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The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar Admissions, Facilities, and Fee Structure

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar is a premier government dental college in West Bengal. Situated in the beautiful city near Siliguri, this place has beautiful natural scenery. Studying in a government college is always advantageous because of the low fees and good patient flow, but studying in such beautiful surroundings is like a cherry on the cake.

Now that you’re interested in the college let me tell you about North Bengal Dental College’s fee structure, admissions, courses, placements, and rankings!

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar Overview

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar was established in the year 1990. The Dental college is affiliated with the West Bengal University of Health Sciences and approved by the Dental Council of India.

Key Highlights

Name The North Bengal Dental College
Email principalnbdch2012@gmail.com
Address M9VJ+775, Thiknikata, West Bengal 734011.
Website http://www.nbdch.in/
Establishment Year 1990
Country India
State West Bengal
City Sushrutanagar
College Type Private
Affiliated to West Bengal University of Health Sciences
Approved by Dental Council of India
Study Mode Full-time
Hostel Boys and Girls

The college is situated at Sushrutanagar in the Darjeeling District, West Bengal. It is well-connected to the city transport network.

Vision & Mission

  • The college aims to equip its students with outstanding information and rigorous training so they are ready to take on the scientific and professional challenges that will define the 21st century.
  • The college aims to provide many disadvantaged residents of North Bengal and surrounding nations like Bhutan and Nepal access to top-notch clinical treatment.

Why choose The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar?

  • Government Dental College.
  • Beautiful Atmosphere and Surroundings.
  • Excellent Knowledge.
  • Fully Residential Institute.
  • Hostels with In-House Dining.
  • Sports & Other Recreational Facilities.

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar Admission

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar offers admissions for Bachelor’s courses in dentistry. Admissions to this college can be made only by physically reporting to the college. Let’s discuss The North Bengal Dental College admission procedure, eligibility criteria, and the required documents.

Admission Intake

The intake capacity of The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar for its courses are:

Course Name Intake Capacity
BDS 63

Admission Procedure

  • Step 1: Visit The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar campus with the requisite original documents.
  • Step 2: First, you will have to undergo verification of your documents.
  • Step 3: If the college authorities are satisfied with your documents and credentials, they will grant you admission. 

Eligibility Criteria for BDS

  • The applicant should be 17 years old till the date of admission.
  • The applicant should have completed his 10th and 12th exams.
  • He/She should have appeared for NEET BDS and also qualified for the examination.

Documents Required

  • 10th Mark Sheet and Passing Certificate.
  • 12th Mark Sheet and Passing Certificate.
  • NEET BDS 2022 Admit Card.
  • NEET BDS 2022 Rank Card.
  • Character Certificate.
  • Domicile Certificate.
  • Category Certificate.
  • Migration Certificate.
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs.

The North Bengal Dental College Courses Offered

The North Bengal Dental College in Sushrutanagar opened its doors in 1990 and has always strived to offer excellent instruction and demanding training and has succeeded. The college offers an undergraduate course in dentistry. Let’s talk more about the course and what it has to offer!

Course Duration

In the table below, you will learn about the duration of the undergraduate course offered at the North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar.

Course Name Duration
BDS 4 years + 1-year Internship

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

The undergraduate dentistry curriculum leading to a BDS degree shall be four academic years long, with 240 teaching days per year, including a one-year rotative internship in the dental college.

After passing the final BDS Examination, each candidate must complete a one-year paid rotating internship in a dental college. The internship is required, and a BDS degree is awarded following a year of internship.

What will I learn in BDS?

  • The organization of the teaching schedules takes place during the undergraduate course. Clinical dentistry, basic sciences, and practical or laboratory skills should all be integrated into this course. The course’s integration and design should smoothly transition the pre-clinical to clinical phase. 
  • There are three primary sections to undergraduate dental study. Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and behavioral science are among the initial topics in the first component, leading to pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, general medicine, and general surgery.
    The second, which runs simultaneously with the first, covers some aspects of dental and oral tissues as well as oral biology and pathology. The third element, which builds on the first two by dealing with the technical and clinical aspects of dentistry necessary for general dental practice, is the last one.
  • The course is meant to give students an awareness of the typical human structure, development, function, and behavior before moving on to discussing diseases, their prevention, and remedies.
    The primary goal is to give the student a thorough understanding of the body’s typical structures and functioning and the changes that occur in disease, focusing on the situations for which dental cooperation is crucial for proper therapy.
  • To guarantee a thorough understanding of the structure and performance of the oral and dental tissues, this part of the dentistry undergraduate program comprises instruction in the courses dealing with oral and dental features.
    This allows the student to identify, avoid, and treat dental and oral conditions not covered in the initial component. At this level, oral biology will be covered to give students a thorough understanding of mouth physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, and oral immunology.


