Do You Want MBBS Admission Without Donation in India in 2024?

Well, of course, you do… who would ever say they don’t need MBBS admission in India without a donation?

Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to secure MBBS admission in 2024 without donation by qualifying NEET and registering for counseling rounds.
  • Attend all counseling rounds diligently for the best chance at seats. Prioritize medical college choices strategically.
  • Scoring well in NEET increases chances for admission at good colleges for lower fees.

Securing MBBS admission in 2024 without needing to pay donations is achievable through smart preparation, strategic college selection, and diligent participation in all counseling rounds.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for MBBS admission, students must:

  • Score minimum 50% aggregate in 12th exams including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English
  • Qualify NEET-UG entrance exam
  • Be at least 17 years old as of December 31st of admission year

Counseling Process (Key Steps)

  1. Qualify NEET
  2. Register for counseling – online (MCC) and state
  3. Verify documents
  4. Participate in counseling rounds – Round 1, Round 2, MOP-UP
  5. Strategize medical college choices

Crucial Counseling Tips

  • Have all documents ready
  • Provide valid contact information for updates
  • Attend all rounds diligently
  • Prioritize college choices wisely

Scoring well in NEET (400+ scores) can increase the chances of admission at good colleges for lower fees. Prepare smartly – understand exam format, create study plans, practice questions, take mock tests, and work on time management.

The REAL question you might be having is – How to get MBBS admission without a donation?

Yes, It is possible to get MBBS admission without donation in 2024 if you register and attend all the rounds of counseling conducted by respective authorities.

Many consultants are into MBBS admissions in India. But, only a few of them can guide you to secure an MBBS seat through management quota, that too without a donation.

Before knowing about the procedures, let it be clear that you won’t be able to get an MBBS admission without qualifying for the NEET entrance exam. Yes, NEET qualification is mandatory for admission to MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH courses.

Direct admission to MBBS without donation is possible only if you register and attend all the rounds of counseling conducted by respective authorities. If the seats are vacant even after the MOP-UP round, those candidates who have registered for the online counseling can take the seats directly.


Download Step-by-step process to fill NEET UG 2024 application Pdf guide for free

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You must also understand that centralized counseling is to provide students merit-wise seats and cut off the donation part. You don’t have to pay any donation to college if you are getting an MBBS seat through counseling.

Now, in order to take direct MBBS admission without donation, apart from qualifying for NEET, a student should also get a good score. Just qualifying is the minimum criterion, whereas the crux is scoring more can lead the student to obtain a seat in a good medical college at low fees.

If a student scores more than 400 NEET scores, then he can try and get direct admission through counseling if he attends all of them in a correct manner.  Here, choosing the right college is the main thing. Keeping the Medical colleges in a prioritized manner and checking if the college fees are what one should also keep a check on.

MBBS Admission without donation in India

MBBS Admission without Donation in 2024 Explained by Dr.Sushil Agarwal

Medical college in Bangalore, then read my detailed article about MBBS admission in Bengaluru.

MBBS Admission Procedure in India [2024]

The procedures for every state are different, and I would brief you about the general procedures for getting medical admission without any donation. For example, I will take the case of direct admission to MBBS without donation in Karnataka.

You can read my detailed post about MBBS admission in India, too.

Eligibility for Taking MBBS Admission

To take admission to MBBS, the candidate must:

  • Have an aggregate of 50% marks in their 12th.
  • I have scored at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English separately.
  • Qualify for the NEET-UG entrance exam.
  • Be at least 17 years of age on 31st December of the year of taking admission.

Please keep in mind that the NEET qualification is mandatory. I used to get hundreds of calls telling me that they had qualified for NEET and wanted to join MBBS in top medical colleges.

Steps to get MBBS Admission through Counseling

Please read this part very carefully!

I will list the basic steps for taking MBBS admission and will explain each one of them below. The major steps for taking MBBS admission are as below:

  • NEET qualification.
  • Register for online counseling.
  • Document verification.
  • Round One – Online choice filling.
  • Round Two – Online choice filling.
  • MOP-UP Round.

