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Manjushree College of Nursing Bangalore Admission

Apply for Admission 2022-23

We all come through that phase in life when we depend on various sources to call on our career plans. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. 

I will be helping you narrow down your career options and hasten your thought process by giving you an insight into one of the best nursing colleges in Bangalore, Manjushree college of nursing.


This college has remarkably proven to provide quality education and has thrived towards arranging dynamic faculties with expertise in providing academic excellence. 

It has made every effort to nurture each student with the knowledge and skill in nursing.

The extraordinary infrastructure with all the desirable amenities from the entrance to the college exit draws the attention of every single individual. 

There is nothing that the students in the college are deprived of. The college makes progressive efforts to keep the students comfortable.

The environment has created an open mind for learning and teaching; we help the students reach their aspirations by giving individual attention and the support they deserve. It also gives you access to all the equipped methods of learning.


Manjushree college of nursing is located in the garden city of Bangalore. The Manjushree Education Trust manages the college. 

This trust was registered under the Indian Act to emphasize introducing general and technical education. 

Dr. R.T. Naik is a brilliant surgeon and Smt. Manjula.T.Naik was responsible for setting up this institution in 2003 with the only aim to school each student with masterful skill by furnishing their minds with accurate knowledge.

The college is ranked as one of the top colleges in Karnataka. It had also been recognized by the Indian Nursing Council several years ago. Over the years, the college has shown excellence in the field of nursing and education.


The building is constructed with four floors consisting of spacious rooms with all the modern facilities.

  • ADDRESS:  26, 3RD Main, opposite Ambedkar medical college, Shampura main road RT Nagar, Shampura, Kadugondanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045.
  • COLLEGE TYPE: Private.                 
  • APPROVAL: INC, KNC, Government of Karnataka.
  • AFFILIATION: Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.



All the courses offered here are guided and derived based upon the Rajiv Gandhi University of health science instructions. 

  • B.sc nursing: Four years.
  • Post basic B.sc nursing: Two years
  • M.sc nursing: Two years.


This criterion helps you to determine if you stand a chance to take admission to the college. To proceed with admission, you need to all the requirements of the college.

B.sc nursing

Age limit: above 17yr or should have completed the said age by December.

Students who have secured 45% in science subjects (biology, chemistry, physics) are permitted to apply.

P.B.B.sc nursing

Students with a diploma in nursing are permitted to apply after seeking approval from the Rajiv Gandhi institute of health science.

M.sc nursing

The candidate needs to possess a B.sc nursing or P.B.B.sc nursing qualification with a minimum of one year of work experience.

Those who have qualified from other universities need to produce a transfer certificate and an eligibility certificate from the Rajiv Gandhi University of health science. 


After meeting the eligibility criteria, one needs to move forward with the admission procedure.

Having all the criteria mentioned above in mind, keep updating yourself with the application dates.

Visit their website online and download their online application form, before which you need to read the instructions and follow them accordingly.

Fill in the form with the accurate details in capital and bold letters.

Upload the specified documents

Once you have completed filling your form, you need to re-check and verify it before uploading it.

A confirmation message will be mailed or messaged to your mobile number once you have uploaded the form.

You will be shortlisted if your data matches all the requirements of the college.

With this, all your online procedures will be completed. The college will require your presence for further verifying and submitting your documents.

After all of the steps mentioned above are completed, you will receive an admission letter.


One needs to be very vigilant while downloading the documents and need to upload all the specified documents. To make you prepared, we have enlisted all the documents below, and this will help you have a more straightforward approach to the entire process.

  • Tenth scorecard.
  • Twelfth scorecard.
  • Tenth passing certificate.
  • Twelfth passing certificate.
  • Birth certificate record.
  • Ten latest passport-size photographs.
  • Ten latest stamp-sized photographs.
  • A conduct certificate from the last institution attended.
  • Migration certificate for the students from another state.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Aadhar card.
  • SC/ST certificate if available.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Physical fitness medical certificate.
  • Income certificate.

All these documents should be uploaded as well as carried with them to the college.

If you face any difficulty in the entire procedure, you can contact me. 

We will guide you through the whole process and keep you updated with all the information we come across. We can make it simple for you.


A whole spacious building with large and equipped classrooms and surrounded with clean and sound premises.

