MBBS Admission through Management Quota or NRI in Bangalore

Dear NEET Aspirants and Parents, In this blog I will give you a realistic idea of how to take MBBS Admission through the Management Quota or NRI in Bangalore and the correct steps while choosing the best Private Medical College as per your budget in Bangalore.

In simple terms, MBBS Admission through the Management Quota or NRI Quota is a government-approved process that enables students to secure admission to private or recognized universities. It’s particularly beneficial for Private and Deemed universities that don’t receive government funding.

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We will start with Bengaluru and then move to colleges in other parts of the Location of the state. You can also go through my detailed article about MBBS Admission in India, to get a general idea about the admission procedures in India.

This blog post will help you to choose the best medical college in Karnataka as per your budget, preference, and Location.

I will be telling you all the information about MBBS Admission through the Management Quota or NRI in Bangalore, starting from the basics.

MBBS Admission in Bangalore Guidance

Free Counseling

MBBS Admission in Bangalore Eligibility [2024]

The main and foremost Eligibility criteria for a student to study MBBS is NEET-UG qualification. A student must have qualified for NEET-UG by securing minimum qualifying marks.

Remember, the category reservation benefit is only applicable to state-domicile students. Students from other states who are eligible in NEET-UG in any reserved category such as OBC/ST/SC can opt for DEEMED UNIVERSITY Medical Colleges only.

The candidate must also attend the counseling conducted by KEA or Karnataka Education Authority without fail.

MBBS Admission Procedure in Bangalore [2024]

KEA Counseling 2024

The First step after qualifying for NEET-UG is to get register online with the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA).

The KEA website will host the calendar of events on its official website. The calendar of events will notify the dates for Registration, Document verification, option entry, Fee Payment, uploading of Admission order letter, and last date for online and offline reporting to the college.

There would be a registration amount of Rs 2000, and apart from that, the KEA takes an adjustable security deposit of 1 lakh in the mop-up round to prevent seat wastage. KEA also undertook the entire amount of fee DD as a security deposit for the special stray vacancy round, which was conducted online after 30th September 2023. This means, If any student wants to opt for Q category seats among the medical colleges whose fee structure ranges from 24 lakhs per annum to 45 lakhs per annum, the student has to deposit that particular amount DD in KEA before the start of special stray vacancy round of counseling. Then only the portal was opened for those candidates to do option entry.

MCC Counseling 2024 Update

  • OCI candidates can even take up UR category management seats, unlike last year, where they had to select only NRI seats.
  • The fourth round, i.e., the stray vacancy round, which used to be conducted at the college level offline, was conducted online via MCC counseling.
  • Now, registration will be allowed for the fourth round, i.e., the Mop-Up Stray Vacancy round.
  • The third round called the Mop-up round in 2022, will now be called the Third Counseling Round, and the stray vacancy round will now be the Mop-Up Stray Vacancy Round.

MBBS Admission Procedure for Deemed University in Karnataka [2024]

For the Deemed Universities, a student has to apply through MCC.  This authority is responsible for counseling MBBS seats of the private DEEMED Universities all over India.

There would be a separate refundable/adjustable security deposit of approximately 2 lakhs to register for counseling of such seats apart from a Non-refundable registration amount of Rs 1000 to Rs 5000.

The students who are opting for NRI Seats might have to pay a higher registration amount.

MBBS Admission in Bangalore Guidance

Free Counseling

Fee Structure Quotas of Different Medical Colleges in Bangalore

The Fee structure in private medical colleges in Karnataka has been broadly differentiated into four categories.