Just keep in mind the steps above. Now I will explain everything in detail.

  • NEET Qualification: As I told you-you must qualify for the NEET-UG entrance exam.
  • Register for Online Counseling: Keep all your documents ready, including the NEET scorecard. There will be two counselings; one is conducted by MCC and the other by the respective state government. Before that, decide in which state you want to take admission.
  • Register on both the MCC website and the concerned state counseling website. For example, in Karnataka, the counseling procedures are done by Karnataka Examination Authority. There will be a registration fee of around Rs.1000.
  • Document Verification: The concerned authority will publish a date on which you must be physically present at a verification center to verify your documents. In some states, the verification will be online.
  • In a few states like UP, Puducherry, etc., you must have a security deposit of around Rs.1 lac to Rs.2 lac, which will be deducted from the first-year tuition fees.
  • Round One Counseling: After the verification of documents, the authority will publish dates for online counseling. During online counseling, you must log in with your credentials, choose a college of your choice, and lock the option.
  • If you have allotted the seat, then they will publish the results, and you can download the allotment letter directly from the website, or you can receive it offline. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to secure a seat; you can try in the second round of counseling.
  • Round Two Counseling: This is the same as the first round of counseling. If you weren’t allotted a seat in this round, then you can attend the MOP-UP round.
  • MOP-UP Round: All the seats which are vacant will be given to candidates in the MOP-UP round. The MOP-UP round doesn’t happen online. You must be physically present at the center for the MOP-UP round.

The seats that are left after the MOP-UP round will be given to candidates who have registered and attended the online counseling procedures. If you haven’t registered for the counseling, then you won’t be eligible for taking the vacant seats.

We can provide you with complete guidance for admission to MBBS without donation and help you in the complete counseling procedures. If you feel you want to take admission through us, you can call us by clicking the below number.

MBBS Admission without donation in India

Need more free information about MBBS admissions? Keep reading the complete post.

Free Counseling

List of Documents Needed During Counseling and Admission

Before you start registering and attending the counseling procedures, please keep these documents ready with you for hassle-free admission procedures.

  • 10th Marks card.
  • 12th marks card.
  • 12th pass certificate.
  • TC or Transfer certificate.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Conduct certificate.
  • NEET scorecard.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Scanned passport-size photo.
  • Income certificate, if applicable.
  • Domicile certificate in a few states, if applicable.

Also, keep in mind to provide a working e-mail id and phone number, as all the updates related to counseling will be sent to your registered mobile number or e-mail id.

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MBBS Admission without donation in India

List of Top MBBS Colleges in India [2024]

For MBBS admission, colleges cannot charge any donation as the complete admission procedure is through counseling. I will list a few medical colleges you will like.

Following are the Top MBBS Colleges Without Donation in 2024:

SL NoCollege Name
1Subharti Medical College, Meerut
2Sathya Sai Medical College, Pondicherry
3MG Medical College, Pondicherry
4MVJ Medical College, Bangalore
5Navodaya Medical College, Raichur
6BGS Global Medical College, Bangalore
7Subbaiah Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore
8Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry
9Meenakshi Medical College, Chennai
10Balaji Medical College, Chennai
11Vydehi Medical College, Bangalore
12Rajarajeshwari Medical College, Bangalore
13Sri Siddhartha Medical College, Tumkur
14SRM Medical College, Chennai
15JSS Medical College, Mysore
16AJ Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore
17Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore
18Srinivas Medical College, Mangalore
19Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai
20Sapthagiri Medical College, Bangalore
21East Point Medical College, Bangalore
22AB Shetty Medical College, Mangalore
23KVG Medical College, Sullia
24Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College, Trichy
25Karpagam Medical College, Coimbatore
26Vinayaka Mission Medical College, Salem


Did you love this article? Then please do share it with your friends and people in need on social media. I tried my best to provide all the information regarding admission to MBBS without a donation, the admission procedures, etc. If you have any more questions regarding MBBS admission, feel free to call our career expert or comment on your queries.

