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Sri Sairam Homeopathy College Chennai

Greetings! It’s an immense pleasure for me to welcome you to my blogs regarding various homoeopathic medical colleges. It keeps me motivated knowing that you like my blogs and are interested in sharing them with your friends and relatives. Since now is the time when you are hunting for a college that is best suited for you, I would like to help you with it. Our qualified professional consultants’ team will guide you through every step of the admission procedure. Allow me to elaborate in detail on some information about Sri Sairam Homeopathy College.

Sri Sairam Homeopathy College Overview

Name Sri Sairam Homeopathy College
Address Sai Leo Nagar, Poonthandalam, West Tambaram, Chennai – 600044, Tamil Nadu, India.
Website http://sairamhomoeo.edu.in/
Establishment Year 2001
Principal Dr P. Cheramannan
State Tamilnadu
City Chennai
College Type Private
Affiliated To Dr M.G.R. Medical University
Recognized By Central Council of Homeopathy
Approved By AYUSH and CCH
Study Mode Regular
Hostel Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel

Homoeopathy is an alternative medicine that is being practised for more than a century and a half in India. As per various studies, homoeopathy is relied on by 10% of the population in India. It has been considered a National System of Medicine and has an important place in the medical field in providing great health care to a large number of people. It is believed that a small amount of natural substances such as plants and minerals stimulates healing. 

This system of medicine depends on the belief that the body can cure itself. Homoeopathy can be useful in treating various illnesses such as allergies, migraines, depression, arthritis, PCOS, etc. Individuals who practise homoeopathy are called homoeopaths. Several institutions in India are engaged in bringing up able homoeopaths to make wider use of the system.

To promote homoeopathy as an internationally accepted medical education, Sri Sairam Homeopathy College Chennai has been focussing on providing practical and theoretical training to offer real-value medical education.

The institution was founded in 2001 and is planned and constructed according to the standards required by the Central Council of Homeopathy. The organisation was started by MJF. Ln. Leo Muthu, the Chairman of a non-profit, non-minority institution called Sapthagiri Educational Trust. It covers over an area of 200 acres and is located near the famous amusement park “Kishkinta” in Chennai. 

Vision: Sri Sairam Homeopathy Medical College & Research Centre aims to provide standard opportunities in medical research and education for students, improve their personalities and impart discipline. It also strives to set global standards and make students technologically and ethically stronger, which would contribute to the betterment of society and humankind.  

Mission: The organisation is dedicated to providing excellent medical education for students by offering the best infrastructure and upgraded equipment. It also works hard in creating an intellectually inspiring environment of research, creativity, and learning with applied ethical and moral values.

Quality Policy: The institution focuses on offering excellent education to students by improving the system, upgraded infrastructure, and quality service to satisfy the students, patients, and society.

Why Choose Sri Sairam Homoeopathy College?

The institute is particular in offering quality education with upgraded infrastructure so that students get excellent and efficient practical learning. The chairman has left no stones unturned in equipping the organisation with dedicated and experienced faculty and high-quality facilities to provide excellent medical education.

Library: The institution’s central library was built since the college had begun. It has a reference section, magazine section, and stack area. The library now has 6000 books and reference volumes and subscribes to over 30 specialised journals.

Hostel: There are separate hostels with the best atmosphere for boys and girls. The hostel is like a home away from your home. They provide a positive environment with a green, satisfying, and eco-friendly atmosphere for learning.

Canteen: The canteen provides a homely, variety of foods at affordable prices.

Herbal Garden: The Herbal Garden Department maintains a herbal garden inside the campus that contains more than 300 types of medicinal plant varieties. These are used for research. The garden is maintained in a glass house with apt arrangements.

Anti-Ragging Committee: The College Council has formed an Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti-Ragging Squad as per the instructions given by the Central Council of Homeopathy for the welfare of students. The Council has also appointed a professional counsellor for freshers to prepare them to adjust to hostel life. 

Other facilities include ATM, generator, LCD classrooms, playground, indoor stadium, etc.

Admission Procedure at Sri Sairam Homeopathy College 

To become a qualified homoeopathic doctor, one has to complete an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) and then a postgraduate degree, Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy (M(Hom)) and Doctor of Philosophy in Homoeopathy Ph.D. (Hom).