  • Government Quota – Such  Fee structure is applicable to state-domicile medical aspirants who have secured a very high ranking in NEET and have been able to bag a seat according to state ranking. The fee is comparatively very low, and only high-ranking meritious students of Karnataka domicile are eligible for such seats.
  • Private Quota Students from all over India can apply for such seats through KEA Counselling. Such seats are also called open seats since Karnataka state invites the application of meritorious students from all over India to participate in such counseling. The fee structure for such seats is the lowest in entire Indian private medical colleges. So, the students who are not lucky enough to bag government seats and have missed them due to a small margin have a very high chance of getting lucky under this category of seats in private medical colleges in Karnataka. The competition for this category seats is relatively higher because of its lower fee structure and quality medical colleges in Karnataka. (The fee in “P” quota seats are lower than any Deemed universities in India so the students, before opting for Deemed universities, try for colleges in Karnataka).
  • NRI Quota – Fifteen percent of the total seats (15%) in any private medical colleges are reserved for the NRI category students. You need not necessarily need to be an NRI to opt for such a category of seats. However, there are certain guidelines and formalities to be followed. Such guidelines would be mentioned clearly on the respective website of the respective counseling authority.

The most major thing to take care of while opting for such kinds of seats is one’s affordability. Since the fee structure for such seats is approximately 24 lakh per annum to 45 lakh per annum. You have to be well prepared and choose the colleges wisely.

Many private medical colleges in Bangalore have kept their NRI fees exceptionally high, whereas the quality of education is not at par with the standard.

  • Q quota – These quota seats constitute Five percent (5%) of the total intake of colleges. The fee structure would be the same as of NRI quota. However, the only difference is a Non-NRI student can also opt for such seats if he can afford such a fee structure.

KEA Counselling Process First Step to Stray Vacancy Round

After having a thorough understanding of the basic things that I have mentioned above, I would like to guide you on the counseling process. It is a very crucial and important step.

(Students who want to opt for NRI Quota seats can get themselves converted into the NRI Category with the help of supporting documents hosted on their official website. It is advised to go through the fee structure hosted on the official website thoroughly for each college. The list of students whose documents have been  accepted and granted permission to opt for medical seats in the NRI category will be hosted on the website)

First, the student has to register on the KEA official website by paying the registration fees and refundable security deposit ( if any ) to participate in the counseling procedure. Then, he has to upload the necessary documents in the KEA portal in PDF format for document verification.

The date for the upload of lists of students who got verified would be hosted on the KEA website. After this, the student has to download the verification slip. This slip contains a secret key, which is required to do the option entry.

While doing the option entry, a student would be able to opt for the colleges as per the fee structure mentioned. The fee structure of each quota seat, such as P, Q, and NRI quotas, would be mentioned on the side of each college so that a student doesn’t choose the wrong options /colleges he is not interested in.

After this step, there would be an announcement of the results of the first round. The procedure for payment of fees with the last date and the procedure for joining/reporting to the college with the last date would be mentioned in the calendar of events hosted on the kea website. The second round of counseling and the mop-up round would continue in the same manner.

(Counseling for Students who want to opt for Private Medical Deemed Universities in Karnataka would be done by MCC).

STRAY Vacancy Round counseling process

The stray Vacancy round is the most complex counseling process of medical college admission. In this round, the counselling authorities conduct counseling based on the list of students who have not been allotted any seats in any round of counseling.

Lots of students became ineligible / Non-Eligible to participate in the stray vacancy round because of not doing the option entry wisely.

The names of students would not be reflected in the unallotted list of KEA. (This could be mainly due to either of two reasons. Firstly, for either opting for the seats and not taking it when allotted and Secondly, by not doing option entry in any of the three rounds of counseling procedures).

So, if a student is looking to take seats in a stray vacancy round, then he also has to go through the counseling process very thoroughly. Else, he loses the opportunity.

Direct Admission in Stray Vacancy round and the requirement

After the mop-up round is conducted, there are always some seats in lots of private medical colleges that are left vacant. These seats are mainly NRI Quota seats or Q quota seats. These seats are left vacant because of mainly their very high fee structure.

Approximately, the fee structure of such seats, which are left vacant for MBBS, would be around 24 lakh pa – 45 lakh pa. So, the counseling process for these unallotted / Not Reported seats used to be taken up directly by the college authorities till the year 2022. But from 2023 onwards, even the last round was conducted online by not only KEA but by all the counseling authorities of all the states for private medical colleges in that particular state.

