. What is the best way to contact the college?

You can always refer to their website & find contact/communication details. You can either call them or fill out the form on their website if the idea is to proceed with admission enquiry.

5. What is the stipend at SDC for UG & PG courses?

For BDS students, the stipend is Rs. 15,000 & for MDS, it can be up to Rs. 35,000.

6. How does the ‘28 Innovations’ program work?

28 Innovations is part of the special course curriculum at SDC & is available for all students pursuing a program at the college. It is part of an all-inclusive package.

7. Are credible reports available about the college?

SDC's website portrays information about different records that explain their standing in the industry. The resources that convey them are NIRF 2016, ISO 2016, NAAC 2015, and the DCI Information report.

8. What is the alumni strength of the college?

SDC boasts of training over 4000+ students in three decades since its inception.

If you wanna look out for another dental college, follow the link below to go through my detailed post on:

A Humble Ask:

If you are already a student or an alumnus of Saveetha Dental College Chennai, don’t skip the comments section as your input about your experience and time there will be an unmatched addition and a valuable piece of information. Share all your titbits and life at the college! 

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      Fellowship in Implantology is a course where a student is allowed to learn the basic principles of placing a Implant with a hands on training on placements.
      Every college has a specific module where they have a minimum criteria of placing either 5 or 10 Implants on patients.
      The course module consists of Theory , preclinical , and then clinical part.
      The basic Eligibility criteria is BDS graduation from a recognised college in India.
      Since , Saveetha Dental College is one among the most premium Institution and has got NIRF ranking as 1 , you can definately expect a good exposure while getting trained.


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