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Welcome to another exclusive and genuine post about MDS Course Fees in Bangalore dental colleges as of 2024. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might know I provide the best and most genuine information about anything related to dentistry, MDS admission, and a lot more.

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Let me introduce myself first!

Here, I will be telling you about the fee structures in different dental colleges in Bangalore.

Before reading this article, you can also read my in-depth article about MDS Admission in Bangalore.

You might know. Still, I want to tell you that you must qualify for the NEET-MDS entrance exam to take admission to any dental college in India. I used to get hundreds of calls asking for MDS admission without qualifying for NEET. In short, it is not possible legally.

Important: I would suggest you read this article thoroughly so that it could clear all your doubts about MDS course fees.

About MDS Course Fees in Bangalore [2024]

Before 2016, the college fixed the tuition fees and can charge any amount they like. But now, after NEET-MDS and centralized counseling were introduced, the state counseling authority fixed the fee structure. 

In Bangalore, the fee structure is fixed by the Karnataka Examination Authority or KEA.

The fee structure will be different for different colleges and departments. I noticed that last year the fixed fees were very low and before that, very high.

Top specialization in MDS

Oral Surgery
Oral Medicine
Oral Pathology

Approximate MDS Course Fees in Bangalore [2024]

I will list each department’s fee structure below, which will vary on demand. Many consultants say that they wait till the last moment, and they can provide it for a cheaper fee. But we can’t predict that!

So, the Fee structure for the MDS course in Dental Colleges in Karnataka can be broadly divided into two categories.

  1. P quota.
  2. Q quota / NRI quota.

The fee structure for all three Non-Clinical Branches in P quota ranges from Rs. 188000 to 621000 per annum.

The Fee Structure for all other branches was around Rs.681434 per annum.

The Fee structure in the Q/NRI quota ranged from Rs.988000 per annum to Rs.1515750 per annum for all the clinical branches in most colleges.

Whereas, some dental colleges like Mr. Ambedkar had kept fees till Rs.2088900 per annum for branches like Endodontics and Orthodontics.

Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences was one of the premium dental colleges in Bangalore, which had kept its fee structure around Rs.1265000 per annum for all the major three clinical subjects like Endodontics / Orthodontics /Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

However, one more point to keep in mind is that in the year 2020 NEET-MDS, only 4 seats in normal P quota and 6 seats in higher fees structure were available for extended mop-up counseling and that too was taken up in the counseling.

Sometimes, the fees might come down if many seats are vacant, or if there is demand, the fees might go high. There is the approximate MDS management seat cost in Bangalore.

MDS Course Fees in Bangalore for 2024

The following are the MDS course fees for various specializations in Bangalore:

Endodontics9 lakhs to 1715750 lakhs per year
Orthodontics10 lakhs to 1715750 lakhs per year
Oral Surgery7 lakhs to 1715750 lakhs per year
Prosthodontics7 lakhs to 1240328 lakhs per year
Pedodontics421750 lakhs to 9 lakhs per year
Oral Medicine3 lakhs to 4 lakhs per year
Community161000 lakhs to 4 lakhs per year
Oral Pathology2lakhs to 4 lakhs per year


MDS Course Fees in Private College Bangalore

These are approximate fees that the college will charge for management seats. Apart from this, there will be extra fees for the hostel, food, material charges, etc.

If you cannot afford this much fee, then I have colleges that charge very low fees and have good patient exposure and excellent faculties. 😀

Hostel and Food Fees

You can expect a fee of around Rs.85,000 to Rs.150000 per year for a hostel and food. I have seen that most of the MDS students in Bangalore prefer to stay outside, and for a single room, it will cost you at least Rs.7000 per month for accommodation.

Material Fees

This is a kind of hidden fee that the college will charge. Before joining, you must enquire about the material charges without fail.

You can expect around Rs.80,000 as material fees, and I know colleges that charge around Rs.1.25 lakhs per year as material fees. If you have any contact, you can inquire or give me a call at any time.

MDS Admission at Lower Fees in Bangalore [2024]

Bangalore is one of the best destinations for dental education in India, and most colleges won’t reduce the fees as they are in high demand. They will only reduce the fees when the seats are vacant. But we can’t predict whether the seats will be vacant or not.

If you can afford the fees, I suggest you book the seat earlier and be tension-free. If you are not able to afford, you must wait till the last round of online counseling. If the seats are vacant, you might get seats at lower fees.

I would suggest you keep in mind other places than Bangalore in Karnataka or other states. Many excellent colleges in India provide the best education at the lowest fees.