There were also P category seats, which were left over till the special stray vacancy round in Karnataka. This might be because of the reason that those students might have been allotted mbbs seats in private medical colleges in their states or in their preferred institutes in different states. So, the students who cannot afford such higher fees but has relatively higher score can wait till the stray vacancy round and see if they get lucky.

However, since this takes place at the last moment or the last date of the admission process, it is advisable for a parent to get in touch with a good education consultant who is well-updated with the entire process and well-informed.

Since this is a very complex process, either a parent can keep himself updated with information about all the private medical colleges or can get in touch with a good and reliable consultant who can guide you on it. This is the best process to get a seat at a lower fee in a good medical college as well.

(The stray vacancy counseling process for direct admission in MBBS would be the same for Private Medical Deemed universities in all over India as well)

MBBS Admission in Bangalore Guidance

Top Private Medical Colleges and Deemed Universities in Bangalore [2024]

After the basic idea of the guidance of getting a direct MBBS seat in private medical colleges, I would like to give you information on Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore.  I will mention the names of such medical colleges in descending order as per my selection.

The selection is based on a few important criteria like OPD, Daily patient Input, Location, Student discussion, Hostel, Infrastructure, Facilities, Bed Capacity, PG Intake, and student-to-patient ratio.

Here’s a table for the list of medical colleges you provided:

No.Medical College
1MS Ramiah Medical College
2Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences
3Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences
4Rajarajeshwari Medical College
5Dr. Ambedkar Medical College
6BGS Global Medical College
7Sapthagiri Medical College
8MVJ Medical College
9Akash Medical College
10Oxford Medical College
11East Point Institute of Medical Sciences
12Dr. S Chandramma Sagar Institute of Medical Sciences
13Sri Madhusudan Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
14Sri Chamundeshwari Institute of Medical Sciences

1. MS Ramaiah Medical College

This is a medical college in which every student keeps on his top priority whoever wants to come to Bangalore to study MBBS. This medical college was established in the year 1979 and is located in the CBD area of Bangalore.

The college has a UG-150 intake & PG-208 intake and runs a full-paced 1331-bed super specialty hospital on the campus. Students from all over the country prefer this college and can be found as a student here.

The demand for this college is very high even in NRI and Q quota fee structure seats, and there is a very less likely chance to get any seats in stray vacancy round even though the fee structure would be exceptionally high.

2. KIMS (Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences)

This Medical College is situated around just a 3 km radius of MG Road, was established in the year 1980, and has an intake of UG-150 and PG-111. KIMS is the second most preferred option for students coming to Bangalore to study MBBS.

The campus has a super specialty 900-bed hospital, which is always full of patients. It’s a pride of the Vokkaligara Community, so they have been able to maintain that high standard of medical education.

The students passing out from this college always carry a brand name with them. Since this college is also always the top priority of students, the competition for seats is very high. The campus also hosts a most reputed private dental college called VS Dental College and a private engineering college called Bangalore Institute of Technology.

3. Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre

VIMS&RC is situated in the ITPL area of Whitefield. Just 200 m of walking distance from Inorbit Mall and JW Mariott and 500 meters from the ITPL Bus stand.  It has a UG intake of 250 students and a PG intake of 165 students. Established in the year 2002, this college has been able to make its name very soon because of maintaining and upgrading its facilities.  Students other than  MS Ramiah and KIMS keep their next option as Vydehi Medical College and Hospital.

It has specialty courses such as Radiotherapy and super-specialty courses such as  Onco medicine and Onco surgery. Also, this medical college is permitted to run a course of MRCP(Very few private colleges in India have the advantage and credentials to offer these courses). Students from all over India, mainly Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Maharashtra, and West Bengal can be found in this college. This college hosts a cosmopolitan crowd of students.

The OPD is always busy and mainly consists of local patients and migrated patients from West Bengal, Orissa, and Assam.

The management runs a private dental college on the same campus. The hostel facility is provided at a charge of Rs 110000/- pa to Rs 165000/- PA, depending upon the hostel for UG or PG. A refundable security deposit of Rs 10000/- is also charged.

Mallya Hospital, one of the most premium private hospitals in Bangalore, is also managed by the same management.

