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Universal College of Law Bangalore Admission, Fees, Departments

Have you all heard about the Universal College of Law Bangalore? It’s a great law school  in India. Well, it’s not very old, but it’s very successful. Established in 2003, it is a private institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in law. As of the 2016-17 academic year, the college had an enrollment of 1,560 students, making it the largest law school in South Asia. It was recently accredited by HLC, one of only 44 institutions worldwide to receive this coveted accolade; it’s ABA-accredited J.D. The Universal College of Law is located in Bangalore South.

Are you excited to get a content tour of UCL Bangalore? Let’s start the journey.

Universal College of Law Overview

Universal College of Law is a law school that offers B.A., J.D., and M.B.A. degrees in various legal fields including immigration, family law, business litigation, real estate, entertainment law, and patent court proceedings. The college is affiliated to KSLU, Hubli

Additionally, the college has an online program that allows you to earn your degree while living anywhere in the world. The curriculum is based on the American Bar Association’s (ABA) standards for accredited jurisprudence schools and incorporates courses from both traditional classroom settings as well as online modules. 

The faculty maintains a broad range of specific expertise by participating in conferences.

Universal College of Law Bangalore Courses

  • Foundations of Law – This course covers  the history and development of law as well as key legal concepts such as property, contracts, tort law, and civil procedure.
  • Legal Writing – This course provides students with the skills necessary to write effective legal documents such as wills, business proposals, and more.
  • Constitutional Law – This course explores the principles behind American constitutional democracy by examining key amendments to the Constitution along with landmark Supreme Court decisions.
  • Corporate Counselling & Mergers & Acquisitions­­ – In these courses, students will learn about corporate counselling policies and procedures to conduct mergers or acquisitions successfully from start to finish.

Eligibility Criteria

Universal College of Law offers two distinctly different types of courses: bar review course and real estate law course.

First of all, let’s know what a bar review course is? It’s a course for the students who want to start practicing law in the United States. The eligibility requirements for this program are: you must have a J.D., be admitted to the State Bar of your jurisdiction and pass an ethics exam.

The real estate law course is designed for people who are already attorneys or judges. The eligibility requirements for this program are as follows: you must have a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited school.

Universal College of Law Bangalore Admissions 

The Universal College of Law (UCL) offers an online LLB course that is available to anyone around the world. 

Once all requirements are met, the next step for you would be to choose one of the UCL courses that interest you. Each course has different content and scheduling options so there’s sure to be something that suits your needs. You can also interact with students from other institutes and make global connections via forums on Speed Mentoring while learning from experienced legal professionals who will guide and support you along the way.

Application Procedure

The Universal College of Law (UCL) is an international law school that offers undergraduate, and post-graduate programs. The application procedure typically involves completing an online form or submitting a hard-copy application. Apart from these, you may have to present the certificates and LOR from your previous college.

Once you have completed the appropriate application forms, you will need to pay the tuition fees in advance. International students should note that they must also submit documents such as a valid passport and proof of financial support before enrolling in courses at UCL. All these steps will get you closer to your dream college.

Documents Required

The documents you need to take along with you during your admission process are:

  • Matriculation mark sheet.
  • Senior secondary mark sheet.
  • Matriculation certificate.
  • Senior secondary certificate.
  • Birth certificate.
  • 10 passport-size photographs (latest ones).
  • 10 stamp size photographs (latest ones).
  • A character certificate issued from last attended college.
  • A certificate of transfer (TC).
  • Students from other states require a migration certificate.
  • Copy of your identity proof (Aadhar card).
  • Certificate of SC/ST if applicable.
  • Medical certificate for assuring physical health.
  • Certificate of income (optional).
  • A certified medical certificate.

Universal College of Law Bangalore Fee Structure

You have decided well in choosing your college, but let’s also check the financial aspect which is also very important. Given below is the fee structure of Universal College of Law Bangalore.

College Location Fees
Universal College of Law Bangalore 600000/-

Universal College of Law Bangalore Facilities

Universal College of Law is a prestigious law school that offers excellent facilities to its students and staff. These include state-of-the-art classrooms, multiple meeting spaces, and top-notch sports facilities.

The campus also features beautiful landscaping and courtyards that make it tranquil. It’s no wonder this school has been ranked number one in the United States for law schools by U.S News & World Report.

Altogether, these resources make Universal College of Law one of the most versatile and adaptable law schools around – perfect if you are looking to get involved on campus or network with other professionals. 