I know colleges in other places where you can get MDS admission at a low package. You can check the fee structure of other colleges I provide below.

MDS Course at a Low Package Fee in Bangalore 2024

Below are the MDS course fees for programs with lower packages in Bangalore, including hostel and food [updated 2024]:

SpecializationFees (Total Package, including Hostel and Food)
Endodontics24 Lakhs
Orthodontics24 Lakhs
Oral Surgery24 Lakhs
Prosthodontics19 Lakhs
Pedodontics15 Lakhs
Periodontics13 Lakhs
Oral Pathology6 Lakhs
Community6 Lakhs
OMR6 Lakhs
MDS Course Fees in Private College Bangalore
Free Counseling


Expert Tips to Choose Good MDS Dental College

Before choosing any dental college, I would suggest you keep a few things in your mind. I have listed those below, and please stick to them. 😛

  • Dental college with excellent patient exposure in the department you want to join.
  • The college has excellent faculties, HODs, and guides in your department.
  • Affordable fees: Please inquire about the material charges and the approximate expenses for the thesis works in the department.
  • The location of the college should be good. This plays a vital role in transportation, communication, and social life of MDS students.
  • It is approved by DCI or the Dental Council of India.
  • It is affiliated with a good university.

Pro tip: You have to enquire about the department you want to join and not other departments. There are many colleges where one department will be good, and the other departments will not be up to the mark.

A big dental college with a fancy campus and name won’t give you clinical skills. What you need is the exact practical knowledge.

I had seen students only opting for dental colleges, which are NAAC-accredited and stuff. If you want to learn clinical work, you must inquire about patients and clinical practice.

List of Dental Colleges in Bangalore [2024]

Following is the List of Dental Colleges in Bangalore in 2024:

No.College Name
1Vydehi Dental College, Bangalore
2Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore
3Maruthi Dental College, Bangalore
4MS Ramaiah Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
5Rajiv Gandhi Dental College, Bangalore
6RV Dental College, Bangalore
7M.R. Ambedkar Dental College, Bangalore
8V.S Dental College, Bangalore
9The Oxford Dental College, Bangalore
10Rajarajeshwari Dental College, Bangalore
11Dayananda Sagar Dental College, Bangalore
12Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences, Bangalore

Apart from colleges in Bangalore, I am dealing with almost all the dental colleges in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc. I can surely give you low-cost MDS colleges in India which has good patient exposure and facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About MDS Course Fees in Bangalore

Can I take MDS admission without qualifying for the NEET-MDS exam?

No, if you want to be admission to any dental college in India, you must qualify for the exam .

Should I pay any donation for taking MDS admission?

No, you don’t need to pay any donations or capitation fees for MDS admission in India. This applies to both government and private colleges.
After the implementation of NEET-MDS and centralized counseling, private colleges are prohibited from charging any additional fees beyond the government-fixed amount.

 Can I Pay the tuition fee in installment?

Yes, I can talk with the college and provide you easy payment options

Will you help us in getting an educational loan?

Yes, we can arrange the load papers and other supporting documents you need for applying for a loan. We don’t recommend banks or any other organizations for that.

Do you charge any service charge?

Normally, in most cases, I don’t charge any service charge, as the college or other organizations will pay me. In very few cases, I would charge a decent service charge.

What is the fee structure for MDS in Karnataka?

MDS Course Fees in Karnataka (2024):
Government Colleges (P Quota):
Non-Clinical Branches: ₹1,88,000 – ₹6,21,000 per year
Other Branches: ₹6,81,434 per year
Private Colleges (Q/NRI Quota):
Clinical Branches: ₹9,88,000 – ₹15,15,750 per year (Some colleges up to ₹20,88,900)
Major Clinical Subjects (Endodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery): ₹12,65,000 per year (at Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences)

How Can You Get MDS Admission at Lower Fees in Bangalore?

1. Early Booking: If you can afford the fees, consider booking your seat early to secure it at the standard rate, avoiding potential increases.
2. Late Counseling Rounds: If affordability is a concern, wait until the last round of online counseling. Vacant seats may be available at reduced fees.
3. Consider Other Locations: Explore options beyond Bangalore, both within Karnataka and in other states. Many reputable colleges offer quality education at lower fees.
4. Alternative Colleges: Explore colleges in other locations where MDS admission is available at lower package fees. Check the fee structures provided below for more details.