It provides an open space for learning and teaching, having a recreational environment attracts each student with enough motivation to pour out their talents. 

It has well equipped with all the modern facilities required for a student to enrich their skills.


Sufficient classrooms that are well ventilated create a fresh mind for students to learn and educate with efficient knowledge.

Each classroom provides a big blackboard and enough furniture to accommodate the students. It also has OHP, LCD in each classroom.


 This separate room has been alluring ever since it was built and had the facility to accommodate many people. Being bright and spacious, it has been an eye-catching space of the college.

All the programs are held within this place. The management makes it a point to maintain the area. It is well equipped with digital and audio facilities that uniformly spread throughout the place.

It also presents enough seating and a centralized air conditioner. 


This is a peculiar feature that the college provides; this facility can be accessed by all the patients, which lets them have a comfortable experience throughout the entire treatment from the college.

It is well ventilated and contains drinking water; the college also supplies magazines to engage the patients throughout the waiting process.


The college provides a clinic with 100 beds. One of the driving features is that the college is situated next to Ambedkar medical college that helps the students with more patients and eventually great exposure.

Here the students are given individual training to see a patient.


This site of the college has its significance. The ambiance created has left most of its students astonished. The cool breeze passing in through the windows, the cozy furniture, and ofcourse the silence has drawn the attention of young minds.

This place is stacked with a wide variety of books of various publications, both national and international. It also supplies journals and newspapers. It has proven very informative.

The library remains accessible for both the students and the staff members. It remains open during college hours.


The college has emphasized being updated with modern learning skills; it has taken the initiative to include laboratories as a part of the learning program. 

This was done to teach the right technical approach. 

This ensures the students with some amount of confidence before getting their hands on a patient.

They provide a –

  • Community lab.
  • Anatomy lab.
  • Computer lab.

These labs are filled with models which are very informative.


It has been an excellent opportunity for minds with talents. The environment around keeps you motivated and thrilled to imbibe the interests present around you and produce them. 

Manjushree institutions have promised to bring students excelling in all fields. The college has made arrangements for the students to engage in activities of their choice.

They have a separate area for indoor and outdoor games containing various games the students are interested in; this helps them relax from their busy schedules.

The outdoor and indoor games can be easily accessible by all the students, including boys and girls.


The students can avail the transportation facilities provided by the college; the college arranges buses to commute to the city during and after college hours. This makes life easier by saving time and money


 How can one not feel attracted to the marvelous infrastructure and facilities the college provides? There is a separate hostel for boys and for girls which can accommodate sufficient students. 

Here, the students are blessed with large and spacious rooms that are very well furnished, and it also provides 24 hours of water and power supply, free internet facilities, and clean drinking water throughout the day. 

The washrooms are well sanitized every day. The entire premise is cleaned and well maintained from time to time. A very friendly warden looks after the hostel. 

It is also guarded 24/7 by a security guard. With all these privileges, one would feel at home.


The statement ‘ no food feels like home’ can be held wrong in this case. The canteen provides delicious and nutritious food with a wide range of cuisine and 100% clean and germ-free food every day. The management keeps track of the cleanliness maintained regularly.

The canteen serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Both staff and students are allowed to eat from the canteen.


As a college, we focus on academics and encourage the students to take part in cultural events. They have created an environment that allows the students to identify the talents they possess. 

Every year the college conducts an annual cultural and sports meet, which is considered an exciting part of the entire journey. The students and the faculty members participate and are highly enthusiastic in each event conducted by the college. This event also creates a bond between the inter batch students.


The college is highly disciplined; any offensive behavior that can affect the physical or mental status is entirely not allowed. The college is made ragging-free. 

Any student who encounters such behavior is free to bring it to the notice of their superior authorities. Ragging is a punishable offense, and one has to face severe consequences if found guilty.


And with this, we come to the end of the journey; I hope this has been very resourceful to you all. 

Now, you all can decide and choose the best for you. With personal research and validated review, I can tell you that Manjushree college of nursing, with its motto of ‘ God has given us a chance to produce the best global healthcare professionals in the world’, had, has and will continue to graduate a nurse with all the qualities one should possess. 

Need my Guidance?

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Have any questions?

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If you loved this information I had given here, please share it with your friends, and please, you care.

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