Universal College Of Law Departments

If you’re interested in law and want to learn more about the various legal fields, then UCL may be a good choice for you. UCL offers LLM degrees that are unique in that they cover all areas of law from business and intellectual property to criminal justice and civil liberties. There are a number of centres of excellence for research at the UCL.

A perfect place for delegates and intellectuals for staying updated on the works related to law. In addition to its extensive curriculum and wide range of resources, UCL is also home to some of the most prestigious LLM programs in the world.

Placement at Universal College of Law

Many law students are searching for programs with top-notch placement rates, and the Universal College of Law certainly offers that. According to the 2017 ABA Journal report “AJC Guide to Legal Careers: How One School Placements Affects Your Chances of Success”, UCL placed first in the nation among all full-time private law schools. In addition, UCL was ranked second in the country for employment outcomes by U.S News & World Report Law school rankings.

Not only does UCL place its students well into safe positions with legal firms and government agencies, but it also teaches them valuable skills. I don’t think you need to have second thoughts about this college. You’ll have a swell time and a bright future.

How to Apply for PG course at UCL Bangalore?

To apply for the UCL Bangalore Master’s in Law Program, you first need to create an online application. For this, you just need to go to the university application portal and apply for the form. You will then need to provide information about your qualifications and experience as well as how you plan on using your master’s degree in law. Finally, attach a writing sample that demonstrates your skills and knowledge in this area.

You also have to give a national-level entrance test for admission. Those who pass are invited to submit additional documentation or professional experiences relevant to law studies.

Why UCL Bangalore Is the Best Choice?

If you’re seeking an educational opportunity in India, UCL Bangalore is without a doubt the best choice. This prestigious university offers a world-class education in a variety of disciplines, making it perfect for students of all levels and interests.

In addition to its excellent academic programs, UCL Bangalore also has several exciting extracurricular activities that are sure to keep you busy. You can join clubs or societies that focus on your desired field of study or explore new opportunities through its comprehensive student exchange program.

Additionally, this institution has a rich history and tradition that makes it feel like home. 

Best Resources for Students Planning to Attend UCL

There are many great resources available for students planning to attend Universal College of Law Bangalore, but a few of the most popular include UCL’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram account. 

Each of these is packed with information on campus life, admissions requirements, legal programs, and courses offered, as well as details on how to apply and financial aid options. Additionally, UCLB has an active blog that features helpful tips from current students and alumni. Finally, don’t miss out on the college’s lively social media presence where you can connect with other prospective law students from around the world.

At Universal College of Law, we understand that you want to become a legal professional who is competent in all aspects of the law. That’s why we offer an Essentials of Legal Practice program that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a successful lawyer. In this program, you’ll learn how to research cases and laws, write persuasive briefs, plead skillsets effectively, and more.

You won’t become a great lawyer without mastering these essential skills. So if pursuing a career in law is something that interests you, join us at Universal College of Law.

Advantages Of Studying Law at Universal College of Law Bangalore

Studying law at the Universal College of Law in Bangalore can be a great way to prepare for a successful career in litigation or legal consulting. Not only will you gain rich theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills that will put you ahead of your competition. 

You’ll develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as well as courtroom presence and communication skills. In addition to this, our faculty is highly experienced and dedicated to teaching their students the latest techniques and technologies so that they are always up-to-date with the latest trends in law.

Disadvantages Of Studying Law at UCLB

Though studying law at UCLB may have its advantages, there are also some disadvantages associated with this career path. For one, the legal profession is notoriously difficult to enter and maintain a foothold in. Additionally, the average salary for lawyers is relatively low compared to other careers out there.

However, if you’re willing to put in the hard work required, the law might be an ideal choice for you. It can provide unique opportunities for professional development and personal growth that few other careers offer. Additionally, practicing law can give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose that most jobs lack.

Bar Exam Tricks-Straight From the Teachers Of UCL

To help you prepare for the bar exam, UCL faculty have provided some tips and tricks. The most important thing you should do while preparing for the bar exam is obviously to study efficiently and consult practice materials regularly. The practice would make your preparation perfect. 

Make sure that you understand the concepts covered in each section of the law school curriculum. Remember that no single resource can contain everything necessary. Widen your frameworks and delve into various journals, websites, online and offline books, videos, and news articles.

Once you have a good understanding of the material covered in class and other resources, it’s time to start practicing. 

