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SGT Dental College Gurgaon: Admissions, Courses Offered, Fees, Placements, Rankings, Facilities

SGT Dental College Gurgaon was established in 2002. The courses offered at the college are approved by the Dental Council of India and affiliated with SGT University. The College offered graduate level BDS, post graduate MDS and doctoral degrees.

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SGT Dental College Gurgaon Overview

Key Highlights

NameSGT Dental College 
AddressGurgaon-Badli Road Chandu, Budhera, Gurugram, Haryana 122505
Establishment Year2013
State Haryana
City Gurgaon
College TypePrivate
Affiliated toSGT University
Recognized byDental Council of India
Study ModeFull-time
HostelBoys and Girls


  • To foster individual brilliance through value-based, cross-cultural, integrated, and holistic education, using cutting-edge technology combined with moral principles in order to contribute to the creation of a civilization that is both peaceful and sustainable on a global scale.


  • To expand knowledge in all subjects through innovations and moral research, to give access to high-quality education, and to enhance the quality of life for everyone, both individually and collectively.
  • Actively promoting the development and well-being of the neighborhood through appropriate extension and outreach efforts.
  • Participating in community engagement, extension, and promotion activities cultivates ethical principles and compassion in citizens.
  • To foster a cooperative, competitive environment where people can learn new things and develop a passion for lifelong learning.
  • To create Centers of Excellence that will lead to cutting-edge technology development across all industries.

Why choose SGT Dental College Gurgaon?

  • Pursuing knowledge on a never-ending basis, commitment to excellence, and developing ethical and moral values among students.
  • Basic and advanced studies on dental care and oral illnesses.
  • Because students come from all around India, there is a diverse population on campus.
  • The methodology for teaching is both industry- and student-focused to prepare pupils for future employment.
  • Programs for student exchange with numerous leading colleges worldwide.
  • Various extracurricular and academic clubs are needed for the students’ overall growth.
  • Sessions on improving interpersonal skills regularly.
  • Wonderful campus surrounded by lush greenery.
  • MOU for the academic exchange of undergraduate and graduate students. 

SGT Dental College Gurgaon Admissions

SGT Dental College Gurgaon is a constituent part of SGT University. Admission to any dental course at SGT Dental College will be done through SGT University itself. Read further to know more about the admission process, eligibility criteria, and other information on SGT Dental College admissions.

Admission Intake

The intake capacity of courses at SGT Dental College Gurgaon is as follows:

Course NameIntake Capacity
BDS 100
MDS (including all specializations)46

Admission Procedure

 Admission Procedure for SGT Dental College Gurgaon


Embark on your journey towards enrollment at SGT Dental College Gurgaon effortlessly. This guide delineates the straightforward steps to secure admission. From accessing the website to completing the admission form, follow these steps meticulously for a smooth admission process.

Step 1: Access SGT Dental College Gurgaon Official Website

Initiate your admission process by visiting the official website of SGT Dental College Gurgaon. This online platform serves as your gateway to essential admission-related information and updates.

Step 2: Check Admission Opening Notification

Upon navigating to the website, keep an eye out for notifications regarding the commencement of admissions. These notifications signal the availability of admission forms and signify the beginning of the application process.

Step 3: Access the Admission Form on SGT University’s Website

Once informed about the admission opening, access the “admission form” page on SGT University’s website. This page hosts the necessary form required for initiating your admission process.

Step 4: Complete the Admission Form

Fill out the admission form comprehensively with all the requisite details pertinent to your desired course of study. Ensure accuracy and completeness in providing information to expedite the processing of your application.


Navigating the admission process for SGT Dental College Gurgaon is uncomplicated when adhering to these sequential steps. By accessing the official website, staying attuned to admission notifications, and completing the admission form diligently, you pave the way for a seamless enrollment experience. Stay proactive and meticulous to secure your place at SGT Dental College Gurgaon.

Eligibility Criteria for BDS

  • The applicant must turn 17 by the end of the year in which they are admitted to the BDS program. 
  • The applicant should have passed NEET after graduating from pre-university, higher secondary school, or a comparable test. 
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English ought to be required subjects in the higher secondary.