Requirements for Admission to the BHMS Programme

Courses Offered Duration
Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) 4.5 years of classroom sessions and 1 year of  mandatory rotatory internship.

 The BHMS programme includes 5 ½ years and has a syllabus covering the basic medical subjects same as those of Allopathy along with the homoeopathy subjects. The final year is for the internship (CRRI).

BHMS Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must complete a minimum age of 17 years as of December 31st of the year when he/she has appeared for NEET.
  • The maximum age bar is 25 years for candidates of the unreserved category and 30 years for those in the reserved or PwD (Person with Disability) category.
  • The candidate should have completed higher secondary (+2) or its equivalent examination including subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. 
  • Admission is given only through the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) scores and AYUSH NEET Counselling.
  • The candidate should secure a minimum eligibility score in NEET. The qualifying marks are: 50% for Unreserved; 40% for OBC/ST/SC; 45% for PH.
  • There is no limit to the number of attempts for admission to AYUSH Counselling
  • Candidates whose nationality falls into either of the categories—Indian, NRI, OCI, PIO, and Foreign nationals—can apply.

AYUSH Admissions Central Counselling Committee (AACCC) conducts the counselling process and it is based on the NEET score. 15% of the undergraduate seats in government and government-aided institutions will be filled through counselling. The allotment of seats will be based on the reservation criteria, NEET UG score, availability, etc. 

AYUSH NEET Central (All India) Counselling

  • AYUSH NEET Counselling will be conducted for 15% of seats in the All India Quota in all the homoeopathy colleges of India.
  • Candidates are expected to choose their college and course within the said date.
  • If the candidate does not save the choice within the deadline, the system will choose by default for you randomly.
  • The list of seat allotments will be released after the subsequent rounds of counselling.
  • Candidates who have failed to lock their choices in the first allotment are given another chance to participate in the next round of counselling by opting for a fresh choice.

AYUSH NEET State Counselling

  • Under State Counselling, 85% of the seats in the State Quota will be allotted.
  • Seats of private colleges are allotted in this process.

Documents Required

The documents required for the admission procedure that you need to carry with you to the center include: 

  • 10th standard mark sheet.
  • 12th standard mark sheet. 
  • NEET hall ticket.
  • NEET score card. 
  • application form. 
  • category/community certificate proof (if applicable). 
  • resident of Tamil Nadu certificate/proof.
  • ID proof (Voter ID, Aadhaar, etc.).
  • transfer certificate.
  • Passport-size photographs (minimum 4).

The information regarding what all documents will be required for the admission procedure is currently not available on their website. For more information on the kind of document requirements that need to be fulfilled by you during the admission process, kindly approach our team for further assistance.

Sri Sairam Homoeopathy College Course

As per the World Health Organisation, Homoeopathy is the second most popular approach of medicine used globally. Affiliated with the Dr M.G.R. Medical University and certified with ISO 9001: 2015, Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College provides the undergraduate course: Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS).

The course syllabus comprises preclinical subjects such as Anatomy, Pathology, and Physiology and clinical subjects such as Surgery, Practice of Medicine, etc. Along with these subjects, Homoeopathic subjects such as Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Organon of Medicine, etc., are taught.

Year-Wise Subjects:

1st Year BHMS

It consists of the following subjects 

  • Anatomy: It is the study of the structural organisation of the body.
  • Physiology: It is the scientific study of the various functions of the various part of the body.
  • Homoeopathic Pharmacy: It serves as the introductory course to homoeopathy.
  • Organon of Medicine: This branch deals with the history and discovery in the field of homoeopathy.
  • Homoeopathic Materia Medica: This specific branch of homoeopathic study deals with the medications and action of drugs.

2nd Year BHMS

It consists of the following subjects

  • Surgery: This branch studies the operation and instrumental techniques.
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics: It is the study of pregnancy/childbirth/postpartum and the female reproductive system, respectively.
  • Microbiology & Parasitology: This branch specifically deals with the world of microorganisms.
  • Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Organon of Medicine: This is a homoeopathic-specific discipline that deals with continued directions/instructional sessions on medications and the action of drugs.
  • Forensic Medicine & Toxicology: This interesting branch deals with the chemical application of medicines and drugs in criminal investigation procedures.

