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Direct Admission in MD MS – Medical PG Admission 2023

Dear Doctors. Welcome to our Exclusive blog on direct admission in MD MS. In this blog, I will tell my students how to get direct admission to medical PG in various top private medical colleges and Private Deemed Universities in India.

These private medical colleges are in various states and have different modes of counseling through which you can take direct admission to MD MS. Whereas all Private deemed medical universities have a similar and single method of counseling conducted through MCC even though these universities are located in different parts of India.

If you are looking for UG admission in top medical colleges, then you can go through my detailed post about direct admission in MBBS.

Eligibility for Taking Direct Admission in MD-MS

First and foremost, the criteria for taking direct admission in MD MS postgraduation is to appear and qualify for NEET with minimum qualifying marks as per the eligibility criteria.

The Eligibility will vary as per the category of the candidate and varies each year. However, category benefits for different state domicile students can be taken in Private deemed medical colleges and some states only.

In some states, such as Karnataka, category benefits for eligibility cannot be taken by other state domicile students. The other Eligibility criteria also include the completion of the Internship within the prescribed date.

Important: In-service candidates should keep an NOC ready before the date of Joining the PG Program.

Additional but important documents to keep ready for applying in all the states for direct admission in MD MS.

  • Holding the Provisional Degree Certificate (If the student has completed his MBBS within 1 year of the date of applying in different states).
  • Permanent Degree certificate (If the student has completed 1 year after the completion of the degree).
  • Equivalency certificate from AIU if the student has completed his MBBS from any other country other than India.

MD-MS Admission in Private Deemed Universities.

After the completion of MBBS and NEET Qualification, a student can apply for Private Deemed Universities through MCC under Management and NRI quota for direct admission in MD MS.

85% of the Management quota seats are allocated through Merit on the basis of NEET Score, Rank, and Category. The fees for these category seats are generally lower than the NRI Category seats.

Whereas 15% of the seats are reserved for NRI category students. These category seats are of a higher fee structure and have to be paid in US Dollars from the sponsor’s account.

Please remember that from the year 2021, all the NRI Category seats are converted to a normal management quota after the exhaustion of NRI-converted candidates.

Process for applying for Direct Admission to Private Deemed Universities

There are 6 steps in the counseling procedure for taking admission to MD MS. I will first list down the steps and will explain each step in detail:

  1. Registration.
  2. Document Verification.
  3. First Round of Counseling.
  4. Second Round of Counseling.
  5. MOP-UP Round.
  6. Stray Vacancy Round.

A NEET Qualified student who is looking for direct admission in the PG MD-MS course should mandatorily register for MCC by paying Rs. 2,05,000. Among these, Rs. 2 Lakhs is refundable, and Rs 5000 is non-refundable.

This amount is refunded after the end of the stray vacancy round of MCC counseling, and it gets automatically credited into the same account from where it has been deducted or paid.

After registration, the student can do the option entry of the colleges and branches of choice as per his preferences.

There would be three rounds of counseling. The first round of counseling with exit without forfeiture, the second round of counseling with exit with forfeiture, and then comes the Mop Up round.

A student who is not satisfied with the allotted seat can exit with forfeiture in the second round. The student, if interested, can re-register in MCC by paying Rs. 2,00,000 again in the MOP-UP round.

A student can make as many choices as he might want to opt for. Putting in a maximum number of choices maximizes the chances of getting the seats allotted.

A student who has been allotted any seat in the first round can opt for up-gradation as well in the second round. However, the process must be followed as mentioned on the MCC website.

The second round of MCC counseling also proceeds similarly to the first round.

Now comes the Mop-up round of counseling. In this round, the respective states share the list of the students with the MCC who has been allotted any seat in the previous rounds in their states. Those students are not allowed to participate in the MOP-UP round. Such students won’t be able to register for the mop-up round even if they want to register.

So, the counseling process should be followed very seriously in order to be in the counseling and not get debarred. Likewise, the chances would be there till the stray vacancy process of the counseling takes place, where the student can take direct admission in MD MS by approaching the respective institution as per merit.

Fee Structure for Direct Admission in Medical PG in Private Deemed Universities in India.

Here in this section, I will guide you on the approximate Fee Structure of private colleges. Different private deemed medical colleges have different fee structures.

In order to simplify the process of understanding, I will first classify the different categories of fee structure and then different fee structures as per the different branches.

The common thing that any private medical college has is the category of seats. There are two categories of seats: One is the Management Category, and the other is the NRI Category.

The management category constitutes 85% of the total seats, whereas the NRI category constitutes 15% of the total seats.

The management category fee is generally lower and is uniform for all clinical branches in a particular college. For example, Radiodiagnosis, Medicine, Pediatrics, OBG, General Surgery, and Orthopedics will have a similar or uniform fee structure, whereas branches like Ophthalmology, ENT, Psychiatry, and Anesthesia will have a uniform Fee structure.

Similarly, Pathology will have a little higher fee structure than other non-clinical branches such as Physiology, SPM, Microbiology, Forensics, and Anatomy.

The Fee structure in Management quota generally ranges from Rs.25 Lakhs per annum to Rs.50 Lakhs per annum for top branches depending upon institutes, whereas the fee structure for non-clinical ranges from Rs.2 Lakhs per annum to Rs.10 lakhs per annum depending upon different institutes.

The fee for the NRI category is higher and will be discussed in another blog on NRI category admissions.

Guidance on clarity of service bond in Private Deemed Universities after MD-MS Admission

Many private deemed universities have kept a bond among the students for the service in the institute after completion of the course where a student has to work for 1 year after completion of the course.

The student would be provided with the salary as per the institute standard.

