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SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot Admission, Course, Facilities, Fee

In our continuing series of blogs for medical and ayurvedic colleges, we have another one for you. Since you are already here, it is natural to deduce that you must now choose which college to enrol in and what career path to choose. Before you delve further into the particulars of the concerned college, I want to take the time out we provide education services wherein you may contact our outstanding team of counsellors who will assist you throughout the admissions process and make your college experience as easy as a breeze. Let’s take a closer look at SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot today. 

SVM Ayurvedic College Overview

One of the top Ayurvedic institutions in North Karnataka, SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot of Shri Vijay Mahantesh Vidya Vardhak Sanghs’s Ilkal was founded in 1992 to bring awareness of Ayurveda to the rural area of Karnataka.

Key Highlights

Name SVM Ayurvedic College 
Address The Mahanta Gangotri, Bus stand (Landmark), Post Box N. 15, Bagalkot
Website Link http://svmamc.com/ 
Established 1992
State Karnataka 
City Ilkal, Bagalkot
College Type Private
Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore
Recognised by Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), Department of AYUSH, and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
Study Mode Regular
Courses Offered BAMS, MD, and MS


  • To give students access to education, and foster their intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth.
  • To equip them with the knowledge, abilities, and maturity necessary to carry out the demands of a career in healthy community development


  • The college is dedicated to transforming its students into competent professionals, decent people, and responsible citizens. 
  • In addition to the usual academic assignments, they provide their students with every chance to advance in the area of their choice. 
  • Sports, culture, and other extracurricular activities are vital to a person’s total personality development and the college realises that.

Why Choose SVM Ayurvedic College?

There are many benefits to studying at SVMAC College in Bagalkot, including the following: 


  • A large and well-equipped library, anatomical dissection rooms, a physiology lab, staff rooms, conference rooms, and lecture halls are all included in the college complex. 
  • The college has resources for computer-based, multimedia, and online learning, so students will receive an excellent, current education in Ayurveda. 

Anti-Ragging Cell.

  • The committee informed the pupils of the perverse nature of ragging and its inherent degrading effect.
  • To stop ragging from happening and from happening again, the anti-ragging cell members maintain a constant eye on it.

NSS Programmes.

  • The college has an N.S.S. Unit and runs several initiatives to help students develop charitable personalities via volunteer work.
  • The major goal of the many N.S.S. programmes organised in colleges is to promote volunteerism and education among students.

Quality Standards.

  • To present a novel scientific perspective on conventional, age-old therapeutic methods based on Ayurvedic principles and standards based on contemporary needs.
  • To give the younger generation a world’s best, value-based Ayurvedic education and to shape their character by integrating science and spirituality.

Team of Professional Faculty.

  • The college’s teachers have a plethora of domestic and foreign academic experience.
  • In addition, the faculty are reachable anytime questions and doubts arise.
  • They have more than ten years of experience in the field at the national and international levels and have undergone advanced training in the Ayurvedic sciences.

Admission to SVM Ayurvedic College

Programme Intake Capacity
MD and MS (Combined) 30

Admission Procedure

Step 1: Visit the official website of  SVM Ayurvedic College.

Step 2: Click on the admissions application link.  

Step 3: Register yourself for the course you want to opt for.

Step 4: Fill in all the required details.

Step 5: Submit your application. 


  • A student will learn whether or not their application was accepted when the merit list is posted on the college’s website.
  • The fee filing process will be done online as well.

BAMS Eligibility (For native students)

  • The student must have earned a 50% overall grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology on an intermediate sciences examination given by an Indian university/board or another recognised testing organisation, which also included a practical test in each of these courses.
  • English must be one of the core subjects of the candidate in their 10+2 board examination.
  • The candidate must clear the NEET (UG) examination for admission into the BAMS program.

BAMS Eligibility (For non-native students)

In addition to the criteria required from native students, the following are the credentials that need to be fulfilled by the candidate.

  • The candidate must obtain an eligibility certificate from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore (RGUHS).
  • The following documents must be presented to the Registrar at RGUHS by candidates who reside outside of Karnataka in order to get an eligibility certificate for admission to the BAMS programme.
    • Photocopies of the qualifying examination score reports.
    • Birthdate as listed on the birth certificate in the school Transfer Certificate.
  • The candidate must clear the NEET (UG) examination for admission into the BAMS programme.

MD/ MS Eligibility (For native students)

  • The candidate must clear the NEET (UG) examination for admission into the BAMS programme.
  • Candidates must have passed the BAMS degree along with one year of compulsory internship.

MD/ MS Eligibility (For non-native students)

In addition to the criteria required from native students, the following are the credentials that need to be fulfilled by the candidate.

