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Ragas Dental College Chennai Admission, Courses Offered, Fees structure, Placements, Facilities

We have another entry in our ongoing series of blogs from dental and medical schools. I enjoy reading your comments on my blogs and appreciate you sharing them with your social networks. I find the responses to these posts to be fascinating. I am aware that you must now choose which college to enrol in and what career path to choose.

Please contact our outstanding team of counsellors, who will assist you throughout the admissions process and make this admission process of yours a breeze. Let’s now discuss the Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai (RDCH).

Dental Admission Guidance

Ragas Dental College Chennai Overview

The RDCH dental college is one of the premier dental colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu with an outstanding history of academic excellence and research. The faculty at the college involves in basic, trans-disciplinary and topic-specific research and inculcates research skills in students from the very beginning.

Key Highlights

  • The RDCH is a unit of the Jaya Group of Institutions which provides quality delta education to students and instils an attitude of service in them.
  • The college is proud to provide dental education under the supervision of 70 faculty members who approach students with modern teaching methods.
  • The college infrastructure is top-notch that helps students practically use advanced dental equipment instead of seeing their images in textbooks.
  • The college is motivated to achieve all-around development in areas of research, dental care and education.
Name Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai 
Address Velachery Main Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai
Website http://rdc.ac.in/
Establishment Year 1976
Principal Dr N S Azhagarasan
State Tamil Nadu
City Chennai
College Type Private College
Affiliated To Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University
Approved By Dental Council of India
Study Mode Regular/Full-Time
Hostel Both Girls and Boys

Why Choose Ragas Dental College Chennai?

  • NIRF ranking:

The college ranked 32nd among all the dental colleges in India. This shows the academic excellence and reputation of the college which it managed to preserve over more than 3 decades.

  • Research Facilities:

The college has over 450 publications which reflect the enormous research activities undertaken by the college faculty and staff over the years. The students are involved in small research projects to help them develop their analytical and research skills.

  • Safe and Secure Environment:

The college has instituted an anti-ragging committee since 2010. The anti-ragging squad detains students who are involved in ragging. Aside from this the college also celebrates the anti-ragging day to bring awareness among students. Thus, the college is determined to ensure a safe and secure environment for the students.

  • Health Camps:

The college organises health camps to cater to the local masses. Students actively participate in these health camps. The campus has organised over 1000 health camps.

  • Cultural events and Important days:

Not just academic excellence, the campus also organises various cultural events and important days such as World Health day, College day, Women’s day, Induction day, and Sports day. The fervour of these celebrations brings enthusiasm and happiness among students and staff on the campus.

  • Tie-Up for Clinical Training:

The college has signed an MoU with Voluntary health services located in Chennai. This MoU allows BDS students of RDCH to get clinical training. This ensures the students are exposed to more practical ways of learning.

  • Public Speaking Forum:

The college provides a forum for students and staff. This forum is helpful to organise public lectures, symposiums, workshops and seminars. Students attend these seminars and listen to national and international speakers and improve their knowledge base.  

Ragas Dental College Chennai Admission 

The admissions into Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai are done after the NEET examination results. Students can apply for the BDS and MDS courses if they meet the eligibility criteria. Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria and documents required here.

Eligibility for BDS

  • Age limit: 17 years is the minimum age limit that is required for admission.
  • Education qualification: Candidates with a minimum of 50% marks in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English in the 12th standard of State/ISC/CBSE or any other equivalent examination are eligible to apply. 

Documents Required for BDS Admissions

  •  Birth Certificate.
  • 10th Marksheet.
  • 12th Marksheet.
  •  Admit Card of NEET.
  •  Score Card of NEET.
  • Aadhaar Card or any other identity card.

Eligibility for MDS

  • The candidate should pass the BDS course with a good score and have completed the internship before applying to the course.
  • A NEET-MDS merit rank.
  • A medical writing sample of 2 or 3 papers needs to be submitted.