3rd Year BHMS

It consists of the following subjects

  • Orthopaedics: This discipline deal with the musculoskeletal system.
  • ENT & Ophthalmology: The classroom and practical sessions will be an elaboration of the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the neck/head and eyes, respectively. Furthermore, the students will be prompted towards beginning their clinical training.
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics: As a continuation of the subject from last the academic year, the 3rd year BHMS students will pursue theory in a more detailed manner along with practical sessions to aid their learning process. Most of the practical sessions will be dedicated to the clinical training of the pupil.
  • Homoeopathic Materia Medica: This subject is substantially theory-based since it deals with advancements in medicines and understanding their chemistry.
  • Practice of Medicine: As the subject name suggests, this course is fundamental to every medical learner. The course entails training concerning patient care, treatment, diagnosis, palliation, prognosis, and prevention. The training also covers areas where the student needs to take managerial tasks, all the while promoting the health conditions of patients.
  • Organon of Medicine: The subject course of Organon of Medicine is a fundamental unit of medical sciences that has resonances throughout the life of a medical practitioner. It is a subject that will be continued until the end of the last semester and is completely theory-based.
  • Repertory: The repertory subject has mostly to do with the symptoms and remedies of various health conditions
  • Community Medicine: This falls into a larger domain of population studies wherein the history and prevention of diseases are studied at length and several parameters or variables are considered.

4th Year BHMS

It consists of Practice of Medicine: 

  • Paediatrics: This branch of study specifically deals with the varied aspects of disorders in children. This goes without saying that clinical training of the students will take up a lot of credit hours in this course.
  • Psychiatry: A very interesting subject that deals with the diagnosis, examination and treatment of mental disorders, the branch of psychiatry includes clinical training as part of the practical sessions that will be timely delivered to the students.
  • Organon of Medicine: The subject course of Organon of Medicine is a core field of study that is unending in the field of medical sciences. It is a subject that will be continued until the end of the last semester and is completely theory-based.
  • Homoeopathic Materia Medica: Just like the previous subject, Homoeopathic Materia Medica is a subject that will be continued throughout the four years of a student who invested in the medical sciences.
  • Case Taking & Repertorisation: As it is a very important aspect in the life of a doctor, case taking and repolarisation involve the study and preparation of prescription and treatment.
  • Community Medicine: This course as taught in the 4th year of the BHMS programme is a continuation of the same course from the previous year.

CRRI has a year of internship. The interns are allotted to different OPDs and IPDs for clinical training. The hospitals involved are the CCRH unit (NIEPMD campus, ECR, Muttukadu), JV Hospital (Kodambakkam), Prashanth Super Speciality Hospital (Velachery), and Kasthuri Hospital (Tambaram).  

Fee Structure 

The fee structure for the BHMS course provided by Sri Sairam Homeopathy Medical College is not available on their official website, except that fee payments can be completed using their website by clicking the link “Online Fee Payment” which leads to the payment page. But as a solution to this, we are here at your service. You can get in touch with our team for more information regarding Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College Fee Structure.

Placements & Career Opportunities

Homoeopathy has various scopes in today’s world. One who has completed the courses can work as a medical officer or doctor specialised in a field, adopt a career in research for new methods of cure, set up their practice in a clinic, open a pharmacy, become a lecturer, and so on. You will be glad to know that Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College provides higher education courses and research options to aspirants along with the internship offered at the end of the course.

Below are the details of the number of students placed and of those gone for higher studies in the past 3 years:

Academic year Number of students graduated in the minimum stipulated time Number of students placed Median salary of placed candidates (in Rupees) Number of candidates selected for higher studies
2017-18 39 35 360000 4
2018-19 37 30 360000 7
2019-20 43 35 360000 5

For more information regarding placements in the institution, consider getting in touch with our team who will explore the details and provide you with the necessary information.

