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St Joseph College of Law Bangalore Admissions, Courses, Fees

St. Joseph College of Law Bangalore was founded at Residency Road, Bangalore, during the 2017-18 academic year. It is a project of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as the Jesuits, who are globally recognized and acknowledged for their commitment to superior education. In addition to its 450-year history, the organization operates numerous prestigious colleges in India including Loyola College in Chennai, St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, and Kolkata’s St. Xavier’s College. The institution is devoted to creating competent, morally sound legal professionals who are able to effect constructive change in the community. This commitment is inspired by the Fide et labore motto. 

St Joseph College of Law Bangalore Overview

  • Location: Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025.
  • Campus area: 17 acres.
  • Number of departments: 4.
  • Establishment year: 2017.
  • Ownership type: Private.
  • Affiliated to: Karnataka State Law University.

It is the first Jesuit law school in the South Asian Zone, administered by the Bangalore Jesuit Education Society (BJES). The goal is to prepare their students with the most effective national and international legal practices and jurisprudence. This community’s new law school is brimming with progressive, responsible, and creative ideas to become the nation’s premier law school. It has already begun to attract the attention of the education sector due to its innovative approach to contemporary legal education.

This law school provides its students with an exceptional faculty team, a cutting-edge legal course curriculum, and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, along with basic conveniences and outstanding facilities such as a well-stocked library, a clean canteen, lecture seminar rooms, and a moot court. The teachers and administration of the institution consistently support extracurricular and co-curricular activities. This Jesuit institution has distinguished itself in a short period of time. 

St Joseph College of Law Courses

Experiential learning and interactive teaching, legal case studies, and critical thinking methods are integrated into college pedagogy. Teaching and learning efforts are also supported by outstanding and experienced visiting academics, selected from a consortium of the world’s finest institutions and famous legal practitioners. Courses at St. Joseph Law College are comprehensively designed with the development of students as responsible attorneys in mind. The students are allowed to choose a course that piques their interest and will soon shine as competent attorneys. The college provides a variety of courses leading to degrees associated with both the Bar Council of India (BCI) and Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi. 

Courses at St. Joseph Law College are comprehensively designed with the development of students as responsible attorneys in mind. The students are allowed to choose a course that piques their interest and they will soon shine as competent attorneys. 

The college provides a variety of courses leading to degrees associated with both the Bar Council of India (BCI) and Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi. 

3-Year LLB Degree Program

  • Five subjects are required for the first three semesters. 
  • The fourth and fifth semesters include one required subject and two electives. 
  • The last semester consists of two required and two elective courses. 

5-Year Integrated BA-LLB Degree Program

  • The 1st, 3rd, and 4th semesters each have four mandatory topics, but the 2nd semester only has three. 
  • In the fifth, sixth, and seventh semesters, students are required to study five mandatory topics. 
  • Three topics comprise the 8th and 9th semesters (1 compulsory and 2 optional) 
  • The last semester consists of two required and two elective courses. 

BBA-LLB and B.Com-LLB: 5-Year Integrated  Degree Program

  • The 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 7th semesters all require four topics, whilst the 2nd semester only requires three. 
  • In the fifth and sixth semesters, five required subjects must be studied. 
  • In the eighth and ninth semesters, two subjects will be required and two will be electives. 
  • In the final semester, students must study five topics, two of which are optional. 

This institution features well-trained and highly experienced faculty members who work tirelessly to realize the college’s mission, which is “to alter the lives of individuals by influencing a society based on justice, equality, peace, and harmony”. Innovative pedagogy, encompassing case-based interactive instruction and experience learning, is also utilized by the institution. In addition, it has a modern library with substantial digital content. Students’ self-assurance and sense of social duty are bolstered by the inclusion of several extracurricular activities, workshops on skill development, and certificate programs in the college’s curriculum.

Students are invited to participate in simulated court procedures at the Moot Court Hall, which is a notable component of the excellent facilities. Students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as mock parliament, NSS, Legal Literacy Camps, Sports and Games, cultural programs, educational field trips, numerous forum activities, film and documentary clubs, etc. 