Here, I have clearly given all the information that will help you in getting MBBS in India without a donation.

Q1: Can I get MBBS Without Donation in 2024?

Yes, it is possible to get MBBS admission without donation in 2024 by registering and attending all the rounds of counseling conducted by respective authorities.

Q2: Is it worth doing an MBBS from a private college (without donation)?

It can be worth doing MBBS from a private college without donation if you can secure admission through counseling without the need for a donation.

Q3: What are the top medical colleges for a fresh MBBS student without any donation?

Several medical colleges offer MBBS admission without donation, such as Subharti Medical College, Sathya Sai Medical College, MG Medical College, MVJ Medical College, and others.

Q4: Is donation compulsory for MBBS?

No, donation is not compulsory for MBBS. Admission can be obtained through counseling rounds, and if seats are vacant, eligible candidates can secure admission without any donation.

Q5: Is it even possible to get MBBS admission without donation in India?

Yes, it is possible to get MBBS admission without donation in India through the counseling process if seats are available after the MOP-UP round.

Q6: What are the official government seats available for MBBS without donation?

Centralized counseling to provide merit-wise seats without the need for a donation. Government seats are allocated based on counseling results.

Q7: Is there a difference between government and private colleges in terms of donation for MBBS?

Yes, government colleges generally do not involve donation, and admission is based on counseling. Private colleges may have management quota seats where a donation could be involved.

Q8: What are the admission criteria for MBBS seats without donation?

The key criteria include NEET qualification, registering for online counseling, document verification, and participating in multiple counseling rounds.

Q9: Is there any reservation or quota for MBBS seats without donation?

It emphasizes the merit-based allocation of seats through counseling.

Q10: What is the step-by-step process for getting MBBS admission without donation?

The step-by-step process includes NEET qualification, online counseling registration, document verification, multiple rounds of online choice filling, and a MOP-UP round for vacant seats.

Q11: What documents are required for applying for MBBS seats without donation?

Documents include 10th and 12th marks cards, pass certificate, transfer certificate, NEET scorecard, Aadhar card, passport-size photo, income certificate, and domicile certificate if applicable.

Q12: What are the different rounds of counseling for MBBS seats without donation?

The rounds include online choice filling in Round One and Round Two, as well as a MOP-UP round for vacant seats, which requires physical presence.

Q13: What are the options available if I don’t get a seat in the initial rounds?

If not allotted a seat in the initial rounds, candidates can try in the MOP-UP round, where vacant seats are allocated to eligible candidates.

Q14: What are some tips for preparing for the NEET exam to secure a good rank?

Here are some tips for preparing for the NEET exam:
1. Understand the syllabus and exam format:
Know the NEET syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly to focus your preparation on the relevant topics.
2. Create a study plan:
Develop a realistic study plan that covers all subjects. A well-organized timetable is crucial for NEET preparation as it helps in effective planning.
3. Practice questions:
Utilize practice questions to evaluate your preparation level. It provides insights into the types of questions that may appear in the actual exam and helps identify weak areas.
4. Take mock tests:
Incorporate NEET mock tests into your study routine. Analyze your performance after each test, emphasizing areas that need improvement. Mock tests simulate exam conditions and aid in time management.
5. Practice time management:
Work on solving questions within the allotted time. Practice improves your speed and accuracy, and learning to prioritize questions based on difficulty levels can enhance your overall efficiency.
6. Make class notes:
Create comprehensive class notes during lectures. Regularly review and revise these notes to reinforce your understanding of the concepts covered in class.
7. Use smart revision techniques:
Implement smart revision techniques to optimize your study time. Focus on key concepts and prioritize areas of weakness. This approach not only saves time but also boosts your confidence as you approach the exam.

Remember, consistent and focused preparation, along with strategic time management, will contribute significantly to securing a good rank in the NEET exam.

Q15: How can I increase my chances of getting MBBS admission without donation?

Apart from meeting the eligibility criteria and qualifying NEET, scoring above 400 in NEET can significantly improve your chances of securing MBBS admission without donation. This allows you to get into good colleges at lower fees through the counseling process.

