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BDS Course Fees in UP Private Dental Colleges in 2023

If you are on this page, then you are a NEET-UG aspirant from UP or who is interested in pursuing their studies in Uttar Pradesh. In this post, I will be giving you a complete idea about the BDS course fees in UP’s top private dental colleges.

Before I explain the same, I would like to give you a basic idea about the course, BDS colleges, and much more.

I will even suggest a DCI-recognized dental college at UP, which will be the best for you at affordable fees. 😀

Basic Idea about BDS Course Fees in UP

Like every other state of India, the course fees of BDS private colleges in UP are also fixed by the examination authority of the state, that is, UPDGME. They will fix the maximum fees which can be charged by the college, which also mentions the hostel fees, food fees, and also any security deposits if charged.

The tuition fees fixed for each college differs but the hostel and extra fees that can be charged by the colleges are as given below.

  • Double sharing Non-AC Room – Rs.85,000/year.
  • Double sharing AC Room – Rs.1,110,000/year.
  • Miscellaneous fees – Rs.40,000.
  • Security deposit up to Rs.3 lakhs.

These are the maximum fees that can be charged by any private dental college in UP. But, most dental colleges don’t take the security deposit or miscellaneous charges from the students. Yes, it is true!

And the tuition fees of each college range from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.3.75 lakhs, which are decided by the UPDGME. But most of the private dental colleges in UP charge very few fees. That doesn’t mean, you have to join those dental colleges!

Those kinds of colleges charge very low fees because they are unable to attract students to their performance in academics and infrastructure. 😛

I am into consulting and college reviewing for the past few years and the points, I am sharing here are from my personal experience.

If you are looking for a standard dental college in UP with affordable fees, then it would cost you around Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.14 lakhs including hostel, food, and extra charges.

I used to get thousands of calls each year asking for the best private dental colleges and course fees in private dental colleges in UP.

To clear doubts about the best dental colleges at affordable fees, I will write in-depth about it in a different section of the same article.

Which is the Best Dental College in UP?

If you are looking to take BDS admission in UP, then of course the first preference will be GDC or Government Dental Colleges in UP. If you are not able to secure a seat in the government dental college, then you can opt for the colleges listed below.

BDS Course fees in UP Private Colleges

After I list the dental colleges, I will also mention the reason why I chose these dental colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

  1. ITS Dental College, Muradnagar.
  2. Subarti Dental College, Meerut.
  3. ITS Dental College, Greater Noida.
  4. Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow.

These are the top 5 private dental colleges in Uttar Pradesh, as per my experience.

I also got many negative comments from many people for making this list as many colleges and their staff feel the list is incorrect.

Now, I will tell you, how I made this and what factors helped me rank these colleges.

The major factors, I kept in mind while making this list is:

  • Facilities and infrastructure are provided by the college.
  • Facilities like CBCT, Endodontic Microscope, Implant Center, and OT.
  • The patient exposure in clinical departments.
  • Quality of hostel rooms.
  • Quality of canteen food.
  • Security of students from outside states.
  • Affordability of fees by students.
  • Support for an educational loan by the management.

These are the major factors that I kept in mind while choosing these colleges.

ANSWERED SHORT: I feel out of these colleges if you are looking for the best private dental colleges in UP at affordable fees, then the Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies, Modinagar will be the one I will prefer.


I have got some solid reasons to suggest you this college and I like to list those to keep things short.

  1. Affordability: The fees charged by IDST Dental College are around Rs.13 t0 Ts.15 lakhs total fees including the hostel, food, and extra charges.
  2. Scholarships: The college provides scholarships for deserving students based on video-call or direct interviews.
  3. Facilities: The college provides all basic facilities like CBCT, Endodontic Microscope, etc.
  4. Patient Exposure: The patient exposure in the college is decent to serve, 100 UG students and 31 PG students.
  5. Hostel and Food: I would say their hostel rooms are one of the best. Yes, I had witnessed it and I felt so. The quality of goods is really above average compared with other colleges.
  6. Student Community: The college got students from different parts of India. They have students from the northeast, Maharastra, Bihar, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andaman, Punjab, etc. One thing which impressed me is that students from the south are also studying in this college.
  7. MDS Coaching Center: The college has an in-house MDS coaching center for students who wish to prepare for NEET-MDS. IDST Dental College is the only dental college in Uttar Pradesh providing in-campus coaching for its students.

Of course, the best thing I loved is the MDS coaching provided by the college. I think they have tied up with a coaching institute and are providing the facility.

How to Get Admission at the Lowest BDS Course Fees in UP?

This depends on different colleges and their procedures. There are many colleges where you can get lower fees by reference or some college gives lower fees on academic performance.

If you want to join these dental colleges I listed above, then you can contact the colleges directly and provide your details. They will support you directly for taking BDS admission at the lowest fees.

If you want any support from me, then you can contact me any time via call or WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get BDS admission at low fees in UP without qualifying for NEET-UG?

A: No, to take BDS admission in India, you have to qualify for the NEET-UG entrance exam.

2. I have 1 or 2 marks less than the qualifying marks, can I take BDS admission?

A: To take BDS admission, it is mandatory to qualify NEET exam. If you have missed very few marks, then you can wait for some time till the cutoff marks come down. Every year NTA reduces the cutoff marks by at least 10-20 percentile.

3. Should I pay any donation for taking BDS admission?

A: No, you don’t have to pay any donation for taking BDS admission.

4. What are BDS course fees in private colleges, generally?

A: You can read my article on BDS course fees, to get a correct idea about the BDS course fees. You can also go through my detailed post on, BDS course fees in Bangalore.

5. I am an NRI, can I take BDS admission in India?

A: If you have qualified NEET-UG, then you can take BDS admission through NRI or management quota.


I tried my best to include all the information regarding BDS course fees at UP. I had updated all the information here from my experiences and personal research. If you are having any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me directly.

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BDS Course fees in UP Private Colleges

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