Dental Colleges in Meerut with Fee Structure – The Latest Updated List 2024

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Got your NEET results? Qualified NEET-UG entrance? Most of you will either be looking for MBBS or BDS admissions in India. I have been into career guidance and counseling for the past 8 years and, I used to get a lot of queries from students from UP asking me to suggest the best dental colleges in Meerut and dental colleges in the Ghaziabad region.

So, I thought I would write a detailed blog post about different BDS colleges in Meerut, which would clear up all the questions students have about it. I won’t be just giving you a list for your knowledge, but I will be sharing in-depth information about the same.

There are actually only 2 dental colleges in Meerut, they are:

But if you are looking for one of the best dental colleges near Meerut, then you can also keep DJ Dental College as an option, which is only 7-8kms from Meerut. And I would say that is one of the best dental colleges in the Ghaziabad area.

Now you might be confused about which college you should choose, right? Kalka Dental College or Subharti Dental College? Before I answer it, I would like you to know all the points to keep in mind while choosing a good dental college.

How to Choose the Best Dental Colleges in Meerut?

This is something, which most students don’t know. Yes, there are many factors you have to see while choosing a BDS college in Meerut. I will be talking about each factor separately. Then I will be giving you the complete information about each college compared with the factors.

Factor #1: Patient Exposure

The first and foremost thing a dental college must have is patient flow. Dentistry is a hands-on profession and without practical experience, a BDS degree will be a piece of paper only. I won’t say that the college must have 1000+ patients.

The college must have a decent number of patients, or else the student-patient ratio must be good. In terms of patient exposure, Subharti Dental College is far better than Kalka Dental College. The reason is that Subharti Dental College has an in-house general hospital with great OPD and Emergency. department.

If you are okay with traveling 7-8 km from Meerut then I will highly recommend DJ Dental College. It is a good dental college, and the facilities are being upgraded.

Factor #2: Faculties

If there is one good teacher, then it will spread knowledge to all. Yes, faculties in dentistry must be the best as they are the ones who teach students practically. I would prefer to check whether the faculties especially in clinical departments like Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, and Periodontics must be the best.

Factor #3: Infrastructure and Facilities

The college must have a decent infrastructure but the best equipment in dentistry. The college must at least have, OPG, the latest X-Ray systems, CBCT, Minor OT, Implant Centre, etc. If you look into dental colleges in Meerut, only Subharti Dental College has all these. It’s also there at IDST Dental College and ITS Dental College if you are looking for BDS colleges near Meerut.

Factor #4: Affiliation and Recognition

If you are going to join a dental college, then the dental college must be affiliated with a decent university and must be recognized by the Dental Council of India. In the case of dental college in Meerut, then:

Factor #5: Affordability

I consider this to be a factor in choosing a good dental college, as I always keep the return on investment in mind. It is completely up to you whether you want to join a high-fee college or not. Never go to colleges which are very cheap, they won’t have any basic facilities either.

Now that you have got a basic idea of choosing a good dental college, I will be giving you an insight into both the dental colleges in Meerut.

Dental Colleges in Meerut with Fee Structure - The Latest Updated List 2024
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Subharti Dental College Meerut

Subharti Dental College was started in the year 1996 and is located on the Meerut-Haridwar main highway. The college is almost 90 km from the Delhi International Airport. The college is affiliated with Swami Vivekanda Subharti University and is also affiliated with the Dental Council of India.

I had personally gone to the college and the campus, patient flow and infrastructure are excellent. Yes, I mean it…It is excellent. If you are a dental aspirant you can definitely go for the Subharti.

  • Address: Swami Vivekanand Subharti University Subharti Puram, NH-58, Delhi Haridwar, NH58, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250005.

Kalka Dental College Meerut

I had also been to Kalka Dental College, and I will say the college is an average college. I saw that the college has a basketball court and stuff. But the patient exposure and facilities in dentistry are not good.

The college was established in the year 2006 and it is affiliated with CCS University and also recognized by the Dental Council of India. The college is located nearby Suharti Dental College. Kalka Dental College is only 2-3 km away from Subharti Dental College.

  • Address: WJFQ+RQM, By Pass, near Partapur Flyover, Royal Kunj, Partapur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250006
Dental Colleges in Meerut with Fee Structure - The Latest Updated List 2024

DJ Dental College, Modinagar

It is also known as the Divya Jyothi Dental College, Modinagar. The reason I mentioned this college here is that it is only 10-15 km away from other dental colleges in Meerut. The college is located on Modinagar-Niwari Road..

I had been to this college and I am really satisfied with the college. If you are looking for an alternative to Subharti Dental College, near Meerut then you can opt for this college.

I am not saying it is the best dental college and can compare it with Subharti Dental College. But I could say it is better than Kalka Dental College.

  • Address: Ajit Mahal, Modinagar – Niwari Rd, Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh 201204

Fee Structure in BDS Colleges in Meerut

The fee structure for all the dental colleges in UP is fixed by the UPDGME. So, it will be mentioned on the college’s official website and the government website. They will only mention the tuition fees and the hostel, and extra charges will differ from college to college.

Subharti Dental College Fee Structure

The fee structure for BDS for last year was Rs.2.50 lakhs per year and a security deposit of Rs.2 lakhs. The hostel and mess charges depend on the type of hostel you choose.

Kalka Dental College 

The fee structure for Kalka Dental College is around Rs.3.25 lakhs per year and the hostel charges are around Rs.85,000 per year. There is also a security deposit of around Rs.25,000 which is waived for deserving candidates.

DJ Dental College

The fee structure for DJ Dental College is around Rs.3 lakhs per year and Rs.85,000 per year for the hostel and food. They don’t charge any security fees. They also have a scholarship scheme for deserving students. The scholarship amount differs for each student. You can contact the college directly for more details.

If you have scored well in your 12th exams, you can apply for a scholarship.

Dental Colleges in Meerut with Fee Structure - The Latest Updated List 2024


As per my experience, I will suggest you keep Subarthi Dental College as the first option and DJ Dental College as the second option. The information provided here is from my personal experiences and the information I collected from students who are studying in different colleges.

If you found the information useful, please share it with your friends and people in need. If you have any queries or need my guidance in joining any dental college in Meerut, do contact me at +91-7353000393 via call or Whatsapp.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Colleges in Meerut

Q1. List of Dental Colleges in Meerut?

A: 1. Subharti Dental College
2. Kalka Dental College 
3. DJ Dental College

Q2. BDS Fees structure in Meerut?

A: 1. Subharti Dental College – Rs.2.50 lakhs per year
2. Kalka Dental College – Rs.3.25 lakhs per year
3. DJ Dental College – Rs.3 lakhs per year
The amount mentioned above is only the college fees, which don’t include hostel fees, which may cost around 85000. Colleges like Subharti Dental College and Kalka Dental College take a security deposit

Q3. Is NEET mandatory for admission?

A: A majority of colleges require NEET clearance. However, some colleges might require a CET clearance. You can contact the college about this.

Q4. Is Dentistry going to help me earn well in the future?

A: Yes. Dentistry is a lucrative profession that allows you to maintain a stable work-life balance.

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