Q16: If I miss any counseling round, can I still get admission?

It is crucial to diligently attend all rounds of counseling for the best chance at MBBS seats. Missing any round can negatively impact your admission prospects. However, you may still have a chance in the final MOP-UP round for vacant seats, if any.

Q17: How do I effectively prioritize my college choices during counseling?

Research all medical colleges to understand their fee structure, reputation, facilities, location, etc. Rank your college preferences accordingly. Avoid leaving seats vacant in top choices only to enter lower preferences later.

Q18: What documents do I need for verification before counseling?

Keep your 10th and 12th mark sheets, TC, migration & conduct certificates, NEET scorecard, Aadhar card, passport photos, income certificate if eligible for concessions, and domicile certificate for certain states ready.

Q19: Can I enter medical counseling in multiple states?

Yes, you can register for the national MCC counseling as well as for your state’s local medical counseling if you meet domicile requirements. This widens the number of seats you can opt for.

Q20: What should be my backup plan if I don’t get a seat?

Analyze where you lost out and improve NEET strategy accordingly for next year with diligent preparation over 12 months. Meanwhile, you may explore alternative medical admissions abroad based on budget and other criteria.

Q21: Is donation compulsory for MBBS?

No, donation is not compulsory for MBBS. You can get MBBS admission without donation in 2024 by registering and attending all the rounds of counseling conducted by respective authorities.

Q22: Can I do MBBS without entrance?

No, you can’t do MBBS without an entrance exam. It is compulsory to attend the NEET exam, and you should also register for and attend all the rounds of counseling conducted by respective authorities.

Q23: How can I get free seat in MBBS?

There is no such thing as a free seat in MBBS. To pursue MBBS, it is mandatory to take the NEET exam. Additionally, you must register for and participate in all counseling rounds conducted by the respective authorities. Based on your NEET rank or score, you may secure admission to a college either on merit or through the management quota.

Q24: Can I do private MBBS without NEET?

No, it’s not possible to pursue private MBBS without taking the NEET exam. According to the orders of the Supreme Court and the NMC Act 2019, a single medical entrance exam is conducted nationwide for admission into medical and dental colleges. Colleges and universities are not permitted to conduct their own medical entrance exams. Instead, they accept students based on the All India Rank obtained in NEET (UG). After the results are declared, an All India Rank (AIR) is allotted to each candidate, and a merit list is released. Counseling, which involves the allotment of seats according to merit and candidate choice, is conducted by the National Medical Commission for 15% state seats, central institutes, and deemed universities. For the remaining 85% state quota seats and private colleges, counseling is conducted by the medical boards of respective states. States prepare their separate merit lists based on NEET-UG results. As of 2024, the total number of seats offered under NEET is 188,398, including seats for MBBS, BDS, AYUSH, and BVSc programs.

This post will be useful for you if you are looking for information regarding low-cost MBBS in India, Direct admission in MBBS without donation in UP, direct admission in MBBS without donation in Karnataka, MBBS admission in Maharastra without donation, etc.

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    1/ How is the distribution of Seat Matrix in KEA?
    2/Can i apply for govt. Quota seats if i am not a domicile of karnataka?
    3/What is P , Q & NRI quota Seats?
    4/ Since the fee structure is very high in NRI AND Q quota, is there a chance to negotiate with the college in fees?
    5/what is the difference between Permitted and Recognised seats? Would i be able to know in which Quota i am being admitted?
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    6/ Is Hostel Mandatory to take in all the colleges?
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    • Thank you for the comment Munna!