Documents Required for MDS Admissions 

  • Birth Certificate.
  • 10th Marksheet.
  • 12th Marksheet.
  • BDS Certificate and Marksheet.
  • State Dental Council Registration Certificate.
  • NEET-MDS Score Card.
  • Aadhaar Card or any other identity card.

Eligibility for Diploma

  • Candidates should pass 12th standard or an equivalent examination with subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths.

Documents Required for Diploma Admissions

  • 10th standard Marksheet.
  • 12th standard Marksheet.
  • Aadhaar Card or any other identity card.
  • Birth Certificate.

Eligibility for PhD

  • Candidates should pass the BDS course with good marks.
  • Candidates should pass the MDS course with a good score.
  • A medical writing sample of 2 or 3 papers needs to be submitted to analyse the research and analytical skills of the candidate.

Documents Required for PhD Admissions

  • Birth Certificate.
  • 10th Marksheet.
  • 12th Marksheet.
  • BDS Certificate and Marksheet.
  • MDS Certificate and Marksheet.

Ragas Dental College Chennai Courses Offered

Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai is affiliated with Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University and is recognised by the Dental Council of India. It is one of the premier dental schools in the state of Tamil Nadu. The college offers multiple courses in the field of dentistry. Now, let’s discuss the courses offered by the institution.

Courses Offered

Course Duration
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) 4 years and a 1- year compulsory rotatory internship 
Diploma in Dental Hygiene 2 years
Diploma in Dental Mechanism 2 years
Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) 3 years

Diploma in Dental Hygiene

This course is pursued by 12th pass-outs. After the diploma course, they can assist as dental health providers to dentists in government and private hospitals.

Diploma in Dental Mechanism

This diploma course is also pursued after the 12th standard. The students undergo theoretical, practical and clinical sessions during the course.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Pursuing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and determination to complete all the coursework, practicals, and internship of the BDS curriculum. After qualifying for the NEET exam with the required marks, one can join the BDS course in a desired dental college across the country. 

The BDS programme is a five-year course with a 1-year compulsory internship. The students have to attend theoretical classes, and practical and clinical sessions supervised by the campus’s faculty. 

RDCH has stupendous faculty who strive hard to impart their knowledge to students and develop them into fine dental practitioners. The infrastructure provided by the college meets the Dental Council of India standards.

Master of Dental Surgery

In the pursuit of higher studies, BDS graduates can enrol themselves on a Master of Dental Surgery course in a specific field of dentistry in the desired college after clearing the NEET-MDS course. It is a three-year programme where the curriculum largely emphasises practical and clinical sessions.  

The students in this three-year programme receive instruction in a range of dental surgical methods as well as patient care. They receive mentorship in their particular disciplines through in-depth practice and study. Reputable hospitals nationally and internationally hire master’s degree holders depending on their qualifications and level of expertise.

PhD in Dentistry

Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai offers a PhD program in Oral Pathology and Microbiology. Master’s graduates can apply for this program. The research scholars develop research skills and work on specific projects over 4 years before publishing their research work in reputed journals.


Below is a table that gives an overview of various departments that offer MDS courses at RDCH:

Department Overview
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • This department deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental caries and involves in the conservation of teeth. 
  • The department is well equipped with the infrastructure to carry out surgical procedures such as canal treatment, endodontic implants, etc.
Oral Pathology & Microbiology
  • This department deals with the study of microorganisms causing various dental diseases.
  • The state-of-art equipment such as digital radiography, odontometer, etc., are available in the department.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Students get hands-on experience in dealing with patients with tooth extractions and rhinoplasty. 
  • This department is well-equipped and supervised by experienced faculty who also treat patients.
Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • This is the fundamental department where the patients get diagnosed with various oral infections and diseases.
  • The department has state-of-the-art equipment such as a digital panoramic x-ray machine, biopsy equipment, TENS unit etc.,
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics
  • Students are taught about orthodontic procedures. 
  • The department has renowned faculty, lab offices and infrastructure that caters to the academic needs of students.
Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry
  • This department is concerned with child dental care.
  • The students gain experience in child dentistry.
  • The students are imparted with skills such as how to handle a child while treating his dental disorders or diseases.
  • The department also strives to promote research in child dentistry and issues guidelines for good child oral health care 
  • In this department, the students undergo training in various dental procedures such as endodontics implants, and managing traumatised teeth, and root canal treatment.
Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge
  • This department are involved in prosthetic dental procedures to bring smiles to patients’ faces. 
  • Students undergo training in techniques such as implant-supported facial prostheses and oral prostheses.
  • Theoretical classes, seminars, and practical sessions are taken up by the faculty to cover the curriculum.
Public Health Dentistry
  • This is the main department that enlightens the students about the role of dentists in public well-being.
  • The motive of this department is to encourage students to engage in public service by conducting dental health camps. 

Ragas Dental College Chennai Fees Structure

Programme Fee Amount (INR)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)

Ragas Dental College  fee structure will usually be very high considering the college’s notable faculty and infrastructure facilities. 

Parents of prospective dental students are concerned about the cost of the BDS and MDS tuition fee. The dental course fee structure is usually high. This is reasonable because of the costs incurred by the college to maintain high-end infrastructure and employ the best dental professors. so that the program’s mandatory practical classes can be taught by highly qualified faculty. 

As a result, some students and parents may be discouraged from choosing this field of study due to the exorbitant cost structure. The good news is that organisations and governments offer several scholarships to qualified and poor students so they can pursue their academic goals. 

  • Ragas Dental College Chennai offer scholarship facilities for meritorious students. So, it is advisable to work hard to score a merit rank to become eligible for this scholarship program.
  • Furthermore, several banking institutions provide lower-interest student loans. Therefore, if you are still committed to realising your dreams, get in touch with our knowledgeable staff. They will provide you with more details on scholarships and bank loans.

Placements and Scope

Many choose to become dentists out of passion. Dentistry has emerged as a medical field that provides a lot of opportunities for youngsters to pursue their dream. It is considered essential to thoroughly research career opportunities and growth before plunging into the BDS course.

  • Compulsory Internship

The fifth and final year of the five-year BDS programme is a compulsory rotating internship year. To gain knowledge and experience in the field, BDS students should in all cases pursue this internship at a dental facility or hospital. Only after completing this 1-year internship does the Dental Council of India recognise BDS graduates as licenced dentists.

  • Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery:

After the completion of the BDS course, a few graduates crack the NEET-MDS examination with a merit score. These meritorious students can apply for a master’s degree in dental surgery (MDS) in a desired college across the country. Once completed the master’s graduates can join dental clinics at very good pay. 

  • Research:

Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai offers a PhD programme in the department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology. Students can also enrol on PhD programs abroad to pursue research in dentistry.

  • Cosmetic Industry:

Dentists can get into the cosmetic industry where they can perform cosmetic surgeries which involve teeth and jaw. This is a remunerative career path which is seeing an upward trend because of the development in technology and beauty-conscious people. 

  • Dentists at Government Hospitals:

Government jobs are always lucrative but are not easy to rack. Becoming a government dentist not just provides job security but also increases status in society. The central and state governments conduct various exams to recruit certified dentists to work in government hospitals.

  • Overseas Career as a Dentist:

The BDS qualification recognised for dental practice by the Dental Council of India is accepted in many countries. Therefore, one could establish a clinic in these countries.

  • Lecturer:

Many BDS graduates choose to work as lecturers in dental educational institutions around the country. This is a reputable and lucrative career choice and chances of getting a job are also high if you choose this career option.

  • Clinical practice:

One can practise dentistry and own a dental clinic in India if they have a BDS degree. If the clinic provides excellent treatment facilities, it may become more well-known in the community and can become lucrative with time and effort.