  • The candidate must obtain an eligibility certificate from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore (RGUHS).
  • The following documents must be presented to the Registrar at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore by candidates who reside outside of Karnataka in order to get an eligibility certificate for admission to the MD and MS programme.
    • Photocopies of the qualifying examination score reports.
    • Birthdate as listed on the birth certificate in the school Transfer Certificate.

MD/ MS Specialties & Intake

Intake Capacity Per Specialisation Course for Post-graduate Programme

Specialisation (s) Intake Capacity
Streeroga and Prasutitantra 5
Ayurved Samhita 5
Shalya Tantra 5
Kaya Chikitsa 5
Panchakarma 5
Shalakyatantra 5
Total 30

Documents Required for BAMS 

  • NEET UG scorecards and admit cards.
  • 10th Grade Report (for date of birth proof).
  • 12th Grade Report.
  • ID Verification.
  • Leaving Certificate from school.
  • Certificate of Physical Fitness.
  • Caste Document (if applicable).
  • Caste Validity Document (if applicable).
  • Affidavit of Gap (if applicable).
  • Medical Fitness Certificate from an Approved Medical Board is required for candidates who are Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

Documents Required for MD/ MS

  • Certificate of Medical Fitness.
  • Card Adhaar.
  • Certificate of Gap (if applicable).
  • Registration form for NEET PG and the actual admit card.
  • MBBS grade reports (All exams I, II, and III).
  • Detailed mark sheet of B.A.M.S course completion.
  • Certificate of Completion of Internship.

Ayurveda Courses OfferedDepartments

SVMAC  offers comprehensive courses on Ayurveda. The courses are designed in such a way that the students here can get an in-depth understanding of this medical field while learning the practical application of it. 

Undergraduate Program


Duration  Intake Capacity 
Bachelors in Ayurvedachrya and Surgery (BAMS) 4½ Years Course+1 Year Internship= 5½ Years  60 

The Bachelor’s in Ayurvedachrya and Surgery (BAMS) is an undergraduate program. It teaches students the basics of Ayurveda, with a focus on building a strong foundation. It teaches the utilisation of traditional vaidya healing techniques or the ayurvedic medical system (Ayurveda physician).

Post-graduate Program



Duration  Total Intake Capacity 
Doctor in Medicine and Master of Surgery (MD and MS)- Combined Ayurved Samhita (5 intakes) 3 Years 30
Streeroga and Prasutitantra (5 intake)
Kayachikitsa (5 intakes)
Shalya Tantra (5 intakes)
Shalakya Tantra (5 intake)
Panchakarma (5 intakes)

The MD and MS programs here offer specializations in the above courses. To be eligible for the postgraduate program, the students must have a BAMS degree and clear the NEET examination. These courses are designed to give the students a much clearer knowledge of the science of Ayurveda. 

  • Studying ancient Sanskrit writings on Ayurveda with Ayurved Samhita 
  • Understanding general medicine, or Kayachikitsa
  • Focus on the female anatomy with Streeroga and Parutitantra, or Gynaecology and Obstetrics 
  • Studying surgical treatment through Shalya Tantra 
  • The field of Ayurvedic medicine that deals with eyes, nose and throat, that is, Shalakya Tantra
  • The art of detoxification through Panchakarma