      1. The seat distribution in KEA is different for different colleges. Once the seat matrix is decided I will be updating it in this page.
      2. No, you cannot apply for Government Quota seats if you are not a domicile of Karnataka through KEA counseling. But, you can apply it through All India Quota.
      3. NRI quota is for Non-resident Indians or students who had done their 11th and 12th standard outside India.
      4. Depending on the college and availability of the seats, we can in some college.
      5. If you are studying in an MCI permitted seat, then you can only work in the state where that college is located. If in future the seat gets converted to MCI recognized, then you can work in any other state.
      6. No, it is not mandatory to opt for hostels.
      7. Yes, there will be extra fees for the hostel, food, examination, university, etc. Different college charges different fees. It is common for all the colleges to charge for examination, transportation, and university fees.
      8. YOu can expect somewhere around Rs.1.50 and above for hostel and food. There are colleges that charge around Rs.7 lakhs year annum too.
      9. Yes, I would suggest you take an educational consultant’s service because they have experience in the counseling procedures. Many mistakes happen when you do this yourself. The service charges are different for different consultants, there are consultants who give service for free.

      YOu can contact consultants who are in your contact or search online. Talk with them and meet them in person. You will surely get to know about them. And only deal with consultants who have a minimum of 5 years of experience and having a permanent office.

      I had sent the same details via email too.

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  2. Can I get MBBS admission without donation in Karnataka? What is the procedure for MBBS admission?

    Please do let me know about fee structure too. And it was a great information given here.

    • Dear Student,
      The first step is to appear for NEET and get Eligible. Then, you can apply in KEA councelling for colleges that comes under RGUHS in Karnataka. Fee structure differs for P , Q & NRI quota. (You would be given options while doing option entry and Fee structure would be mentioned clearly under each quota ).

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  3. Hai sir it is good to know that we get mbbs seats with out donation but still confussed daughter is obc minority student ..she can get the seat in mbbs sir …what is the procedure for that and what will be the annual fees ….

    • Hello,
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      Yes, your daughter can get a seat provided she qualifies NEET with minimum qualifying marks.
      Thanks and Regards

      • Hello Sir, My son will prepare for neet, if he got neet score say 450 then he can get admission at Karnataka without donation and how much approximate expenditure for admission and full course of MBBS.

        • Dear Mr Rupam
          Welcome to our Exclusive blog ob MBBS admission without Donation.
          The first and foremost criteria is to qualify NEET 2022. Post that you have to apply in different states having private medical colleges.
          In karnataka also you can apply both for colleges under Deemed Universities and in Colleges under RGUHS.
          The fee structure and Hostel expenditure is different for different medical colleges.
          Kindly reach out to us directly for more detailed information regarding admission in MBBS in private medical colleges in Karnataka.

    • Hello Ms Komal
      we will guide you depending on your NEET Score to get MBBS admission without donation as per your affording capability since the fee structure varies as per different medical colleges.
      Thanks and Regards

    • Hello Ms Komal
      We can guide you as per your capability of paying fees per annum to the college as per your Rank for securing a seat without donation in India.
      Different medical colleges in India has different fee structure.

      Thanks & Regards

    • Hello
      we can guide you for mbbs admission in management quota in lowest fee possible.
      We need certain details .
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    • Dear Mr Sinha
      As the end have approached towards the admission of 2021 session , we have stopped taking new guidance services.
      Kindly reach out to us in case if you are looking for NEET 2022 session.

    • Dear MBBS aspirant

      Surely you can get through the Private Deemed Medical Colleges in Maharashtra such as MGM , Dy Patil and BVP.

      The fee would be on a higher side , but there wont be any donation.


    • Dear student
      welcome to our blog on MBBS admission without donation.
      Definately we can guide you as per your requirements.
      Kindly get in touch for more details.

  4. Hello, I’m from ST category, so if I qualify neet this time can I get a medical seat without donation? Looking forward to “St.John medical college, Bangalore” since I’m Roman Catholic

    • Dear NEET aspirant

      Welcome to our blog on MBBS Admission without donation.

      It will depend upon your marks as well.

  5. I want to know about the minimum qualifying marks for general category this year (2022)? and am i eligible for neet counselling just with minimum qualifying marks and will it really affect the fee structure if i am consistent with the counselling procedure.

  6. Dear sir, I’ve got 271 marks in neet …Can I get medical colleges in mp or Maharashtra without donation and with minimum fees package?


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