Best Commercial Practice Courses at Universal College of Law

At Universal College of Law, we offer many commercial practice courses that address a variety of legal issues and topics. These include business law, corporate law, real estate law, litigation and dispute resolution, employment laws, and more. Our knowledgeable faculty members are dedicated to teaching students the latest techniques and best practices in their fields so they can be successful in their careers.

If you’re looking for quality education that will help you reach your career goals quickly and easily, then our commercial practice courses may be just what you’re looking for. You can even contact us if you want to know any more information.

Events at Universal Law College Bangalore

The college is always conducting various events to keep the students engaged. These include an alumni summit on September 8th, where current and former students will be able to discuss their experiences at the school and share insights into what has worked well for them. 

The following day, alumni will have the opportunity to speak with faculty members about opportunities available to them after graduation. On September 10th, there will be a career fair open to all Universal Law College graduates that include interactive booths from various businesses in the region.

Law As A Career In India

If you’re interested in a career as a lawyer, India is definitely an option worth considering. The legal profession in India is growing rapidly, and the country has a large number of talented lawyers who are eager to work in international law firms or government agencies. In addition to good pay and benefits, many lawyers working in India say that the culture there is friendly and welcoming.

The Right Law College For You

According to me, before thinking of taking law as a career you should research the colleges present. It may be a daunting task but don’t worry. We are here to help you out. We’ll outline the different factors that you should consider when selecting the right law school for you, including the cost of attendance, location, curriculum and pedagogy, admissions criteria and process, peer environment, and career prospects after graduation.

The most important thing that we finally inferred from here is to decide what direction you want to take your career in law.

The Law Admission Test: Tips and Tricks

This question will be a little difficult to answer as there are different methods advisable for different people. However, some tips that may be helpful include:

  • studying extensively for all sections of the LAT; identifying which areas you need to focus on most; developing a study plan; 
  • preparing logical arguments using practice questions from online resources. 
  • Additionally, keep in mind that this is unlike many tests where guessing does not penalize you disproportionately. 

So make sure every student takes full advantage of any opportunities offered by tutors.

Legal exams may be a little difficult because of their huge syllabus, but for your ease, we have tried to sum up some important points that you can keep in mind for improving your scorecard. First and foremost, practice enough.

If you’re not comfortable with the material, then it’s going to be difficult to demonstrate those skills on test day. Getting an overview of the whole syllabus followed by a detailed study of the important parts is essential.

Acing an exam requires more than just knowing the right answer. Finally, keep up with current trends in legal cases so that you are well-versed in how current laws apply to specific situations.

Best Practices For Law School Success

Here are some best practices for law school success: Set realistic goals and maintain a positive attitude. Don’t expect to be immediately successful in law school, and don’t let the stress of preparing for exams or studying take over your life.

Take things one step at a time, set manageable goals, and try not to get too focused on grades or ranks alone. Remember that you have plenty of time to achieve greatness; Law School is only 4 years long.

Get involved in extracurricular activities – they can help you make friends inside and outside the classroom, and build valuable work experience 

Advice For First-Time Law Students

Here are a few tips that may be helpful when you first start law school: 

  • Get involved in extracurricular activities and networking opportunities. This will not only help to make friends but also provide valuable exposure to potential employers. Not only will this give you skills that can be useful in the job market, but it will also strengthen your resume. 
  • Concentrate on mastering one subject at a time. One of the most common mistakes new law students make is trying to learn too many subjects simultaneously which makes comprehension difficult and slows down learning processes overall. 

Universal College of Law Contact Details

Address: Koluru,Lakkayanapalya, Tavarekere Hobli,Ramohalli, Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560074

  • Phone: 096866 64985
  • Email: info@universalinstitutions.com


I guess In this post, we aim to provide our readers with an overview of the Universal College of Law Bangalore, its history, and its future. We just wanted to share our thoughts on the future of Universal College of Law Bangalore. We hope that this will be of help to those looking for a law school in Bangalore. And we are always there for our readers, do contact us in case of any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What would be your advice for someone considering a career in law in India?

Obviously, you need to be sure about your career goals and the direction in which you want to take your law practice.

2. Is getting into UCL hard?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on your specific qualifications and interests

3. Are there any advantages to studying law abroad as opposed to India?

You will likely gain language skills that can assist you in becoming successful anywhere in the world.

4. Any more unique information that we should know about UCL?

Universal College of Law Bangalore is a law school in India that offers an online degree program.

You can also follow the link below to know more if you are looking for law colleges:

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