Get Direct Admission In Vydehi Medical College Bangalore

4. Raja Rajeshwari Medical College & Hospital

RRMC&H  was established in the year 2005 and has been continuously growing and upgrading since then. It has been able to increase its intake to 250 for UG and 171 for PG courses. It offers courses in super-specialty, such as DM in Cardiology as well. With a super specialty hospital of 1300 bedded capacity, this medical college is located on Mysore Road near Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore. The location of the medical college serves a great role in the OPD every day.

The hospital witnesses and manages lots of road accident cases. These complex trauma cases due to road accidents on the highway are being managed in RRMC.

A hostel facility is being provided to the students and is not mandatory. Students can choose to stay outside the campus as per their preference.

However, this is the only private Medical deemed university in Bangalore. So, the counseling and seat allotment are done as per MCC. Even in a stray vacancy round for direct admission in MBBS in NRI quota or management quota, the student name has to reflect in the unallotted list forwarded.

5. Dr. Ambedkar Medical College

Dr. AMC is one of the most prestigious medical colleges in the heart of Bangalore.

It was established in the year 1980 and has 100 seats for MBBS and 74 seats for PG. The hospital is one of the very old hospitals and has approximately 800 bedded capacity.

The OPD is always full of local patients in that area. The bed occupancy is also more than 70 % at any given point in time. Students from different parts of India come to this college to study. The Hospital might not have a modern architecture, but the patient intake is very good.

The Hospital campus has a Hostel facility inside.

6. BGS Global Medical College and Hospital

BGS Global Medical College was established in the year 2013. The advantage of this college is its location and the credibility of the very old and prominent Hospital. The BGS Hospital is in the Kengari area of Bangalore, which is near Raja Rajeshwari Nagar.

So, this medical college can be included in a good and developed area of Bangalore. The same management runs it as Adicunchungiri Medical College and BGS Hospitals. The BGS Hospital in Chennai is one of the great examples that can be cited while explaining the quality of the hospital or medical education.

It has a 150 UG intake and runs a 500-bed super-specialty hospital. The students also get a chance of exposure since they are also posted in their old very prestigious BGS hospital, which is on the same campus.

Students or parents who know about BGS Hospital ensure trust and prefer to send their wards to study in this college. Since the college is new, a student can enjoy the benefits of modern architecture as well.

7. Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital

SIMS was established in the year 2011 and is located in the Hessarghatta area of Bangalore. It has got 150 UG and 78 PG intake. The location is good since it comes in a good area in Bangalore. That area has grown and developed over a period of time eventually.

This college has a very huge infrastructure and runs a 1200-bed multispeciality hospital in its college. Hostel facilities are provided for the students inside the college campus. The Hospital serves patients from nearby rural areas mainly.

Students from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh prefer this college more because of lots of students from that region.

8. MVJ Medical College & Hospital

MVJ Medical College is located on the area outskirts of Bangalore on the old Bangalore Chennai highway in a location called Hoskote. The college was established in the year 1997 and has 833 bedded hospitals.

The hospital caters mainly to patients in nearby areas. The medical college has a 150 UG intake and  63 PG seats intake. The OPD is relatively less busy as compared to other medical colleges in Bangalore. The hostel facility is provided on the same campus.

The trust office is in Bangalore in the Cox town area. Students know about the name of the college mainly because of its old establishment.

9. Akash Medical College

The Akash Medical College is located in the Devanahalli area of Bangalore, Closer to Bangalore International Airport.  It is just a 15-minute drive from the Airport opposite Bangalore City.

It started in the year 2016 and has 150 seats for UG and 7 seats for PG. It runs a 500-bed super specialty hospital to cater to the local patients of that area. The college also has BSc nursing and BPT courses. Hostel facilities for both girls and boys are provided in the campus area.

Students from all over who don’t want to go away from Bangalore and want to study in Bangalore come to this place to study.