Rankings and Achievements

Achievements and Awards

  • The following awards were received by the staff members from the Honourable Health Minister, Dr Vijay, on Ayush Day held on 2 April 2012 organised by Dr M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.
  • Dr P. Cheramannan received the Best Teacher Award in Homoeopathy.
  • Dr G. NagendraBabu received the Best Doctor Award in Homoeopathy.
  • Dr R. Vijay Anand received the Best Doctor Award in Homoeopathy.

Recent Highlights

  • Dr K. Rakshita (2014-15 batch) won Medals (N. Subramaniyan’s Award of Gold Medal and Sudarshan Award) in the University Examination held in Feb 2019 and received the award during the Convocation held on 17 July 2021.
  • Aude Sapere, a book on Organon of Medicine, was released by Dr. P. Cheramannan (the Principal).
  • Dr G. Nagendra Babu, Professor at the Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College, released a book called Comprehensive Study of Organon (Nov 2009).

Since there is limited information regarding the rankings information of this institution on their website, please contact the organisation or our team for more details. 

On-Campus Facilities 

Apart from the usual method of teaching, the institute continuously upgrades its teaching tools and techniques in its well-equipped OPDs, IPDs, and peripheral centres. The college is proud of its facilities and staff. Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College constantly encourages its students to analyse themselves and adapt to the variable environments. The institution has top-end facilities to satisfy the students and faculty. 

  • Transportation

The institute owns 130 buses that operate on 115 routes in and around Chennai. The transportation facility is considerate about the timely pickup and drops off of students and faculty.

  • Hostel

There are separate hostels for boys and girls. They cover an area of 20529 square metres. They have a gym, recreation room, and computer & internet facility. The boys’ hostel (10,836 square metres) comprises 2 phases: Phase I with 80 rooms on 2 floors and Phase II with 100 rooms on 5 floors. Girls hostel (9693 square metres) also comprises 2 phases: Phase I with 60 rooms on 2 floors and Phase II with 100 rooms on 5 floors. Four students can occupy each room. 

  • Canteen 

There are canteens available on the campus that provide delicious and homely food for the staff and students at an affordable price.

  • Central Library

The central library is an air-conditioned space taking up an area of 4000 square metres. Staff and students are encouraged to make maximum utilisation of the library. The library comprises over 6000 books and has subscribed to 30 specialised journals, out of which one-third of them are international journals. 

  • On-Campus Bank

The college has its branch of a bank called the Central Bank of India, within its campus along with an ATM facility. Staff and students can easily access them for transactions on all days.

Other facilities include an auditorium, playground, indoor stadium, LCD classrooms, generator, etc. 

Contact Details 

Address: Sai Leo Nagar, Poonthandalam, West Tambaram, Chennai – 600044, Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Phone: 044 2251 2030.
  • Email:  principal@sairamhomoeo.edu.in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many seats are available for the BHMS programme at Sri Sairam Homeopathy Medical College?

There are 50 seats for every academic year (as per the Ministry of AYUSH).

2. How long is the course of Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)?

The course is five and a half years long. The last year is for internship.

3. Are there separate hostels for boys and girls?

Yes, there are separate hostels for boys and girls accommodating 581 boy students and 276 girl students. Each has two hostels (Phase I and Phase II).

4. How to get admission for BHMS in Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College?

Admission for BHMS can be only through NEET Scores and AYUSH NEET Counselling.

5. How is the atmosphere at Sri Sairam Homeopathy Medical College?

The atmosphere in the institute is very positive and motivating as it has advanced infrastructure. The college has greenery spread with many varieties of plants. It provides a satisfactory and eco-friendly environment to learn.

6. Is there a transportation facility?

Yes, there is a transportation facility. The institute has 130 buses operating on 115 routes.

7. What is the aim of Sri Sairam Homeopathy Medical College?

The institute aims to bring about excellence in medical education and research among students by providing them with practical knowledge through upgraded infrastructure.

8. Does the institute provide postgraduate courses?

No, the institute offers only an undergraduate course called the Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is available.

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One Small Ask:

Please do not forget to share your views and experiences at Sri Sairam Homeopathy College Chennai if you are a student pursuing a degree or an alumnus of the college. It will just take a while, but this can surely assist the potential BHMS aspirants in their future careers and educational endeavors.

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