The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar has nine dentistry departments responsible for helping students during their four years of academic training. The table below contains the department’s name and a list of its faculty.

Department Name Faculty Members
Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Dr. Soumi Ghanta
  • Dr. Suparna Roy
  • Dr. Tanvi Islam
  • Dr. Debdarsan Chatterjee
  • Dr. Mitrasen Manna
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dr. Sanjoy Dutta
  • Dr. Chandan Sahana
  • Dr. Rinchey Norbu Bhutia
  • Dr. Anurag Iswarary
  • Dr. Anasua Dasgupta
  • Dr. Debarati Bhowmick
  • Dr. Joyeeta Sardar
Conservative Dentistry
  • Dr. Anuradha Mukherjee
  • Dr. Mahboob Rahaman
  • Dr. Rudra Pyne
  • Dr. Lugu Buru Murmu
  • Dr. Geetin Murmu
  • Dr. Kaushik Chakraborty
  • Dr. Chiranjit Ghosh
  • Dr. Shreyasi Chakraborty
  • Dr. Pradip Mondal
  • Dr. Sampa Bhattacharya
  • Dr. Tridib Nath Banerjee
  • Dr. Indrajit Gayen
  • Dr. Subhas Chakraborty
  • Dr. Debkumar Singha Mahapatra
  • Dr. Rajwinder Singh
  • Dr. Indranil Kulavi
  • Dr. Debarpita Roy
  • Dr. Avijit Das
  • Dr. Rajib Kumar Seal
  • Dr. Pintso Tshering Lepcha
Oral Pathology
  • Dr. Badal Chandra Sarkar
  • Dr. Sourav Bhattacharya
  • Dr. Sukdeb Chakraborty
  • Dr. Pallab Mandal
  • Dr. Tathagata Bhattacharya
Public Health Dentistry
  • Dr. Soumik Kabasi
  • Dr. Argha Rudra

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar Fee Structure

The major advantage of studying any course at a government college is its fee structure. Moreover, you know how expensive it is to pursue any medical course, so getting a seat in a government dental college is very beneficial for those who cannot afford expensive fee structures. Let’s talk about the North Bengal Dental College fees for BDS!

Admission Fees

Fee Particular Fees
Admission Amount INR 1000/-
Caution Money INR 1000/-
Fees (6 Months) INR 3900/-
Hostel Fees (6 Months) INR 72/-
Total Fees INR 5900/-

State Quota Fees

Fee Particular Fees
Fees (12 Months) INR 7800/-
Hostel Fees (12 Months) INR 144/-
Total Fees INR 7944/-

Payment Mode

The college will accept your fee amount only through cash payment. The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar accepts no other payment mode.

Placement and Scope

Students constantly ask one question: What is the scope of learning any dental course from a government college? And one thing you will always get as an answer is that the patient inflow in government colleges is very good. Do you know why that is? Read further and learn more about it!

Scope of Dentistry in Government Dental College

  • Unlike private dental institutions, a government-run dental college often gets higher patient traffic. This provides dentistry students with increased exposure to learning and skill development.
  • You usually feel more at ease dealing with patients as you gain more experience. Because of this, once you earn your degree, you might feel more at ease working in a dental clinic and probably do better too. 
  • After earning your BDS, the likelihood is that you will be chosen over candidates from private universities if you want to work in somebody else’s clinic because it is anticipated that you have sufficient experience doing general dental treatments.
  • Additionally, because federal dental colleges charge lesser tuition, you will not have to worry as much about repaying student loans and may concentrate on studying and developing your dental abilities for a few years also after receiving your BDS. These are the sole benefits of attending a dental college run by the government.
  • The world is so cutthroat and competitive that many MDS graduates struggle to earn a good living. In addition, many students from private universities now find internship programs in government clinics and hospitals, where they can use their drive to study to acquire abilities that are just as good, if not better.
  • Therefore, it would be incorrect to think that studying dentistry at a government institution gives you an advantage over others.
  • If your career aim is to practice dentistry professionally, your only competitive advantage will come from your understanding of the many dental diseases, your ability to treat them, and, importantly, your ability to manage and communicate with patients.