10. Oxford Medical College

OMC  is located in the Anekal area of Bangalore on the Bangalore – Hosur Highway.  The college was established in the year 2014 and has UG and PG courses as well. It has PG in almost all branches of medicine.  With a UG 150 & PG 62 intake, this college runs a super-specialty hospital of 600 beds. The number of patients in the hospital is comparatively less as of now and should increase eventually. They got permission for the first time for PG Courses in the year 2021.

11. East Point College of Medical Sciences

EPMC was established in the year 2017 and has 150 seats for MBBS. This college is affiliated and yet to be recognized by MCI. Currently, they will have permission to continue their 4th Batch of MBBS. The location of the college is good, and the Hospital is also comparatively good. Since they already had a hospital prior to starting their medical college.

12. Dr S chandramma Institute of Medical Sciences

This medical college completes 4th year of its existence and it can be considered one among the top notch private medical colleges in Bangalore. The college is located in a place called as Harohalli village which is in the outskirts of Bangalore but the facilities which it provides can surpass the facilities of most of the private medical colleges in Karnataka.

Looking at the hospital and patient exposure , the college has one among the top patient intakes mainly because of its free treatment. Apart from the CT Scan , MRI and Medicines , a patient dosent have to spend even a single penny even in complex surgery.

The students apart from quality education , can also experience a quality campus life in this institution while studying MBBS.

13. Sai Madhusudhan Institute of Medical Sciences.

This Medical college in the first year of its inception has offered free education for students opting to study MBBS in this institute. It is run by trust and any students who has a high score but cannot afford to pay fees can study in this medical college if allotted any seat via KEA counselling.

Fee Structure Range for MBBS of Private Medical Colleges in Bangalore

As I have explained the different quota seat fee structures above in this post for the private medical colleges under RGUHS and Private Deemed Universities, In this part of the article, I will give you an approximate range of the Fee in Figures.

All the private medical colleges in Bangalore keep a very similar fee structure in their NRI and Q quota seats. The difference gap among different medical colleges is very low. This is mainly because of the Location, Bangalore.

The Fee structure would be in the range of 1.15 Cr to 1.85 Cr when calculated for 4.5 years, depending upon the colleges. This Fee is only the tuition fee, and the other fees involved would be the Misc fee that every college charges and the Hostel Fee.

Choosing the Cheapest Medical College without donation as per NEET Rank

It is very competitive for students to get seats allotted in private medical colleges because of their low rank. Students in India have the liberty to choose from various medical colleges. However, some students who have secured a lower rank and still want to study MBBS only in Karnataka but cannot afford the higher NRI or Q quota Fee can wait and try their luck in Sai Madhusudhan Institute of Medical Sciences.

However, this is only advisable to be done under the supervision of some specialists because a student might lose a year due to wrong guidance or information. When a student or a parent is looking for the cheapest and best medical college, he should keep his college options open.

If a student keeps his options open, she is less likely to be in a risky position. Just an Eligible student should keep a budget of a minimum of 20 Lakh pa – 24 Lakh pa as tuition fee for 5 years. We recommend taking the help of professional guidance in this matter who knows about almost all the institutes in Karnataka and can guide you the best.

MBBS Admission in Bangalore Guidance


I believe that I have been able to give very in-depth details of the admission process, Direct MBBS admission in Bangalore, Eligibility for doing MBBS in Karnataka, the Fee structure of different medical colleges in Bangalore, Stray vacancy round admission process, Choosing the cheapest and best medical college in Bangalore.

Tip: It is always advised to stay informed about the realistic fee structure of the colleges and to connect with a very good educational consultant who can help you to get the best.

If you found this article useful, feel free to share it with your friends and people in need.

In case you have any doubts regarding MBBS admission in Bangalore, you can comment below or call me on the given number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get MBBS admission without NEET in Bangalore?

No, you have to qualify NEET-UG entrance exam if you have to take admission to MBBS anywhere in India.

Can I take MBBS admission in Bangalore without attending the KEA counseling?

No, it is mandatory to attend the counseling conducted by KEA to take MBBS admission through management or NRI quota in Bangalore.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in Bangalore?

It will cost you around 75 lakhs to 1.5 crores for the whole course. It depends on the college and quota you are opting for.

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