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Nestled amidst the vibrant city of Kathmandu, Nepal, lies a collection of esteemed medical institutions that are shaping the future of healthcare education in the region. Together we will have diverse specialties, state-of-the-art facilities, and distinguished faculty members, making Kathmandu a leading medical education destination.

In today’s article, we unveil the secrets and wonders of the Medical Colleges in Kathmandu. Whether you seek inspiration, information, or a deeper understanding of this thriving medical hub, our article promises to be a valuable resource, guiding you through the fascinating world of medical education in Kathmandu!

List of Medical Colleges in Kathmandu

When it comes to pursuing a career in medicine in Nepal, Kathmandu stands out as one of the top destinations, housing a plethora of esteemed institutions. Many medical institutions in Kathmandu offer a variety of courses of all levels. 

So, I have drawn up a list of all these medical colleges in Kathmandu:

College Name Type
National Academy of Medical Sciences Kathmandu Government
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences Kathmandu Government
Nepal Institute of Health Science Kathmandu Private
Nepal Medical College Kathmandu Private
Om Health Campus Kathmandu Private
Vinayak College of Health Science Kathmandu Private
Yeti Health Science Academy Kathmandu Private
Nobel College Kathmandu Private
Kantipur Academy of Health Sciences Kathmandu Private
Kantipur College of Medical Science Kathmandu Private
Kathmandu Medical College Kathmandu Private
Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences Kathmandu Private
Institute of Medicine Nepal Private
Little Buddha College of Health Science Kathmandu Private
Kathmandu School of Medical Technology Kathmandu Private

We will now learn about these colleges more in depth!

Medical Colleges in Kathmandu

The National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS), established in 2060 B.S. (2002 A.D.), is a leading institution in Nepal offering MD and MS courses. Bir Hospital serves as an embodied hospital of NAMS, while other affiliated hospitals include Maternity Hospital Thapathali, Kanti Children Hospital Maharajgunj, Nepal Army Hospital, Patan Hospital, and Nepal Eye Hospital.

NAMS enrolls around 100 residents annually in MD, MS, and MDS programs, along with offering a super-specialty fellowship course in neurosurgery (FNAMS) and a Doctorate of Medicine and Master of Chirurgery (DM, M.Ch).

Bir Hospital, located in Kathmandu, has a bed capacity of 460, serves approximately 1500 outpatients daily, and emphasizes affordability and equitable healthcare with 72% free beds.

Click on my article on the National Academy of Medical Sciences Kathmandu for more information on this college.

  • Address – National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital, New Surgical Building, 6th Floor, Mahaboudha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Medical Colleges in Kathmandu Fee Structure

Now that we have acquainted ourselves with the various medical colleges in the vibrant city of Kathmandu, it is imperative to shift our focus to a crucial factor: affordability. In order to make well-informed decisions, we must delve into the fee structures of medical colleges in Kathmandu.

So, let’s explore the fee structure of medical colleges in Kathmandu and gain a comprehensive understanding of the associated costs!

Fee Structure for MBBS course

College Name Total Fees for Nepalese Students Total Fees for International Students
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences Kathmandu NA $ 75,000
Nepal Medical College Kathmandu NA $ 75,000
Kathmandu Medical College Kathmandu NA $ 75,000
Institute of Medicine Nepal NPR 45,95,720 $ 75,021

Medical Colleges in Kathmandu


In conclusion, the quest for the perfect medical college in Kathmandu requires meticulously evaluating numerous factors, ranging from academic excellence and top-notch infrastructure to renowned faculty expertise. However, one crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked is affordability. Ensuring that the cost of education aligns with your financial capabilities is paramount.

At Career Mudhra, we understand the significance of your medical ambitions, and our dedicated team is ready to provide unwavering support throughout your admission journey. Allow us to assist you in turning your dreams into reality as you embark on this remarkable path of pursuing medical education in the vibrant city of Kathmandu.

Wishing you the very best of luck as you embark on this extraordinary adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some key benefits of pursuing a medical education in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu offers a vibrant academic and cultural atmosphere, exposure to diverse medical cases, and opportunities for professional growth.

2. How can I ensure that the medical college I choose in Kathmandu meets my financial capabilities?

Thoroughly reviewing the fee structure and considering available scholarships and financial aid options can help ensure affordability.

3. Where is the Kathmandu School of Medical Technology Kathmandu located?

The Kathmandu School of Medical Technology Kathmandu is located at Ratopol Kathmandu, Nepal.

4. Are there any entrance exams required for admission to medical colleges in Kathmandu?

Yes, most Medical colleges in Kathmandu require students to appear for entrance exams such as the Common Entrance Examination (CEE) or college-specific entrance exams.

5. What are the different medical specializations available in the Medical Colleges in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu offers a wide range of medical specializations, including but not limited to general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics, cardiology, and neurology.

6. What are the opportunities for practical training and clinical exposure in Kathmandu's medical colleges?

Kathmandu's medical colleges provide ample opportunities for practical training and clinical exposure through tie-ups with hospitals, clinics, and research institutions

7. Can I apply for scholarships or financial aid to support my medical education in Kathmandu?

Yes, some medical colleges offer scholarships or financial aid programs.

8. Can I pursue postgraduate medical education or specialization after completing my undergraduate degree in Kathmandu?

Yes, Kathmandu offers postgraduate medical education programs and opportunities for specialization through various universities and medical institutions.

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