Admissions to the five-year BA.LLB, B.Com, BA.LLB, B.Com Integrated Program. LLB, BBA. There will be an admission exam for LLB programs. 

How to Apply?

Students who wish to enroll in a course at the institution must complete the processes listed below. 

  • Only applications submitted online are accepted. 
  • Candidates can apply online by visiting the website, registering as applicants, and then providing basic personal information. 
  • After completing the registration procedure, a login ID and password will be given to the candidate’s registered email ID, which may be used to access the college application. 
  • The candidate must complete the online application form and provide all needed papers, including a current photograph. 
  • After completing the application form, the applicant must pay the application fee using an online payment method in order to apply. 
  • Candidates can monitor the status of their application for admission by logging into the college’s website. 

Significant to Note 

  • In the absence of required papers, application forms will not be accepted. 
  • An incomplete application will be automatically rejected. 
  • Please remember that submitting an application does not guarantee an offer date or acceptance to the program. The application may be denied for any reasonable cause, including discrepancies in the supporting documentation. 
  • Candidates are encouraged to maintain a copy of the application form. 
  • Check whether your application was received. 
  • Candidates should verify the status of their applications. 
  • After being selected, candidates are instructed to print the admission letter. 
  • After completing the payment, candidates are urged to see the fee payment confirmation. 
  • Students can get their questions answered at any time by completing the inquiry form with their inquiries. 

St.Joseph College of Law Bangalore Admission

Students are admitted to St. Joseph Law College regardless of gender, caste, or religion. It favors minority students and women who are usually underrepresented in the legal field. Students from other professions who are interested in pursuing a study in law are also admitted to the college. Those with a desire to understand legal concepts for their careers and those who wish to fight for social justice will find the college to be an excellent resource. 

Eligibility Criteria

Admission to the first year of any program chosen by a student at this college is completely dependent on the candidate’s merit and performance in the qualifying test. 

The cut-off percentage stays the same for all St. Joseph Law College courses: 

  • General Category: 45%.
  • Other Restrictive Classes: 42%. 
  • SC/ ST: 40%.

Admission Guidelines 

  • Admission applications are available from the college’s office during business hours. 
  • Additionally, the application forms are available on the college’s website. 
  • The application forms must be submitted either in person or by mail by qualified candidates. 
  • Those who have opted for the 5-year integrated programs [BA, LLB / BBA, LLB / B. Com, LLB] must pass a written Entrance Examination. However, there is no admission test for the three-year LLB program. 
  • On the basis of their performance on the admission exam, the most qualified applicants will be selected. 
  • Those who pass the entrance examination will be contacted through phone calls or text messages to schedule a direct interview. 
  • On the designated day, the candidate must attend the interview with a parent or guardian. 

Documents Required

  • Three to four pictures of passport size. 
  • Original mark sheet from the qualifying examination that meets the eligibility requirements for the selected course. 
  • Income and caste certificates. 
  • Certificate of Eligibility. 
  • Migration Certificate if required. 
  • Employer’s letter granting permission to study, if relevant. 
  • Disability Certificate for Candidates with Special Needs.
  • Applicants with a 10+2 diploma or a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an open university are ineligible for admission to the program. 

St. Joseph College of Law Bangalore Fee Structure

Law Programs Fees
Course  Karnataka Student Other State Student NRI Student Foreign Nationals
B.A. LL.B 95,000 100,000 120,000 145,000
BBA. LL.B 100,000 105,000 125,000 150,000
B.Com. LL.B 100,000 105,000 125,000 150,000
LL.B 85,000 90,000 110,000 135,000


Admissions Policy for Selected Applicants 

The date and time of the interview will be sent through email or text message. You are urged to check your inbox/spam folder often for any communications regarding admission from the college administration. 

Applicants who have been invited to an interview must bring a hard copy of the application form, photocopies of their mark cards, caste certificate (if applicable), and a letter of undertaking signed by both their parent/guardian and themselves. Students must pay their course costs within 24 hours after the conclusion of the final interview. 