In case a student doesn’t want to do this service, he might be charged with a heavy penalty for the release. The penalty clause is mentioned in the service bond.

Stipend for the students pursuing the MD-MS in Private Medical Deemed Universities

A student pursuing his PG MD-MS in any private Medical Deemed Universities is expected to be paid a genuine stipend throughout their course.

Generally, as witnessed, a stipend ranging from Rs.30,000 per month to Rs.55,000 per month is given to the doctors depending on the institutes while pursuing their course.

However, some institutes pay a lower stipend to the students pursuing non-clinical branches.

Guidance on doing the option entry in MCC for admission to MD-MS

Doing the option entry or prioritizing the institutes while doing option entry is a very important step of guidance on direct admission of MD MS.

Seats will be allotted as per the merit and category of the student. So, doing the option entry right is a very crucial and important aspect of a student’s life. It will help him get into the right institute as per his merit.

Selection of the right institutes and prioritizing before doing option entry helps in making any error or mistake.

Generally, three things should be kept in mind while selecting the institute such as age of the institute, the Fees of the Institute, and the Service bond applicable to the institute.

An old institution generally has a good-running hospital, which helps the student in getting more clinical exposure.

Since the difference is very huge in terms of fees of the same branch in different institutes, the fees are considered to be an important criterion when selecting the institutes.

For some students whose home is near the institute or is of the same state, a service bond of 1 year might not be a problem. But for some students who realize it later only after the seat allotment, it could be a problem. So, before doing the option entry, a student should be well aware of all the bonds and criteria after joining.

After this brief on admission to MD-MS in deemed medical colleges, I will hereby guide you briefly on direct admission to MD-MS in-state private medical colleges.

Applying in State Private Medical Colleges.

A student who has completed his MBBS and has qualified for NEET can also appear for counseling at private medical colleges at different universities in different states.

This will maximize the chances of the student getting the seat of the desired branch or branch of his interest.

For example, a student can also apply in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Pondicherry.

There are different categories of seats for students of different states.

One main point to keep in the notice is the eligibility criteria. Category benefits of eligibility can be taken by state-domicile candidates only.

For example., a student who belongs to the OBC category and has a domicile state of Andhra Pradesh can register and apply for counseling in Karnataka only if his score is equal to or above the qualifying score of a general category candidate.

The fee structure is different in different states and colleges in different categories of seats.

Karnataka state medical colleges have both the lowest and highest category fee structure seats in India.

For Example, 35% of the seats are under the open category, where meritorious students from all the states of India can register and participate in counseling. The Fee for such seats in clinical branches is Rs.11,50,000 per annum approximately. The students are given stipends as well.

Whereas 20% of seats are under the NRI and Q categories, where the fees for almost all the branches in almost all the private medical colleges under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Sciences are higher than most of the Deemed Universities Fees.

So, Karnataka state private medical colleges are the place of choice for both meritorious higher ranking and high fee-paying capability categories of students to select the seats of their choice.

For example, a student who has missed his desired seat in a government medical college by a few marks can opt for the private lower category fee seats in Private medical colleges in Karnataka, whereas a student who has not been allotted his desired seat is deemed private medical college and has a paying capacity can register in Karnataka and try for Q category seats where the fee is very high.

The service bond for the private colleges in Karnataka is also 1 year.

The stipend is generally in the range of 25k to 35k per month in private medical colleges in Karnataka.

List of Documents Required for MD MS Admission

While taking direct admission to top medical colleges for PG, you have to keep all the following documents ready with you. I would suggest you to keep at least 3 copies of the documents with you. Documents required are:

  • NEET-PG Score Card.
  • NEET Admit Card (Original).
  • MBBS Marks card.
  • Internship Completion Certificate.
  • Provisional Degree Certificate.
  • Permanent Degree Certificate.
  • State Medical Council Registration Certificate.
  • Attempts Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Migration Certificate.
  • Community Certificate, if applicable.
  • Document stating that the student has passed out from an MCI-recognized medical college.
  • 10th and 12th Marks Card.
  • 10 Passport size photo.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • PAN Card of Parent.
  • Application registration copy for the states where you have applied.
  • Sponsorship certificate (NRI Students).

How Can I Help You in the Process?

I know there are many consultants or so-called brokers in the market who will promise you to provide premium services at a very minimal cost. As I am providing you with quality guidance service, there are a few things that always keep my service unique.

  • College Selection: With the inside knowledge of hundreds of medical colleges in India, I will be able to filter colleges for you in terms of quality, budget, and location.
  • Branch Selection: More than 30% of the students who contact me are confused about which branch they have to opt for. Will in mind the future scope, trends, and many other criteria, I can personally guide you for admission to the best branch within your budget.
  • Step-by-Step Counseling Process: I will be your personal guide starting from the counseling registration till the allotment of the seat.
  • Documentation Support: As per reports, around 12% of the students lose a chance to secure a seat due to misdocumentation. This is where my experience in documentation helps you to the core.
  • Transparent Transactions: All the transactions will be 100% transparent and will be well documented.
  • Experience: With more than 17 years of experience in the field of career guidance and counseling, I would like to really boast that I am an expert in medical and NEET counseling. I have guided students across the country to many top medical colleges in India. 😀

Wrap Up

I have tried my best to provide all the information regarding direct admission to MD MS. To take admission to medical PG; these are the important things you must keep in mind. All the information provided on this blog is free, and all the information here is from my personal experience only.

If you have any queries related to the same, then you can contact me via call, WhatsApp, or E-mail. You can also drop a comment below, which I will try to respond to as soon as possible.


If you loved the information provided here, then please do share it with your friends and people in need. This motivates me to research more and write more articles related to careers, courses, colleges, college admissions, etc.

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