Ayurveda Departments

Department Overview
Sanskrit Samhita Siddhant
  • This department is responsible to teach the basic principles of Ayurveda. The foundational ideas of Ayurveda outlined in traditional literature are the focus of this department.
  • To organise Ayurvedic knowledge under global norms.
  • Ancient classical literature is being studied scientifically.
  • To demonstrate how fundamental ideas and texts from the past are still relevant today.
  • To reveal life’s mysteries and promote health and happiness in society.
Rachana Sharir 
  • One of the critical pillars of fundamental Ayurvedic principles is this division. It covers themes like embryology, histology, anthropometry, genetics, Marma Shareer, etc. as they relate to modern science and Ayurvedic principles.
  • Shareer based on the Samhita is taught realistically.
  • To initiate the use of modern tools and aids available to teach anatomy, making it easier and more engaging for pupils.
  • Launch additional investigations into Rachana Shareer via other research projects.
  • Create newer methods for creating models and specimens, preserving corpses, and creating museums.
Kriya Sharir
  • It addresses how the human body and its components normally function. The ideas of Dosha, Dhatu, and Malas are emphasised.
  • Fostering an intellectual atmosphere that is diverse and exciting to assure a transformational impact on learning, innovation, and the discovery of new knowledge from ancient principles for the benefit of humanity.
  • To provide a base for study in both traditional and contemporary medical science.
  • To research medicinal plants and medications, including their history, makeup, use, and effects on people.
  • The current sciences of pharmacology, pharmacognosy, and therapeutic use of plants are some of the research areas of this discourse. 
  • To provide the greatest therapeutic benefit, Ayurvedic medications, particularly herbs, are administered in various pharmacological formulations.
Rasashastra and Bhaishyajya Kalpana
  • To overcome obstacles in the field of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics, particularly those related to the standardisation of Ayurvedic formulations to satisfy global standards.
  • By using a flexible and creative teaching approach, providing high-quality pharmaceutical education, and research in response to changing societal and ayurvedic medicine industry needs.
Vikruti Vigyan Avum Rognidan
  • To expedite quick and accurate diagnostic testing for illness prevention and treatment.
  • To improve the way undergraduates and graduate students learn about Ayurvedic diagnosis and contemporary scientific approaches.
  • To encourage faculty members to keep learning new things.
  • To assist patients with a variety of microbiological, serological, haematological, biochemical, and other diagnostic testings.
  • To ensure society’s overall health and well-being. 
  • To encourage students of Ayurveda to practise yoga and natural medicine to improve their health and prevent sickness.
  • Combining the yogic science of self-knowledge with the science of existence establishes harmony.
  • To emphasise and accomplish society’s overall health.
Agadtantra and Vyavahar Ayurved Vidhi Vaidyaka
  • Combine the fields of law and medicine to better prepare future doctors for their ethical, moral, and legal responsibilities.
  • To impart knowledge sufficient to address poisoned instances.
  • To educate professionals in forensic medicine and Ayurvedic medicine at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Prasutitantra and Stree Roga
  • To advance traditional ideas about monthly schedules, prenatal, natal, and postnatal schedules, Suvarnaprashan,
  • To promote Subija Prajanana in Ayurveda by engaging in Garbhsanskara.
  • To be the best in imparting knowledge about specialist ayurvedic medical care.
Kaumarbhritya Tantra
  • To advocate for the use of inexpensive and natural treatments for children’s healthy growth and development.
  • To encourage the use of preventative interventions like Suvarnaprashan to boost children’s immunity and stop malnutrition.
  • To create for society a system of comprehensive child health care.
  • To encourage healthy nursing practises and child development in all its facets.
  • The teaching of severe discipline, the supervision of the operating room, and a real display of the handling of human organs during surgery
  • During their training, they will also be taught the ancient ayurvedic concepts of Shalya Tantra concerning the surgical and para-surgical notion of ailments, their treatment, and the improvement of patients.
  • To manage a full-fledged hospital while also offering specialised Ayurvedic surgical procedures.
  • To facilitate cutting-edge education, training, and research while providing mass populations of all socioeconomic levels with model affordable health care.

Program Fee Structure

The SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot fees structure is not mentioned, but here is the general information regarding the fee of the colleges in Karnataka for Ayurveda courses. 

Course Govt Quota. Private Quota
BAMS Rs. 60,500 Rs. 2,00,500
MD and MS
  • The general fee structure of B.A.M.S courses in private colleges of Karnataka is Rs. 2,00,000 per year.
  • The fee for MD and MS course in private colleges in Karnataka ranges from Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 per year.
  • Special provisions are there for students belonging to minorities. 

SVM Ayurvedic College Placements

Students at SVM Ayurvedic College in Bagalkot have a variety of job options available to them after they complete their studies in Ayurvedic Science.

Career Option after BAMS 

Clinical Practice.

  • There are numerous Ayurvedic traditions practised in India, including Panchbhautik Chikitsa, Nadi Pariksha, and Dhatu Chikitsa, among others. 
  • Such customs are available for students to study and practise.

Higher Studies.

    • Post-graduation work is essential for students who want to work in academia. 
    • If a student is not eligible for an MD, they can pursue one of the several postgraduate certificates in subjects like Panchakarma, Balaroga, etc.


    • A student may participate in research projects as a Junior Research Fellow at numerous institutions, colleges, and university departments that receive funding from the ICMR, CSIR, CCRAS, DST, and other organisations. 
    • As they gain expertise, they may be eligible for senior research fellowships, and their work may result in a PhD.

Operator of Ayurvedic tours.

    • India’s Ayurveda tourism is increasingly acknowledged on a global scale. 
    • International Ayurvedic travel operators are also a career option. 
    • This is a fantastic employment opportunity that requires you to take tourists to various domestic and foreign destinations in order to fully explain Ayurvedic medicine.


    • Other professions with a positive career include healthcare writing, medical tourism, management consulting, professional journalism, medical photojournalism, and documenting. 
    • Graduates of BAMS can pursue an LLB and operate as legal medical consultants.

Career Option after MD/ MS 

Ayurvedic Physician.

    • The objectives of an Ayurvedic doctor include conducting screening and diagnostic tests to reveal health concerns, arranging patient appointments, and reminding patients closer to the appointment date. They must also calm individuals who are anxious or upset. 
    • One of the doctor’s primary duties is to restore the patient’s health by administering or suggesting therapies including massage, mindfulness, and ayurvedic medications.