MDS Course Fees (Total Package, including Hostel and Food) in Bangalore 2024:
Endodontics: 24 Lakhs
Orthodontics: 24 Lakhs
Oral Surgery: 24 Lakhs
Prosthodontics: 19 Lakhs
Pedodontics: 15 Lakhs
Periodontics: 13 Lakhs
Oral Pathology: 6 Lakhs
Community: 6 Lakhs
OMR: 6 Lakhs

MDS Course Fees in Private College Bangalore

Wrapping Up

I have tried to list all the information you need about MDS course fees in Bangalore. If you feel this post helped you somehow, please share it with your friends and people in need. If you need MDS admission at low fees, you can contact me at +91-99169 27248, and I will provide you with the best support.

I have also written a detailed post about MDS fees in private colleges. If you have any questions, please call me or comment on your queries below, and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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      If you are NEET Eligible , then you can apply for KEA Councelling. We can guide you according to your rank and based on our experience of past many years. Generally, all the colleges have a similar fee structure with not much difference.

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        The fee structure for MDS in management or NRI quota is in the range of 7 lakh per annum to 14 lakh per annum in south colleges. The fee structure also varies for same branch in same college under different Quota.
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          • Dear Doctor
            Welcome to our blog on MDS Course Fees in Bangalore.
            There are 14 Private Dental Colleges in Bangalore , Among these 11 Private Dental colleges have Post Graduation courses.
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  1. Sir..I have a total budget of rupees 15 lakhs inclusive of hostel fee..I am neet qualified for MDS. I want to do endodontics in MDS.. kindly let me know in which college and in which city I could get admission

    • Dear Doctor
      Welcome to our blog on MDS Course fees in Bangalore.
      The lowest fee structure per annum for Endodontics branch in Private dental colleges in India starts from Rs 5 Lakh 85 Thousand per annum.
      In order to get the details , kindly reach out to us either on Email or Whatsapp.

    • Dear Parent
      welcome to our blog on MDS Course Fees in Bangalore.
      It depends upon the branch and colleges you are looking to target.
      However , KEA has opened its registration today on 8th October 2021 for MDS counselling.
      Kindly register yourself for the same.

  2. Sir I m from Tanilnadu,I got 378 in neet Mds and my AIR rank is 5537. I want to pursue my mds in Bangalore and i need clinical subject with lowest fee, since i have a finacial issue i need some colleges which i can get with minimum fee

    • Dear Doctor
      Welcome to our blog on MDS Course Fees in Private Dental Colleges in Bangalore.
      There are 14 Private Dental Colleges in Bangalore .
      The counselling process would be taken through KEA.
      You can try under private quota seats for the clinical subjects in Private Dental Colleges in Bangalore.
      For more detailed information, kindly reach out to us via whatsapp or Email.

    • Dear MDS NEET aspirant
      The first and foremost criteria is to qualify your NEET PG entrance test.
      After qualifying NEET , you can apply in different states.
      For MDS admission in Bangalore , you have to qualify NEET and register for KEA counselling.
      We can guide you for the entire process of MDS admission in Bangalore.
      Kindly reach out to us via Whatsapp or Email for more detailed information.

      • My daughter has done bds from ramiah. She is interested to do mds in bangalore, maybe maruti dental college. She is planning to sit for the next neet exam.
        What are her chances of getting admission in this college and what will be the tuition fees for her

        • Dear Mrs Anju
          Welcome to our blog on MDS course Fees in Bangalore.
          MDS admission in Maaruthi Dental College Bangalore or any other private dental colleges depends on her score in NEET-MDS.
          The Fees also depends on her score , category and the branches interested.
          To stay updated on the Fees structure kindly keep yourself updated with our blog.
          You can also get in touch directly via whatsapp for the same.


  4. Hey is management and nri quota the same in kea . Should I give the option yes or no in application form for whether ward of nri

    • Dear Doctor
      If you are claiming the NRI Ward category then you should have the required documents supporting the claim.
      For KEA kindly check the Annexure 17 in information bulletion.

    • Dear Parent
      Welcome to our blog on MDS Admission in bangalore.
      Firstly , congratulations on clearing NEET-MDS.
      Yes, in this score you can surely get MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Suregery branch in one among the premium institute in Karnataka.
      For more information on such premium institutes and Faculties , kindly get in touch directly over call or whatsapp.

    • Dear Ammu
      Welcome to our blog on MDS Course Fees.
      Firstly , i would like to congratulate you on your exceptional performance in NEET MDS 2023.
      Preferance of seat allotment is based purely on merit.
      There are different category of seat sharing matrix among the colleges of KEA.
      The counselling would be taken care by KEA.
      Kindly do the registration , appear for document verification and fill your choices as per the priority.


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