Provisional admission to the college is granted until the student presents all original transcripts, transfer certificates, and migration documents to the office for verification. The admission will be canceled and funds will not be returned under any circumstances if it is determined that the candidate does not meet the eligibility requirements. (*Migration certificate: For applicants who finished their PUC/12th-grade education outside of Karnataka. The enrollment limit for a given course is reached when all seats are occupied.) 

Placements at St. Joseph Law College 

St. Joseph Law College Placements is a unique forum for Internships with the goal of providing students with field exposure, experience, and education. Academic and research institutions, reputable non-governmental organizations, and law firms are encouraged to host interns. 

The placement cell also conducts various capacity-building and professional development programs for students in the last semester of their studies through simulated sessions. In addition, the cell is responsible for organizing a variety of outreach activities to increase the public’s awareness of law and order. 

This college takes seriously its mission to place qualified candidates in reputable businesses and law firms. 

St. Joseph Law College Scholarships 

St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru offers management scholarships to affluent but financially disadvantaged students who are exceptionally gifted. Only students in their second or third year of college are eligible to apply for the award. The following are examples of scholarships that students who satisfy the qualifying requirements can apply for: 

  • Minority Scholarship: The purpose of this award is to give chances for higher education to distinguished members of economically disadvantaged minority communities. There are two scholarships for which students who satisfy the qualifying requirements can apply. Post-Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities and Merit Cum Means Award for Professional and Technical Courses.
  • Scholarship for SC/ST: The purpose of the SC/ST Scholarship is to give financial assistance to economically disadvantaged SC/ST students who are academically gifted. Students may apply for the Karnataka state scholarship and the Top Class Education Scheme for SC Students scholarship offered by the federal government. 
  • MHRD Scholarship: The University Grants Commission awards excellent students with scholarships to encourage higher education. 
  • Ishan Uday – Special Scholarship Plan For North Eastern Region, PG Indira Gandhi Scholarship For Single Girl Child, PG Scholarship For University Rank Holders, and PG Scholarship Scheme For SC/ ST Students Pursuing Professional Courses are the scholarships covered by this scheme. 
  • Scholarship for Vidyaposhak: The Vidyaposhak Scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to meritorious students who are unable to continue higher education owing to their financial circumstances. The objective is to give financial aid for education so that students can achieve economic and financial independence. 

St. Joseph Law College Bangalore Facilities 

St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore has supplied its students and teachers with a variety of amenities, including classrooms, sports, an auditorium, labs, dormitories, and a library, among others. The amenities supplied by the institution are described in detail in the section that follows. 

  • Classrooms: All classrooms at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore are outfitted with modern amenities such as LCD projectors and speakers, so that students may receive a technologically advanced education from prominent instructors. 
  • Laboratories: St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore provides laboratories for students to perform actual experiments and complete their project work. All of the laboratories are well-organized and outfitted with essential apparatus. Students are also assisted and guided by lab technicians. 
  • Boys’ Hostel: St. Joseph’s College Dormitory in Bengaluru is a superbly built men’s hostel with all the essential amenities for boarding and recreational activities. The hostel has its own canteen to serve students with fresh and clean cuisine. On a cooperative basis, the canteen is maintained. 
  • Girls’ Hostel: The college features a girls’ dorm that provides excellent dormitory accommodations for female students. 
  • Library: St. Joseph’s College Library is one of Bengaluru’s oldest privately-run, government-supported, independent degree college libraries. It is one of the college libraries with extensive holdings. It subscribes to 72 foreign and domestic periodicals, magazines, and 14 daily newspapers. It serves almost 4,500 employees and students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. The library is completely automated, has a wide reading room, and can seat 100 people simultaneously. 
  • Canteen: Every canteen offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. During business hours, snacks and hot and cold beverages are offered in all three canteens. Food is supplied at subsidized costs due to the vast number of students who rely on the canteens. 
  • In addition to the Auditorium, the auditorium complex contains four seminar rooms. Each lecture room may seat about 100 individuals. Depending on the needs of the occasion, seminar rooms come in a variety of sizes and seating capacities. In addition to ICT capabilities, each of the four rooms features a small podium for hosting events. 
  • The whole campus is equipped with Wi-Fi, which students and faculty can freely access. 
  • The stationery store on the college campus carries books and office supplies. The stationery business also offers photocopying services. 
  • Alumni association networking is strong at the college. 
  • The PG building is equipped with two banks ATMs for the benefit of people. 