  • Top recruiters:

Some of the top recruiting institutions that seek BDS graduates for the role of a dentist include Smile Care Dental Clinic, Fortis Hospitals, Max Super Speciality Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, and Seven Hills in India.

Rankings and Recognitions

The ranking of an institute defines its achievements academically. Any student will be drawn to a school that has top-notch facilities and knowledgeable professors. 

  • RDCH is one of the top dental schools in Chennai with a NIRF ranking of 32nd in the dental stream. This reflects the achievements and standards of dental education it provides. 
  • It is affiliated with the prestigious Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University and is among the Top-ranked BDS Schools in India
  • Ragas Dental College & Hospital is recognized by the Dental Council of India. This is an indicator of the adequate infrastructure and quality of education that the college imparts to its students. 

Contact our trained staff if you are interested in learning more about the Ragas Dental College Ranking.

Facilities Offered

The college provides all amenities that make the student’s stay on campus comfortable. Based on Ragas Dental College Reviews, we have listed the best features of the college.

  • Library Facilities

The library facilities at the campus are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The students and staff avail resources related to dentistry and other medical fields from the library. The library offers a silent atmosphere for the students to ensure peaceful reading time. 

  • Hostel Facilities

The college has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. The hostels are well-equipped with beds, chairs and desks. Their security for both the hostels 24/7. Drinking water facilities and electricity are provided to hostels. These hostel facilities are affordable for students. Students find the hostel rooms spacious and ventilated.

  • Canteen

Delicious food is cooked by the mess staff. The students find the canteen clean and tidy. Meals are served thrice a day. The food is prepared using fresh vegetables and grains. The students relish hot nutritious food.

  • Sports Facilities

The campus organises sports events and tournaments. Students participate with steam spirit and enthusiasm in these tournaments and win prizes. Both outdoor sports and indoor sports facilities are provided by the campus. The campus motivates students to participate in regular sports activities to maintain good physical and mental health. 

  • Bank

The UTI bank facility is available on campus for students and staff. This prevents students from going out for banking services. 

  • Transport Facilities

Separate transport facilities are available for students and staff. The college buses pick up and drop students and staff regularly from different corners of the city.

Contact Details

  • Address: Ragas Dental College #2/102, East Coast Road, Uthandi, 600119, Chennai.

12th graduates find it challenging to choose the best dental college to join. Opting for the best dental college requires a great amount of research and thought. Students differ in their taste, while some want to join a college that excels in academics, others want to join a college that offers both academics and extracurricular activities. Parents search for the best college for their children once the NEET results are out. 

We understand students’ and parents’ ordeal and provide elite services that help your kid smoothly sail through the admission process. So, if you are curious enough to know more about the services we offer contact us earliest possible.

Dental Admission Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What courses are offered by Ragas Dental College and Hospital, Chennai?

Ragas Dental College and Hospital, Chennai offers courses such as Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Master of Dental Surgery (MDS), PhD, and Diploma courses in Dental Hygiene and Dental Mechanism.

2. What is the location of RDCH, Chennai?

The college is located on East Coast Road near a toll plaza in Uthandi, Chennai.

3. Does the campus have an anti-ragging policy?

The college has an anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging squad that implements the anti-ragging policy on campus.

4. How is the hostel facility at RDCH?

The girls and boys are lodged in conveniently maintained hostels with 24/7 security.

5. Is RDHC a good dental college?

RDHC is ranked as one of the premier dental colleges by NIRF. RDHC has an advanced infrastructure and implements modern learning techniques.

6. How long does it take to complete MDS for full-time students?

Ideally, it takes three years to complete your MDS degree.

7. How is the campus life at RDHC?

The campus life at the RDHC is vibrant with students participating in seminars, health camps, industrial tours, and cultural, and sports events.

8. What is the average pass percentage for the course of BDS?

The average pass percentage for the course of BDS is 75%.

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