Documents Required

  • 10th & 12th Marks Card.
  • NEET Registration Form & Scorecard.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Migration Certificate.
  • Character Certificate.
  • Caste Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Passport Size Photos.

Eligibility Criteria for MDS

  • The candidate must have passed the BDS course at an accredited university.
  • A one-year, required rotating internship is required of the candidate.
  • The candidate must have provisional registration with the State Dental Council before the selection process starts.
  • Admission will be based on the results of the NEET PG Entrance Test.

Documents Required

  • 10 & 12th Marks Card.
  • BDS Degree Certificate.
  • Internship Completion Certificate.
  • Permanent Registration Certificate.
  • BDS All Semester Marks Card.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Caste & Category Certificate.
  • Character Certificate.
  • Passport Size Photos.

Eligibility Criteria for Doctorate Course

  • MDS degree in the relevant specialization with a minimum 55% grade.

Documents Required

  • Migration Document from the University last attended.
  • Certificate of passing or degree from the most recent qualifying degree examination.
  • Mark sheet for the most recent qualifying degree test.
  • Character certification.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Gap Certificate (if applicable).
  • Employer’s letter of no objection (if employed).

SGT Dental College Gurgaon Courses Offered

SGT Dental College Gurgaon provides undergraduate and postgraduate in nine specialties, and PhD programs in all areas of dental science. Dental sciences courses follow a progressive and advanced curriculum. The college aims to produce highly qualified dental health professionals with excellent moral character who will offer top-notch oral healthcare to all social classes. 

Course Duration

The courses offered at SGT Dental College with its duration is as follows:

Course NameCourse Duration
BDS 5 years
MDS (including all specializations)3 years
PhD 3 years

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

  • The main objective of a B.D.S degree is to provide oral health professionals with the knowledge, abilities, and rational attitudes needed to carry out all challenging and extrinsic rewards to general dental practice, including the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of abnormalities and illnesses of the teeth, mouth, jaws, and related tissues. 
  • Additionally, dental undergraduates should be able to participate in the nation’s rural healthcare delivery programs and comprehend the notion of communal oral health education.

Master in Dental Surgery 

SGT Dental College Gurgaon offers MDS course in 9 specializations. The Dental Council of India approves the courses. At the end of the course, the graduate will be able to diagnose and treat patients with oral illness in their specialized field. The specializations offered in MDS are:

  • MDS in Periodontology
  • MDS in Public Health Dentistry
  • MDS in Oral Medicine & Radiology
  • MDS in Oral Pathology & Microbiology
  • MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • MDS in Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry
  • MDS in Prosthodontics, Crown & Bridge.
  • MDS in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
  • MDS in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Doctorate in Philosophy

The doctorate of philosophy course is the highest level of education pursued in dentistry. SGT Dental College offers a doctoral degree in all 9 branches of dentistry. The graduating attributes of a doctoral degree are:

  • Will be able to focus on futuristic translational research.
  • Will promote inter-disciplinary research.
  • An advanced ability to analyze and assimilate research-based and intellectual literature.
  • A demonstrated capability to design, conduct, and report ongoing and original research. 
  • The ability to contextualize research within a global corpus of specialized knowledge.
  • An in-depth comprehension of the most important disciplinary and cross-disciplinary views and norms pertaining to the area.
  • Highly developed problem-solving skills and approach flexibility.
  • Capacity for critical analysis inside and across a dynamic disciplinary environment.

SGT Dental College Gurgaon Fees

SGT Dental College Gurgaon works under SGT University, so the University itself formulates the fee structure and decisions related to fee structure. The University reserves the right to determine and review the fee structure in compliance with the conditions of the Haryana Private Universities Act, 2006, as modified occasionally.

Fee Structure

SGT Dental College fee structure for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses are:

Course NameFees 
PhD (All 9 Branches)INR 1,52,500/- (First Year)


  • According to the University Scholarship Policy or the terms of the Haryana Private Universities Act, 2006, as revised from time to time, the University grants scholarships in the form of college fee concessions to genuine deserving students.
  • The University announces the final date for applications each year before the beginning of the academic year. Interested, qualified candidates must submit their applications in the required form on or before that date.
  • The Committee set up for the purpose may invite the candidates to dialogue.