Career Scope after BDS

A BDS graduate who wants to learn more about their chosen field of dentistry can pursue advanced dental education. Studying the numerous employment prospects accessible after receiving a BDS, such as a Master’s in Dental Surgery.

  • Public health master’s degree.
  • Business administration master’s degree.
  • Lecturer.
  • Clinical Application
  • Foreign Dental Career.
  • Public Sector Jobs.
  • Research.
  • Dental Aesthetics.
  • Blog about Dentistry.
  • Dental Forensics.
  • Transcribing Medical Records.
  • Consulting in Dentistry.

Job Opportunities After BDS

  • Dentist.
  • Endodontist.
  • Dental Surgeon.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist.
  • Orthodontist.
  • Oral Surgeon.
  • Prosthodontist.
  • Periodontist.
  • Pedodontist.
  • Government Jobs
    • Army Dental Corps.
    • Navy/Airforce Contractual Dental Officers.
    • State Government Dental Surgeon Jobs.
    • Dental officers in the Railways.

Ranking and Recognition

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar is a premier government dental college in the State of West Bengal. The college is the epitome of excellent dental education. Since its establishment in 1990, the college has been affiliated with the West Bengal Institute of Health Sciences and approved by the Dental Council of India.

On-Campus Facilities

The campus offers first-rate amenities for sports as well as other recreational facilities. As a full housing institute, all of its students are housed in its two hostels (separate for girls and boys) and have access to on-campus dining.

NBDCH works diligently to provide many disadvantaged residents of North Bengal and surrounding nations like Bhutan and Nepal with access to top-notch clinical treatment.

Lecture Halls

The Lecture Halls are spacious and meticulously planned to give every student enough room and every faculty member the tools they need to address a big group of people. Each lecture hall has unique teaching tools, including LCDs and sound systems.


The auditorium has good ventilation and nicely decorated halls. This auditorium, which frequently acts as a location for conferences, workshops, and seminars, has all the amenities to improve the learning experience and is a sizable area that meets the many needs of high-quality education.


The role of libraries in education extends beyond just primary and secondary school. In academic and professional education, it is significantly more significant. Claiming that a library is necessary for implementing advanced education programs would not be an exaggeration.


Hostel rooms have good ventilation and lighting. Our hostel guests are protected round-the-clock by qualified security personnel. Each room has access to bathrooms, reading rooms, an indoor sports area, and other amenities.

It is also furnished with appropriate furniture. Full-service eating facilities guarantee that fresh food is supplied frequently. Hostel in-house wardens are in charge of keeping things running smoothly. 

Contact Details

  • Address: M9VJ+775, Thiknikata, West Bengal-734011.

To learn more about the North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar, you can contact our team, who will give the best possible guidance for admission to the college.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar a government or private institution?

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar is a government dental college.

2. Which university is the NBDCH college affiliated with?

The NBDCH college is affiliated with the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

3. How many courses are offered at the North Bengal Dental College?

The North Bengal Dental College offers BDS courses.

4. Are the courses offered at NBDCH approved?

Yes, the course offered at NBDCH is approved by the Dental Council of India.

5. Can I make admissions online for my North Bengal Dental College course?

You will have to visit the college for admission to your course.

6. What are the State Quota fees for BDS in The North Bengal Dental College?

The State Quota fee for BDS in The North Bengal Dental College is INR 7800/-.

7. Does The North Bengal Dental College offer hostel facilities?

Yes, the government college offers hostel facilities to its students.

8. What are the hostel fees at the North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar?

The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar hostel accommodation will cost you INR 144/-.

A Small Ask

If you’ve visited The North Bengal Dental College Sushrutanagar, I request you to share a review of this college in the comments section below.

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