Nutrition Specialist.

    • Nutrition specialists are knowledgeable about the effects that different diets’ ingredients have on a person’s physiology and well-being. 
    • Professionals assist others to develop better dietary habits and food consumption for general health as well as understanding personal variances that may impact how one person’s body absorbs food uniquely from another. 
    • The establishment of food plans that maintain a healthy immune system, metabolism, and body weight is helped by nutritionists.


    • Dietitians provide realistic food advice based on scientific research to help individuals eat healthier and treat nutritional issues. 
    • Communication skills with persons from different backgrounds are essential. Dietitians work with individuals and groups of people of all ages.

SVM Ayurvedic College Rankings

Institutional Achievements 

  • In Karnataka, SVM Ayurvedic Medical College is a hospital-integrated medical school where the clinical experience begins right away.
  • The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) and Department of AYUSH, Ministries of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi, both acknowledge the college.
  • The college raised its intake capacity for the BAMS Course from 50 to 60 seats after receiving affiliation from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore, in 1996.
  • The RGUHS, Karnataka, Bangalore, has sponsored numerous research initiatives at the college.

Students’ Achievements

  • Sachin, a 2nd-year student, secured the first position in a debate competition at Badami on the topic, “Integration of Ayurveda in Modern Science” in 2022.
  • In 2016-2017, the college students received nine distinctions at the university level.

On-Campus Facilities Offered


  • More than 8100 volumes of books on Ayurveda and contemporary medicine are housed in the college library’s 1800-square-foot space. 
  • Students can use the library till 7:00 PM. Additionally, the student has access to xeroxing facilities for their books.
  • Additionally, students can make use of the digital library. A 2300-square-foot, well-equipped digital library with internet access is available to UG and PG students on campus for online reading, research, and work in the fields of Ayurveda and modern sciences.
  • The college subscribes to 24 different magazines/periodicals, 24 different newspapers, and topics including yoga, general knowledge, sports, and personality development. For both employees and students, dictionaries and 14 editions of bibliographic databases are also available.
  • Approximately 100 students and staff members can sit together at once.

Seminar Halls

  • The seminar room is equipped with an LCD projector, a slide projector, an overhead projector, and models to make learning about topics like pathology, surgery, panchakarma, and anatomy easier and more fascinating.

Anatomy Museum

  • The college is home to one of the best anatomy museums, which showcases a variety of models, slides, charts, and photographs on the subject as well as specimens of the human body, bones, and various phases of fetal development from one week to nine months.

Internet Facility

  • The college offers free internet access for students all over the campus. 
  • This facility has made it easy for students to find out all the information regarding their topics. 


  • The S.V.M. Ayurvedic College is connected with the hospital, which has cutting-edge amenities like a hi-tech panchakarma unit.
  • There are nine out-patient departments (OPDs), including Shalakya Tantra, Kayachikitsa, Prasooti Tantra & Stree Roga, Shalya Tantra, Koumarabhritya, and Atyayeeka Chikitsa. This is where patients can receive consultation from the relevant professionals.
  • Every day, between 150 and 200 patients use these services.

Since we are aware of all students’ agony when choosing the best institution for better education and profession, our staff provides a full and honest review of all the colleges in India. However, if you have any questions about the data of any specific institute, get in touch with our team. If you have any other concerns, you can also get in touch with the college administration.

College Contact Details

Address: The Mahanta Gangotri, Bus stand (Landmark) Post Box N. 15, Bagalkot

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What courses are available at SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot?

The courses offered by SVM Ayurvedic college is B.A.M.S, MD, and M.S.

2. What is the enrollment capacity for the B.A.M.S. Course at SVM Ayurvedic College?

There is a total of 60 seats for the B.A.M.S course in the college.

3. What is the MD and MS course intake capacity at SVM Ayurvedic College?

There is a total of 30 seats for MD and MS courses in the college.

4. Is SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot a government institution?

No, it is a private college.

5. How is the SVM Ayurvedic College campus?

The college campus area is very peaceful and spacious. All the facilities for students are available within the campus area only.

6. How to apply for admission to SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot?

For admission, students need to apply online.

7. Does SVM Ayurvedic College provides a transportation facility for students?

No, the college does not provide any transportation facility for students.

8. How is the faculty team of SVM Ayurvedic College?

The college's faculty is well educated and skilled in the practice of Ayurveda. For better understanding, they hold sessions for students to clear up their questions. They also choose the best and most cutting-edge technologies for teaching.

If you want to go through another Ayurveda college, you can click and follow the link below to check out my detailed post on:

Humble Appeal to Our Readers:

If you are a previous or current student of SVM Ayurvedic College Bagalkot or have been associated with the institute in any capacity, please check out the comments section. You might offer a truthful assessment so that future generations can substantially benefit from it. We thank you in advance.   

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