SGT Dental College Gurgaon Placements

Dentistry is a medical specialty that diagnoses, prevents, and treats problems affecting the mouth and teeth. Although the field was once primarily concerned with teeth, it is constantly expanding to cover nearby and connected tissues and structures in the maxillofacial region. Let’s discuss the demands and career opportunities of dentistry.

Job Opportunities after Dental Graduation

Dental science programs come in a wide variety, and each one has its own advantages. The following are some of the well-liked occupations in dentistry sciences:

  • Dental Hygienists

They are in charge of brushing patients’ teeth and gums and instructing them on good oral hygiene.

  • Dental Assistants

They support dentists and hygienists in their work by working closely with them. They also assist individuals with any oral health requirements.

  • Dental Lab Technicians

Dental lab workers produce dental prostheses and other dental items in laboratories.

  • Sales Agents

These individuals market and sell dental equipment to dentists and related healthcare providers.

  • Dental Educators

Dentistry courses are taught by dental educators in colleges and universities.

  • Dental Research Scientists

They look at new dental techniques and technologies.

SGT Dental College Gurgaon Rankings

SGT Dental College Gurgaon is the most opted-for dental college in India. The college is part of SGT University, which has been consistently ranked among the best universities in India, Haryana, and Gurugram. Let’s learn about the achievements of the faculty and students of SGI Dental College!

On-Campus Facilities

SGT Dental College Gurgaon is situated with different institutions in the SGT University Campus. The University has excellent infrastructure: a beautiful campus with abundant greenery, visually pleasing infrastructure, well-appointed and roomy academic and sporting facilities, a cozy staff residence, and a well-appointed dorm for students. 

Facilities Offered

  • Hostel 

The college features separate dormitories for boys and girls with 24-hour security provisions. Each dormitory has its dining, amusement, and study areas.

  • Transportation Services

The College has its own fleet of around 37 buses that run on various routes throughout NCR and its surrounding areas, providing transportation for both employees and students. Hostel guests can also travel to the city via buses. Students are assessed fees based on actual usage.

  • Seminar Halls

The Seminar Hall is the perfect location for seminars and lectures from medical professionals to our college’s students so they can have a deeper understanding of how their various areas operate. In addition to giving students first-hand knowledge of how various areas operate, these seminars and lectures also provide them the chance to ask our visitors questions in order to get their questions answered.

  • Sports Grounds

To assure students’ overall growth, the college offers a variety of sporting activities and actively encourages participation in competitions. All facilities and playgrounds are accessible for sports like basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, cricket, badminton, and others.

Contact Details

Address: Gurgaon-Badli Road Chandu, Budhera, Gurugram, Haryana 122505.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SGT Dental College situated in Gurgaon?

Yes, the college is situated in Gurgaon-Badli Road Chandu, Haryana.

2. Are the courses offered at SGT Dental College Gurgaon approved?

Yes, all the courses offered at the college are approved by the Dental Council of India.

3. What is SGT Dental College Gurgaon ranking?

The college is one of the best dental colleges in Haryana.

4. How many courses are offered at SGT Dental College Gurgaon?

SGT Dental College Gurgaon offers BDS, MDS, and PhD in dental branches.

5. How is SGT Dental College Gurgaon faculty ?

The college faculty is highly qualified and experienced.

6. What is the course duration for MDS at SGT Dental College Gurgaon?

The course duration for MDS is 3 years at SGT Dental College Gurgaon.

7. What are the first year’s SGT Dental College Gurgaon fees for PhD courses?

The fee structure for PhD courses in SGT Dental College Gurgaon is INR 1,52,500/- for the first year.

8.What is the duration of MDS at SGT Dental College Gurgaon?

 The duration of MDS at SGT Dental College Gurgaon is 3 years.

9.Does SGT Dental College Gurgaon have hostel?

 Yes, SGT Dental College Gurgaon has hostel facility.

10.How much is the fees for BDS at SGT Dental College Gurgaon?

  The fees for BDS at SGT Dental College Gurgaon is INR 2.46 LPA.

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