St Joseph Law College Bangalore Faculty 

In addition to establishing academic foundations, the faculty of St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru is committed to the students’ all-around growth. The institution includes more than 300 faculty members, 31 of whom possess doctoral degrees. 

  • 10 Assistant professors work at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. 
  • Assistant Professors in the School of Business: 23.
  • There are 14 assistant professors at the School of Physical and Chemical Science. and 13 assistant professors are employed at the Joseph’s Institute of Information Technology. 
  • Assistant Professors: 23 at the School of Language and Literature. 


In this post, we discuss the St. Joseph College Of Law Bangalore Fee Structure, its history, and the courses it provides. St. Joseph College of Law Bangalore is a legal institution that offers students a legal education of the highest caliber. In addition, it includes a variety of facilities where students may obtain practical experience in the legal sector. We hope this information will assist you in deciding whether or not to enroll at this university. Reach out to our experts for all your higher-education-related requirements to receive personalized, experienced help. 

St Joseph Law College Contact Details

Address: Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025.

  • Phone: 9481545478, 08022223352.
  • Email: sjlawcollege@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you get entrance to St. Joseph's College of Law?

St. Joseph College of Law Bangalore offers two ways for prospective students to apply to the many courses it offers: • Candidates are chosen in accordance with the selection criteria of the specific college to which they have applied. • Certification examinations: CLAT/ LSAT Management-based Admission — Applicants who intend to apply for Management seats may apply for Direct Admissions.

2. What type of college is St. Joseph's College of Law?

The private St. Joseph's College of Law is connected with Karnataka State Law University (KSLU).

3. Where is St. Joseph's College of Law?

The location of St. Joseph's College of Law is Residency Road. It is accessible by road, air, train, and bus. It is situated six kilometers from Bengaluru City Railway Station (SBC) and thirty-seven kilometers from Kempegowda International Airport (KIA).

4. Does St. Joseph's College of Law enforce a dress code?

No formal dress code exists at St. Joseph's College of Law. Students are expected to wear appropriate attire.

5. What facilities does St. Joseph's College of Law offer?

St. Joseph's College of Law has the following amenities: • An electronic library with a central network • Hostels – for boys and girls • Wi-Fi compatibility • Security and surveillance • Cafeteria that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food • Sports • Transport

6. What courses are offered at St. Joseph's College of Law?

All course curricula at St. Joseph's College of Law have a healthy balance of academic principles and practical applications. Each semester, about six theories and four optional areas are addressed with single and dual specialization to enhance subject comprehension as well as exposure to practical practice.

7. Are internships available via St. Joseph's College of Law?

The Placement Department at St. Joseph's College of Law offers a variety of internship options in India and throughout the world. Students are led, trained, and prepared specifically for various aptitude tests, competitive examinations, and professional interviews.

8. What employment options exist following graduation?

St. Joseph's College of Law offers many chances for employment in public and private hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic facilities. Some popular recruiters are: • Amazon • The Tata Consultancy Services company (TCS) • Punj Lloyd • Capgemini • Cleartax • Infosys • Ingenuity • Accenture • Apprentice • Legarithm

9. What package may students of St. Joseph's College of Law anticipate after their graduation?

Annually, the average pay at St. Joseph's College of Law is INR 10 lakhs. The lowest pay reported was INR 3.5 lakhs per year, while the highest was INR 15 lakhs per year.

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If you are a student pursuing a degree in law or an alumnus of St Joseph College of Law Bangalore, then please put a review in the comment box below about your experiences and views about the college. This will take just a few seconds of yours, but will greatly help the law aspirants in their future careers.

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